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Not So Bad | Theo Raeken Imagine 

MASTERLIST ( linking it here for now on bc i’m a lazy shit and this is hella easier lmfao.)

request ; something with theo and you both really hate each other because you don’t trust him and get into this big fight and you get really pissed and calling each other names and all sorts of angry stuff because he took it too far and like you just leave dramatically but you don’t cry you just kinda tear up because like wtf he’s such a douche and somehow boom he show up and it gets all angsty but cute and like you can finish up however you want. 

word count ; 1211

warnings ; swearing (like f-bombs bc i had to for this one), name calling.

Nobody in the room could pinpoint the exact moment of when the screaming match between you and Theo had broken out. Maybe it was when you snickered at Stiles’ snark-filled remark about how Theo was literally always checking his hair in any reflective surface. Or maybe it was after that, when Theo replied with a quick, “Well, you would be doing all of us a favor if you actually looked in a mirror every once in awhile.” 

Either way, both of you were now on opposite ends of the room, shouting louder and louder with each passing second, growing more and more pissed off with each obscene exchange between the two of you. 

“Who the hell even are you?” You yelled, strongly resisting the urge to hurl one of Melissa McCall’s vases across the room, knowing you wouldn’t miss. But you didn’t because you were polite enough to respect her wishes (she was practically your mother, after all), even if your fists were itching to throw something. “You waltz back into town after, what, eight years? And then you expect everyone to just kiss your ass because the glorious Theo Raeken is back and more self-obsessed than ever? Get the fuck out of here!”  

It was safe to say that the entire pack actually dropped their jaws, straight onto the floor. Theo grit his teeth, jaw clenched with evident anger as he launched into another argument. “I’m trying to help everybody! You, on the other hand, just bitch at people!” 

“The only person I bitch at is you, you self-righteous dick!” He had barely summoned the words to force out a witty comeback before you started up again. “You know what? Who are you actually helping? Because if I’m not mistaken, things started going to shit after you showed up. That’s pretty freaking shady, if you ask me! This town has had enough trouble to last a lifetime, and then you show up after things finally start getting good again - you show up and everything just goes wrong! Why are you back here, Theo? What are you good for besides putting gel in your precious hair and bragging about how many people you've ‘saved’?” 

You were panting now, slightly out of breath from the incessantly long rampage that you had just went on. Stiles was looking back and forth between you and Theo as if watching a tennis match. Scott was worrying at his bottom lip, waiting anxiously for Theo’s own blowup as Kira mimicked Stiles’ actions, appearing more nervous than intrigued. Malia looked thoroughly entertained, a small smirk playing on her lips. Lydia clearly wanted to leave, not wanting to get in the middle of a furious werewolf and an equally furious teenage girl with a kickass right hook; though Liam was the opposite, a part of him wanting to break up the fight before anyone got hurt. 

“Oh, you think I’m the useless one? That’s cute, Y/N, really cute,” he repeated, though his tone implied that what you had said was anything but cute. “What do you do, may I ask? I mean, I know you sit at home watching your stupid and pointless TV shows while everyone else is out doing the actual fighting, but besides that, what do you really do? Nothing, in case you didn’t know the answer. You do nothing.” He stopped with a smug smile flashed in your direction, and for the first time that night, you were at a lost for words. 

Your shoulders visibly slumped, losing its formerly defensive stance. You swallowed back any tears that threatened to spill out, but your eyes were so watery that it was difficult to see. 

“Uh, too far, Raeken,” Stiles murmured unhelpfully from his spot on the couch. 

You pushed past Theo, nearly shoving him into the wall. “You’re such an asshole,” you muttered angrily, your voice cracking slightly as you marched out Scott’s door and took off into the night. 

Theo immediately regretted his words, a small sigh escaping his lips as he watched you rush off without another word. 

“I’ll go get her,” Liam offered, standing and beginning to lace his sneakers back up. Theo shook his head, giving the younger boy a small, sad smile. 

“I should do it,” he said quietly, grabbing his jacket from the hook beside the door and heading off after you. 

You were sitting on the ground beside the lack, knees pulled up to your chest in an effort to warm yourself up. You didn’t know why you had chosen to stop there, of all places, because it was even more freezing than the rest of Beacon Hills. Theo had tried to be silent, but he stepped on a branch, and you whipped your head around sharply at the sound. 

“I’m not in the mood to fight right now, Theo. Try me tomorrow,” you said, your voice lacking its usual enthusiastic sarcasm. That was when he knew that he had really messed up, because you were almost always up for the challenge of who could outwit the other. 

