(my hair is a mess but look how long it got!!!)

Bathtime-Edition {Sentence Starters}

  • “Want me to wash your back?”
  • “We need more bubbles!”
  • “Careful, you’ll get soap in your eyes!”
  • “Want to relax in here with me?”
  • “Just how long have you been soaking in there?”
  • “Stop splashing! You’re going to make a mess!”
  • “Lean over, I’ll wash your hair.”
  • “You’re gonna get all wrinkly if you don’t get out.”
  • “Into the tub. You need a bath!”
  • “Back and forth, and back and forth. TIDAL WAVE!”
  • “The water feels kinda cold.”
  • “Have room for one more in there?”
  • “Where’d the soap go?”
  • “Ah! The water’s too hot!”
  • “You have way too many bubbles in there.”
  • “Don’t let that go down the drain!”
  • “Could you wash my hair for me?”
  • “You look like a prune. Get out of the tub.”
  • “Can you hand me a towel?”
  • “Agh! You got soap in my eyes, you fiend!”
  • “Hurry up! It’s my turn for a bath.”
  • “Mind getting me a washcloth?”
  • “Hop in! The tub’s big enough for us both.”

Okay so i was tagged by @hansolong like a long time ago last year but i didnt make it until now because im a mess so im really sorry 

1. What language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in? Well, i have this goal of being fluent in both japanese and french by the time i reach my 30s so i guess thats a pretty realistic goal 

2. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own? I left quite a few in my parents house but here i have with me like… around 9 i guess? 

3. What’s the last compliment you got? Idk. I cant really remember whats the last time someone complimented me but it really stayed with me when back at christmas eve my aunt told me i looked like Cruella De Vil because of my grey hair… even tho Cruella doesnt have grey hair but oh well 

4. What does your name mean? Slutty virgin

5. Music taste? We will say Alternative because saying my itunes library is only classical music, film ost and anime op/ed is ugh yeah

6. Do you have any other SM sites if so link and what is your fave? I have twitter and instagram which i dont use as much as i would like to because im a pretty boring person i guess idk but im qalaxiii in both 

7. What is your favourite food? Rice

8. Age? 24

9. Birthday? 
January 18th

10. What is your favourite drink? Coffee

11. Current drama? I wish my life. Not but really, the season ended so its time for me to start new shows

12. If you were a Pokemon what would you be called and what would you look like? Idk i would enjoy being a charmander tbh

13. Cats or dogs? Both the more the better

14. Do you have freckles? 

15. Who is your style crush? I dont think i have an style crush, i don’t know, i was never asked this question before, you’re making me question my life with this one

16. Fave candle scent or just scent in general? I love vanilla candles but i really enjoy some floral scents like lotus and sakura idk im a candle slut, i can see like 15 of them from where im sitting but that wasnt the question…

17. Best thing for you about each season? Winter is my fav season, i’m not a fan of summer because of the heat, so winter is perfect for me and you know, also its christmas time, there’s snow and rain and everything gets covered in lights; As for spring and autumn, i guess the best thing from both of them is that its the perfect combination of being sunny but still having quite a cold weather? And idk from summer i guess the best thing is that it gets dark really late. 

18. Do you have any weird obsessions if so what and why? what is considered weird

19. Do you still watch cartoons? 
it’s not cartoon it’s anime

20. Do you like wearing slippers? Im woollen socks girl 

21. Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving? SHARK DIVING 

22. Who was someone you really looked up to when you were little — someone you considered to be a mentor? I dont think i had someone like that back in my childhood

23. What are your favorite clothing stores? Im not really a fan of specific stores but styles so idk i just buy from a lot of stores actually

24. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 
You are never wrong with vanilla or some berry flavor 

