Truth or truth?

1. Are you good at apologizing?
2. Do you prefer your looks or personality?
3. Are you confident?
4. What are you most confident about yourself?
5. Name a few songs that reminds you of someone, and who it remind you of.
6. What is your favourite colour combination?
7. Define your “aesthetic”.
8. What is sex to you?
9. Do you have any kinks? What are they?
10. What are some of your biggest pet peeves?
11. What’s something that automatically turns you off of other people?
12. What song always makes you sad/emotional?
13. How many people have you dated? How many of them do you still have feelings for?
14. How are you with moving on?
15. What’s a philosophy you agree with, but fail to live by?
16. What’s something you don’t like about yourself?
17. What’s something positive happening in your life right now?
18. Are you truly able to admit your faults in relationships to yourself?
19. Is it important to you to be a good person?
20. Are you a good person?
21. How could you become a better person?
22. Would/have you ever pierced your genitalia?
23. Have you ever been in love? If so, with how many people?
24. Do you believe in love at first sight?
25. Which social science interests you more; psychology (how the mind effects a person), sociology (how society affects a people) or anthropology (learning about culture)? Why?
26. Have you ever orgasmed?
27. Have you ever made someone else orgasm?
28. During sexual interaction, what is the most important thing to you?
29. Are you comfortable being sexual with lots of people?
30. How do you usually get people to be interested in terms of romantic relationships? And sexual relationships? And platonic relationships?
31. What’s your favourite song to sing a long to?
32. What’s some “embarrassing” music you listen to?
33. What are you most snobby/pretentious about?
34. How do you express sad emotions? And happy emotions?
35. Do you use Skype? Facetime?
36. How do you feel about phone calls?
37. How do you feel about texting?
38. What are your thoughts on LDRs?
39. Have you ever cried over a piece of visual art? What was it of? Why do you think it made you cry?
40. When and why was the last time you cried?
41. What’s something you love that you never do anymore? Why don’t you do it?
42. Are you afraid to die?
43. If there were no limits; who and what would you be?
44. Are you more likely to be sub or dom during sex?
45. Describe your fashion sense.
46. Do you have stage fright?
47. Did/do you ever put your hand up in class?
48. Are you more of an open or closed person?
49. What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you? And the best?
50. Are you a theist? (Not necessarily in the way of “guy in the sky”, maybe just believing in any higher power)
51. What are your top three places you’d like to travel and why?
52. What’s something you thought would be really scary/bad, but was actually fine when it happened/you did it?
53. When you sleep at friends houses, how often do you sleep in their bed?
54. Can you sleep facing someone?
55. Do you ever get in slumps? If so; how often, and how long do they usually last for?
56. Do you like being alone?
57. Are you social?
58. How do you feel about parties?
59. Have you ever hosted a party? How did it go?
60. What question(s) do you love to ask people?
61. What question(s) do you love being asked?
62. Are you confrontational? Does it make you uncomfortable when others are?

Send me in two numbers, 1-62, and I’ll answer one!!


There is a fbawtft only event tomorrow! I didn’t get a booth but a very nice person allow me to place my free comic at her booth (omg thank you so much!!)

Soooo the left one is my free comic! And the right one is a gift for a nice person and some of my friends 😘 hope they will like it ❤️

Ahhhhhh I’m so excited for the event!!! I’m going to be so broke XDD *screaming*

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maybe a scenario where zen has a gf but you're also in love with him????? ahhhh sorry I just love your scenarios and I want to see more of them ^^

Author’s note: mwahahhaha HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZENNYYYY

The Other Girl

She tilted her head back and laughed, flashing the room with her bright smile. The dress she wore perfectly accented her figure, and her blonde hair flowed down her back like a golden waterfall. She had a straight nose, and pretty blue eyes. In other words, she was perfect.

Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less from Zen’s girlfriend.

Zen and Hana had met while shooting a car commercial. She was a model who was trying to start her acting career, and he was desperate for a new job. It was, as Zen put it, “love at first scene.” Now, on their five month anniversary, you and the rest of the RFA were sitting around Zen’s living room, laughing and celebrating the couple. There was only one problem.

You were in love with Zen, too.

“That was hilarious,” Hana wiped a tear from her eye. She sighed and snuggled deeper into Zen’s chest.

He smiled and kissed the top of her head, “Aren’t I the luckiest guy in the world?”

A familiar pain stung your heart. You bit your lip and looked away, focusing on the concerned look Seven was giving you instead.

“Stop it,” you mouthed silently.

He rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he mouthed back, giving you another pitying look.

Seven was the only other person that knew about your feelings, and surprisingly, he had been a complete and total sweetheart about it. He would always talk you up to Zen, trying to help your relationship move forward. You actually thought it might have gone somewhere, if it hadn’t been for Hana. After the two got together, Seven stayed right by your side. You closed your eyes, remembering the night after Zen told you about his newly found girlfriend.

