(mr.) spaceman


“listen to the voice of the earth.
you’ll find him,” said her to the mockingbird.
and the mockingbird sang an unknown
melody as if 
telling her that he understood.
the mockingbird flew away to find mr. 

stories for rainy days, by naela ali

Okay so…. I decided I wanted to make an animatic??thing?? for the Space man au created by @yesterderp 
I don’t actually know a lot of how the story of the au really goes but I basically just doodled up some day dreams I had whilst listening to different songs and smashed it all together. I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE ASKED BEFORE DOING THIS ENTIRE THING…. RIP…

You can tell I got really lazy at certain points but over all i’m okay with this and it actually really helped my art improVE.. Making anything in windows movie maker is fucking hell but its over and although I didn’t do everything I wanted, i definitely did a lot more then I expected.  

I hope you like it!,,

Some facts about papa’s lil girl

-Lisa Marie will fight anyone who dares to speak badly of her dad.

-She has been looking for him ever since she was a child; she even hired two detectives to help her find him, yet, she finally met him once he became king.

-she actually married one of the detectives but don’t tell her dad ‘cause it’s a surprise.

-she’s always carrying his old guitar.

-she likes Freddie, but deep inside she would have liked to see their parents together again

sketchyartist2015  asked:

ever thought of putting Jules in Mr Spaceman AU? Or any of the Beatles kids in it?

Zak, Julian, Sean, James and Dhani live in the same little town as John and George and have a somewhat famous band called The Beatles (ever heard of ‘em?).

Epstein is their manager and he is sure his boys are going to be the next big thing… Or at least he hopes so. They don’t have the best band chemistry

While they don’t personally know John or George, they’ve heard plenty of stories about them from Eppy.

anonymous asked:

How did Lisa Marie Presley meet Michael Jackson in the Mr Spaceman AU?

Michael and Janet are private investigators who had solved every mistery they had happened to come accross, or at least that was the case until they were contacted by Lisa Marie.

They just couldn’t seem to find anything about Elvis’ whereabouts. As they spent more together, Lisa couldn’t help but falling for Michael. they married shortly before Paul was dethroned