(minecraft advice)

Cheesy witch tip: Visualization

Use Minecraft to help you with visualization! 

When you build in minecraft you literally have a hand and say in where everything is placed so it helps to establish the work it took to make the building (gathering materials, picking location, if you play survival mode). Of course if you ever travel to the Astral you can always embellish more past what you build in Minecraft to make it more your own.

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WOW. 750 followers. I’m just blown away.

Anyhow, havent really gotten anything too big done during the holidays, but here are some random bits and bobs I’ve done.
first of all - I built a warrior statue in front of the church. I like how it looks, but I think I have to move it a bit, as its a bit overwhelming in its current spot. Also added that little lighthouse that you see on the left side of the pic.

Then I made some adjustments to the airship in the port, gave it a propeller and some markers for the rear end, so it wont end up in a airship-catastrophe.

And finally, I added this little old market square in front of the station building. Just a little place where the merchants of the city can sell their goods and stuff.

I have also hit kind of a builders block. I really want to build something cool, but I just cant find the inspiration to do so. Any advice?