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C-Could you maybe do some Selkie X Velouria??? And if not that, then how about... a smol Nozomi?

Bah dah dah here is a tiny gal

Found a new chibi style I like doing >:3c

I’m sharing with you, here, my new edit that I just posted on Instagram. There isn’t much people like me who want Veronica and Toni to be friends and Veronica and Jughead to be a thing, so I thought it could be a great idea to share this on Tumblr since I saw a lot of people like me in here haha.

Anyways. These three were clearly the best thing in the new episode and I hope we will see more of them before the season end. Or even in the next season ! But the wait will be long. 🙈

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* yesteryear *

the hot glow of the sun
makes its way
into my opened window
beaming upon my closed eyelids
the honeysuckle aroma
saturates my senses
as the early morning melody
chirps so happily
the summer birds
beckoning me
to come and play

puppy kisses
pulling me from bed
mom’s morning cooking
is dancing in my head
getting ready,
making long brown pigtails
and lacing up the white keds
friends soon knock
on the door
ready to start our new day
of fun filled outdoor
summer activities

running wide open
playing tag
until “your it” grows old
hide and seek
is the next thing which is screamed
bicycles join the fun
banana seats and handle bar fringes
roller skates on rocky sidewalks
hopscotch with a willing rock
cartwheels and flips
in green fields
tire swing rides
and large racing big wheels
sweat and dirt pasted on skin
laughs and giggles,
with barbies, dolls and their friends
food is completely forgotten
as outside fun
was far more important

the air soon turns a bit cooler
as the sun goes down
the street lights
start to glow
frowns make their way
as we have to end a day of play
no one wants to go
sighs and goodbye hugs
secret handshakes
and promises of doing
it all again tomorrow
as we make our way home

days like this
of deep innocence
so young, so carefree
thankful for certain triggers
which take me back
to such a time
when life was filled
with laughter, friends,
family and smiles
death, pain, worry and loss
wasn’t a second thought
we loved freely and pure
we lived fully in every moment
we dreamed as we clenched to hope
memories so close, so dear
of a time so long ago
a time of yesteryear

© 2018 SacredBreaths. All rights reserved
Pic credit- buzzfeed from movie “now and then”

I tried to post this from the tumblr app when I was out in Arizona for Christmas but it never published it. >:( Sorry for the late posts guys!

I made a drawing collage of the my favorite highlights for the year 2017! Of course all of my inking pens seem to dry out in the Arizona heat, so please excuse my lack of inking skills. Hooray another a year has passed and I’m ready for what’s ahead in 2018! (Archer is wearing sunglasses because I messed up on his eyes. Haha) Happy New Year to all my dearest friends and family!

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I'm having the hardest time enjoying the home for the holidays story. The blogs I HATE the most have all of these hate posts about it, there's a new complaint everyday, Nick is always made fun of, Wyatt is supposedly "ugly". Why can't I just enjoy my damn book. This entire thing is more annoying than those stupid jake and drake hate blogs ran by trash!

Aww, noony, I totally get that.
I gotta admit whenever i’m in the tags and I see a post about HFTH whose not hateful i’m actually surprised. Like legit taken aback.
It’s really sad, and I get why it is upsetting you too.
It’s because it’s kind of “universally hated” so people are letting themselves.

I think the biggest issue here is that they tag it in the main tags.
This was addressed countless times before, regarding other books, but the point stays the same.

Posting anti-content? Sure! DON’T TAG IT IN THE MAIN TAGS.
Like, fine. Nick’s rude or Wyatt’s ugly (whatever. I don’t believe it).
Tag it ‘anti-hfth’ or ‘anti-nick’/'anti-wyatt’. Why also tag it #playchoices #home for the holidays & #hfth ????
I get a lot of ppl hate it, but that is what hate tags are for.
Let the few ppl who still enjoy it enjoy it peacefully. I try not to block anyone,
But I usually end up going through the tags ignoring A LOT of posts, because of that.

Anyway…. I saw there’s not enough love for that book (for Nick, especially), so I made it myself.
I was really surprised when my ’quick thoughts on hfth chapter 6’ got so many notes (okay 40 something isn’t that much but for a book that’s so hated on a lot of ppl commented on it).
I guess if you like something, the best way to enthuse ppl about it is post about it yourself? (i’ve said it before)
There are a few other ppl who enjoy that book, and you can find them (either lurking long enough in the tags) or basically discussing with me here. lol.