He came to sit down beside you, and you visibly moved over. “I didn’t mean to make you cry,” he said softly, drumming his fingers on his thigh. You rolled your eyes. 

“I don’t cry over stupid boys, Raeken. Especially not you. I cry when I’m frustrated and angry, but it isn’t over you expressively, if that makes any sense.” You glanced over at him, to see if he would roll his eyes right back or scoff. He didn’t, he only shrugged. 

“I get it, you’re not crying because we fought. You’re crying because I said stupid shit that I didn’t mean,” he replied, handing you his jacket. “You’re shivering, by the way. I don’t want you to catch a cold.” 

“Thanks,” you mumbled, hugging it closer to you. It was warm, and you were thankful. “Anyway, I said some stupid shit, too. I was kind of a bitch, I’ll admit it. But you -” 

“I was kind of a douchebag,” he agreed, laughing to himself. You laughed with him this time, instead of at him, like all the other times. “But, you’re not useless. I didn’t mean that. You’re extremely smart, you’re quick-witted, and you’re pretty damn strong. I don’t know why I said you were useless, I don’t think that at all.” 

“Ah, well, it’s not like I go on missions very much. You guys do the fighting most of the time, really.” 

“Yeah, well, we just don’t want you to get hurt. We’d feel terrible about it. Myself included,” he added, slinging an arm across your shoulders. He waited for you to shrug him off, to push him into the lake or something like that, but you genuinely grinned at him. 

“You’re not so bad,” you admitted, missing the real smile he flashed at you, “that is, when you’re actually talking to me instead of screaming at me.” 

“You know, I don’t think you’re awful, either.” He stared at you thoughtfully for a moment. “In fact, I can’t remember what we were even fighting about.”

“Oh, well it was that -” 

“Let’s not ruin the moment,” he joked, squeezing your shoulders. You nodded, not wanting to ruin this peaceful moment yet, wanting it to stay like this for a little while longer.

What’s the point?

Caught up on Teen Wolf in time for tonight’s bullshitorama, and I have a few questions. 

Who are the doctors and what do they do? They’re the big bad of the season but we still have no idea where they come from or why they are doing anything. Are they time time travelers? From another dimension? Are they trying to unnaturally continue there lives so they can continue doing nothing with them? Are they stuck in a cycle of futility? What? A cool aesthetic is not characterization. 

What’s Theo’s deal? All he wants is a pack? He’s just your average lonely sociopath? Is he really just Peter 2.0? Boring. 

What the hell is Parrish and why must he feed the stupid evil tree bodies? 

Where is the Desert Wolf? Why introduce her in this already short over stuffed season. She’s supposed to be a major player and you show her for all of 5 seconds. At least we know her motivation it’s to kill her daughter, because of reasons. 

Why even show future Lydia if you weren’t going to have her tell the story of this season and explore the unreliable narrator trope? It was because you just wanted a season cold opening that looked cool wasn’t it? 

Why any of this? 

When did Scott get this stupid? I’m just going to assume he’s not and he’s pretending to be manipulated by Theo in order to manipulate him back. The tricker has become the trickee. 

How are there so many “natural” Chimera’s in Beacon Hills. Is the stupid evil tree also a magnet for genetic abnormalities? 



Fuel The Fire Challenge: Day 5 - Favorite male character & their strengths

“If someone asked me to name the first two attributes of Ryke Meadows, aggressive wouldn’t even be on the list. In the heart of his soul lies kindness, wrapped tightly in selflessness that shows in almost every action.” - Connor Cobalt

“Ryke would endure hell for eternity if it meant that I could go to heaven.“ - Loren Hale 

Ryke Meadows, our big bad wolf. ;) From the very beginning when he was introduced, I immediately felt in love with him. Ryke is so intelligent, speaks so many languages yet doesn’t want to be credited for that. He is one of the most selfless character I’ve come across with because he cares nontheless even when people push him away. It doesn’t stop him from caring any less. Furthermore, Ryke always treats women with respect that is so rare nowadays. I feel like his motto is “protect women at all costs” XD. All his life (basically), he hated himself for not reaching out to Lo sooner and blamed himself for everything that’s happened to Lo BUT his feelings matter too (!!) and he had reasons why he didn’t want to contact Lo in the first place. We can all agree that he deserves his happy ending with Daisy, can’t we?

