• The long time 40-50 year old XTC fans: XTC were such an underrated new wave group. Andy Partridge is a true musical genius. There are some great songs. Making Plans For Nigel is a classic.
  • The young XTC fans of Tumblr: Let's find all these awkward photos of XTC. Andy and Colin were boyfriends 100% fact. Andy Partridge is a nerd. Dave Gregory is precious. Will Terry Chambers ever smile? We must make fun of this band as much as possible.

Late night robo drawing ahhhhhhhhh!

This is Nigel the mailbot. He prints out emails and delivers them in envelopes to senior citizens who never figured out how to use the internet. When they send out mail he just scans them and sends them out through his built in Wi-Fi.

He’s very popular the old ladies. They bake him cookies that he cannot eat.