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Okay, so how about this : Dooku never fully turned, though he IS a Sith and uses the Dark Side, and he actually tries to protect Obi-Wan as much as possible during the Clone Wars without anybody being aware of it (especially not Obi). He does it because of his affection for Qui-Gon, and also because he and Obi-Wan actually have much in common and he has come to genuinely care for the younger man.

His Grandpadawan was foolish and reckless when his former Padawan was concerned. It was a trait he had undoubtedly inherited from his Master and also given to his own apprentice. Yan Dooku could only shake his head at the foolish youth, rushing ahead in battle, undoubtedly trying to protect his clones and Skywalker as well.

Yan never really cared about Skywalker. In his eyes, the boy was a disobedient, loud and arrogant child. He reminded the Sith Lord very much of Sidious, but that was another matter altogether.

Yan sighed mentally and motioned for the droid Commander to change formation. To an outsider, it would look like a strategic mistake, but Yan knew better. If it costs a thousand mindless battle droids to keep his Grandpadawan alive, then he would gladly sacrifice them. They weren’t of much worth and value anyway. But even if they were, they could never be as valuable as his Grandpadawan, who proudly led his clone army into battle.

Perhaps he is getting sentimental in his old age, or perhaps it is because the anniversary of Qui-Gon’s death is quickly approaching, but Yan allowed ANOTHER ‘mistake’ to occur that would leave the Seperatist’s base almost defenseless. He wouldn’t go through such drastic measures, hadn’t it been for his vision of his Grandpadawan’s death at this very day and on this very battlefield. The dark side user could not let that happen. He owed that much to Qui-Gon, his precious former Padawan, who had lit up his universe just by existing and being himself. That and in the few meetings he had had with Obi-Wan, Yan had come to like the ginger haired man. They had quite a few things in common, more than Yan and Qui-Gon ever had. Their etiquette and demeanor was identical, Obi-Wan certainly had the diplomatic skill that Yan had desperately tried to implant in Qui-Gon, but with not much success. Also, he knew that the Jedi was a very good player at Dejarik, due to his almost unrivaled strategic skills. He is less impulsive and reckless than Qui-Gon ever was and thank the Force that he did NOT inherit Qui-Gon’s terrible habit of bringing all kinds of strange and sometimes dangerous lifeforms back to the temple.

“Truly uncivilized,” mumbled the Sith Lord and it appeared as is he was referring to the battle that the Jedi and their troops were winning. In truth, his focus could not be farther away. What did he care if they won this day or not? His mission here was complete, Obi-Wan Kenobi would live to see another day and when blue-green eyes met his gold ones, then Yan simply turned around and walked towards his escape ship, proudly facing every punishment Sidious would seem fit to give him.


last homework of that chara design course I was taking. We had to choose an inanimate object so I chose peonies. The second picture, those first three, were the initial sketches from where I took the third design and adapted it another two times. At the end I still liked the discarded two so I lined them and colored them anyway

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What if Harry and Draco had been together for a while and one of them had to go away for a while and they are on the phone and then one of them says "turn around" and there they are!!! Did this make any sense

Draco hated muggle devices.

He hated the ridiculously loud telly vision, he abhorred everything that had to do with the terrifying things called vacuum cleaners, and telly phones were no different.

They were small to hold, blindingly bright and too loud for Draco’s taste.

(That, and they didn’t exactly look pretty.)

(Yes, Harry did buy him a silver one, which was fine, but still.)

He never understood muggle devices, either. He just let Harry deal with that stuff, watching his boyfriend wave around with a duster, apparently persistent on using the stuff he’d grown up with rather than using his wand. 

(Harry had always been stubborn, after all. It’s why Draco had fallen for him in the first place. Well, that, and of course his magnificent arse.) 

The only times he liked to use phones was when his boyfriend - his stupidly successful and famous boyfriend - was out on a mission for work, unable to use magic to avoid getting his location known. Because then they could call, Draco standing in the dark of his bedroom, trying to keep his voice even and far from worried (Harry away on a mission always made him go crazy, but Harry didn’t need to know that.) Because then they could talk and talk and talk, Draco helping Harry to stay awake and focused, ending up falling asleep with each other’s breathing in their ears, a calming reminder that the other was still there, still alive.

Draco was standing in their bedroom right now, the blasted muggle device against his ear, Harry’s voice rumbling through the speaker.

And Draco was trying hard not to cry. 

(Harry had been gone for almost two weeks now, and it didn’t seem as if the mission would be done very soon. He knew Harry’s job was important, he knew that the ‘bad guys’ needed to get caught, but goddamnit couldn’t the criminals give his poor boyfriend a break? Give him a break? He needed his boyfriend, he needed to hold his hand, he needed to kiss him until his lips were swollen and almost painful.)

“I miss you,” Draco whispered, not quite succeeding in keeping his voice even.

“I miss you too,” Harry murmured back, soft but not any less sincere. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

Draco snorted - half a laugh, half a sob. “You better, you prick. I need someone to make a mess of the kitchen, it’s almost scary how clean it is nowadays.”

Harry laughed, and something twisted in Draco’s chest.

“I need someone to never turn off the light when they leave the room,” Draco continued, wanting to hear that laugh again and again and again - “I need someone to forget to close the fridge, I need someone who always leaves their glasses on their nightstand.”

“Someone to yell at you when you use up all the hot water again,” Harry chipped in, and Draco scoffed.

“As if you’ve never heard of warming spells, Potter.” When Harry didn’t answer, Draco sighed. “Just… Come back, alright? It’s boring here without your annoying face.”

“Hey, Draco,” Harry suddenly said, his voice sounding a bit off, “could you turn around?”

“Why would I -”

“Just do it.”

Half thinking his boyfriend had gone mad, Draco turned on his heels. 

And promptly dropped his phone.

The loud crack it made when it connected with the floor didn’t bother Draco in the slightest - because oh, Harry was standing there, a stupid grin on his face and his eyebrows knitted together, ridiculously cute, his hair standing in every possible direction and holding his phone against his ear - such a unexpected sight that Draco had difficulty finding his breath.

“Uh, hi,” Harry said, waving sheepishly. “Surprise?”

Harry,” he breathed, and he didn’t wait for Harry to say something - and jumped towards him, kissing him full on the mouth, his hands immediately in Harry’s hair, tugging at the strands so hard it must’ve been painful but he didn’t care because Harry was with him, Harry was home - 

Harry’s phone dropped to the floor, too, when he automatically wrapped his arms around a crying Draco.

They didn’t care much about that phone, either. 

5.5.17 || 9/100 days of productivity

It’s been quite the whirlwind week and I’ve been a little bit scatter-brained but I started my morning of sweet with some coffee, custard buns and of course, planning. However, I got a pesky migraine and didn’t end up doing half the things I needed to do, like work on my essay due next week. The weekend is going to be pretty hectic too but hopefully this migraine is gone when I wake up in the morning and I get to churn this essay out. I hope you’re all having wonderfully productive weeks! 💕

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