“Uh-huh…yeah… that’s great! Okay, Zen, go and call the others. Yes, I’m sure they’ll all be thrilled! Okay, bye.”

You hung up the phone and held it to your chest. I can’t believe he has a girlfriend… and it’s not me.

You covered your mouth to keep the sobs from escaping. The phone in your hand became heavy as your felt your legs get weaker. Slowly, you made your way over to the couch and sat down, placing your cell next to you. Looking at your shaking hands you moved it back and forth in front of your face. I feel like I’m in a dream. Maybe it’s-


The doorbell interrupted your thoughts. You bit your lip and stayed still, hoping whoever was there would go away.


Who the hell would come here at this hour?

You walked over to the door, your legs feeling like they were treading through quicksand. Reaching out, you cracked open the door to see who it was.


You mentally scolded yourself for the way your voice cracked. You looked up at your friend as he stood on your front porch, ice cream in one hand and wine in the other.

“Can I come in?”


He pushed past you and walked into your kitchen. You heard the freezer door open and shut, followed by the clinking of glass. He returned with two glasses of wine and set them down on your coffee table. You stared at him.

“…So, what are you-”

You were stopped by a bone-crushing hug. Seven wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his chest, burying his head in your hair.

“Zen called me first and told me. He said he was going to call you next, so I came over here… I’m so sorry.”

He loosened his grip and you pulled your head back. “I-I’m fine, you don’t have to worry!”

Seven looked at you and tilted your head up toward him. “You don’t have to lie… not with me.”


Your eyes shot open when you heard Zen calling your name.


You looked around the room, making eye contact with each of the RFA members. Why are they all staring?

“Are you okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Zen gave you a look and then bit his lip. “You’re crying.”

Your hand shot up to your face like lightning. When you felt the dampness around your eyes, your chest tightened.

“I’m gonna go get some air,” you stood up and walked toward the balcony.

“If you need anything just ask,” you heard Hana call out behind you. Quickly, you made your way outside.


Frantically, you wiped the tears from your eyes. In an attempt to distract yourself, you looked up at the stars above you. It’s just like that night with Zen… the night when we looked at the stars together.

Your mouth formed soft smile as you began to recall what happened that night. Regardless of whom Zen was with, that moment would always be yours.

A sudden burst of wind pulled you out of your reminiscing. The bitter night air burned your chapped lips and sent a shiver down your spine. You looked down to your waist and around your area. Damnit, I forgot my-

“Looking for this?”

Seven stood behind you, holding up your jacket.

“Yeah,” you grabbed it from him, quickly slipping into it, “Thanks, Luciel.”

Seven eyebrows quirked, “Luciel? You almost never call me that.”

“I know,” you looked up at him, “I just need you to understand how much I really mean it. Thank you for everything.”

You could help but notice the slight blush forming on his cheeks. He scratched the back of his neck.

“Well… ah, whatever.”

He reached out and grabbed your wrist, pulling you into a hug.

“I’ll always be here for you.”

You smiled into his chest, letting his words comfort your broken heart.

After a while, you pulled away from him. “Let’s go back inside.”

“You sure you’re okay?”


Following Seven inside, you sat back down in your original spot, and after a while it was like you had never left.

“-And that’s the first time I ever hacked into a database!”

As Seven finished his story, you couldn’t help but smile. Slyly, you looked around to see everyone else’s reactions.

That’s when you noticed it.

The ice cold glare Zen was giving you.

The hell?

some villainous concepts/headcanons:

  • Black Hat is a master of all things classical and occult but modern technology is mostly lost on him and he doesn’t care, if you handed him a smartphone he might eat it
  • Dr Flug has an infinite amount of paper bags so that if you remove one you find another and another onwards indefinitely, he can sometimes be found cutting the eye holes out of spares
  • Demencia knew and fell for Black Hat before he knew she even existed
  • Black Hat sometimes shouts random accusatory statements when surprised to play it off like he’s offended and not caught off guard, I.E. “HOW DARE YOU ENTER HERE UNINVITED”
  • Demencia’s job is bodyguard/guard dog, her obsession with BH assures she will fight to protect him or at the very least unwittingly notify him of a potential threat
  • Dr. Flug is a normal human evil-intern-turned-one-man-product-development-department with a family who still wants to see him for the holidays and pester him about his job and his love life
  • Black Hat hoards random nonsense spooky/twisted Victorian things, like taxidermied animals stood up like people and fencing each other or broken chandeliers
  • Dr. Flug can get motion sick, potentially due to his partially obscured vision (paper bag + goggles)
  • Black Hat talks in his sleep but only in horrifying otherworldly tongues of the dark whisperer
  • Black Hat is never seen without a hat, preferably black.
  • Dr Flug finds every possible opportunity to retaliate against BH’s torment in quiet and humble ways that won’t get his butt kicked, such as “he asked for 4 ice cubes but I gave him FIVE!! MWAHAHHAHA! HIS DRINK WILL BE ALL WATERY!” 
  • Black Hat does not require mortal sustenance but sometimes eats/drinks just because he can
  • Demencia is closer to chaotic neutral than true evil but let’s just let her have this
  • Black Hat takes offense to implications that he doesn’t understand something and will not ask for help; “OF COURSE I KNOW HOW TO EAT AN EGG” *swallows the raw egg whole*

