(my dad's wedding)

Oh my god

So during our wedding and before or after we say our vows to each other Michael is going to have Noah (my son) step forward and he’s going to get down and present a box that will have a bracelet with his last name engraved on a small plate on it. He’s going to say a short “vow” to Noah of how if he agrees he wants to be his daddy legally and sign adoption papers so Noah will have the same last name too.

Then he wants to have a signing party a few months or so later and the day he signs the papers will be a day for them to celebrate together in the future. Kind of like a second birthday but just for him and his dad.

I don’t know how I found and became so blessed with such an amazing man who is willing to parent and raise my child as if he is his own and at the same time his family so accepting and loving of Noah.

I’m so excited to marry my best friend. I’m so excited to have our family “officially” come together.

The future looks bright and I’m walking into it with my arms and heart open.

My cousin is gay and her dad is a pastor and she mentioned that her parents wouldn’t go to her wedding if she ever got married and my dad just looked at her and said “Thats ok. I’ll be your father for the day and walk you down the aisle.” And I almost cried I LOVE MY FATHER SO MUCH. I have so much respect for that man.


I would like to thank my mom for already repeatedly telling me she would be thrilled and supportive if I decided to have a Renaissance Faire wedding or Star Wars wedding. Or, as she put it, “Whatever’s special to you and your significant other at that point”. (She’s embraced both my fan lifestyle and my bi lifestyle.)

She has also made it clear that regardless of what theme I go with, including traditional, she may show up in a Ren Faire or Steampunk dress anyway.

New “Olivia’s Turned into an Evil Feminist Bitch” Rule

If you never congratulated me on grad school, I’m not going to congratulate you on getting married.

My sister and her husband got married the day after Halloween in Nebraska last year. I volunteered to design the wedding invites and came up with a whole bunch of different ideas. They decided to go in a CLASSIER direction but they thought this was a pretty rad concept so they asked me to make it into a poster for them anyway.


My girl had asked my dad to walk her down the aisle today, as her dad wasn’t around to do that. She was upset at first, as far as I know, that’s a girl’s closest time with her dad, at her wedding. My dad comforted her though.

A little Stella walked down the aisle, throwing flower petals. She looked happier than me, if that was possible, and I was the one getting married. I waved to her, giving her a big thumbs up. “Shawn!” She smiled, running out of her place to me, earning a glare from her mother telling her to get back in place.

“Hi, Stella!” I smiled, hugging and giving her a high-five. “Are you having fun?” I asked and she nodded fast.

Sierra was whispering for Stella to get back in her place and Stella just pouted back. I gave a nod to Sierra, mouthing to her: ‘it’s fine’. I held Stella’s hand, as she stood with me at the altar.

I stood there on the altar, waiting, and waiting. Panic had started to set in a little as Ian spoke from behind me. “Where is she?”

I turned around, giving a slight shrug of my shoulders. I thought to that moment in Runaway Bride, this movie that I was forced to watch. I imagined myself in that man’s shoes. Surely she didn’t run away, I hoped. I turned back to them, and Gilinsky gave me a reassuring nod.

I started to pace my breathing, when finally, the music started playing. Everyone stood and looking back to the doors leading outside as they opened. There was my bride, and my dad, walking towards me. Tears came to my eyes, as I let go of Stella’s hand to cover my mouth wide open. I thought back to every time I had told her she was beautiful, and every time I had stared at her, amazed by her, but right now, in this very moment, beautiful or any other word you could come up with was an understatement. She looked so amazing. It wasn’t even the beautiful dress that hugged her body like it was made just for her, or the way her gorgeous hair flowed around her shoulders, or the white veil that was draped against the back of her head, or the way she walked down the aisle. It was the way she was looking at me. “Wow, you’re lucky, Shawn.” Stella said pretty loudly, earning laughs from the people seated. I gave her a nod and a little laugh, before looking back to my bride and pinching the bridge of my nose to stop the tears. In this moment, it was all perfect.

