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12 Days of Newt: Day 3 - Never Mine

Author’s Note: Hello again! Once again, I would like to thank you all for the support on the past few fanfictions. The support has been amazing and I’d like to thank you all for that. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be motivated to make even more fanfictions. Anyway, this fanfic is longer than usual, so I hope you like it!

Rating: T, for surreal moments



I loved my sisters. As the oldest, I was in charge of everything ever since our mother died. Tina, the middle child, was always so serious. She took up a job as an auror, which scared me half to death when she told me she took the job. Queenie was more light-hearted. She was a skilled legimens which would’ve made her perfect for the investigation department. I worked as a healer. That way, I would be beside Tina and keep her safe. I would do anything for my sisters. Which is why, I curse the day I met Newton Scamander

I was making my way over to the infirmary when I saw Tina holding a man in her custody. Ever since she got fired from her job, Madam President has ordered me to keep an eye on her, which I haven’t been doing a good on at lately.

I stopped her halfway across the stairs" Tina, what are you doing?“

“Section 3A, (Y/N). I’m handing him over,” she replied.

“Tina, you know you’re not qualified to do so.”

“(Y/N), he has revealed our world to a no-maj, he left this, Niffler
-thing, lose in the bank. Auror or not I’m turning him in.” Tina protested, pushing past me and running over to the elevator with the man, who looked slightly offended.

“Just to be clear my Niffler is a creature, not a thing”

“You have the right to remain silent.”

I snapped out of my trance and ran to the top of the stairs and into the elevator. “Tina! Tina wait-”

But the elevator already started to ascend to it’s requested location.

I combed my hair back in frustration. The President would request me later to talk about my sister’s actions. I walked to the infirmary and started thinking of excuses to defend my sister and myself. But, all I could think of was that man. He didn’t look like someone who would be arrested. His messy hair drooped slightly over his green eyes. He had freckles scattered across his face and a scar on the bridge of his nose. As Tina was turning him in, he was looking at the headquarters in awe, like he didn’t just get arrested by an ex-auror. I thought about him all day, which confused me. Why would I think about someone I didn’t even know?

I returned home with Queenie a few hours later and waited for Tina to come home. When she did, she had two men with her. One of them was the man I saw, and one was one I didn’t know.

“Teenie, you’ve brought men home,” Queenie acknowledged. Tina introduced both of them to us. The man I saw in her custody was named Newt Scamander. The other man was a no-maj called Jacob Kowalski. I noticed that Queenie took an immediate liking to him.

As my sisters and I started preparing dinner, Queenie nudged my side and jerked her over to Mr. Scamander, who was shuffling towards the door.

“Mr. Scamander, do you prefer pie or strudel?” I asked, looking over to him as I caught him in the act.

“I don’t really have a preference, really,” he answered, flashing an awkward smile at me. God, I loved when he did that.

“I know what Jacob would like,” Queenie chimed, “you prefer strudel, huh?”

While Queenie set to work on the strudel, I just finished my part of the dinner, which left me with time to conversation with Newt.

“So, Mr. Scamander, what led you to get caught by Tina?”

“Well, I was actually making my way to get some Appaloosa Puffskeins when my Niffler escaped from my case. The little bugger is always trying to get out. He likes to get his little paws on anything shiny,” Newt answered. I noticed that he didn’t make direct eye contact a lot as we talked. He was always looking somewhere else or occasionally looking at me, but diverting his gaze.

We ate dinner afterwards. Queenie and Jakob were the ones that were the ones talking mostly. Sometimes I would ask Newt a question, but that was it. It was a huge relief when Newt suggested in turning in for sleep. I suggested that Queenie and Tina make them hot cocoa. While Tina was offering them hot cocoa, I saw Newt pouting in his bed through the door. I smiled at him. How cute could this man get? Just before Tina closed the door, I noticed that he looked at me. My heart fluttered thinking about that as my sisters and I fell asleep on the king-sized bed in the other bedroom.

I awoke to a roar from far away soon afterwards. “Queenie, Tina, wake up. I think they escaped,” I shouted, with a slight hint of fear mixed in with my voice. They both jerked up and ran over to the window. I ran over to where they slept and busted the door open. Just as I expected, they were gone. Tina appeared beside me. “Tina, get ready, we’re finding them. Queenie, can you hear their thoughts?”

