(my favorite is the one with italy and germany)

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are you still into Hetalia ??

Yeah! I actually really do like Hetalia, it’s one of the first anime I’ve watched and even care to rewatch now. I guess I always really liked the light humor of the show and it lowkey taught me quite a bit about countries. So I’ll probably love hetalia forever lol

Oh yeAH the shipping and angst is also great too LOL

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2p's at Disney World (you know you want to answer this question, hehehehe~)


2P Italy: how the fuck did anyone manage to get this guy to Disney World?? anyway, he’d dress up as some villain from a Disney movie and go around scaring poor innocent children until the Disney worker people heard about it and called the cops

2P Germany: rides every single roller coaster, flirts with all the Disney workers dressed as princesses……possibly buys himself a Cinderella dress, puts it on, and runs around wearing only one shoe

2P Japan: again, how the fuck did anyone get this guy to agree to go to Disney World??? well I guess he’d ride only the scariest rollercoasters, but mostly he’d sit down on a bench somewhere and stare at shit on his phone until he could leave

2P Romano: yeah this guy legit walks into the Disney princess dress store and buys himself a Sleeping Beauty dress (“I liked the style of the Belle dress, but yellow is just not my color”), then runs into a bathroom somewhere to change into the dress and put on makeup. A lot of kids mistake him for one of the Disney workers dressed as princesses so he ends up letting like 34189374 people take pictures with him

2P Prussia: best day of his entire fucking life, I swear to god—- he feels so at peace as he sees all the happy families hanging around and he ends up riding all the roller coasters and staying at night to see the fireworks (omg he’s the only one who does normal Disney stuff while he’s there)

2P France: tbh he probably stays in the hotel room and watches porn. He might go to the dress store and buy himself a tiara, for some reason??

2P America: eats a bunch of food and then goes on a roller coaster, vomits all over a bunch of kids, ends up being escorted off the premises

2P Canada: wanders around aimlessly until he just goes in a bathroom and sits on a toilet while he watches Grey’s Anatomy on his phone

2P England: gets himself a tiara and a magic wand (also known as an overpriced stick with a star on one end), then runs around gently hitting kids on the head with the wand and saying “bippity boppity boo”

2P China: after he smokes weed in a bathroom, he goes on the same rollercoaster 6 times, buys himself an inordinate number of stuffed animals, and throws his entire wallet into a fountain while saying “dis better be enough to make mah wish come true muthafucka”

2P Russia: accidentally scares a bunch of kids by looking too serious, ends up sitting on a bench alone, feels pretty sad until one kid runs up to him and starts talking about how they want to grow up to be big like him one day awh

Hetalia Characters as Stuff my Relatives have said Today

America: “If you talk about politics you get no alcohol.”

Canada: “Can we have one holiday without someone bringing up what happened in 96?”

England: “I’m not drunk yet but I will be by noon.”

N. Italy: “Next year let’s just make lasagna!”

Prussia: “Um excuse me but I’m the family favorite!”

Germany: “Why didn’t you bring your dog? I was looking forward to petting it…”

Reaction to boy bands
  • 2P!America: pfft babe aren't I like so much hotter than those guys *sTRIKES MALE STRIPPER POSE*
  • 2P!China: *blurts jokingly* ayyee those dudes are sexy
  • 2P!England: I-I must admit those boys look quite charming! Ahhh, just look at those jAWLINES....,, beautiful! Gorgeous!!
  • 2P!France: uh ok
  • 2P!Russia: Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't bands supposed to be about music and not looks?
  • 2P!Italy: hella gay *won't admit that he's also a little gay*
  • 2P!Germany: *spits drink* yOU'RE TELLING ME THOSE AREN'T CHICKS?????!!
  • 2P!Japan: I can only imagine how much money they're making. Then again... *smirks* all that plastic surgery must have made quite a dent in their salary.
  • 2P!Canada: does anyone listen to real music anymore
  • 2P!Romano: ...........,,,, my fAVORITE IS THAT ONE, I CALL HIM, hE'S MINE,, DIBS
  • 2P!Austria: *sighs* I hate to tell you, sugar..... but your taste in music totally sucks. Allow me to introduce you to some GOOD bands, yes??
  • 2P!Prussia: huh? oh, they're so pretty... what kind of music do they make?
B2 Monika (Romano x Fem!Germany)

A request from that cute meme of outfits….

It supposed to be only Monika with a wedding dress but I couldn’t resist….. Germano is one of my favorite OTPS and I couldn’t resist but draw Romano like the groom <3 <3. still, I like to design dresses, I think Monika looks really cute….

Male!Germany is so fucking confused….



