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*sees all the anons breaking things* I-I c-can be destructive too!*small anon attempts to blow down Unknowns house big bad wolf style* *anon faints from using too much air*

Unknown: ok as cute as that was…*holds smol anon and checks to see if their ok*

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Fifth Harmony // Big Bad Wolf 3D

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This song had to be tweaked a little, so it might sound slower/lower due to copyright. 

( All credit goes to the original artists, Fifth Harmony. ©)

Big Bad Wolf: Young!Remus x Reader


Request: Hey👋🏼 I was wondering if you could write Remus imagine? Only if you want to though! I know you probably have a lot of writing to do since your amazing at it!! Anyway could it be that the reader just finds out about Lupins little “monthly” problem. She doesn’t care at all cause like it’s not his fault or anything. she’s just hurt that he didn’t tell her sooner. And he gets really worried she’s going to hate him but it all works out in the end. 😂 Thanks in advance😘

Warnings: FLUFF AF

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Y/N makes her way up the dormitory steps, exchanging greetings with boys as they rush around in the hallways and down the staircase. She smiles, approaching the door that’s all too familiar to her. She raps on the door, once, twice, three times as she leans forward on her toes and then back on her heels. There’s a series of muffled arguments inside the room, a bang, and a yell before the door is thrown open. Sirius stands there, shirt bellowing open and tie loose around his neck. Y/N glances down at his bare chest and looks back up at him, cocking an eyebrow. He smirks at her, face tired, eye bags prominent.

“Like what you see, Y/N?” He tuts, winking at her.

She rolls her eyes, “Sirius, not knowing how to tie your tie in 5th year isn’t something to be proud of.” She mutters, patting her boyfriends’ best friend on the shoulder as she strides into the chaotic room.

James, hair haphazard and glasses halfway off his face is sitting on the edge of his bed, raising a hand at Y/N in greeting. Peter is still fast asleep, one leg hanging off his messy bed. But Y/N’s boyfriend, Remus, is nowhere to be spotted, his bed pristine and still made. Y/N blinks, turning to look at Sirius and James, both of whom are stifling yawns.

“What the hell happened to you lot?” Y/N says, speaking quietly as to not wake Peter, and just in case they were bloody hungover.

“Rough night.” James mutters, tying his shoes. Y/N purses her lips, but doesn’t press any further, as she watches Sirius fiddle with his tie.

“Give it here.” She mutters, summoning him over to her with a wave of her hand. Sirius grumbles something but nonetheless pads (A/N: lol no pun intended)  his way over to her. She ties the tie quickly, and steps back to look at it.

“There we are. Now, where’s Remus?” She asks, turning to address them both. James runs a hand over the back of his neck and Sirius swallows quickly, the bob of his adam’s apple making Y/N’s nerves standstill.

“Guys?” She asks, crossing her arms in worry.

They both exchange a look, and Sirius is about to open his mouth when a sleepy Peter speaks, leaning over the edge of his bed and staring at Y/N, “He went to the library, Y/N. Something about not wanting to disturb us.” He replies with a half hearted smile. Y/N blinks at him, before glancing back at the boys in front of her.

“Peter would know, Y/N, we, erm, got pretty drunk last night.” Sirius says, nodding at her. James gives a soft smile too, and she relaxes a bit, arms falling to her side.

“Well, alright then. Come on, let’s get you lot some coffee.” She says, smiling at them as she takes a seat on Remus’ bed waiting for Peter to get ready.

Y/N hadn’t seen Remus all day, and she would be lying to herself if she said she wasn’t worried. Her boyfriend, indeed, spent all his time in the library, but when she had walked through she hadn’t spotted him at all. He hadn’t been in classes all day and she knew his best friends well enough to know they were hiding something. But, she trusted Remus, with all her heart, at that. So she told herself not to get ahead of herself.