HA    HA    HA.    i don’t care about anything anymore. I’m finally done with this little pet project and I wish I could’ve taken better pictures.  Oh wells, I’m pretty happy with it (:

references: x , x , x

you're so dumb - archie andrews

prompt: you’re Betty’s and Archie’s best friend and after Archie rejected Betty, you take matters into your own hands and confront Archie. You know his summer secrets MWAHAHHAHA relationship: Archie X platonic!reader location: TAKES PLACE AFTER ARCHIE TALKS TO BETTY AT HER HOUSE; his room ————————— You were over at Archie’s lecturing about hurting Betty. You loved Betty like a sister and you’re basically in a pickle due to both of them being your best friends. You should be over at her place comforting her but Kevin wanted to take over so you can dig more into Archie’s reason. You were the only person Archie ever told about his relationship with Miss Grundy. This is why you were fuming. “You’re so dumb, Andrews! That woman should be in jail for being in a relationship with you! You shouldn’t have feelings for her still! Grundy won’t ever love you like you want. One look at Grundy and you break Betty’s heart. Also adding a cherry one top, you kiss Veronica. Nice going.” You punch him on the arm and sit next to him. He was rubbing his temples and sighed, “I don’t care about Grundy like that anymore, I just want her to stop avoiding me. Also, I love Betty but not like that. I’ve never seen her like that and now it’s going to hurt me seeing her hurt. You know the night we met Veronica that I was distracted. She was just so compelling. (Y/N), you just don’t know how confused I am and I need help.” Rolling your eyes, you grab the small frame sitting on his nightstand. It was a photograph of you, Betty, and Archie in middle school. You guys were spending Christmas Day together. It was a simpler time and it was an innocent moment in your guys’ childhood. Before all the crushes and puberty and all that bullshit. Archie looked over your shoulder and sighed looking at the picture. He held your hand and looked up. “(Y/N), you’re my best friend and I need you to help me through this. I’m so sorry you have to deal with me but I need you. You’re stronger and smarter than me and Betty. I just want everything to be simple again. Everything is so complicated, you’re the only person who hasn’t changed.” You smile, “I’ll be with you till the end of the line. No matter how stupid you can be, Andrews.”

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Bloody Shadows - Masato & Ren & Ai (Lyrics/Letra)

(CV. Suzumura Kenichi, Suwabe Junichi, Aoi Shouta)


koorikitta kanjou
kanashimi ga tokashita
kage ni ikiru ni wa naga sugita
ai no Bloody Shadows

kumoma no muunraito
tsumi wo terashi
hakana sugita
jikan wo korosu

kiba wo kakushi
kurushinde mo
oboeba ii
chi no wain yori yoishireru
kuchizuke wo yumemiyou

subete wo yami ni
sasageta nara
ai wo mamoreru no ka?
toki mo iranai
kokoro sae iranai
utsukushiku tsumetai
sekai he

bara no you ni saku
Uh… akaki hana
semete saigo dake
koi no memorii
tooki kioku
mune ni
yasashiku idaki
soshite nemuranu purizun he

utakata ni kieyukou
fushigi to kowakunai
tomo to no kanaderu rekuiemu
utau Bloody Waltz

hito wa yoru wo
osore nagara
asa wo matte
hitori wo nageku

dakedo sabishiku
furueru hodo
omoeru kara
tsunoriitamu haato no bun
chikara he to kaerareru

towa to iu nano
rinne no tabi ni
ai ga shimesu mama
sadame wo ukete
seijaku wo koete
inoritsuzukeru koto
chikau yo

zankoku no naka
Ah… tatta hitotsu
atatakai hikari
omoide dake wa
kowarenai you ni
wasure wa shinai
tomatta kodou ni shimatte

owaranai Dark
yuukyuu no Shadow
mabayui Cross
setsunaki shinen

usureru sora
kako to ima mo
tojiru inochi
shi no rakuen de kuchizusamu
kimi he no ai no merodi

subete wo yami ni
sasageta nara
ai wo mamoreru no ka?
toki mo iranai
kokoro sae iranai
utsukushiku tsumetai
sekai he

bara no you ni saku
Uh… akaki hana
semete saigo dake
koi no memorii
tooki kioku
mune ni
yasashiku idaki
soshite nemuranu purizun he



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*jazz hands* These are the character refs I threw together for my Hiveworks submission!

I made some last minute changes to Naseem’s outfit, namely upping the contrast a little bit. Also his boots are metallic silver now. Because they’re a +15 speed boost. Named “Quicksilver” MWAHAHHAHA I couldn’t resist