He knows || Rafinha Imagine

Note: I loved writing this imagine so much! I hope you guys enjoy it! Might do a part 2 but its all up to you!

Today it was like any other match day for your favorite club FC Barcelona, club that your boyfriend Rafael, known better as Rafinha, was part of. You two have been dating for seven months now and you had to admit that they have been the best months of your life. Rafa always found time for the two of you, and if not, he’d ask you if you wanted to go out with his friends. Sometimes you’d agree, sometimes you would stay back home to give him his space with them. You didn’t want to be that girlfriend that would be with their boyfriend 24/7.

You were also still studying in college, transferring from your birthplace to Barcelona to be able to be with your boyfriend. It hadn’t been a sudden decision, Rafa thought of it and told you to take your time as you decided, which you did. You waited for the running semester to be over before moving with him. When you had come to his house, he had set everything up in order for you to not have any problems upon your arrival and in your room, which was obviously his.

  You were watching them train from their bench, speaking with Lucho who ever since you showed up for the first time got a long with you very well and would ask you about your studies. You both sat on the bench, talking and joking around as they warmed up. His eyes casting glances at his players every so often.

  “Everything is fine. Rafa had made sure that I can move around the city without problem” you explain to Lucho.

  “That’s good, but don’t get distracted, he told me you are almost done with your studies so you need to focus a lot with that” he points out. Your cheeks turned a soft pink as you realized that Rafa spoke to Luis about you.

“Yeah. That’s why I haven’t come to the past games. Been studying and doing projects. Managed to come to this one because he helped me finish an essay” you explain looking at the pitch and locking eyes with your boyfriend who winks at you before he takes a ball to practice.

  “He knew he would be starting today, so I guess he made everything possible for you to come. He says you are like his luck charm” Lucho jokes and you laugh.

  “I doubt that, Neymar said the same but you know Rafa has his days, its just a coincidence I’m in those games” you say. “I wasn’t here for the other game where he scored twice.”

  “But you did talked to him on the phone” Luis points out and you arch an eye brow. “Or at least I think, unless he smiles so widely talking on the phone with someone else.”

  You did talked to him on that game, so as Lucho explaining how he knew it was you, you giggled. “I guess I am then” you say with a shrug.

  He pats your arm before he stands and walks over to the team with his tablet to give them instructions. You watch them as they form a circle and you hear Luis explaining the plans for the first half. You look around Camp Nou, noticing the people starting to walk in with their jerseys. You had yours on, obviously with your boyfriend’s name and number. He had given it to you as a “good grade” present as soon as the kits were official.

  “So what lies did Luis say about me? Saw you laughing” Rafa says as he approaches you and you look up at him. 

  “Oh the usual, you smiling too brightly when you talk on the phone and everyone knows its me” you tease as you stand up. He chuckles and pulls you close, giving you a quick, tender kiss before he pulls away.

“Meet me at the tunnels after the game” he says and takes off his jacket. “Aren’t you cold?”

  The weather was certainly starting to get chilly, but you weren’t freezing just yet. Rafa though, had his long sleeves already matching his jersey. “Not yet” you say and he smiles, going behind you and holding the jacket for you to slip it on. “Thanks…” You say and turn around. You smooth his jersey down since it was lifted up in some places. “Good luck out there” you say, resting your hands on his hips.

  “I got you, I don’t need the good luck” he says with confidence and you smile at him. “Besides, its me” he jokes and you roll your eyes.

  “You just ruined a beautiful moment” you say, leaning in to kiss him before Neymar comes from behind and lifts you up making you squeal as he takes you away from Rafa.

  “No distractions. Let’s go” Neymar says and you laugh.

  “Your greetings are getting worst” you say, squirming around and hearing Rafael laugh at you.

  “How rude of me. Are you okay? Did you slept well? Woops, can’t hear you, gotta go” he says as he places you on the stairs and runs away laughing.

  “I hate you!” You shout, then notice the screens projecting the scene and your eyes widen before you laugh at yourself.

  You go up the stairs to your reserved seat where along the way you were stopped by a few fans to take a picture with them. Some girls would tell you how lucky you were to have Rafa as a boyfriend, making you feel lucky yourself. So many girls around the world that would love to be with him, even in his circle of friends, yet he chose you.

  “Hey” you smile as you greet Shakira who was with Milan and Sasha besides her.