Big Bad Wolf & Little Red Riding Bitch;

The following rant is long, it’s not nice, but it is brutally honest. Both admins had a discussion earlier and we need everyone here to understand, that the issues highlighted have been reoccurring for months — Anyone messaged over the last week regarding them is not being solely pointed at (it’s just coincidence and I have a night off). It has now got to a point where we HAVE to voice our honest opinions, because we are fed up and cannot continue to parent adults.

Please be aware: While this rant isn’t aimed at all of you, we are going to be changing some rules which are stated in this post. Everyone must read this, take it on board and take steps to rectify any actions which they think could have contributed to our frustrations.

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Big Bad Wolf

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

I have to admit, I was just as ticked off as everyone else after the PLL Finale, 6x10, “Game Over Charles” because of all the plot holes. After I took my chill pill and cooled down, I re-watched the episode to gain some new perspective. Sans the plot holes, the episode itself was pretty amazing, and Vanessa Ray’s acting was on point. 

As I posted a couple of days ago, I believe the plot holes were put there on purpose because they still have a season and a half to go so they have to keep the suspense going somehow, and also because I don’t believe Uber A has been revealed. Also, the way Mona stayed behind while the girls went to go rescue Ali, and the look on Spencer’s face when Mona asks Spencer in the 6x11 promo if “she’s still having those nightmares?” really didn’t sit well with me. I think Mona is Uber A, and never stopped being Uber A.

Think about it, Mona is probably the most clever, resourceful and dynamic character on the show. It’s as though she can manipulate anyone and any situation with ease, but it’s all planned.

I think the most important question though is WHY is Mona A? The writers/producers have been very prudent from the beginning to illustrate the importance of Mona and Ali’s relationship, or lack thereof. In the beginning Mona is seen as an outcast a.k.a. “Loser Mona” and all she wants is to be accepted as part of Ali’s group. She is rejected and bullied by Ali over and over again, and the liars don’t do anything to stop her, which makes them Ali’s enablers. Not to mention the countless other people Ali has bullied over the years, such as Lucas a.k.a. “Hermie”. 

Shortly after Ali’s disappearance Mona and Hanna become the new “IT” girls and everything seems fine until the start of school the following year, when all the girls are back in Rosewood. I think Mona starts to feel a little threatened and scared that she will lose Hanna as a friend and that’s when the A game starts. Later on we find out Ali is indeed still alive, and upon Ali’s return Mona is relentless in her efforts to get Ali to leave town for good. She forms her own Mona Army and it is no secret that she wants Ali gone.

Marlene has said that we will feel sad for A, and if being bullied is Mona’s motive, I could see why. I mean, I think at some point, all of us have felt sorry for Mona at some point already, so I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to think that we will still feel at least a little sorry for her in the end.

Onto Marlene’s most recent clue:

“It is not A. This A story is done. There is a new big bad, but this A, Charlotte, is done. There is a new Big Bad.” - I. Marlene King

GIF Credit: dailylittleliars

A Big Bad what might you ask? WOLF! A freaking BIG BAD WOLF! It’s obvious that Mona is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood at prom, but what I noticed is that she also wears a WOLF mask. This isn’t the first time PLL has referenced Little Red Riding Hood either. In the opening scene of 5x25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse” when the girls are being transported in the prison van before A kidnaps them the girls have the following conversation:

Hanna: They think the 5 of us are planning something big.

Spencer: What? And they think Ali’s the Big Bad Wolf?

Aria: Does that make us the little pigs (Pigtunia reference?) or Little Red?

There is so much more I am going to share with all of you and I will be answering a lot more questions, but I just wanted to get this out there. Feel free to send me asks!

- QSOFM (Queen Slay of Finding Mona) the new meaning of my acronym lol

She is never afraid of the big bad wolf.. For when she is near him she feels safe. She wonders through the woods hoping he will find her. Gaze upon her like only he does … Like prey. Stalks her.. Waiting for the right moment to attack. To make her his. Little does he know.. She has been his all along.

Wolf//A Disney Descendants Imagine

Anon said: can you do one where you’re the daughter of the big bad wolf and you’re a werewolf so Carlos is terrified of you and you just want to be friends with people but they’re all scared out of their minds and no one wants to talk to you, but when Carlos realizes that not all dogs are bad, he starts to think that maybe you aren’t that bad either

Aw yis (I’m using Teen Wolf and Being Human references for this one)


You sat in the car, keeping mostly to yourself, but the other kids had shoved themselves as far away from you as you could. 