1. NICKNAME: Stoney

2. GENDER: Male

3. STAR SIGN: Cancer

4.  HEIGHT: 5′7″

5. TIME: 9:40 am


7. FAVORITE BANDS: I have very eclectic taste in music from classical symphony to rap with a strong emphasis on early rock and roll from the 50′s and 60′s.   (I danced on American Bandstand a few times back in the day.)   If I was forced to pick one band it would be difficult but I’d probably land on Cream.  

8. FAVORITE SOLO ARTISTS: It would be easier to list who I don’t like.  Again if I was forced to pick just one it would be Etta James (At Last).  But the list is huge and includes almost every genre of music.  

9.SONG THAT STUCK IN MY HEAD: Just yesterday and it’s playing in the back of my head like theme music in a move…Losing My Religion by R.E.M.

10. LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Cannot recall name.  Horror movie on NetFlix about Christmas.  Elves turning into zombies.  It looked hysterically funny in a twisted sort of way, but it was just twisted not funny.  LOL

11. LAST SHOW I WATCHED: John Oliver Last Week Tonight


13.  WHAT I DO: I had a public opinion market research company for 34 years.  I am retired now.  My wife and I spend a great deal of time traveling.  

14. LAST THING I GOOGLED:   Some statistics on the amount of federal income taxes paid to the U.S. by illegal immigrants.   (It’s over 11 million by the way.)

15 .DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: No, I do have a Flickr account but rarely use it.  I have a Twitter account Instagram as well.   

16. DO YOU GET ASKS? No but some wonderful messages from folks and a few regular conversations with some wonderful people who’ve I never met face-to-face.

17. WHY DID YOU USE YOUR URL? Never to old to learn.  I just turned 70.  I think that reinventing yourself, keeping up with the changing times and evaluating your ideas periodically keeps you evolved, young and progressive.  So I live to learn.  

18.FOLLOWING: I follow almost everyone.   Occasionally I have a follower who promotes ideas that I don’t want to endorse, so I do  not follow them.   And porn does not disturb me, but I don’t follow most people who only post porn.

19. FOLLOWERS: I learn from the photographs of my followers, and I love reading the prose and poetry of others.  It’s a pleasure to be a part of this community and everyone who follows me or reposts one of my photos is important and I thank them sincerely.




23. INSTRUMENT: My biggest regret is not learning an instrument.  But I’m hell on guitar playing Rock Band :)

24. WHAT I’M WEARING: Probably a pair of cargo shorts, comfy t-shirt and sandals.


26. DREAM JOB? No way…I’m retired

27. DREAM TRIP: It’s always the next one that I’m getting ready for.  (August spending the month in Italy and Sicily.   Leave in late Sept for a photographic safari in Tanzania that includes spending a few days in Zurich, Nairobi, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Frankfurt, Germany)

28. FAVORITE FOOD:  I could be stuck on a island with good bread, olives, cheese and wine…and be happy.

29. NATIONALITY: All of my grandparents came from Italy.

30. FAVORITE SONG NOW: Mother-in-Law by Ernie K. Dow   (I know you never heard of it.)

I am not nominating anyone but if you follow me and care to do this…give me a nod!  

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Hi! How are you today? :D What did the 2ps think of "the history of the entire world, I guess"?

Because this ask is one of my favorite asks EVER, I wrote what their reactions to the video would be and what lines from the video they would most likely think or say or whatever

2P Italy: what is this bullshit *tries to act like he hates the video for the first few minutes but when it gets to the “weather update” part he loses it and starts laughing like a maniac* / “let’s all build houses except mine is bigger because i own the food”

2P Germany: AHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH *laughs literally the entire time. he laughs so hard that he couldn’t hear like half of the words so he has to keep watching the video over and over and over and over and over and over* / “coming to a dank river valley near you”

2P Japan: *watches the whole thing without showing any hint of an emotion, then sends messages to Bill Wurtz about “all of the glaring inaccuracies” because this fine piece of Japanass is a block of salt* / “that’s a human person and now they’re everywhere” or alternatively “guess who’s not gone? China.”

2P Romano: *gets bored after like 5 minutes, clicks on an upside-down braid tutorial instead (wait does that even exist)* / “now you can eat sunlight”

2P Prussia *laughs at pretty much everything but also recognizes a few things that are a little incorrect, for the most part just enjoys the video* / “try to stick together because the world is gonna get bigger and emptier”

2P Austria: *takes the whole thing very seriously, like, he sits there with a notebook and takes notes like he’s listening to an actual history lecture* / “and pagan is there” or alternatively “you could make a religion out of this”

2P France: *he just kinda stares at the screen with a blank face. When he thinks something is funny, he doesn’t really laugh, but he just blows air a bit more aggressively out his nose* / “will you get the hell out of here if i give you 500 elephants?”

