So, do it.

Knock on his door. When he opens it, don’t even say hello. Just say it. Tell him. Don’t ask how he’s been or beat around the bush. Blurt it out. You’ve held it in so long. He deserves to know. You deserve to tell him.

‘I still love you,’ you’ll say. ‘I’ve loved you since the moment I met you and I’ve never stopped. Not for a minute—not even for a second. And I know it’s insane, and I know I should be over you by now. But I’m not, and I’m still crazy about you. And I love you. So, that’s the truth. I love you. I do. I still do.’

And maybe he will say it back, maybe he won’t. Either way, say it. Because tomorrow isn’t promised and living without him isn’t even living at all.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #107 // Advice I wish someone would’ve given me sooner

“But you DO have friends, what about _____?”

No, I have acquaintances. I have people I sometimes hang out with for a few hours and leave. I have people I share my homework answers with. I have people who talk to me about their day and how their week is going. Friends to me are people you’ll spend 4am nights with, people who share their darkest pasts and beliefs and dreams. Friends are the ones who make you feel comfortable enough to open your mind and heart to, they’re the ones who make you feel vulnerable in the best ways. And they do they same for you. It’s hard for me to make friends because most of the people I meet seem so one-dimensional. They’ll talk about fake and materialistic things all the time, but I’m so tired of talking about drama and the weather. I want a group of friends who I can be my genuine self with, but those people are either in a new chapter of their life or far away.

I want
to walk
back in time,
and see what
my old self
thinks as
she watches
me from
a different
in an
older memory
of mine,
I hope
she will still
be proud
even if I failed
and disappointed
her sometimes.
—  ma.c.a // Older Version
not everyone
has shown the capacity
to love someone like me
but you
have proven to me
that I am not too much
that I am enough
that this mess and chaos
is not too rough
not too heavy
for your hands
not too complicated
for you to understand
for you to love
someone like me
I never thought
this could be
thank you
for being able to see
the worth
in someone like me

i think talisian was ready to let percy die, his story was done and it was a beautifully poetic end, buT THESE MOTHERFUCKERS COULDNT LET THAT HAPPEN AND GAVE THE MOST INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL SPEECHED AND FUCKING NATURAL 20S and sO HE HAD TO COME BACK and i loVE THEM ALL SO MUCH

Sometimes the biggest love of your life
will cut you with the biggest and sharpest knife
—  t.j. // mini poem #8

Club will be competing two ballroom group dances this season!

  • Mum:Why must you continue to put stickers on everything?
  • me:cuz i love stickers! you know i always have. they're little bits of art you can carry with you!
  • Mum:Seems like there's more to it. Are you sure it's not a warning to others? Or a sort of secret society message?
  • me:ahhhh, you caught me Mum. stickers are my way of peeing on a tree so my fellow species knows i am present. :/