“So, what do you guys think Auradon is gonna be like?” you asked in an attempt to get them to talk to you.

They didn’t answer, but Carlos squeaked in fear and moved even farther away from you.

You sighed and thunked your head on the glass. You just wanted to be friends with these people, but they were all scared that you would rip out their throats.

You arrived at Auradon Prep, where you were greeted by Prince Ben and his girlfriend. You hung back, not wanting to scare anyone.

“Who’re you?” Audrey asked rudely, pointing at you. 


“No, the other person cowering behind everyone else. Yes you.”

“I’m (Y/N).”

“Who’s kid are you?”

You stepped in front of everyone else. “The Big Bad Wolf.”

There was a collective gasp. 

“The werewolf?” Audrey asked in horror.

“Yes. And yeah, that makes me a werewolf too.” You let your claws show and began to pick at your teeth with your index finger. “That’s not gonna be an issue, is it?”

She looked at you in fear. “No problem.”

Ben stepped forward and shook your hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you (Y/N),” he said. 

You smiled at him gratefully. “Same to you.” 

“Doug will show you to your dorms,” he said to everyone. 

“Ben?” you said quietly. “Can I talk to you in private for a sec?”

He nodded. “Of course.”

He led you out of earshot from everyone else. “What is it?”

You took a breath. “So, you know about my, uh, condition, and I wanted to thank you for treating me like a normal person.”

“Of course.”

“It’s just…I can’t really have a roommate,” you mumbled. “The whole thing with the moon, and I have nightmares, and there’s this whole thing with they way everything has to be set up.”

He smiled understandingly. “I took that into account. You have your own room.”

You exhaled heavily. “Thank you.”

“Absolutely. And I will make sure everyone stays indoors on the full moon so you can have free range of the grounds.”

“Really?” For years, you and your father had had to lock yourselves in cages and cellars to keep from hurting other people. 

“I’m not going to ask you to lock yourself away. You can’t help the way you are.”

You felt like you were going to cry. “Thank you so much Ben, I can’t tell you how much this means to me.”

He smiled and hugged you. “You’re welcome.” 

.   .    .

The next couple days were awful. Audrey had made sure that everyone knew what you were, and no one wanted to talk to you. You had wanted to go out for sports, but you decided not to. You didn’t want to scare people anymore than you already had.

Jay had actually tried to become your friend, and you were so happy. He actually talked to you and the two of you ended up becoming very close. Carlos repeatedly asked him why he was friends with you, because in Carlos’s eyes, you were a rabid pack animal. he tried to tell them that you were actually really nice.

.   .   .

Carlos sat in the forest, scratching Dude’s belly when he was hit with a sudden realization. What if Jay was right? What if you weren’t actually that scary? If he had been wrong about dogs, he might have been wrong about you. 

He ran back to the school. “Ben!” he yelled when he saw the prince. “Have you seen (Y/N)?”

Ben shook his head. “She’s not in classes today. It’s a full moon tonight, so she’s getting ready for that.”

Carlos took off to your dorm room and began pounding on your dorm. 

“What?” you yelled, opening the door. “Oh, hi Carlos. Do you want something?”

“I want to help you get ready for tonight.”

You stared at him. “You want to what?”

“I want to help you.”

“You’re not scared of me?”

He finally caught his breath. “I was scared of you because I saw you as a dog, but worse. But then I realized that my mom was wrong about dogs, so what if everyone else was wrong about you? Jay seems to think so, and I should have listened to him.”

You swept him into a bone crushing hug. 

“(Y/N)…can’t…breathe,” he choked out.

You let go, blushing. “Sorry.”

“So what can I help with?”

“Okay, so first we need to go to the kitchen for a chicken.” You slung a backpack over your shoulder and Carlos followed you down to the kitchen.

“So why do you need a chicken?” he asked as you hauled a raw chicken out of the fridge. 

“We tie it to a string and drag it in a huge circle through the forest.”


“It leaves a scent, and when it’s in a circle, wolf me is going to follow the scent, thinking that I’m tracking an actual bird.”

“That’s genius.”

“And the backpack needs to be at the edge of the woods.”

“What’s in it?”

“Clothes, a toothbrush and a water bottle.”

“Oh. Can I ask you something?”

You nodded. “Shoot.”

“How does this whole thing work?”

You sighed. “Hoo-boy, this could take a while and you have class really soon.”

“Give me the short version.”

“I can be a “wolf” any time I want. You know, claws, pointed ears, fangs, that whole thing. But I’m still humanoid. I only become a full wolf during the full moon. I can control it most of the time, but I black out on the full moon.”