“I can. They’re at Central Park.” Queenie said.

“Thank you. Queenie, stay here in case they get back. Tina and I will go to Central Park.”

Queenie nodded. Tina and I waved our wands and our sleepwear turned into our traveling clothes. Tina and I then apparated in Central Park near the bridge. We saw Newt catch this large rhino-an erumpent I think-before it crashed into Jacob.

“Good show, Mr. Kowalski,” Newt said, slightly out of breath. They went under the bridge and entered the suitcase, which Tina sat on to prevent them from exiting, and locked it.

“Okay, let’s keep them for a bit, Tina. The Madam President is at a meeti-” I was cut off when Tina apparated us to the MACUSA headquarters. Tina ran up the stairs with sheer determination to get that case to the President. Not on my watch.

I apparated next to her and grabbed her arm so she wouldn’t escape. “Tina, I’m not letting you interrupt the meeting. You are to stay here until the meeting is adjourned,” I ordered.

“Fine, then. I’ll just take you with me.”


She apparated at the door of the meeting. Everyone looked at us and I felt the embarrassment starting to burn at the back of my head. “Madam President, I am sorry for the intrusion, I tried to stop her but-”

The President held up her hand and I stopped talking. “Ms. Goldstein, you better have an excellent excuse for this intrusion. Especially since you did it against your sister’s will.”

“Actually, I do. Yesterday, a man entered New York with a case full of magical creatures. And unfortunately, some of them have escaped,” Tina answered, her voice full of confidence.

“You’ve known this for twenty-four hours and you only see fit to tell us when a man has been killed?”

“Who’s been killed?” Tina asked, trembling.

I gasped. Looking up, I saw the body of a no-maj. The body of the senator.

“Show us this man,” the President ordered.

Tina set the case down and opened it, knocking on it afterwards. From there, Newt and Jacob emerged.

“Scamander? Is that you?” It was the Minister of Magic.

“Scamander? The war hero?”

“No, this is his little brother,” one of the ministers said in response.

“Mr. Scamander, can you tell us which of your creatures did this?” The room shushed as the President spoke.

Newt looked up, “Merlin’s Beard.” He examined the markings on the senator’s face. “No creature did this. Not in Britain. No, look at the marks.” He paused, “It’s an obscurus.” The whole room gasped and started started muttering in panic.

“You go too far, Mr. Scamander. There is no obscurus in America. Mr. Graves arrest them!”

I found myself being lifted up and then slammed down to my knees with chains on my wrists. Newt started pleading with the President.

“No, please, don’t hurt my creatures. They’re not dangerous. Please, don’t hurt my creatures! They’re not dangerous!’

We were being dragged to the cells where Newt was basically screaming for them not to hurt his creatures. I didn’t know how to feel at that moment. Should I be mad at Tina for causing this? Should I be sorry for Newt for losing his creatures? Or should I just lose all hope? I noticed that Newt and Tina had started a conversation about obscureses. I decided to stay in my thoughts.

An hour later, we were escorted to Mr. Graves’s office. I got close to Mr. Graves since I worked with him on missions as his healer if he were to get hurt. He pulled up something from his behind his desk. An obscurus.

“Tell me, Mr. Scamander. Why you have this in your possession?”

Newt looked back at me, “It’s not what you think, (Y/N), It’s harmless.” He then looked over at Tina, “It cannot survive out of its bubble. It cannot survive without a host.”

“So, in other words, it’s useless without a host,” Mr. Graves inquired.

“Useless?” Newt looked offended, “Useless? That is a parasitical magical force that killed a child. What on earth would you use it for?”

Mr. Graves quickly changed the topic, “You released this beast to expose our kind to their world.”

“For the greater good, you mean.”

“Yes,” Mr. Graves seemed pleased.

“I’m not one of Grindlewald’s fanatics, Mr. Graves.”

Mr. Graves knit his eyebrows together, “You can’t fool me, Mr. Scamander. You meant to cause mass chaos in your wake. And for that, you get the death sentence. And since Tina and (Y/N) were accomplices, they get the same sentence.”