Anon, you’re always welcome to express your thoughts here. I’m glad to be a safe place for HFTH fans.
While I see the problems in the book (Like not getting enough screentime for certain characters, not knowing anything about a character unless you’re romancing it, or just the fact Holly seems to disappear completely from time to time), I also still enjoy it. I think I’ll continue to write those 'quick thoughts’ post about it, even though it seems only 2 chapters are left for that story.

Thank you for dropping by my askbox!

While you were falling in love with her, I was trying so hard to not let my feelings for you became even deeper.
—  Because we were friends and friends should not have feelings for each other. // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #54

I hope everyone of you has a great day and year exchange, if you’re at home, hanging out with friends or just doing your own thing. I hope 2018 brings us awesome new game/movie experiences! And that I too continue on adding to the game community here on tumblr, among several fandoms.

Stay awesome everyone, and thank you for all your support! The tags and comments I receive on my edits are…. such a joy too to read and give me so much energy x3

Till next year >:D

Hopefully I don’t get too waisted.

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

I hope your 2018 will be full of 

- happiness 

- people who love and support you

- lgbt+ rights wins in your country 

- good surprises 

- new friends 

- people who never deadname or misgender you 

- anything else you wish for! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Love is being away, but not really. Because even though weekends are short, movies are fun anyway–two separate screens, one in the middle of the dawn, the other in the middle of the day. Love is that laughter echoing on two sides of the world, announcing that happiness knows no space, no distance. Love is that comfortable silence passing through the line when both of you have nothing to say but want to stay on the phone anyway. Love is listening to their stories about dinner with their friends while you’re with yours, having lunch. Love is listening to the same song at the same time, humming. Love is heading to two different destinations at the same time but assured that at the end of the day, you are each other’s home. Love is counting the days until you’re back together. Love is crying sometimes because you couldn’t wait. Love is wishing that time differences don’t exist. Love is wanting to be close all the time. Love is the urge to get a plane ticket and just run to them. Love is waiting anyway despite the impatience. Love is knowing that it’s worth it. Love is the person on the other side of the world–worthy.
—  Irally Cariaso, on long-distance relationships
I know you are with her and please understand that I am not asking you to choose between me and her because I know you will always choose her. It’s just that from this moment, I am choosing myself and because of that I have to stop being your friend. I just can’t be your friends right now. It hurts too much to be around you. Goodbye.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #22 // i choose myself


I hope you had a lovely christmas and a happy new year my friends! Sorry for the lack of art during December, real life really kicked me in the butt and I needed some time off to sort my head out. 2017 has been a bit of a ride, not gonna lie, but I´m very happy with where I am tumblr-wise! Thanks to all of you for following me, sending me lovely messages and being overall incredibly sweet, I appreciate you so much!!!
If 2017 has been a bit of a shit hole for you as well I really hope 2018 brings you more happiness. Sending lots of love your way <3

Original idea by @ambientdinosaur!
Wonderful other version by @nokorranolife here !


For the start of 2018, I wanted to finish this comic (which is kinda how I started talking to @nowitchesnolife ahah :’)) because I almost gave up on it. Just because Mai did it.
I was an idiot. I thought I wouldn’t come near her skills, and yeah, I’m not even near of it. And? What is the point in not trying at all?
Every artist are at their levels because they worked hard, and they all liked someone else’ works, was inspired by them. But don’t ever compare yourself. It’s something I had to learn, and I know it’s hard not to compares yourself, but don’t. Work hard, draw and draw, and you’ll see. You’ll see you’ll match their level one day! Don’t worry, it takes time. But if you spend this time in comparing yourself, you won’t go near the level of skills you want. Be yourself, develop your skills, your style. Don’t just copy this artist you admire, take what you love about them, mix it with others, and create your style.

Heck, I know this comic isn’t my best, I know where my errors are, I know if I spend more time on it, it would have ended better. But I really wanted to post it for this new year and give this speech, because it’s important.

Fellow artists, don’t compare yourself and think ‘Oh, they already done it, if I do it it’ll be uglier (/etc…)’ ! DO WHAT YOU WANTED TO DO! Don’t compare yourself from them; learn from them. And you’ll see, you’ll get there one day.