(murder is my art tag btw)

grandegalaxies  asked:

hi you're the only harry potter blog i follow because you're cool but there's like no harry potter posts on my blog sorry, anyway my favourite shows are brooklyn nine nine because its cute & funny and how to get away with murder because i love court drama.. my selfie tag is just 'selfie' btw :D

aw thank you that is the sweetest, no worries i love your aesthetic posts tbh! i’m not sure about cool but i am pretty ridiculous n dramatic so there’s that for entertainment at least. how to get away with murder is definitely in my top 5 faves :)

Wand’s core (url): Troll whisker | Kneazle’s whisker | Unicorn hair | Dragon heartstring |Phoenix feather
Room of Requirement (theme): Azkaban | 4 Privet Drive | Godric’s Hollow | The Burrow | Hogwarts
Mirror of Erised  (icon): Umbridge | Snape | Slughorn | Hagrid | Dumbledore | McGonagall i’ll use it for your fancast below!!
Spells (posts):  Wingardium Leviosa | Alohomora | Expelliarmus |  Imperio | Avada Kedavra | Expecto Patronum
O.W.L.S (overall): Troll | Dreadful | Poor | Acceptable | Exceeds Expectations | Outstanding
Have we made the Unbreakable vow? (following?): not my blog type  | no sorry (but ily)  | i am now! | yes (of course) |ITS UNBREAKABLE FOR A REASON
House: Slytherin | Gryffindor | Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff 
Quidditch position: Beater | Keeper | Chaser | Seeker 
Patronus: a zebra i think??
Fancast: wow i’m so jealous of your hair it’s so pretty, probs gabrielle delacour!!

no more please :)

“I don’t even like this AU” I say as I click next fanfic. Omegaverse AU is my guilty pleasure…

Got inspiration from this post….