She rounds the corner, adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder as she heads to dinner. She hears the slight whispering of hushed voices and looks up to see the Marauders and Lily standing in a small group, minus Remus. Y/N’s eyes widen, as she darts back around the corner, leaning against the brick wall and hoping they hadn’t spotted her. Her hand trails over the brick wall, sliding quietly as close as possible to the edge of it.

“You guys, you have to tell her. She’s been bloody worrying all day today.” Lily mutters, her tone panicked.

“She has a point, Prongs, I hate lying to her. She’s too sweet, makes me feel bad.” Sirius mutters bitterly.

James snorts, “Since when do you feel bad, Pads?” He counters.

“Shut up.” Sirius retorts.

A silence falls for a moment, until Peter speaks, “This transition was really bad. I’ve.. never seen him in that much pain. He usually only stays the night. ”

James lets out a lengthy sigh, “You guys think I like this? Lying to her? It’s not my choice. Remus doesn’t want her knowing.”

Lily tuts slightly, “Doesn’t meet he doesn’t need her, Potter.”

The group continues to mumble quietly, but Y/N is already zoned out, her head leaning against the wall as their words resonate in her mind. Remus was in the hospital wing? He was hurt? Why hadn’t they told her? Why hadn’t he told her?

The corridor falls silent again, and she peeks a glance around the wall, watching the Marauders walk into the Great Hall. She licks her lips slightly, shaking the thought of running to the Hospital Wing right then. She needed more information, there had to be something more, Remus wouldn’t just hide stuff from her like that. Would he?

She makes her way over to the table, pretending not to notice the Marauders elbowing each other as she comes over.

“Hi guys.” She greets, smiling at them as she sits down next to Sirius. “No Remus?” She asks, nonchalantly. They exchange a brief look, one that Y/N probably wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t overheard their conversation.

“He needed to see McGonagall.” Lily supplies, shooting her an encouraging smile.

“Right.” Y/N says, nodding. The dinner conversation picks up as the food magically appears on the table. Y/N, doesn’t have much of an appetite as her stomach feels with nervousness.

“Aren’t you going to eat anything, love?” Sirius asks, making her jump as she’s torn away from her thoughts.

“Oh, erm, no. I think I might see Madam Pompfrey. I don’t, I- my stomach hurts.” She mutters, shaking her head.

The boys all visibly stiffen, as James clears his throat, “I’m sure we can whip you up a potion. Madam Pomfrey’s hands are cold anyhow.”

Y/N eyes flash up to meet his, looking into them deeply. “What aren’t you telling me?” She says, cutting straight to the point.

They all fall silent, shuffling uncomfortably.

“Is he.. Is he hurt?” She whispers, in a bare voice. Her hands are trembling slightly.

“He’s fine.” Sirius says, quickly.

“You’re lying.” She mutters, her eyes shutting.

“I am not.”

The counters. “You cross your fingers when you lie, Sirius.” She mumbles.

The groups eyes fall to Sirius hands on the table, and indeed his index finger is crossed over his middle one.

“Oh this is bloody insane. Y/N, go. Go see him. He needs you.” Lily says, slamming her hands onto the table.

Y/N opens her eyes, and stares at her, then the guys. James and Sirius share a look, before they both nod. “Go.”

Y/N pushes open the door to the Hospital Wing, timidly. Her eyes gaze the dark room, the beds glistening in the moonlight. She walks through the middle of the room, glancing across the beds, until she spots one, curtain pulled. She gulps slightly, making her way over to it. She convinces herself that he’s fine, that it’s just a cold, that the guys were being weird over some little thing. She pushes aside the curtain, and her jaw falls open.

Her boyfriend is laying there, cuts and bruises coloring his tan skin like a bad painting. She gapes slightly, hand flying to her mouth so she doesn’t wake him, but it’s no use. His eyes open, blinking, head lifting off the pillow to squint in the dark.

“Y/N?” He whispers, voice hoarse.

She whimpers, against her will, and he sighs in relief.

