Louis Tomlinson Demanding DNA Test After Birth Of Son — Report
Whoa! Now that Briana Jungwirth has given birth, One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has demanded that the baby get a paternity test, claims a new report. Louis Tomlinson, 24, is not taking any ch...
By Lauren Cox

Whoa! Now that Briana Jungwirth has given birth, One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has demanded that the baby get a paternity test, claims a new report.

Louis Tomlinson, 24, is not taking any chances when it comes to the future of his newborn son. A new report claims that he requested the bouncing baby boy get a DNA test the moment Briana Jungwirth gave birth.

“Louis had the test done as soon as the baby was born,” a source told InTouch Weekly inside their Feb. 8 issue. Louis and Briana’s son was born on Jan. 23 in Los Angeles, California, and it’s not surprising that he would want a DNA test. After all, very little is known about how Louis and Briana met, how long they were together, or, better yet, if they ever really were a couple.

“He wanted proof the baby was his,” the source explained. The report also claims that Briana was dating someone else at the time she got pregnant, which could have been another reason Louis

However, a source close to the new parents told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that the baby boy looks just like Louis! “Louis’ son looks just like him. He is a spitting image of his dad,” the source shared. “Louis is beyond excited about being a dad and wants to spend as much time as possible with Briana and his son.”

On Jan. 27 the first photos of Louis and Briana with their son surfaced but sadly we weren’t given a glimpse at the surely adorable little guy. Fingers crossed we see him soon!



Signos: “si no fuera por...”

Aries: Si no fuera por… CÁNCER estaría ahora en graves problemas.
Tauro: Si no fuera por… ACUARIO seguiría siendo poco tolerante.
Géminis: Si no fuera por… LIBRA no sabría a quién contarle mis chistes aburridos, ¿piscis?
Cáncer:  Si no fuera por… PISCIS hubiese caído en depresión.
Leo: Si no fuera por… SAGITARIO estaría aburrid@ y estudiando, NAHH, ni yo me la creo. 
Virgo: Si no fuera por… CAPRICORNIO, con todo lo que hace por mí, si no está, muero.
Libra: Si no fuera por… ARIES que me protege, estaría hundida y perdida. 
Escorpio: Si no fuera por… TAURO no tendría un partner para crear planes malévolos, ¿acuario?
Sagitario: Si no fuera por… GÉMINIS no habríamos podido entrar al concierto de Madonna, géminis habló por 3 horas con el guardia y entramos gratis JAJAJA. 
Capricornio: Si no fuera por… LEO no sabría lo qué significa la rebeldía.
Acuario: Si no fuera por… VIRGO no tendría a nadie con quien discutir acerca de asuntos intelectuales.
Piscis: Si no fuera por… ESCORPIO, no hubiese podido ser fuerte en situaciones delicadas. 


“How you enjoying the view back there?” You asked, having felt being watched.

“What…” Daryl asked, looking away from you.

“I haven’t heard you move in five minutes, so I thought I’d ask.” You said turning around to face him.

“How did you know I was checking you out?”

“Well I didn’t, you just told me.” You smirked. Daryl shook the hair out of his face and you could have sworn you saw him smile. “If you got something to tell me Mr. Dixon, I’d say it now.”

“Nahh…” He groaned and looked out the watch tower. You nodded your head and did the same.

“How are you on ammo? Do you need any more?” You asked while shifting off the foot you were previously standing on.

“I’m– I’m good.” He answered oddly. You turned your head around and caught him staring at your bottom half while chewing on his lip. His eyes shot up to yours, causing you to laugh.

“Ok this is like the fifth time today I’ve caught you staring, are you going to make me ask you or…” You trailed off, waiting for his answer. The look in his eyes changed, but he didn’t say or do anything. “Of course…” You put your guns down and started walking over to him, but then stopped when he spoke.

“I don’t think we should Y/N, something could happen…”

“Oh I see– you can fight off a hundred walkers, but when it comes to one woman you freeze up.” You teased. He tried so hard to hold back from doing anything and it was easily seen.

“I don’t know… Our watch is almost over.”

“Then you better hurry up and make a move, Dixon.” He stood there surprised by your boldness. His mouth was slightly apart as he stared at you hesitantly.

“We really shouldn’t Y/N.”

“Ok—just let me know when you grow a pair of balls then.” You smirked and walked away from him.

“That ain’t fair.” He spoke up just as Morgan and Rick showed up early to relieve you two from your shift.

“What isn’t?” Rick asked having caught Daryl’s words. He looked between the two of you, waiting for an answer.

“Nothing.” Daryl said, trying to convey for you not to say anything.

“You best man here is afraid of me.” You laughed before patting your leader on the shoulder, leaving him in confusion. “Oh hey Morgan, are we still on for practice later.”

“Sure thing Y/N. Remember it’s at five o’clock, don’t be late like last time.”

“All right,” You smiled, “See you around Dixon.” You winked at the archer and left the watchtower.

“Did I miss something?” Rick asked.

“Just drop it Grimes.” Daryl said before taking off behind you.

“Well apparently we’re calling each other by last names now.” Rick said while looking over to Morgan.

“Let it go, Rick.” His friend laughed, having caught on to what happened.

anonymous asked:

I f you had to choose between baby Jungkook (debut) or adult Jungkook (now)?


they both hurt me so much cause it’s the same guy except debut jungkook was extra adorable 

while adult jungkook is extra rude 

i hate both so i’d choose neither :-) i hate jeon jungkook :-) 

hit me up and ask me anything ^^



Screenshots from LAWNMOWER LAUNCHING LARRY | Happy Wheels Part 88! :D 

There was so many great moments in this seriously this was such a fun video! :D Honestly what else can you expect from one of Jack’s Happy Wheels videos where his energy off the charts? Jack’s loud and energetic normally but in his Happy Wheels videos multiply Jack’s energy he normally has by 100 and that’s what he’s like in these videos and all that positive energy is contagious! xD I always feel a lot more positive and energetic whenever I’m done watching one of these videos. Caffeine? Nahh! I’ll just watch one of Jacksepticeye’s Happy Wheels videos and that will give me enough energy to last me the rest of the day haha! :D