25. Do you have any phobias? Heights and speed and insects

26. What is your wardrobe color scheme? Black, grey, white, dusty pink

27. Tea or coffee? Coffee

28. Favorite clothing item? 
idk right now probably my ugly christmas sweater

29. What would your dream bedroom look like?
 Im not really a bedroom person, i spend way more time in my living room so idk, for me the dream space is the one who has my blurays, a good tv, a comfy sofa, my plants and christmas lights and, of course, tons of blankets 

30. What are your best childhood tv shows? DIGIMON 

31. What do you always have on you? I cant really think of something i always have on me, im not really sure i have something on me all the time always actually

32. What is the current temperature right now? 6ºC not so cold 

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Waking up next to Sehun means
  • he’s already on his phone by the time you wake up
  • and you roll over to him and you’re like “really? you can’t wait ten minutes”
  • and he’s like “i was taking pictures of you sleeping and i’m looking through them see” and he holds out the phone to you and you’ve got your mouth open fully drooling and your hair’s a mess and you snatch the phone away to delete them
  • and he’s like “no they’re cute”
  • “sehun that’s blackmail material don’t lie to me”
  • “it’s because they’re cute”
  • “sehun”
  • “it’s because–”
  • “sehun”
  • “they’re–”
  • “sehun”
  • “c u t e”
  • and he sighs and he’s like fine but he insists you take a selfie together and he pulls you close to him and pulls up the sheets so his chest is covered and takes the picture
  • and after the camera goes off you sneak a kiss and he acts all shocked but really he loves it
  • and he finally puts down his phone and pulls you back to him and kisses you
  • and he runs his fingers through your hair and tells you you look beautiful and he’s fully awake but he has no intentions of leaving the bed because he loves being there with you
  • and just when he’s forgotten about everything but you you snatch his phone and turn away from him to delete the pictures of you sleeping
  • but he just wraps his arms around you starts tickling you and complaining like “babyyyy i said they were cuuuuute” and you give in partly because you know you can always delete them later 
  • but also because you like having his arms around you

( rachel berry // wornink. )

she’s been fussing with her hair for forty minutes now. her dresser is a mess of headbands and scrunchies. luckily, her outfit for the first day of school has long been picked out – a knee-length floral print dress that is mother and father approved while not making her feel like a total nun.

the sixteen-year-old girl in the mirror is pretty; blonde hair, green eyes, and that perfect nose lucy had always admired in her sister’s feature set and now boasts. it blows her mind always, how drastically she was able to leave that sickly bookish brunette behind once the transplant had settled and she was able to return home to suburban lima. she turns to rachel, who has become a familiar fixture in her bedroom over the past several months. it is her opinion lucy seeks out no matter what.

be honest with me – do i look okay for tomorrow? this is the barrette mom got me last week. do i look… she wets her lips,  normal

City of Bones according to Wikipedia (part 1)
  • Clary: Hi my name is Clarissa Dark'ness Dementia Raven Fray and I have long bright red hair and very clear skin although I am 15 (that's how I got my name)
  • Simon: Hi I'm the funny sidekick/bff with an unrequited crush. Wanna go clubbing?
  • Clary: Oh weird did u see that dude stalking those two other ppl with a lethal weapon?
  • Simon: No
  • Jace: Hi, I'm ur mysterious, snarky and extremely good-looking hero slash love interest. Demons return to their home dimension when they die.
  • Clary: What.
  • Simon: What. Also who were you talking to
  • Clary: Whatever time to go home!
  • Jocelyn: OMG WHERE WERE YOU also we're spending the summer in the middle of fucking nowhere because demons
  • Clary: OMG mom I'm not a child anymore also did u just say demons
  • Jocelyn: What I said lemons. My totally platonic buddy Luke has a lemon farm.
  • Clary: Bff my mom is acting weird please tell me I'm overreacting while confirming my suspicions but do it so I can dismiss everything you say so the readers stay interested
  • Simon: Idk, I watched ur mom in the shower by accident and she had scars on her back? isn't that weird?
  • Clary: Haha what that doesn't sound suspicious at all
  • Simon: Yeah whatever. Wanna do something fun so you're not here when The Plot gets set into motion?
  • Clary: Yeah sounds fun
  • Phone: *rings*
  • Clary: What the fuck
  • Clary: OMGWTF MOM
  • Clary's house: *is a mess*
  • Demon: Hello naughty children it's murder time
  • Clary: Aha! Take that filthy hellspawn!
  • Demon: *returns to home dimension*
  • Jace: How the fuck did u do that
  • Clary: How the fuck did you get here
  • Jace: I was totally not stalking you that'd be weird. Plus i think ur a shadowhunter
  • wanna come with me to a secret organization where we kill demons and tattoo people instead of calling the police like a normal person
  • Clary: Sure sounds fun why not
A Different Take on Transition Selfies for TDOV