 “Y/N.” He says more fully. She steps into the light, so he can see her. “Oh, sweetheart, shh you’re alright. I’m okay. See? ” He says, sitting up and opening his arms to her, wincing slightly.

“No!” She squeaks, moving forward and letting her hands waver over his body helplessly, not knowing what to do. “Wh-what happened? Who did this?” She chokes out, still standing far away from him.

“C'mere. Please.” He mutters, hands still outstretched to her. She sighs, falling to his grasp as she brushes his hair back and presses a kiss to his head.

“Remus, Remus tell me. What happened?” She whispers, taking his face into her hands.

He scoots over slightly, ushering her down onto his bed.  He blinks at her, watching the tears form in her eyes as they inspect all the scars. “I have to tell you something, Y/N.” He musters after a moment.

She nods quickly, firmly a swift beat passing between the two.

“I- every month, you see, the moon. And, it happens and it’s terrible and I didn’t want you to know because I can’t risk you getting hurt-” He babbles, his brows pulled together in confusion and concentration.

“Remus. Tell me.” She cuts him off.

“I, look, you can leave okay? If you’re scared, I don’t blame you.” He whispers.

She leans forward and presses a soft kiss to his cheek and giving him the signal to continue, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’m a werewolf, Y/N. A big, nasty, awful-”

“Stop it.” She growls, frowning at him.

Remus looks at her in shock, eyes wide, until his expression falters, looking downward.

”‘Don’t you dare talk about yourself that way, you hear me? Because you are wonderful, and kind, and amazing, and I love you too much to let you self destruct.” She whispers urgently in the darkness.

Remus stares at her, licking his lips slightly,  before responding. “Y-you’re not afraid?” He asks carefully.

Y/N laughs dryly, shaking her head, “No. Of course not. Hurt, yes. But not afraid.”

He frowns, “Hurt?”

“You’ve been dealing with this all on your own. I- did you not trust me?” She mumbles softly, her gaze falling.

Remus shakes his head leaning forward slightly and cupping her cheek, “Look at me. No, love. It’s not you. I just, I was scared, that you wouldn’t want to be around me anymore.”  Y/N bites her lip slightly, not replying for a moment.

“You really think that lowly of me?” She whispers.

“What? No. No!” Remus says, immediately leaning forward and wrapping his arms around her shoulders. His words were coming out all wrong.

She lets him, laying her head between the crook of his neck and shoulder. “It’s not what you think, Y/N. I’m not, fluffy and cute, It’s horrid. I turn into a monster. I don’t ever want you to think about me like that. I don’t ever want you close enough to this- this thing. I could hurt you.” He mutters into her hair.

Y/N looks at him, pulling back a bit. “Remus, you’re the best person I know. A curse or a few stray hairs isn’t going to change that. The only way you’re going to hurt me is by not letting me help you.” She mumbles, pressing her index finger into the dimple in his chin.

“Really?” He murmurs incredulously, looking down at her.

“Really. Besides, not like you haven’t helped me with a monthly problem before.” She says, cracking a small smile at him.

He chuckles, pressing his lips to her forehead,  “I love you.”

“Mhm, you better,  I love you, big bad wolf of mine.” She responds, nuzzling further into his chest.

“Get up here.” He mumbles, reaching over and grabbing her dangling legs. She curls up to next to him, tracing patterns on his hospital gown, “You scared me you know. The boys are terrible liars.” She mutters.

“ ‘M sorry, sweetheart. Who gave it away?” He asks.

“Sirius.” She says with a laugh.

“Crossing his fingers?”


“Ah, of course.”


Chocolate & Vanilla swi…

[Cc whorgies] [Ac chill woozi]

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How to Avoid the Trap of Labeling Your Story

Tropes and cliches can be hard to avoid, especially when you’re working within specialized genres or categories. Meg Syverud and Jessica ‘Yoko’ Weaver, the creators behind webcomic Daughter of the Lilies, share why labels are unavoidable… and why that isn’t always a bad thing:

When someone asks you to describe your (or any) story to them, the most common answer sounds something like this:

“Halo meets Dragon Age.”