  “Hey. Study break?” She asked, leaning towards you to greet you with a kiss on your cheek. You were one of the few people that talked with Shakira when she came to the games. The other wives and girlfriends would stay home with their little ones or only come when there was a special event.

  “Kind of. Still got a few things to work on but soon it will all be over” you say, sounding exhausted before you greet Milan and Sasha with a high five.

  The game started and it started very well for your team. You’d speak with Shakira about random things while you played with Sasha and Milan every now and then. Your mom and Rafa had always told you that you were like candy to kids. Mostly because they’d always look at you and inch closer for you to notice them and play with them.

  “Have Rafa and you talked about kids?” Shakira asked after she watched you play with both her kids during the half time. Your eyes widened slightly before shaking your head.

  “Not really. I know he wants his own kids, but I’m not sure if he wants them now…” You say and she eyes you, noticing something in your tone.

  “What was that?”

  Effectively, she noticed. You bite your lip before you turn to her and sigh, “The other day I felt dizzy in college. I ate, everything was fine. I didn’t faint or anything, it was a small dizziness. I thought…You know, but I haven’t felt like that after that day so I didn’t pay much attention” you commented and Shakira had a grin on her face.

  “Oh my God, then you might be-!”

  “No! I haven’t felt like that before. Nor felt the normal symptoms…”

  “Maybe not yet, but you should check. Not everyone has the same symptoms. Some women don’t even have them” she explains.

  “I don’t know…and there’s no way I can check. Its not like I can go and buy a test. Either Rafa is always with me, or if I do, someone will catch me buying it and the suspicions will be known by everyone” you said. Ever since it was public that you and Rafa were dating, you felt like eyes were always watching your every move. Not that you minded it, you knew it would be like that and never felt the need to complain or hide yourself, until now because of that.

  “Leave it up to me” she said with a mischievous grin and you groaned.

  “Please don’t…” You say and you both laugh.

  “Leave it all to the one that has two children” Shakira says and you roll your eyes playfully and turn to the game. 

  Rafa had scored on the match and you cheered for him, standing from your seat and clapped while shouting. Once the match was over, you moved to the tunnels to wait for your boyfriend to go home. You greeted Messi and Ter Stegen as they walked out. You have talked with Marc a lot since he was one of Rafa’s closest friends, along with Turan, Jordi and, well, Neymar.

  “Ready?” He asks, walking out of the locker room with his white shirt and blue jeans.

  “Mhm” you hum before looking around quickly and kissing him, in case Neymar decided to show up and pull you away. Again. “You played great today” you say with a smile, his hand reaching for yours to walk out.

  “That one was for you” he says and pulls you close, tossing his arm around your shoulders and kissing your temple as you walked. The conversation that you had with Shakira earlier was roaming through your head, wanting to ask him how he felt about having kids, but you decided against it. It would be too random and out of the blue right now.

You two head home in a couple of minutes and soon enough Rafa is working on the kitchen making food for the both of you once he had showered. The both of you ate, talking about the match and him asking you what was left of your final project so he could help you, but it was Saturday, so that could be done tomorrow and decided to play FIFA for a while until you two felt tired enough to go to sleep.

You two would shove each other during the game to make the other lose, and you’d playfully bite on his shoulder for him to lose focus, which always worked.

  “Cheater” he said after he tossed his controller to the side and got on top of you making you laugh.

  “Don’t blame me, blame yourself who can’t stay focused. Is that how you’d play against me on the field?”

  “On the field, I wouldn’t even play. I’d be looking at you fail get past me” he teased and you stuck your tongue out and he moved to pepper your cheeks with kisses making you squeal and laugh as his scruff brushed your skin, tickling you.

  “I’ll go to sleep now” you say and he nods his head. You get up and walk a few steps before your vision gets blurry and you lean against the wall as normal as you could to not worry Rafa. That though, failed.

  “Babe, are you alright?” He quickly asked after he turned off the console and rushed over, holding you by the waist.

  “Yeah. I’m fine…I must have stood up too quickly” you admit. Though the room was still spinning around you. Damn you, Shakira for jinxing me , you thought to yourself.

  “Here, let me help you” he lifted you up from your feet, carrying you bride style to your room and laying you down gently. “You look pale, are you sure you are okay? I can call a-”

  “No! I mean, yes. I’m fine. No doctors…” You watch him frown and cross his arms against his chest.