My beautiful almost wife, now almost at the altar with me, gave Stella two thumbs up which the little one gladly returned. My dad handed her off to me. She thanked him, and hugged him. “Manny magic, am I right?” She asked, and everyone smiled.

I looked at her, staring as if no one else was there. The officiant spoke. “Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the joining of (Y/F/N) and Shawn Peter Raul Mendes in marriage. With love and commitment, they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife.” She reached over to me, as he was talking, wiping the tears off my cheeks. She gave me a little nod. “Take this moment to exchange your vows.”

I took the microphone from the officiant, smiling. “So, yesterday, when we were talking about today, she said to me that she would rather write the vows that I say and I said the same to her.” I laughed a bit. “So, we have both written vows for the other to say, as well as our own. So, here’s the vows that she wrote for me to say.” I looked at her, pulling the paper out of my pocket. “Oh, babe you look so hot.” Everyone laughed. “I promise to always watch reruns of the Bachelorette with you as I pretend to like it. I promise to always pretend to like your cooking, even if it sucks, which it never does.” Everyone laughed again. “I promise that I won’t leave you when you look nasty in the morning and when your hair is a mess.” I put the paper in my pocket again as everyone finished giggling from that. “Now for my real vows that I wrote. “I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love. I will always be honest with you, kind, patient and forgiving. I promise to try to be on time, but most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you.”

By that point, she was crying too. I offered the mic to her as she took it. She spoke gently in a soft voice. “Let me read the vows that Shawn wrote for me to say.” I handed her a paper that I had for safe keeping in my pocket. “I have not read these before, keep in mind.” Everyone laughed again. “It starts off by saying: Oh, my dear Shawn, you look so incredibly hot today.” She gave me that laugh that lit up my day always. “I promise to never make you watch TV shows that you don’t want to watch.” Everyone smiled at the retort of her statement to me earlier. “I promise to cook good food for you, and to let you make muffins whenever you want. I promise to not be mad when you leave the toilet seat up every day.” She finished, scrunching her nose at that last one. “Now, for my vows that I wrote.” She put the paper down, grabbing my hand with her one free hand and spoke. “I promise faithfulness and patience, respect and lightheartedness, attentiveness and self-improvement. I will celebrate your triumphs, and love you all the more for your failures.”

We exchanged a series of “I do.” The officiant spoke after. “I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.” I pulled her in for a kiss that I’ll never forget, our first kiss as a married couple. It was the spark from the first kiss, with the excitement of the moment. It was perfect.


My dad died a few years ago and obviously she doesn’t live on her own, but she hasn’t really got that many people anymore because obviously we’ve moved and my other sister Emma [who she is really close to] moved to America. So she’s got my little sister, but she’s kind of on her own on her birthday and she’s been like trying to push us to come and visit for ages. And it’s my mum and dads wedding anniversary. Then she was texting me last night and I could tell she was sad cos y’know she didn’t think anything was going to happen […]
So this has been building up for ages we decided we were gonna do this and surprise her. She has no idea that we’re here and she has no idea that this is going to happen and I’m just so excited!


!!!!!!!!PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!

So I know the chances of this working out are very small, but every bit of help counts.

The woman in the pictures above is my beautiful mother on her wedding day 18 years ago.

Upon unboxing what we thought was her wedding dress, we realized that we’ve been holding onto the WRONG DRESS for 18 years.

The Cleaning place where my parents had gotten the dress professionally preserved MIXED UP THE ORDERS and gave my Mom the WRONG dress.

This dress was made in the Philippines, along with the shirt my Dad wore to their wedding. My Mom, who was born there, said that her dress was one of the last pieces of her home country that she held on to. And now it’s gone.

Today, on Thanksgiving, (November 26th, 2015) I watched my Mother break down in tears when she realized her wedding dress was lost.

The dress was preserved near Wauconda IL. If you have any idea where her dress may have ended up, or by a slim chance you are the person who has this dress, please contact me. Send me a message.

Even if you don’t live in the area, please help me and SIGNAL BOOST THIS. I want to do as much as I can for my mom, and possibly find it.

Thank you for your time.