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Loving Dean -Part 2

by @ravenangel33

Summary: The Reader helps Dean deal with the trauma of being raped.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, mention of Toni Bevell and OFC

Word Count: 1250

Warnings: TRIGGERS- discussion of rape and childhood sexual and physical abuse

A/N: I know this is a very serious topic, and I continue to try and handle it in the most sensitive way possible. It is personal for me. I experienced sexual abuse as a child from one of my older cousins. It’s something I repressed for years and I realize this is one of my ways of dealing with it. I know there are people who have experienced far worse than I have. No one should live in shame or carry around feelings of unworthiness. I appreciate any feedback.

Thank you again @nothin-after-79 for your beta input and listening to me.



Your heart hurt watching Dean cowering on the floor in the corner. He was saying “I won’t do it again” over and over. You climbed out of bed and went to him kneeling on the floor by his side. He looked at you and squinted. “Y/N?”

You made your voice as gentle as possible. “Yes, Dean. I’m here.” He started to shake. “I’m here, Baby. It’s me. I’m with you.” He reached for you, and you took him into your arms. He cried while you held him. You ran your fingers through his hair the way you had in the back seat of the Impala after you and Sam had rescued him from Toni Bevell. He had been naked and tied to a bed. So many thoughts were running through your head, but you didn’t say anything. You just let him cry.

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nottwelve-missy-deactivated2015  asked:

I totally need a drunk!Missy and Twelve fanfic now! XD

When he flung the TARDIS doors open, he surely didn’t expect her on the other side of them. He might’ve expected Clara, or some other visitor he might’ve forgotten to repay a debt to or something of the sort. 

He really, really didn’t expected her. 

“Why, Doctor!” Missy gasped in delight, leaning against the doorway. “Fancy meetin’ you here, huh? I missed you!" 

Her cheeks were flushed scarlet and her hair didn’t seem quite so meticulously kempt, her lipstick smeared. He felt a strong sense of concern for her before he mentally slapped himself in the face. 

"What are you doing here?” the Doctor demanded. “You were gone. You were particles converted into a Cyberman and you were meant to be gone for good; how’d you manage – ”

“Ah, come off it, hon!” Missy giggled. “You missed me, too!”

“Not for a godforsaken – mmph." 

She’d snatched the front of his shirt, leaned forward, and dragged his mouth to hers for a deep, invasive kiss, and he would’ve fallen over out of surprise and indignation if she didn’t have such a firm grip on him. 

She didn’t taste like time or stardust or Gallifrey as he would’ve thought, but an unmistakable tang of whiskey. It was sweet and spicy and left itself over his tongue as she shoved her own past his lips. 

She’d went and bloody set herself drunk, hadn’t she? 

He snatched her shoulders and shoved her away from him, trying to catch his breath. "How the hell did you get drunk? Your biology’s supposed to be stronger than that.”

“Wellllll, depends on how much I drink, doesn'it, love?” Missy snickered and started playing with his waistcoat buttons. “And how’d you tell? What, didja become Mister Sherlock Holmes all of a sudden?”

“I could taste it when you kissed me,” the Doctor muttered. “Come inside; it’s freezing out.”

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Congrats on 12 million.
I love you so much. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you. My life would be dull and gray. You make me laugh until I’m crying, and smile until my face hurts. I love you, and don’t you ever forget that,alright?
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In celebration of hitting over 1k followers, I threw together a follow forever! I’m so glad to be following each and every one of you and, if not for you guys, my dashboard would be an incredibly dull place. Whether it was through spontaneously exploding in unison over fandom or engaging in head canon/au debates or even getting sucked into those hilarious memes that never wanted to end, I have loved every second of knowing you all and I look forward to seeing what sort of crazy we all get into in the future. Thanks for putting up with me, everyone! You are all truly HELLA AMAZING.


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