I felt a wand at the side of my neck and felt an overwhelming wave of emotion hit me. I felt my eyes start to well up as I looked over to my sister, who was sobbing. I couldn’t save her. I felt pathetic. If I hadn’t brought her to Central Park, we wouldn’t be arrested. If I had stopped her from entering their meeting we wouldn’t have been arrested. If I only knew about what was about to unfold, I could’ve saved her.

I looked over at Newt. He should’ve been innocent. His statement is true. The obscurus couldn’t live outside that bubble. Every wizard and witch learned about obscuruses, so surely Mr. Graves knew about it. What would lead him to say otherwise?

“No. No, not them they didn’t do anything wrong,” Newt defended.

“Please, Mr. Graves. Surely we can work something out,” I pleaded.

Mr. Graves held his finger to his lips, and I shut up, “I’m sorry, (Y/N). It’s nothing personal. I’m just doing my job.” He turned over the guards, “Get it over with.”

We entered a white room. I’ve watched many executions, but I’d never thought that, someday, my sister and I would be on that chair. Tina was pleading with the executioner, who was trying to calm her down.

“It don’t hurt,” she assured. Yeah, right.

She put the wand tip to her head. I shrieked, “NO! NOT TINA! NOT HER FIRST! PLEASE DON’T-” But they already extracted the memories. I couldn’t hold my tears any longer. I cried. I fell on my weak knees and sobbed louder. I didn’t bother looking at her memories. I didn’t want to see what she thought of last. I tried to tell myself that it was all a dream. That I would wake up with Tina and Queenie beside me, Newt and Jacob would still be in their bed, and we could’ve caught all of Newt’s creatures and send him off. I wish.

I then heard a clicking sound and the sound of someone being thrown off their balance. I looked over at Newt, who punched the executioner that was holding me and flung a little green stick towards me, a bowtruckle, who unlocked the chains on my wrists. He attacked the other executioner with a large butterfly, a Swooping Evil as I identified it, who dropped her wand into the water, which interrupted the memories. Tina came back to her senses.


“Tina, don’t worry. Don’t. Panic.”


I got up and whispered to Newt, “Get that Swooping Evil to get closer to us.” He looked slightly surprised, but he nodded and made a little clicking noise. “Okay, Tina. Jump. Newt will catch you.”


“I’ll catch you, Tina,” Newt assured, “I’ll catch you.”

Tina hesitated.


Tina jumped just in time to step on the Swooping Evil. Newt caught her in his arms. I felt a huge relief flow over me. Newt held out his hand to call back his Swooping Evil. He ushered Tina forward and grabbed my hand.

We ran from the execution room and into the corridors. There, a dozen aurors waited for us and shot spells at us, catching us off guard. I pulled Newt back with the hand that was holding his and I caught Tina doing the same. I cast a protective shield which blocked off the spells that were going to hit us. Newt unraveled his Swooping Evil, which attacked the aurors. We started running, but I stopped where the Swooping Evil was, “YOU CAN EAT HIS BRAINS LATER, COME ON.” It flew back into Newt’s sleeve and I started running again. We found Queenie and Jacob in the corridors. Out of breath, Queenie ordered, “Get in.”

We entered the suitcase and descended into Newt’s shed. Tina collapsed on the nearby cot and rested. Newt went up to me, “So, you know about Swooping Evils? I’m kind of surprised. I don’t meet a lot of people who know about them.”

“Of course. As a healer, I need to know all sorts of creatures and how to help them or counteract their poison.”

Newt stood there for a moment. “I want to show you something.” He led me outside his shed and led me to a desert enclosure. There, a majestic Thunderbird flew down. “This is Frank. He was trafficked in Egypt. He’s the real reason I came to America.”

I stepped forward carefully to avoid scaring him. Frank looked at me curiously and nudged Newt out of the to see me. I held out my hand and petted Frank on the head. It nudged its head towards me, snuggling closer. “He’s beautiful,” I complimented. Newt smiled and held my hand once more to lead me to more of the enclosures. I wish I could’ve seen my face at that time, since I felt myself blushing madly. When we were looking at the Nundu enclosure, we heard a knock on the suitcase.

We exited the suitcase to find ourselves on top of the apartment my sisters and I lived on. Tina and Newt were discussing what to do next while I watched Queenie and Jacob talk about the birds they owned. I looked over to Newt and Tina, who were smiling. Tina stepped closer to Newt and, for a moment, felt a sense of dread.