  “If you wake up in the morning still looking pale, and you do the same thing, I’m calling one” he says firmly.

  “I’m pale naturally” you say with a smirk, but he doesn’t even do that himself.

  “Not like this, Y/N” he says. “Get some rest, I’ll make something for you for tomorrow” he says and disappears through the door.

  You groan to yourself before moving on your side staring at the wall. It must be a damn coincidence that the day Shakira mentions the idea of you being pregnant you feel this way after days going by without you going dizzy again. Just a coincidence… Not long after Rafa leaves the room he comes back, pulling the sheets off for a moment before he slips in and wraps his arms around you holding you close as you sleep on your side. You felt his hand slipping to your stomach and your eyes widen. Could he have suspicions too? At this time, you were sure you were being paranoid and that it was all in your head.

  The next morning you wake up to the smell of pancakes in the room and you are quick to stand up, brush your teeth and go to the kitchen. Your boyfriend was shirtless, his grey sweatpants hanging loosely on his hips exposing his V line. There wasn’t a better sight in the morning for you.

  “Morning” you mutter with a small yawn, Rafinha looks at you and chuckles.

  “Morning, princess” he walks up to you and kisses your forehead. “I didn’t want to wake you up before I went to training. I was setting up everything. Take that tea later, will help you get better” he says, gesturing his head at the counter before he turns his attention to the pancakes.

  “I thought I was going to training” you say with a pout, but smile as you look at the counter where a small piece of paper was folded that had “Princess” on the front.

  “You were, but, since you were sick yesterday, I went against it. You’d be taking all that cold weather, y no quiero que te enfermes (and I don’t want you getting sick)” he explains.

“I’m fine now. I can go.”

  “You need to finish your project. I’ll be back to help you with that, okay?” He serves your pancakes and places them on the table.

  “You are not going to eat?”

  “Neymar told me to go with him to a bakery that has some amazing sandwiches according to him, so I’m going to test that out” he said as he went to the room to get dressed. In a couple of minutes, he was out with his barça training clothe. “I’ll be back as soon as I’m done training. Call me if you need anything” he says, his index finger and thumb holding your chin before he presses a kiss against your lips. “I love you” he says before he is out the door with his training bag.

  You spend the hours watching movies and doing things around the house before you finally decide to work on your homework , not wanting to go out in case Rafa came home earlier. Your phone rang and you reached for it lazily from your spot on the couch. Shakira?

  “You jinxed me” you say with a small smirk.

    “Rafinha told Geri about you feeling sick, and I was around and heard. I’m working on that pregnancy test, my chofer should take it to you soon.”

    “Are you- Do you think I am? Maybe its just a coincidence…”

    “That’s how it started for me. Besides, it doesn’t hurt anyone to check, right?” She says and you sigh. “At least you are almost done with college and you’ll graduate and you won’t need to worry about much because Rafa, by the sound of it, really looks after you. It will be amazing.” Shakira certainly sounded like she was the one that might be pregnant.

    “I hope. I hope he gets excited too…” You say, and now you smile at the thought of Rafinha playing with your son, or daughter, and you taking them to your games. You didn’t notice, but your hand was resting on your stomach.

    “I know he will. Okay, the test will be there soon. Take it before he gets home or try to be sneaky. Let me know when you get it. Oh, I only sent the test, I took the box out because Geri was around when the driver gave it to me and I had to toss it out and not make it so obvious. If Geri knows, he will tell Rafa for sure” she says and you nod your head as you chuckle.

    “No lie there.”

    “Gotta go, training is almost over. Let me know, okay?!”

    “Okay. Okay. Thanks for doing all of this.”

    “No need. See you later!” And she hung up.

      Twenty five minutes later, the driver was up on your door and handing you a small bag that held the test. He even wished you good luck and your eyes had widened. Great. You hoped he wouldn’t tell Gerard about this. You send Shak a message that you got the test and you sit on the couch for a few minutes, contemplating the whole situation and daydreaming a few parts of them. You shook your head and just when you were about to go to the bathroom, Rafinha walked in.

    “Babe, I’m home” he says and you toss the bag under the couch and sit down, acting normal…Hopefully.

  “Hey” you look over the couch and smile at him as he drops his bag and takes his shirt off. He grins before tossing himself on top of you which you squeal at. “Rafa, I can’t breathe” you struggle to say, pretending to be out of breath.