“It’s like if Harry Potter were a hard boiled detective.”

“Imagine if Supersize Me and Wolf of Wall Street were combined into one movie.”

But Mass Effect, The Dresden Files, and The Big Short—each referenced above—are all strong stories with their own individual identities. Why not just say what they are? Why do we need comp titles like this?

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Strangeness and Charm

Fandom: Owari no Seraph

Pairing: YuuMika

Summary: The huntsmen and the werewolves have been at war with each other for centuries. Krul always told Mika to stay out of the woods and not talk to strangers when he was younger. 

Now that Mika was older, despite being an omega he became a hunter alongside the alphas and betas to take out the werewolves and keep them from attacking the town and it’s people.

When Mika encounters Yuu, a lone wolf who has abandoned his pack - Mika learns that there’s no such thing as all wolves being big and bad, regarding their big eyes and large teeth. Yuu didn’t choose to become a monster and knowing this fact, they must keep their growing bond a secret.

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My very first fic x art collaboration (Red Riding Hood AU) with @seairu


You have been the Doctor’s companion some time now and same time you have been dating great, maybe too great guy. You haven’t found any bugs from him. Nothing wrong at all. He always has been just too perfect. Too dreamy. He is like a prince from many fairy tales. Tomorrow is your wedding day and you are so excited to marry this dream guy you always dreamed about as a child while reading your favorite fairy tales about princess and gallant prince. You always wanted to get your own prince charming who will save you for example from the big bad wolf. You still can’t believe it..that soon tomorrow you will marry that perfect guy. Guy you always wanted.

Next day on wedding day, when you are alone in front of the huge mirror with your beautiful dress on, having your gorgeous wedding make up, something  unexpectedly happens. It’s the Doctor with his Tardis, teleporting you straight into his Tardis. And then he takes you away from your home planet, far away to another planet just to be sure that you won’t marry that guy.

“Doctor! What are you doing!? I need to go back, you can’t do this!” -You

“Listen. I brought you here..to stop you. I can’t allow it. You deserve much more than him.” -11th

“What are you talking about? He is the right one..for me! You can’t stop anything!” -You

“Please let me show you..” -11th

Then the Doctor showed you your future with that guy by traveling in time. Doctor proved you what kind of dream that guy you almost married really was. It was very shocking. He was repeatedly cheating Zygon.

For @istillliveinmydreams

I hope you like it!! :) xoxo

Psst! I love these requests i gladly do more and i’m so sorry for typing mistakes.. if you found some.

Look how dizzy you are getting being all things
to all people, spinning waltzes in that old pantry.

Get out of there quick. Say your name into the void.
Hear that? The echo wants you to come clean.

So shed the coat.
Peel away the skin that is chipping paint.

That is exoskeleton and hurt
and winter and not you.

Delete the scene where you are knocking on the
big front door and finding someone else in a familiar

body. All you have to do now is lug it far enough
to the cliffs. Then come to terms that

you’re going to have to do it. To throw it over.
Yeah, toss that bone to the big bad wolf

down in the canyon. Belly so open
it is a whole other valley in itself.

This is the way out, it says.
Follow me.

