(more than a little cute)

For anyone in need of cheering up:

Every time I see someone on my dash being sad or in need of a hug, I just wish I could let them have like an hour with my dog, because she is seriously the best at cheering people up!

So, consider this her virtually trying to cheer you up:

If just her smiling at you doesn’t help, then she also enjoys sitting in the lap (she’ll crawl up there and wait for you to situate her properly if she thinks you might be feeling down) and lets you kiss/cuddle her as much as you need:

And at night, she’ll crawl into bed with you and fall asleep before you get there. That way she’ll look cute enough for you to not force her down:

saboners  asked:

Can you knit a sweater for my dragon? He's cold.


“I would love nothing more than to knit a sweater for your cute little dragon! What’s his favorite color!? I hope he likes spots!” she answered, far too excited and already planning on what sort of stitch to use. While she was at it, she had might as well knit an identical sweater for Sabo himself.

melons and such

  @glammoose replied to your photoset “Nothing too fancy, but he made a little more out of his wedding than…”

Awww, cute.

Yeah, the cake didn’t even disappear. I think that’s a first. x))

 @simsomedia replied to your photo “I don’t know.. @108sims ? :P ”

It’d cute! I’d make the undershirt maybe green or pink like the melons?

Thanks. I had one white and one pink already. But I did the green too after, I tend to forget green as I’m not very fond ot the color. Thanks so much for the input! :D 

@108sims replied to your photo “I don’t know.. @108sims ? :P ”

I love it! All the melons :P

Ha ha, yay! I just finished them. I hope, anyway as I put them in my queue.

 @zauglom replied to your post “replies”

Lol I saw all Harry Potter movies, but all I can remember is that episode when Rupert Grint finnaly reached his puberty and I saw the his biceps… Damn, dude, I totally had I boner back then xD xD xD That’s all I got from Harry Potter movies lol But hey, you’re trying, I’m so proud of you!!!

Ahaha, I don’t rember that at all. x’D But I’m sure he looked very nice :P Yeah, thanks! I gave up rather quickly though. After bending a finger in all sorts of ways a finger should never be bent.. :s Maybe I’ll give it another go later lol. 

>>> The Night Blooming Jasmine Necklace <<<
There is no aroma more magical, and intoxicating, or more linked to New Orleans for me, than Night Blooming Jasmine. The cute little white star shaped blossoms that only appear after the sun goes down, and are gone by morning… Well we live in the same realm.

This all sterling silver necklace showcases a beautiful piece of what I believe is moss agate, but in a shade I’ve never seen in person before. It has the often seen cloudy white, and translucent appearance, but just has one small cluster of yellow. I’ve set it in a scalloped bezel, surrounded in a crown of beaded wire, underneath it three hand cut jasmine flowers and two jasmine leaves. Cut out from the back is a crescent moon, both to honor the Crescent City of New Orleans, as well as Night Blooming Jasmine’s nocturnal nature. When held to the light the moon can be seen. A light layer of patina has been added to heighten the contrast of this piece, it was given a cypress oil and wax coating to help keep it in place and to satisfy the senses of smells from the swamp.

/// A one of a kind piece of my #magicoftheswamplightcollection, it is currently available on Silverstallionhandmade.com ///

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