  “Oh, I know I take your breath away” he jokes and you hit his arm playfully making him chuckle. He lifts himself up, resting his forehand on the couch to support his weight. “Are you feeling better?”

  “Yeah. I told you I was fine this morning.”

    “You didn’t miss anything. Don’t worry” he says as he looks down at you, your arms going around his neck. “You know, you look extra beautiful today” he says and kisses down your neck.

    “I have barely gotten out of my pajamas, don’t lie” you tease, eyes fluttering close.

  “I don’t see what you want to point out” he mutters against your skin before pulling away. “Want to go out get something?”

    “Brownies” you say quickly and he arches an eye brow. “I want brownies. Don’t judge me.”

  “You should’ve told me before I left or called me. I was at a bakery, ya know?”

    “Sorry” you smirk before he leans forward and kisses you, he deepens the kiss and his hand moves to your hip, giving it a small squeeze and you let out a quiet moan. “Rafa…”

    “Got it” he whispers against your lips before sitting up. “Let’s go before I change your mind.”

    “You won’t change my mind when it comes to brownies” you point out and he rolls his eyes playfully before getting up.

    The rest of your evening with Rafa was delightful. He got you brownies, he got you candy, and that was when you noticed that this was more than just a small craving. You two went to his favorite place and then returned home, where you both went to sleep rather quickly. He was out first, and you stayed up a little longer looking at him, taking in his features. His lips, his eyebrows, his cheeks. He was everything you could’ve asked for. You remembered the test, and stood from the bed as slowly as you could without making too much sound before heading to the living room.

    You pull the test from out of the couch and look at it, taking your phone with you in case you had to call or text Shakira. Quietly, you close the door of the bathroom and stare at the test before sighing.

  You had taken the test and now you stared at it as you waited for results. One line appeared, indicating that you weren’t pregnant and you frown, but before you place the test on the bag, you see that second line slowly appearing before it’s completely visible.

    “I-” you mutter to yourself before you grin, covering your mouth to conceal your giggles. You were pregnant. You and Rafa were going to be parents. You were pregnant. You quickly take your phone and take a picture of the test before sending it to Shakira.

    [Text: Shak] Tell me this isn’t a false alarm…

    It was late, so you knew she wasn’t going to answer right away. You decide to go and try to sleep, laying down on your side looking at your boyfriend peacefully sleeping as you grinned before you close your eyes to get some sleep.

  Not even six hours of sleep have passed and you were already rushing to the bathroom as you felt that familiar, nauseous feeling. Unfortunately, no matter how slow yet rushed you tried to stand up from the bed, you woke Rafa up. You had closed the bathroom door, and you were glad you did because you had forgotten to hide the bag of the test, so you shoved the test into the small pocket your shorts had before your body decided to throw up.

    “Y/N, can I come in?”

    “Absolutely not!” You said and closed your eyes. You definitely didn’t want him to see you like this!

    “Absolutely, I’m coming in anyway” he said and, indeed, got in. He crouched besides you after you had flushed the toilet. “This is not normal” he said, holding your hair away from your face and in that warning tone that you knew what he meant.

    “I’m okay. Must have been all the chocolate I ate” lame excuse cause you always ate chocolate.

    “Well then, I’m not going to the match. I’m going to take you to the doctor and-”

    “No! No doctors…” You say and he sighs.

    “He will come here” and you groan before you stand up, Rafa helping you and leading you to the bed. “Get some rest. I’ll call him” he says and you frown.

    “One condition” you say and he looks from his phone to you, eyebrows arched in a questioning look. “You go to that game when he gets here and once everything is fine, I’ll go there.”

    “Alright. Now sleep” he says, sitting on your side as you close your eyes.

    Rafinha POV

    He was so worried about you that he didn’t even mind acting so protective of you. He loved you so much that he thought he could protect you from everything. He watches as you sleep, running his fingers through your hair after he talked to the doctor who should be on his way. He notices your phone screen light up and he looks at it. He didn’t want to see the text message that had gone through. He wasn’t one to invade your privacy, but how could he not when he saw the message was in caps? When he moves a bit to read the message, first thing he notices is that is from Shakira. Second, the text itself that made his eyes widen.


    Your POV

    The doctor had come and checked on you. Rafinha stayed for a few minutes, speaking to him outside of your room before he left. The doctor took some of your blood to run some tests, explaining that it was to check if you had a flu in your system. You took it as your golden chance to ask him if he could also run a pregnancy test with it and he had agreed on it.