—  astagesetforcatastrophe, out of the canyon


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Yo abt lauren smiling and being cute and shit and dancing to lucy

If she was legit dancing to her then that’s cool lol im happy when lolo is happy

But if my long time best friend came to a show and i had to dance all sexy and shit like they did in big bad wolf i would probably be cracking up too yall can bet lucy was probably dying of laughter after seeing lauren dance like that

Dont fret camren shippers it aint the end of the world

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how does jeff davis queerbait? (the only thing I've ever seen from him is teen wolf and i'm only on the first season so idk maybe it gets bad? just wondering)


i mean i don’t wanna spoil you, most of it’s not real spoilers it’s just. stiles is definitely bi and sterek is blatant homoerotic subtext and it’s all just made into this big fun joke.

stiles complains about being a virgin, a gay guy tells him that they can have sex later, stiles reacts plainly and obviously with flattery and curiosity and seems to seriously consider the offer, and then it ends up being a joke that’s never discussed again.

definitely says on at least one occasion “AM I ATTRACTIVE TO GAY GUYS?!”, gets upset when scott gets hit on in a gay bar and he doesn’t

literally asks scott if they can make out to see how it feels

stiles has a conversation with his father in which he literally says “what if i was gay” and his father says “you’re not gay” and he says “i could be gay” and then it’s just dismissed, kicked to the curb, brushed aside.

stiles is lit up with bi pride colors talking to a bisexual girl who asks him if he likes boys, he doesn’t respond right away, looks confused, and doesn’t give an answer

and of course this is never brought up again, and in the next series of episodes he gets a girlfriend. which, yes, girlfriends are part of bisexuality but it’s cheap as fuck to talk about m/m attraction for a bisexual character and then not confirm it while throwing him into a nonsensical relationship with an unknown girl just a few episodes later that made no narrative sense and came totally out of nowhere.

meanwhile stiles and derek are so heavily layered with subtext that even straight people picked up on it

which honestly, does it get any more obvious than this

(if you don’t think this was 10000000% intended to look like a post-sex bed shot then you are just lying to yourself)

oh, and of course, let’s not forget the scene where derek was in stiles’ bedroom walking around without a shirt trying on his clothes while stiles is sitting next to a gay guy who clearly doesn’t believe him when stiles says that derek is his cousin

and that’s not even mentioning all the lingering camera shots of them staring at each other and making dramatic eye contact.

meanwhile the cast and crew calls sterek shippers delusional and openly mocks them. and instead of cutting the dynamic between stiles and derek, they just keep throwing women at them for them to have sex with and have their hearts broken.

jeff davis continues to say that “sexuality isn’t a big deal in the teen wolf world” which we all know is a load of horse shit because representation doesn’t count if a bisexual character never states that they’re bisexual or does anything that would show them being bisexual. subtext doesn’t count, especially when the cast keeps saying stiles is straight (or rather, screaming that he’s not gay).


I finally decided that it was about time to make a masterlist, so here you go! I plan to update this frequently, but it might not always be up to date…

American Horror Story

Tate Langdon

Teen Wolf

Liam Dunbar

Derek Hale

Gif: X

Isaac Lahey

Scott McCall

Stiles Stilinski

Gifs: X X

Real Life

Alex Gaskarth

Dylan O'Brien


Derek Hale's No-Good, Very Bad Day - Mackem - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

He keeps working for a moment or two, before asking the room at large, “Are we going to talk about why you’re under my bed?”

“No,” replies Derek, from under his bed. He sounds sullen, and snappish. Stiles doesn’t bother looking towards him. All he would see is his bed, and by now he’s fairly well acquainted with it.

“I’m just saying, this is the perfect time. The scene has been set. This is the time for your big monologue.”


“Okay, so you’re not a fan of speeches,” Stiles agrees. He taps his pen against his teeth while he works through a problem. It takes a few minutes. As he writes down the answer he muses aloud. “I used to think there were monsters that lived under my bed, y’know. Mom and dad always said there weren’t. Now I see how wrong they were.”

“I’m not a monster!” Derek snaps, audibly aggrieved by this. Stiles spins around on his chair and chuckles in the general direction of his bed.

“You kind of are.”

“And you’re kind of speciesist.”

Harley and Mr J Songs

Made a Harley and Joker Playlist on My Amazon! No It’s not a Romanticized Version either,it’s Exactly as it should be,Love/Hate,Volatile,Crazy all that.