My name is Amy (she/her)! I am pretty damn far along on my transition even after less than a year on HRT. I’ve changed a lot for sure, but there’s a point I want to get across by going backwards in my timeline with these selfies.

[March 2016] This is me now. I look a pretty damn good woman with that sidecut and blue/purple gradient don’t I? Look at how trans I am.

[February 2016] This is the first time I got high. I had a blast. My hair is noticeably solid blue, I look like a mess, and I’m not wearing a bra. Still trans at this point.

[January 2016] Look at how good my body looks! Estrogen has done wonders for me. My hair is orange this time (I like to mix up my appearance a lot ok). That lipstick mark is from my good friend and roommate @rosaceaex. I’m absolutely trans here.

[August 2015] Daaaaaaamn look at my makeup! My hair is a vibrant red here but it’s the same dye as the above pic - it just faded to that orange color. I’m not as curvy in this one, but I still look hot as heck. Still trans and still a woman.

[May 2015] Hey look my hair is the same color this time. It’s shorter for sure, but I’m wearing a pretty cute dress. This was also the month I started hormones! Yup, trans for sure.

[January 2015] Finally we are at the point where my hair is its natural color. I’m wearing a full on feminine outfit possibly for the first time. Though I’m not on hormones, I’m not curvy, and you can see a bulge in my skirt. But I’m still a woman at this point right?

[November 2014] My hair is definitely shorter here. And now I’m wearing a masc shirt! But hey guess what? I’m still trans, and I’m still a woman.

[September 2014] OK I look like I’m just trying too hard here. The makeup is kinda too much, and I’m wearing masc clothes even though they’re tight-fitting. But I still think I look good. And I’m still trans. Still a woman.

[May 2014] Very short hair, completely masc clothing, no curves whatsoever. I think I took this shortly after I came to realize I was trans. I’m still Amy here, and I’m still a woman.

[August 2012] Here I am at the Grand Canyon before starting my first semester of university. At this point I had no idea about the whole trans thing. I was still going by my birth name, he/him pronouns, and everything. But guess what? The person in this picture is a girl. Her name is Amy. She’s transgender.

No matter how far along you are in your transition, whether you’re closeted or not, your gender is still valid and you are still trans. You can still be proud on TDOV. No matter how late you figured it out or how much your identity has changed, your gender is still perfectly valid.

ok even tho my cosplay is chandra’s normal(?) armor and not her fancy kaladesh armor i’ve got some red jeans so i’m tempted to just say i can wear pants now. i wonder how that would look. i doubt you would be able to tell they’re jeans bc the sarong covers up the pockets

the chain mail leaves this dirt stuff on my skin and if i have to wear it all day it actually leaves bruises on my chest, and since i always forget to bring long pants, and since for some reason i always am forced to go into like walmart or something after events, my options are to go in full cosplay if i haven’t taken most of it off before i get to the car, or go in the shorts and tank top i wear under it, with HEELED boots because i always forget shoes too, also, every article of clothing is bright red so i’m basically a beacon of sin, covered in dirt and bruises from the waist up, hair a mess from wearing a wig, full makeup on, and everyone is looking at me thinking i am a prostitute who just got out of a fist fight. anyway the moral of the story is as a cosplayer i support pants