  You get ready to go to the game, looking at Shakira’s message and texting her back:

    [Text: Shak]: I’ll see you at the match

    You arrive and grin at Rafa’s teammates as they pass by you when you went through the tunnels. You didn’t spot Rafa, so you thought he might think you wouldn’t be coming, but you wefe sure that Arda would tell him you just got there. Making your way to the benches, you spot Shakira and you smile as you wave at her and she waves back excitedly as you get to her.

    “Congratulations!” She says and you laugh before she hugs you. “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

  “I had morning sickness and Rafa called a doctor to check on me. I asked him to run a test to confirm it, he should be sending me the results soon…” You say and she grins.

  “Does Rafa know?”

    “Not really. I don’t want to tell him until I’m one hundred percent sure” you say and she agrees. Just in cue, your phone goes off and you look at the screen, a text message from the doctor with a file attached to it.

  [Text: Y/N] Congratulations, Ms. Alcantara. You’re pregnant.

    “Its weird when he addresses me like that” you voice and Shakira rolls her eyes.

    “Concentrate! (Focus!) What does it say?” She leans to your side to look and you show her and she squeals, giving you a hug. “This is perfect! More little kids for the team! They can play on the institute!” She says excitedly and you laugh. You couldn’t wait to tell Rafinha about this. Then the match started.

    The match started and your boyfriend, you noticed, wasn’t in the starting eleven. Soon enough though, in the second half, he substituted Andre. You were winning thanks to a goal made by the wonderful, best player in the world, Messi, so it was a good game. It didn’t took long for Rafa to score and you jumped out of the seat cheering. You watch him chase for the ball and catch it. Placing it inside his shirt as if he were…’

  “Oh God….”

    “How-?” Shakira trailed off as in shock as you were.

    “No way.”

    Rafa ran to the corner of the field you were in and pointed at you before throwing you a kiss. Your cheeks were heated up a bright red, feeling that heat on them told you so. Your eyes were widened and your mouth half open.

  “He knows…” You say and he grins before laughing at your face probably.

  You look at Shakira and you both sigh in acknowledgement before saying at the same time, “The doctor.”

He Knows pt. 3 || Rafinha Imagine

Notes: ITS HERE! I hope you all like it! Feedback is appreciated of course and suggestions!

Warning: A tiny bit of smut but it doesn’t turn to smut.

“It’s a girl” the doctor says, moving the instrument on your stomach. You quickly grin and look at Rafa who was smiling brightly, the one you loved were his smile reached his eyes and squinted. “And a boy” the doctor adds and your eyes widened, just like your boyfriend’s.

  “Wait-” Rafa says quickly but hesitates.

  “What?” You ask, both of you looking at the doctor with wide eyes.

  “You will be having twins, a boy and a girl, congratulations” he says with a grin, and both of you were too astonished processing the news. “I’ll leave you two think it through” he says while Rafa and you look at the monitor that showed the two small frames that were your kids before you look at each other again. The doctor hands you a towel for you to remove the gel from your stomach and turns off the screen before clicking something. Then, he leaves.

  “We…” You start as you blink several times.

  “…are having twins…” Rafa finishes before he chuckles and starts peppering you with kisses all over your face making you giggle and squirm. “We will have twins!” He says excitedly and kisses a part of your exposed stomach that is not covered in gel.

  “You wanted this, didn’t you? You jinxed me and now you have the best of both worlds” you tease and clean the gel off your stomach as you sit up, him helping you as he chuckled.

  “I didn’t ask for it, I did wanted the pair, but not as twins, but I don’t mind it” he says and you laugh.

  “Sure, since you won’t be fat like a whale carrying them” you tease.

  “You won’t look like a whale. You will look beautiful. I will help you with everything” he says quickly. When has he ever not done that? Rafinha has always, even before your pregnancy, been supportive and made sure you were comfortable in every way. Not the suffocating way, but the most loving and gentlemen way. One of the many reasons why you fell for him.

  “I know, Rafa” you say and cup his cheek. He is still grinning like a little kid when he leans down to kiss you happily, smoothly pulling down your shirt.

    You two went to Rafa’s doctor to follow up on his cut the same day. The doctor had given you a copy of the picture he took of the ultrasound and Rafa was staring at it as he spoke to Thiago and told him about the news, happily telling him every detail.