2P America: holy shit is this for real *finds the video hilarious but wants to know why the fuck they can’t make history classes at school this fun* / “look at those breasts”

2P Canada: I laughed. I learned. *laughs occasionally but also takes mental notes of some events that he didn’t know about, and later he follows up on all those mental notes by going on Wikipedia and searching for more information on a little knowledge journey* / “fuck it, time to plant some grass”

2P England: well gosh diddly darn that was quite crude *lightly criticizes the video a bit, still smiles though because he thought it was funny as hell (although I doubt that hell is particularly funny but you get the point)* / “is loving Jesus legal yet?”

2P China: HEHEHEEEEEHE SHNORF SHNORF HEEEE HEE HIGGLE GIG DEE HEE *laughs through the whole thing, kind of like Germany but with a weirder, snorty laugh that everyone gets to make fun of* / “my dealer won’t tell me where he gets it” or alternatively “japan is so addicted to art that the military might have to take over the government”

2P Russia: this video was full of inaccuracies and was clearly only made for comedic effect *starts to make a more informative video about the history of the entire world, but oops, the video ends up being sixteen weeks long and now Viktor is a history professor* / “here’s a printer. let’s make books.” or alternatively “Ivan wants to make Russia great again”

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what are the 2ps favorite musicals?

I know nothing of musicals so how about disney movies? 

  • 2p america- mulan or pocahontas
  • 2p canada- pocahontas 
  • 2p england- Frozen
  • 2p france- Anastasia (is that disney?)
  • 2p china- mulan (stereotypical but what ever)
  • 2p russia- Anastasia
  • 2p belarus- Anastasia or Lion King
  • 2p ukraine (my wifu)- Sleeping Beauty
  • 2p lithuania- Hates disney because he’s evil
  • 2p estonia- Wreck it Ralph
  • 2p latvia- likes Tim burton more
  • 2p italy- Cinderella
  • 2p romano- Sleeping Beauty
  • 2p spain- the only one he can stomach is Mulan 2
  • 2p japan- Lady and the Tramp
  • 2p germany- AristoCats (Everybody wants to be a cat!)
  • 2p prussia- loves them all (the little angel)
  • 2p austria- Princess and the Frog
  • 2p switzerland- owns them all so…
  • 2p norway- Frozen
  • 2p iceland- Aladin
  • 2p denmark- Pinocchio 
  • 2p sweden- ALL OF THEM (the disney trio in the 2ps is prussia, Him and Switzerland
  • 2p finland- Bambii
  • 2p Rome- Hercules
  • 2p Germania- Dumbo


  • 2p america- Tarzan
  • 2p canada- Bambii
  • 2p england- Beauty and the Beast
  • 2p france- Belle et la Bete
  • 2p china- Lilo and Stitch
  • 2p russia- Anastasia
  • 2p italy- Oliver and Company
  • 2p romano- Fox and the Hound
  • 2p germany- AristoCats or 101 Dalmatians
  • 2p prussia- All of them
  • 2p japan- Lady and the Tramp 2

You probably thought Italy would be the one with the full bowl- but no. Guess who found his new passion/favorite food x’P

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Howdy I hope that you are doing fine ¿Could you please do the character thing with Italy? Just if you can of course, thank you very much. Have an awesome day!

1: sexuality headcanon: Wow he is G A Y
2: otp: GerIta come the fuck on y'all, ameita is also nice, PruIta
3: brotp: Fuckin uhhhhh Hungary
4: notp: Itacest, that shit is weird 
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: I suppose..He and Roma are like, the fashion police and just secretly gossip sometimes. It’s their bonding activity 
6: favorite line from this character: “oh it’s just germanys butt. How disappointing"
7: one way in which I relate to this character: Seen as lowkey stupid by a bunch of people but I could kick your ass as a kid
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: He deserves better omg y'all need to know he is actually a talented young man not some bumbling idiot
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: CINNAMON ROLL

Nicknames I gave to the 2P Axis

2P Italy/Luciano: “Screamy Knife Child”

2P Japan/Kuro: “Stabby Mc'Hentai”

2P Germany/Siegfreid: “Kinkshame for days”

2P Romano/Flávio: “Sparkle Boy”

2P Prussia/Gillen: “Fluffeh lil child, must protect at all costs”

2P Spain/Andres: “Rotten Tomato”

Bonus One:
(It’s one of my favorite 2Ps)
2P China/Xiao: “Opium Bby”

Hetalians Watching the Sound of Music
  • America: *Acts out all the songs with intensive choreography*
  • England: Julie Andrews is a goddess.
  • France: *Sips wine and hums along to all the songs*
  • China: I prefer the King and I.
  • Russia: How does one catch a drop of golden sun?
  • Japan: Freshly made mochi and a nice cup of tea. These are a few of my favorite things.
  • Italy: I want to live in the sound of music!
  • Germany: Auf wiedersehen goodnight.
  • Switzerland: Why are the hills alive? I will shoot them until they are dead!

