(my hair is in my eyes hah literally)

makoharuheartandsoul  asked:

What is everyone's 'type'? Personality and looks-wise? :D

Nagisa: Ooh, I like this question~ My type’s veeery specific. I like a person who’s smart and fun to be around, and who puts up with me no matter what, and who looks out for me and who I can talk to about anything. Oh, and I’ve kinda got a thing for unique hair and eye colors.

Rei: Ah, well, I’ve never given it much thought before, but I suppose my type would be someone who could put up with me as well. Someone who could remind me to loosen up every now and again. Someone bubbly and silly and beautiful and - er, j-just someone I’m comfortable with.

Makoto: I’m not really sure if I have a type, to be honest. I’ve never noticed if I’m attracted to certain traits over other ones. I do think dark hair is pretty, though. And blue eyes. And I like quiet personalities, someone who doesn’t need to talk much to always get his - their point across.

Nagisa: Mako-chan, you literally just described Haru-chan.

Makoto: O-oh, did I? Hah…

Haru: My type is Makoto.

Nagisa: C’mon, Haru-chan, that’s answer’s too easy.

Haru: Makoto understands me best. Why wouldn’t my type be someone like him?