  “I’m having twins! A boy and a girl” he said into the phone chuckling. He spoke a few more minutes with him before he handed the phone to you as he was called for check up.

  “I bet he is being a kid about all of it” Thiago says into the phone making you laugh.

  “Yeah, he is really excited. He didn’t want to call you right away because he wanted to post the picture on instagram and wait for your reaction, he didn’t want me to message you either” you admit.

  “I thought he wouldn’t tell me” he chuckles. “How are you holding up, though? Is everything alright? Your studies?”

  “Yep. Filled the papers for graduation, but I won’t actually go to the ceremony. Its the same month I might give birth and I don’t want to risk having contractions in the middle of my speech” you laugh, so does Thiago.

  “Just going to ask for the diploma then?”

  “Pretty much, its faster too so I can start working.”

  “You realize that my brother won’t let you work, right? Not after those news.”

  “Trust me, I know” you smirk before adding, “But he knows that as soon as I can I want to work. I don’t want to depend on him.”

  “Good luck with that” he says and you smirk. “Hey, you let me know what they say to him about the injury follow up. I have to go get ready for practice.”

  “I will. Take care” you hang up and walk over to the room Rafinha is in. He has some sort of mask over his face, every section of it marked according to his features. Your eyes looked at him, showing confusion.

  “Hey babe, I didn’t tell you, Marvel wants me as a superhero” he says and chuckles, which you join.

  “For a failure of a hero, we already have Deadpool. Stick with football” you lean against the wall and take a picture of the doctor’s working around him.

  “I want that picture” he says and you roll your eyes.

  “Mrs. Alcantara” a doctor says and you look at him, “We are making a mask he can use so he is able to play the next games. It will help him place the nose back in place and protect his face. He should be able to play as normal” he explained.

  “Thank you, doctor” you smile.

  “What would be a good superhero name for me?” He asks and you roll your eyes before laughing. You loved that about Rafa, he never stops joking or smiling even in hard times.

    “Done” Rafinha said as he posted the picture of the ultrasound on his social media. The picture was your hand and his holding the picture and you found it adorable. You posted it on yours too, just for the fun of it, but everyone you knew followed your boyfriend too, so there was no point.

  “Phones blowing up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” you wait.

  “Failed” he said with a chuckle and moved on the couch, his body laying down across your lap, his ear on your small bump. “Hey babies, daddy can’t wait to show you about football and spoil you” he cooed and you smiled down at him, hands running through his, finally, growing hair.

  “Are you happy about this?”

  “Of course, why wouldn’t I? I’m having kids with the girl of my dreams” he says, blowing you a kiss making you smile. He smiles back before lifting your shirt and kissing your bump causing your eyes to flutter.

  “I saw that” he teased and you blush before he sits up and pats his thigh, making you roll your eyes before you sit on his lap. “You look beautiful, Y/N. Our babies are making you look…wow…” he said as he circled his arms around you, holding you close. The way he was looking at you making you blush.

  “What are you talking about?” You giggle shyly.

  “You just look different. You have this glow on you and this vibe…”

  “Are you sure it isn’t the new bonsai we got that is making you relax and see things?” You joke and he laughs.

  “Te amo” and with that he moves to kiss along your neck.

  Your breath hitches and your hands tighten around his shoulders as he does, neck automatically exposing itself to his lips. He was leaving open mouthed kisses along it, teeth grazing the skin teasingly earning a quiet moan from you.


  “Please, princess. We haven’t been together like this. I’ve been training and you’ve been studying…” he was at the edge of whining and you have to suppress a laugh.

  You bite your lip before moving to catch his lips with yours, hands resting on the side of his face as you deepened the kiss. His hips shift under yours and you moan into his mouth, only making him continue the movement and move your hips under his lead. His tongue runs along your lower lip and then the upper and you grant access, his tongue moving against yours as the kiss got heated. You run your hands through his hair, missing the hair you used to play and pull at when you were in this situation.

  Your whole body is warming up at the actions, and he pulls away, resting his forehead against yours as he lets out a moan as your hips created friction. You are out of breath after the heavy make out session, your heart pounding wildly against your chest. You move to kiss his neck and he groans, a sound that made you feel good because of what you were doing. His fingers are running along the end of your shirt and down your back, a shiver going down your spine.