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Hello :0c Your historical comics are incredible, and I've been wondering if there are any funny events involving Italy that you could tell us about?

First of all thank you omg I am so happy you’re enjoying my historical posts! I have tons of fun producing them :D (Especially this one, I spent wayy too much time on this xD)

Now, the only thing I could really think of now about German/Italian history was the origin of the German phrase “treulose Tomate”, which is “unfaithful/illoyal tomato” in English.
There’s apparently several possible origins, but this is a pretty likely one and admittedly my favorite: in this version, the phrase comes from when the Italians betrayed the German-Austrian alliance in WWI! Due to the association of tomatos with Italians, obviously.
As the translation should tell you, it’s a phrase used for not so faithful people. Not really menacing, is it?

APH Fanon Italy Veneziano Vs Canon Italy Veneziano

Fanon Italy: Ve~ Pasta!! Can we have pasta? I think all the world’s problem’s can be fixed with pasta!

Canon Italy: Haha pasta is my favorite food but I also really like other foods too! Including other countries’ cusine as well!

Fanon Italy: Ve everything is so scary! I can’t do anything by myself! Germany help me!!!!!


Fanon Italy: Germany is my only friend!

Canon Italy: Germany is one of my good friends but I’m also friends with a lot of other countries including Japan, America, France, Spain, and Prussia!

Fanon Italy: I’m so much better than my brother at everything but it’s not my fault. He should cheer up!

Canon Italy: My brother is super cool and I wish I could spend more time with him!

Fanon Italy: I hate war because it’s scary and I think everyone should just go fight for me! 

Canon Italy: I hate war because it sucks and it has taken both my grandpa and my best friend/first love away from me.

Fanon Italy: *Is an adorable little shit*

Canon Italy: Well friend I can’t disagree with ya there.

A sudden breeze shook the leaves overhead and a fleeting memory flashed before Feliciano’s eyes. An image of Ludwig in his tailored grey officer’s uniform, head high and shoulders straight, striding boldly across the field with the sun setting behind him. Just as quickly, the image was gone. But what was left was so breathtakingly perfect, Feliciano felt his heart turn and his breath stop. It was never Ludwig’s fancy uniform, or his handsome face, or his tall, easy strength. It was his kindness, his loyalty; it was the way he made Feliciano feel accepted, and respected, and safe. That was why Feliciano loved him.
That was why he barely even noticed the shiny black wheelchair. Because it was never about Ludwig’s looks; never about his abilities. Even if he was changed, this was the same Ludwig as that pilot in the officer’s uniform, and this was still their somewhere else, and Feliciano had never loved him more. He stood waiting, his breath fast and his skin tingling, as Ludwig moved slowly across the field. When he finally reached him, Ludwig took Feliciano’s hand and smiled.

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart

Chapter 17

By George DeValier

One of my favorite parts <3

Tag followers you want to get to know better!

I was tagged by @winterfells-targaryen , thank youu love 

Name: Sophie, most people call me Soph though

Nicknames: Soph, when I achieve something mum says ‘well done elephant’, so i guess elephant as well (its a nice nickname with meaning cbf explaining)

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: between 6ft and 6ft1 

Sexuality: Straight

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff ( @winterfells-targaryen use pottermore to find yours!)

Favorite Animal: dogs and meerkats (meerkat manor is a quality show)

Average Hours of Sleep: either 5 or 12, no in-between.

Dog or Cat Person: doggggss

Blankets you sleep with: it’s coming into summer rn, but usually one on top of my doona

Dream Trip: Euro-trip (France again, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK), i love the architecture and food.

Dream Job: Events Manager

When I made my blog: 2017 (my other one i started in 2011 @waltzingspirit but i can’t access it on desktop bc tumblr fucked up so i don’t really use it anymore)

Followers: 163

Why I made a tumblr account: because my other one fucked up, originally my friend forced me to make one in music class in 2011 so we could reblog photos of harry styles together lmao

Reasons for my url: started the acc in the height of my riverdale obsession, and it was similar to my twitter @ at the time which has since changed. (follow me on twitter - @sophsuckks)

ok so i’m tagging @gryffinoir @ceruleanharley @breakfastattiffs @kla-ro-line  @snowsarrow @letdaeneryslive @annabelleebythesea @worthysnow  i mean i wanna get to know a lot more, bc i haven’t really talked to many people on tumblr since i got it back so :) sorry if you’ve already been tagged.

Have fun doing this if you want to x