i won’t mind is actually so beautiful like i always knew it was but i took a second to just listen to it and now i’m sitting here?????? speechless????? like…. it’s just a demo it’s not a finished zayn malik™ track and yet…. i am brought to tears?????? it feels so intimate like he’s not trying to prove anything vocally he’s just softly singing about how he’ll always be there for his person even if they’ll never be together for real i can’t believe i’m dying this fast

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Hey, remember how Ashley decided to never wear real armor ever again right before the reaper war? That was fun.

Forever bitter that tomboy Ash had to get a dolled-up makeover for ME3. That was totally unnecessary. Not only did it not make sense from a character perspective, but it was also kind of insulting IMHO. It’s implying that there was something wrong with her previous appearance because she didn’t wear as much makeup and had her hair out of her face. And I mean whatever people change and I personally like putting on makeup so I’m not faulting her on that front it’s just it doesn’t make sense for her character at all. It also makes no fucking sense from a universe perspective because based on every other Alliance marine we see, it seems obvious that the Alliance has regulations about hair & makeup. Plus that shit is just distracting in a fight, I can barely do the mundane tasks of my boring-ass life without my hair morphing into a cloud around my nose and mouth, I can’t imagine trying to do something physical with that shit flying everywhere.

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any dope bay area blogs ?

finally, i did a list from my fav blogs 😇💝

im sure that i forgot the most 😭😭 but i love all of my followers and all blogs 💝😍














































and many more but i dont remember 😭💘

Things Hide actually does that do not fit the image of perfect happy selfless sunshine boy, and show that he’s a complex character:

1. He’s jealous of Anteiku. Not surprising, perfectly natural response to seeing your best friend seemingly drifting away from you.

2. The smiling persona is used as a disguise to hide his thoughts or feelings on multiple occasions (see: that time with Nishiki, for example).

3. He doesn’t tell Kaneki he knows Kaneki is a ghoul – even though he’s known since volume one and could have saved Kaneki a lot of worries and fear. Because yes, he accepted Kaneki completely, but Kaneki never knew that until Hide showed up suddenly while Kaneki was bleeding to death in a sewer.

4. Where did he get a dead ghoul’s clothes?

5. He is obviously capable of manipulating situations and people well, and we’ve seen him lie numerous times in the manga as well as the light novels, and he doesn’t seem too concerned with doing morally dubious things as long as he thinks it’s worth it – like, if it will help him find or help Kaneki.

Add more things. I wanna have an actual discussion about Hide as a character that isn’t based on him being all sunshine, because he’s not. And that’s what makes him a great character.

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Jared what can't I send you? Like, what are your limits?

Food. Specifically baked goods.

That’s the only thing I will not accept. I’m sure it’s delicious and made with a lot of love, but that’s a really dangerous gift to accept, even at conventions. You never want was in the ingredients, and you never know if someone tainted it with drugs or poison or whatever.

Now prepackaged candy or whatever on the other hand, that’d be fine.

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s/o just walks around gom + kagami + hanamiya' shared apartment in their jersey, or shirt with just bra and panties underneath??? fluff pls !!!! luv this blog<3

A/N: I’m in need of fluff, plus there’s loads of related requests for this kind of thing!

AKASHI doesn’t look up from the book he’s studying, but he’s fully aware of what you’re wearing. He sighs and rolls his eyes at your innocence, letting out a small chuckle. Getting up from his seat, Akashi twines his fingers through your and leads you to the bed, laying you down. As he brings his body next to yours, you bring your arms around his waist, pulling him tightly to you. “You never stop working to cuddle with me,” you feign a pout “what’s wrong?” Chuckling, Akashi strokes your hair as he watches your face 

“Nothing you should be concerned with. You just looked so nice I had to hold you for a while.” Your face begins to flush with joy, Akashi is never usually this honest with his feelings, especially not with you. Nodding, you awkwardly nuzzle into his chest and cling to him.

AOMINE bites his lip as he watches you exit his bathroom in his jersey. Holding his breath, he hopes that you aren’t wearing anything underneath it. Abruptly standing up from his bed, he saunters up to you and lifts the hem up and over your hip. Your eyes widen and you let out a loud gasp, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Rolling his eyes as you slap his hand away from you, he lets out a long groan and clicks his tongue as he walks away. 

“If you’re going to be sexy and wear my stuff, at least be naked underneath,” he lays back down on his bed, placing his hands behind his head, signaling for you to come closer. Cautiously, you make your way over to him and sit on the edge of his bed. Annoyed with how you’ve become guarded, he pulls you to him and lays you atop him, wrapping his arms around your back, keeping you still. “Don’t move,” he sighs, resting his forehead against yours, “just let me hold you, okay?”

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Every time Sixpenceee posts a story all the comments are like “AHHH HOLY SHIT I’M NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN” and “OH MY GOD THIS SHOULD BE A BOOK” and I’m like “Oh this is gonna be great” and I read it and it’s like “…and then at the end…they were all DEAAAAAD” and I’m like um okay? 

in celebration of hitting 1k followers, i’m doing url graphics! honestly, i never thought that i would get this far, and thank u to each and every one of you who decided to stick with me (: thanks again!!!

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My parents want me to put my anime drawings for my college portfolio and .... I feel like they are unprofessional? Or idk like I shouldn't put them because I mean they are good but not for that...

I’m gonna be honest and tell you what my first highschool art teacher told me flat out; you’re not going to get into any college with a portfolio full of anime drawings. I’ve heard of some people catching it lucky but I’ve never heard of someone getting into a good art school with anime art. Colleges are looking for diversity and originality- anime/cartoon is FAR too mainstream to put in a portfolio, and the art style of anime piggy-backs off the same repetitive look in every picture, so it’s hard to find portfolio-worthy stuff in that. I think you gotta trust your gut with this.

I can’t believe people were telling me that they hope Martina hurts Gianluca so that they can have him and that she isn’t pretty. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?

First of all she is absolutely gorgeous. Gianluca has always been there for the ilvolovers, now it’s time for us to be there for him & support him through his new relationship. He, Piero, & Ignazio are always traveling making others happy, never getting a chance to experience that kind of happiness themselves. So please don’t be hating on Martina. He is happy and that is all that matters.

He has always put in so much effort to make us happy, the least we can do is let him have his happiness

Congratulations Gianluca, I am so happy for you. #GianTina