Art by Eric Basaldua

1.The Monster-Eminem Ft Rihanna. (This is Especially relevant from the MV where Rhi is Counseling Em.)

2. Big Bad Wolf-In This Moment (Kinda Joker Related, More So Harley/Harleen with Her Dual Personalities.)

3. Fucked Up World-The Pretty Reckless (Very Joker and his Gang,I can see Harl’s Dancing to this though!)

4. Fire Meets Gasoline-Sia (Self Explanatory really) 

5. Criminal-Britney Spears (Very Early Harley in her early smitten days with Joker as Harleen,Describes SS J very well too)

6. I Did it For Love-BoA (I mean that’s why she let him out right…)

7. Break The Rules-Charli XCX (Joker’s Gang again,Suicide Squad influenced as well)

8. Crazy Kids-Kesha (Harley/Joker Gang,Club)

9. You Outta Know-Alanis Morissette (Crazy Jealous Harley lol)

10. Sucker-Charli XCX (I can see this Being From Joker about Harley unfourntly,but also the other way around)

11. Toxic-Britney Spears (I mean I had to add some Sexy,Flirtation between them. Harley knows that he’s Toxic but she still falls for him or  she falls for J because he is.)

12. Love The Way you Lie-Eminem Ft Rihanna (I mean I had to put this song on here,it describes their Relationship perfectly with no Rose colored glasses)

13. Strange Love-Halsey (Yet Harley would still Defend Joker)

14. Sex Metal Barbie-In This Moment (For those who Underestimate Harley Quinn) 

15. Bloody Poster Creature Girl (Crazy Love stricken Harley with Joker)

16. Blow-Kesha (Pretty much just wanted a Light Hearted Harley Club song in there,Though it could literally be about her Bombs lol)

17. C’mon-Kesha (Another Chaotic one For Harley,J and The Gang)

18. Freakshow-Britney Spears (Club Song,Sexy Couple Song)

19. Off To The Races-Lana Del Ray ( Suicide Squad Joker and Harley)

20. Dark Paradise-Lana Del Ray (Harley trying to get over Joker)

21. Primadonna-Marina and The Diamonds (Harley’s Personality at least with Joker) 

22. Oh no!-Marina and The Diamonds

23. Body Electric-Lana Del Rey 

24. Control-Halsey (When she starts to see The Cracks)

25. Tag your it-Melanie Martinez (Joker trying to get Harley back)

26. Crybaby-Melanie Martinez 

27. Roman’s Revenge-Nicki Minaj ft Eminem (Harley’s Dual Personalities and J’s Craziness)

28. Just a Girl-No Doubt (Even Joker Underestimates her at times) 

29. Gods & Monsters-Lana Del Rey 

30. My Medicine-The Pretty Reckless

31.Straight For The Knife-Sia (Harley trying for a Joker who didn’t deserve her)

32. Ultraviolence-Lana Del Rey

33. Light Me Up-The Pretty Reckless

34. I Miss The Misery-Halestorm 

35. Starring Role-Marina and The Diamonds (Harley wanting to be #1 or nothing)

36. Out Alive-Kesha 

37. Shatter Me-Lindsey Stirling ft Lizzy Hale

38. Dear Old Nicki-Nicki Minaj (Harley wanting Harleen Quinzel back)

39. Bird Set Free-Sia

40. Wrecking Ball-Miley Cyrus

41. Warrior-Kesha (Harley on her own two feet)

42. Pills n Potions-Nicki Minaj (With a Relationship like that it would be hard to just let go)

43. The Crying Game-Nicki Minaj (Their Up and Down,Complicated Relationship)

44. I knew you were Trouble-Taylor Swift

45. Ghost-Halsey

46. Just Tonight-The Pretty Reckless (One more time)

47. The Fighter-In This Moment ( Finally Finding her own Strength all on her own)

let me know if there’s anymore I should put on The playlist! I just put the Song’s I had.