“Gnarlak! My informant!”

I felt a mix of relief and guilt wash over me. Why was I so reluctant to let Tina step closer to Newt? I didn’t dwell on the topic too much when we soon had to apparate to a bar that Gnarlak ran. We descended steps down to a poster. My sisters and I held up our wands and our clothes turned into beautiful flapper dresses. Mine was a mix of Queenie’s and Tina’s designs. It made a v down my back like Tina’s and silver patterns like Queenie’s. The dress was (favorite color) and reached just above my knees.

Tina knocked on the door and we were let in, revealing a bar filled mostly with creatures and criminals. Queenie and Jacob went elsewhere while I stayed with Newt and Tina. Newt and Tina where talking about Credence, a boy Tina met who was being punished for his magic. He was a young adult, but cowered like a child in face of that horrible woman. I wonder what led him to deserve that.

I snapped out of my thoughts when Gnarlak arrived. Newt tried to bargain with him, which ended up giving away Pickett, the bowtruckle that saved our lives back at the execution room. I noticed Newt’s eyes starting to well up, so I gave him a napkin to wipe his eyes with. He mumbled a little “thank you” before Gnarlak started to give us information.

As he talked, a house held yelled, “THE MACUSA ARE COMING!”

Tina shrieked, “YOU TIPPED US OFF?!”

Gnarlak laughed, but was punched by Jacob. I gathered everybody together, pulling Newt back as he caught Pickett.

I apparated us to the department store Gnarlak told us where Newt’s creature was. I stayed outside to make sure nobody was there to see us. Inside, I could hear crashing. I listened closely to make sure everybody was still speaking and alive. Newt, Tina, Queenie, and Jacob emerged a couple minutes later, a bit shaken, but alive.

We entered the suitcase again to return the demiguise and occamy back into the suitcase. As I was petting Frank, I overheard a conversation between Queenie and Newt.

“Leta Lestrange is an odd name,” Queenie said.

“Would you please stop reading my mind?” Newt asked, sounding frustrated.

“I’m sorry. I can’t help it. People are easiest to read when they’re hurting,” Queenie apologized.

Frank nudged my on my head. He could tell I was hurting, too.

“She was a taker. You need a giver,” Queenie advised. I felt my heart leap. I realized at that moment that I wanted to be with him.

“Let’s just stop taking about this. We need to exit the suitcase anyways.”

We exited the suitcase, which lay in a hidden place near the department store, and apparated over to the top of the Squire’s building, where we were met with a scene of destruction and chaos. An obscurus was rampaging in the city causing destruction.

Newt gave Tina his case and a book about his creatures, “ I’m going after it. I’m not letting another one die.” And he apparated into the streets below.

Tina yelled after Newt and gave me his suitcase and book, dissapparating right after. I gave the case and book to Queenie and went after the two of them.

I apparated right next to Newt, who was observing the scene. “Newt,” I said, “Save him.”

Newt nodded and apparated away while Tina and I took care of Graves. Tina yelled, “Mr. Graves!”

We flung disarming spells, petrifying spells, every spell we learned in Defense Against the Dark Arts we could think of. It came to the point where Tina and Graves’s magic collided. I took the chance and used magic to fling dozens of sharp rubble at him. We both continued our barrage of attacks when something was flung towards us. We ducked, which gave Graves time to apparate away. We saw a dark mass charge towards the ground.

I grabbed Tina’s hand and apparated there, where aurors where already setting up magical defenses. Tina and I rolled under there just in time to confront Newt, Graves, and the obscurus, Credence Barebone.

“Credence, don’t do this,” Tina said. I stepped casually but carefully to Credence and held out my hand. I could see him trying to reach out for us.

“It’s okay, Credence. Newt, Tina, and I will protect you. We won’t hurt you,” I assured. I then heard loud footsteps and aurors came out ready to fire spells at Credence. Tina and Graves tried to command them to lower their wands, but they didn’t listen. I watched in horror as Credence was shot at and exploded into wisps of black smoke.

