make me chooseanon asked: the husbands of river song or the wedding of river song
“Those reports of the sun spots and the solar flares. They’re wrong. They’re aren’t any. It’s not the sun. It’s you. The sky is full of a million million voices, saying, “Yes of course. We’ll help.” You’ve touched so many lives, saved so many people. Did you think when your time came you’d really have to do more than just ask? You’ve decided that the universe is better off without you. But the universe doesn’t agree.”

NCT/SR16B Predebut Guide [Updated 160206!!!]


List of updates:

  • New Mickey Mouse Club playlist
  • Jaehyun and Doyoung MMC performance cuts
  • Link to Ten’s Teen Superstar performances
  • Link to I Yah performance
  • Fixed the Last Game MV link

Just a reminder that I will be continually updating as I find more videos and fix the few typos or mistakes so make sure to look at my original post (as in not the ones other people reblog) if you want the most updated version!

Also a reminder that it’s highly encouraged that you let me know if I’ve missed something because there are some things (particularly concerning the mini rookies) that I don’t know about :)