“What’s changing like?”

“It hurts. Imagine all your bones breaking and then rearranging themselves into wolf shape. Imagine claws piercing the ends of your fingers and your teeth elongating.”

Carlos was speechless. “That’s awful.”

“Yeah. But sometimes I can remember glimpses of what the wolf remembered, like running across the forest floor and it’s amazing.”


“Come on, we gotta do this.”

The two of you ran to the forest. Carlos tied the string around the chicken and tossed it to you. You ran as fast as you could in a huge circle, dragging the chicken tomorrow.

“Did you fill the water bottle?” you asked. 

He nodded. “How did you do that so fast?”

“Superhuman speed.”


“You have to get to class and I gotta stay in my room until it gets dark.”

He nodded and ran back to the school. You took your time going back to your room, thinking about how grateful you were that Carlos had decided to be your friend.

At about six o’clock, you felt the change coming on and you ran for the forest. You ran past Ben and his eyes widened, realizing what was happening. He ran for the school and into his parents’ chambers. “Everyone needs to be inside, now,” he said, panting. 

His father made the announcement and everyone came inside, slightly confused. 

At about six-thirty, a howling scream echoed across the grounds, sending chills down the spines of everyone that heard it. 

The next morning, Carlos and Jay knocked on your door. When you didn’t answer, Jay opened the door and peeked inside. You weren’t there. 

“We should go find her,” Carlos said. Jay nodded and grabbed a blanket. Fortunately, it was a Saturday, so no classes. 

They ran to the forest. Carlos checked on the backpack, but it was untouched. 

“Carlos!” Jay called. The white haired boy ran over to his friend. 

You were lying on the forest floor, covered in dirt and what looked suspiciously like blood, and your hair was a tangled mess. Jay put the blanket over you and gently shook you awake.

You opened your eyes and sat up, pulling the blanket tightly around your shoulders. 

“Shit!” Jay screamed, leaping backwards, yanking Carlos with him. You wiped your chin and your hand came away covered in blood. 

“There’s a washcloth in the backpack,” you said, your voice hoarse from howling. 

Carlos handed you the washcloth and the water bottle. You poured some of the water out onto the cloth and rubbed it on your face, but it only got some of the blood off. 

“Let’s get you back to the school. Here, clothes.”

They turned their backs and you put on the shirt and jeans that were in your bag. You stood up, but your knees buckled. Jay caught you and pulled one of your arms over his shoulder. Carlos got your other arm and the two of them helped you back to your dorm. 

As you passed people, your superhearing picked up the whispers of people as you passed them. 

Is she covered in blood?

What a freak.

I bet she killed someone.

Jay opened the door to your room and they set you down on your bed. He left and came back with bandages, soap, and washcloths. 

The two of them cleaned the cuts on your face and arms and cleaned the blood from your face and chest. 

There was a soft knock on the door. “Yeah,” you said, cringing at how rough your voice sounded. 

Ben walked in with a glass of water. “Hey. How’re you feeling?”

“Like I got run over by a truck,” you said, taking the glass from his hands and draining it. 

“Yeah, you look like it.”

“Hey, you aren’t so pretty yourself mister,” you said. 

The three of them laughed.

“So, people think I killed someone,” you said bluntly.

Ben sighed. “Yeah, but we quashed those rumors. They found the rabbit you disemboweled last night.”

There was another knock. “Who is it now?”

“Mal and Evie.”

“Come in.”

The girls came in. “Hi,” Evie said. “We wanted to apologize for the way we’ve treated you. We figured if Jay, Carlos, and Ben all trust you and aren’t afraid of you, Carlos especially, then you can’t actually be that bad. Except the blood on your face was a bit disconcerting.”

You smiled. “Honestly, it’s just nice to have friends.”

“Are you gonna do anything today?”

You shook your head. “Nah, the day after is my recovery day. I usually just eat pizza and chips and watch movies with my dad.”

“Well,” Carlos said, sitting next to you. “Your dad might not be here.”

Jay sat on your other side. “But we are.”

Ben, Mal, and Evie all plopped down on your floor. “We’ll watch movies and eat pizza with you,” Ben said.

“Yeah. We’re your family now,” Evie said. “And before you say anything, we know that we weren’t exactly nice to you and we were afraid of you, but we aren’t anymore. Now, we’re here for you.”

You grinned. “Thanks guys.”