Graves turned on the MACUSA shortly afterwards. I remember that he said, “I will not bow down any longer.” Aurors tried to arrest him, but he blocked every spell that they threw at him. Newt unraveled his Swooping Evil, which hit Graves on the head. The Swooping Evil then turned into a vine and tied Graves’s hands together. Tina shot a spell, “Accio!” Graves’s wand fell into her hand. It was now my turn to do my part.

I pointed my wand at Graves and said, “Revelio.”

Graves started to turn into someone else: Grindlewald. He was arrested straight away. Though we also had another problem: How to obliviate the whole city from the mass destruction the obscurus caused. Newt figured out the solution.

He opened his suitcase and released Frank. He said his goodbyes to Frank and got ready to throw the Swooping Evil venom. Before he did though, Frank stepped towards me and knelt his head down. I petted his head and hugged him one last time before he flew away to obliviate the city.

While the aurors went to work on repairing the city, we had to say goodbye to Jacob. Queenie was heartbroken, even if she knew he had to be obliviated.

Now, this was it. The moment that I knew I would regret everything in my life after this decision.

We were at the boat dock. Newt was saying goodbye to me and Tina. I hugged him for more than a few seconds and said my goodbyes. I left Tina and Newt alone to say their goodbyes.

Then, my heart broke.

This was the moment I realized that he wasn’t there going to be mine.

He tucked Tina’s hair behind her ear and they had a pause where they locked eyes.

I loved my sister. I would do anything for her. So, I let her have Newt.

He was never mine to give anyways.

I sipped my wine as I watched Newt and Tina holding hands next to the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas, (Y/N).

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Self Deprecating Humour Pt 1

I found this off of @haunt-the-stars’s tumblr post. Link here

I have plans, so these were all I had time to write for now. I think there’s two more left, so I’ll write them soon.

Happy reading!


It had been viewed as a miracle that Daniel Fenton had arrived at school early, and had handed in his assignments on time. All of Danny’s teachers had been surprised, and pleased. None more than Mr. Lancer himself.

While Danny looked a touch more exhausted than usual, Lancer just attributed it to the fact the teen had completed all of his homework, as well as doing whatever often occupied his time nowadays.

Lancer noted that Sam and Tucker looked a little worried, more so than usual, and since Lancer was on monitor duty in the cafeteria anyway, he decided he would keep half an eye on Danny.

“I can’t believe you got everything done,” Sam said, daintily eating her lunch as she watched Tucker devour his.

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Shadowhunters meme
   ∟ [½] downworlders  → Magnus Bane

Maguns Bane. He’s over 300 years old. And, as you can see, he’s not exactly shied away from the pleasures of every century. His tastes are both exquisite… and quite excessive…. [He is] one of the most powerful warlocks I’ve ever known.

Random headcanon

Harley is constantly wearing Joker’s shirts which often results in him having to dig around in her closet to find whichever shirt got stolen that week.


i’ve wanted to draw tendou from yaboykeiji‘s dragon AU for a while now and so

here he is

Little Light


Rating: T

Summary: Stan has an eventful meeting in the forest whilst searching for his brother’s missing journals. 

AN: Journal 3 spoilers! I haven’t read much but one of the first pages grabbed my attention and I had to write something before I continued reading! ♥ This was meant to be short but it got away from me as usual ^^;

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I can’t stop staring at the dogs in their new collars tbh


And I’m countin’ on a miracle to come through

Sep. ‘75 || Vintage Lucissa

[fresh off one of his first rounds as a prefect, Lucius had been promptly pulled aside by Slughorn, who made three things extremely clear: 1, he had had a certain hand in Luc’s new position of authority; 2, that Lucius was invited (see also: obligated) to attend his dinner party that upcoming weekend; and 3, that dates were mandatory (as they often were) and that, in his case, ‘date’ meant ‘Narcissa’, whom Lucius admittedly had not seen for more than a total of an hour all summer, if all the different social events they’d attended were cut and combined into one long, stilted and overly polite conversation. Lucius had been traveling more than usual, anyway, and so his presence at these events was even more brief than it had been in the past

Nevertheless, he was always one to know what was expected of him and so he set off straight from the meeting at a brisk pace to the common room, where he saw a familiar flash of blonde hair just about to ascend the steps into the girls’ dormitory. Uncharacteristically, he called out.