  “Y/N…Babe…” he pants as his hips moved against yours. You hum out in response and when he is about to speak, the phone goes off. “You gotta be kidding…” he growls, his head tilting backwards.

  “If its Ney ignore him…” You say as you take the moment to kiss his neck again.

  “I will kill him.. ” he mutters and you move off his lap so he can reach for his phone that rang on the table in front of your couch. “Grandma” he says and answers.

  You run your hand through your hair and watch him talk, she was calling about the picture and he was happily giving her all the details. Your parents knew of the news right away and were happy for you. Since they both still worked at your hometown, they weren’t able to travel until they could get their vacations set up, which you hoped it would be before the babies are born.

  As he talks, you scroll through his page to see all the comments of his followers about the baby, a smile appearing on your lips. He smiled at you as he continued to talk through the phone, now speaking to his grandmother how you were doing. Your phone goes off in your hands and see that the caller ID belonged to Neymar.


  “I’m going to be uncle of two?!” He almost shouts into the phone making you pull it away as you giggle.

  “Yeah, you are getting old Ney” you tease and he chuckles.

  “Never. Hey, do you guys want to come with us to the new restaurant they opened downtown? We agreed it was a guys only thing, but we need to celebrate your news.”

  “By us, who do you mean? Not the whole team, right?”

  “Nope, almost. Leo, Luis and Pique, although I’m not sure he’d go since he is taking care of the kids. Shakira is away for a music video.”

  “Oh. right. Thanks for reminding me. I haven’t told her about the news.”

  “So, you coming?” Ney asks.

  “Yeah, sure. We will be there.”

  “Alright, see ya’ there.” And you both hang up.

  You hadn’t noticed Rafa had hung up and looking at you, a mischievous smile curving his lips.

  “Now, where were we?” He asks as he moves forward making you lay on your back.

  “Neymar called…” You tried to say as his hands slid under your shirt and ran up your baby bump.

  “And?” A kiss against your cheek.

  “He asked if we wanted to go to a new restaurant downtown…”

  “And?” He was kissing along your neck and shoulders now, which took all your concentration to form coherent words.

  “I said we’d go…” Rafa pulls away and looks at you in disbelief.

  “Seriously?! Now?” He sounded offended and you giggled.

  “We have to eat. I have appetite for three now” you joke.

  “But does it have to be right now? Not later? We were in the middle of something” he pouts and you peck his lips several times.

  “I’ll make it up to you when we come back” you promise and he continues to pout. “Come on, let’s go.”

  The two of you get ready and meet with the others at the restaurant. As Ney said, it was a guys night, but you were the exception, and the others didn’t seem to mind. You did felt bad though, Rafa hasn’t spent much time with them alone, he was always around you and during games he’d come back home quickly so you didn’t stay alone at home so long. During the conversation you learned that Lucho had told the others that Rafinha would be in the substitutes for the next game to get him back on track, which meant he had to leave for a couple of days since it is an away game.

  It was something you were used to now, and it has never bothered you staying alone. Yes you felt lonely sometimes in the big house, but it was something you were slowly getting over it. Now, in this pregnancy phase, you knew he wasn’t going to leave you alone at all. You could already see him being thoughtful by your side after the news. They were yet to be confirmed, but he was trying to be one step ahead in case it actually happened.

  “Have you thought of names, yet?” Suarez asks as you eat. Rafinha being the one to answer.

  “Not really, we are still processing we are having twins” he says and Leo chuckles.

  “Good aim, man” Pique says and you almost choke on your water causing the trident and Pique to laugh. Rafa, on the other hand, was patting your back and chuckled as you cough.

  “You did not say that!” You can’t help but laugh at it, Neymar was at the verge of tears.

  “Deny it! One try and suddenly you got twins. Those aren’t easy to get” Pique continues and everyone in the table is laughing.

  “I think we had enough of complimenting Rafael’s…abilities” Messi tried. He tried hard to not make it related to the topic, but it only caused everyone to laugh again and his cheeks had turned red as he joined.

  You loved hanging with them, they were so playful and joked so much. They lifted up your mood all the time. It was lovely seeing how they acted out of the pitch. Leo was the only one that you never guessed would joke so much, but he does, but keeps his serious behavior. Someone has to when Pique, Suarez, Ney, and Rafa were together.

  “Did you told Shak about it?” Pique asks.

  “I tried to call her but there was no signal. I did sent her a message, still no response.”

