(most times i fail)

Who is this manly man in my paper~? But seriously tho,this piece of art is really important. Not to me,but to my friend.Let me explain. My friend is quiet,and not really brave.She was always by herself (like me)untill we finally met with each other.This was in primary school. Since then,we changed a lot,but there is something,which didn’t change at her. When she with me she smiles,but it’s really rare,even tho we are friend like ..7-8 years now?Most of the time she sad,or angry,and not smiling at all.I tried my best to make her happy,but most of the time I failed it because she just became more sad. But then a few weeks later when we met,she finally began to smile.I did not even do anything but I was happy to see her being happy. Then,she started to talk about Markiplier and Jacksepticeye.And no,not just in some words…she talked about them in HOURS.How much they making her bad day great again,and how much they help to her,even tho they do not even know her. So,I decided to make her christmas present where I draw Mark,and her birthday present is going to be a Jack art. Because her heroes always with her. And our heroes are always with us. Thank you for being here.

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Exhale Desire

Word Count: 1 350 of sin

Genre: smut (I can’t believe myself ugh)

Warnings: smut , top!phil , originally written just for my friend’s eyes only so the first part is me trying to entertain myself writing (aka I wrote it as a joke at first but then decided to properly do it)

Summary: You know that live show where Dan sorta got turned on by candles?? The one where he’s like “that’s some great fucking candles, fucking, fuck me.” well, this is the aftermath

A/N I never intended to post this but I haven’t posted in ages (really sorry ‘bout that, I just didn’t feel up to it. like at all. sorry again) ((also this was saved on my laptop as “totally not phan smut” and my mother had to use my laptop for her teacher stuff for a week and I was so paranoid))

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Hannictober Day 8: Woods

Such a clear path through the thickets and branches that blanketed everything else- it was almost too good to be true.


Man, i don’t know what pissed it off this much, but I’ve been resting my arm all afternoon and it’s getting worse. Hopefully it’ll calm down overnight since icing didn’t help, or I’ll try some ibuprofen.

Maybe the sudden temperature spike made it angry, although I thought they preferred heat. I s2g if there’s a 10 degree range I can exist comfortably in…


please imagine Western au Faile ok. She probably looks so dam cool. Probably has a cool hat because every cool person in Westerns deserves a cool hat. She’s got like, jingle jangle spurs on her boots and like cool looking pistols on her belt. She’s just so dam cool right. And she just goes up to Perrin and is like “My name is Gun”  

“I had one friend, but he went to the next grade. To make a friend, you have to talk to them which can be very hard. Most of the time, when I try to talk to them, I fail. Everyone thinks I’m a geek. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. But just a defense lawyer. Because I’m much better at defending people than I am at accusing people. But I’d only want to defend kind people. You can tell if someone is kind by their aura. Plus, I’m smart. I know so many math facts. Ask me any math fact. Do you want a strategy for multiplying double digit numbers? If you want, I can teach you a strategy for multiplying double digit numbers.”


Luis will be co-hosting the HONY Stories Book Launch tomorrow night at the Union Square Barnes and Noble. I don’t want to shoot off ALL our fireworks before the event, but Luis tells me there is a high probability that he will warm up the crowd with at least one knock-knock joke, as well as a particularly challenging brain teaser. There is also an 87.4 percent probability that Moochie The Guinea Pig will join us on stage. Luis also claims that he will ‘easily’ sign more books than me, but seeing that it’s a school night, I’m forced to question if he possesses the requisite endurance to back up such wild claims. We shall see. The event starts at 6PM, but capacity for the store is 1,000 people. So Barnes and Noble will be giving out wristbands beginning at 9 AM to anyone who purchases a book. Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it.

Annie Baker saying the truest thing I’ve heard in years

Any advice for wannabe playwrights, writers, readers, or for anyone in general?

Be a crazy person. Make weird demands. Write the kind of work that you would want to read and see. (That sounds obvious, but I feel like we all fail to do that most of the time. I definitely do.) Have faith that the weird thing you really want to write that you think no one else will like might turn out to be the thing that everyone likes the most, to their and your surprise.

Leisure Suit – Distraction

This shot represents thousands of hours of frustration, hundreds of late nights where I would battle to make this even begin to look passable. It was vastly more difficult and complicated than I anticipated, but I had no choice but to get it done as an entire video depended on it. I worked on most of Distraction’s VFX from March to December of 2013, and this was by far the most time consuming. I had to learn so much by failing over and over. But now it’s done and I can export it as shitty lo-fi GIF.

Things I’m surprisingly okay with:

  • Hook going to Belle to ask about how to break the DO curse and actually getting a semi-straight answer about why TLK didn’t work on Rumpel in Storybrooke
  • Hook and Belle putting aside their differences, sharing a drink, and commiserating over the fact that loving the Dark One can be a difficult journey

Thing I’m definitely not okay with:

  • The “official” statement that Rumpel chose power over love when the narrative of “Skin Deep” clearly shows that Rumpel chose fear, self-doubt, and a deep-rooted belief that no one could ever love him over love 
  • The implication that Hook loves Emma more than Belle loved Rumpel because Hook said he’s never going to stop trying to break the curse
The Tales of Lil One-Armed Regina

#1: Movie Night

Even a Queen needs to enjoy the mundane things in life every once in a while. Lil Regina has found a new appreciation for Mad Max: Fury Road. 
Finally, she can cheer for a woman like her. (Show them who’s boss, Furiosa! They have no idea what you’re capable of!)

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