I’m sorry but I really don’t understand all the marrish hate. I get there’s an age difference but it really isn’t that big???? Like my parents were 10 years apart so I dont think its that bad??? And if this is about her being in high school she’s literally almost out? Not to mention people didn’t have a problem with people shipping sterek even though that age difference was way bigger?? I really just don’t get it.

babybeastiism asked:

"Do you know my uncle, The Big Bad Wolf?" Ben asked timidly

Maleficent glanced at the timid prince out of the corner of her eye and shot him a wicked sneer. His parents, after all, were the reason she had fallen as low as she had. Not to mention, of course, that her daughter was positively smitten by this simple boy. The little baby Beast approaching her, as a result, was gaining traction on the evil fairy’s list of least favorite people.

Being approached by this little brat now of all times, when she was handcuffed and rendered powerless as the goody goody two shoes prepared to send her back to her hovel on the Isle of the Lost following her little stunt at the coronation, poured salt into the open wound. And for what? To ask about that mangy walking throw rug on the Isle?

“Mr. Huff and Puff and blow your house down?” Maleficent hissed. “Yes, I know him. What’s it to you? Dear ol’ daddy sent him the Isle. I would have thought you’d have long since denounced him as family.”

Maleficent made a mental note to herself to take her frustrations out on the wolf when she returned to the island.

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As a Doctor Who fan...

All I really want is one great big reunion episode where everyone reprises their roles. I want Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, David Tennant, John Barrowman, Noel Smith, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, Alex Kingston, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Jenna Coleman, and Peter Capaldi. In one big giant episode, but Moffat isn’t allowed to write it because I don’t want anyone dying. Like is this too much to ask?

Part One: The Big, Bad Werewolf. (Heart S02E17)

Useful Links: Last Part | All Episodes
Word Count: 4,010.
A/N: I almost typed in “Bad Wolf” as the title, but then I thought, wrong TV show. (Ahaha, I’m not funny.) The goal for this episode is to have it done by the end of the week. All though, we’ll see what happens. Now, enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Can we talk about the "costume changes" in 6X10? Aria (Snow White) takes off her headband/bow thing. Emily (the Evil Queen) takes off her crown. And Mona (Big Bad Wolf and Little Red) takes off her mask and cloak. What does it all mean?! Lol.

I don’t know, but I noticed it too, and it struck me as very odd….xo


The lovely edodeb3 tagged me for the 20 beautiful people tag. Thanks beautiful ^-^ Ignore my face in the second one. I didn’t want the pics to be too big so I added a second one. Now for the tags aedionwhitethorn aelin-ashryver-queen-of-shadows aelinrhysand starthieves thewickedinstruments fallenaelin theinfinitesimalthings kingdorianhavilliard paperworldsmadeofink howtobook101 afleetingstardust dreammeworlds donottalktomeinthemorning nerdyconsultingfangirl achievingelysium prince-rowan-whitethorn real-bad-wolf startaconversation reigningreader aelin-herondale

Fanfiction Updates: 23rd August 2015

New Story: The Big Bad Wolf by desiredxwishes

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Ok so I just watched the last episode of Vanity and I’m pisty. (Really mad)

Let me start off by saying Lily is annoying as fuck. That is all… No I’m kidding, not about her being annoying but about that being it. Ok, so big whoop Lily got the life that she didn’t want to begin with and the life her mother didn’t want for her, she put the BBW (Big bad wolf) ‘Nessa bae in jail and everything is all sun shine and rainbows for Lils. Come to find out that Mommy dearest isn’t even dead? Bitch Free my homie Vanessa before they try and start passing her fine ass around for a carton of cigarettes. Can we talk about that purple dress wearing chick who swears up and down she’s all big and bad? Girl if you don’t. I’m not here for none of this. Unless Vanessa is on the road to pulling a Cookie/ Lucious Lyon by either getting out and taking what’s hers or getting revenge or whatever from inside the pin I don’t want any dealings. Poor baby is going to have to learn that orange might be the new black on the real tip. She’s too fine and tiny to be somebody’s prison biz’nah’ee, braiding hair so she can stay stingy with her kootie kat. I’m about to start a Gofundeme account so I can get Vanessa a bomb ass lawyer.

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Whatever you do, don't imagine Ivan and Alfred doing Little Red Riding hood and the Big Bad Wolf (respectively) as a couple's costume and they win first place in a costume contest and Ivan's just so happy about it that he picks up and hugs Alfred and for a few days some people tease them about "Red Riding Hood being able to pick up the Wolf."