  “Maybe it was after she got on the plane. She finished the musical early and is heading back home. Will arrive tomorrow or so.”

  “Perfect” you hear Rafa say and you look at him curiously.

    After a couple of hours at the restaurant, you all pay your bills and decide to go home. Tomorrow they will be training and Rafa had gotten a text from Lucho to join the others. You were on your way back home now, music playing in the car as Rafa drove. He was the first one to speak.

  “If Shakira is going to stay with the kids while Pique is away, you can stay with her while I’m away” he says. Exactly what you were thinking.

  “You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll be fine. Its just a few days…”

  “I don’t want you to be alone. What if something happens? What if you get dizzy again? You need someone with you.”

  “Shakira will have a handful with the kids.”

  “You always help her with them. Is either her, or, I ask grandma and Thaisa to come over for those days to take care of you” your eyes widened at that.

  “I don’t think that’s necessary. I don’t want to be a trouble to your family…”

  “Y/N, you are my family. We are building a family” he says as he pulls into the garage of the house and turns to you. “They won’t mind it. Grandma wants to see you and she said that we can ask her for anything if needed, so this is it. She can come over. Thaisa loves you, she won’t mind being here and taking care of you” Rafa was right. His family had gotten used to you right away. There were no problems to click together and were always very welcoming to you. It was why you didn’t want to push your luck with them.

  Rafa gets out of the car to help you do so as well after you opened the door. He held you close as you headed inside the house. “I’ll talk with Shakira about it tomorrow. You can ask your grandmother and Thaisa if they’d like to come. They can maybe come around the first few days and then I can stay with Shakira” you say and shrug.

  “Whichever replies first.” He says and you nod your head in agreement as you take your clothe to head to the shower. “Need help there?” Your boyfriend asks and winks making you roll your eyes playfully.

  “Perfectly capable of showering myself, thank you though” you stick your tongue out to him.

  “But what about saving water?”

  “Don’t worry, I won’t use much” you say and slowly close the door of the bathroom, leaving a small gap open because you didn’t like closing the door completely. It made you feel as if you did it, it would feel like if you were rejecting Rafinha and that was obviously not a thing. You hear an audible whine from the room you two shared and you giggled. He could be such a kid sometimes. “Would you like to help me get in?” You say playfully and next thing you know Rafa is right behind you and you laugh as he wraps his arms around you, kisses being peppered all over your shoulders and what he could reach of your neck.

    “We should really think of names” Rafa says as he walks out of the bathroom, wearing only his sweat pants, hanging just under his V line, you could see a few drops of water running down his toned chest, his wet hair all over the place, what was growing of it anyway. How did you get so lucky finding this man? He was perfect in every single way possible. “Earth to Y/N” Rafa says, a cheeky grin as he looked at you.


  “Not sure if you are thinking of our babies names or something else…”

  “Shut up” the two of you laugh and he jumps on the bed besides you, doing what he usually did when he was about to sleep, resting his head on your stomach. “Is there any names you like?”

  “Hm…I like a few…I like uncommon names” you say with a smirk as you run your fingers through his hair.

  “Any in particular?” He asks looking at you.

  “I like Emeraude…”

  “Poor girl writing down her name” he teased.

  “Can you do better?”

  “Sebastiao…Just changes the last letter” he says and you roll your eyes teasingly.

  “Well done, we just improvised on our babies names.”

  “It wasn’t that hard, why do people complicate their lives with these?” He is looking at the ceiling now.

“Although, what if we change-”

  “Oh no. No changing names. Those are it.” He sits up quickly and you laugh.

  “We got this” you say and open up your arms and he lays down besides you, taking your hands in his and kissing them.

  “Thank you, for making me this happy” he says and you lay down on your side facing him, his eyes were looking at you fondly and that made you blush. “I’m happy I waited for you all this time” he brushes his nose against yours in a eskimo kiss.

  “And I’m happy you chose me to be the mother of your kids…” You lean in to kiss him, a simple lip lock that you sighed happily into before you pulled away to roll your body to the other side. His arm went around your waist, resting on your small bump and you both fell asleep happily.

    “Thank you for being here in such short notice. I knew I could count on you” Rafa said to his grandmother as he placed her luggage and Thaisa’s inside the house before taking them to the respective rooms.

  “Y/N, good to see you!” Thaisa came over to you and hugged you tight.

  “I’m so happy you are here” you admit as you pull away and grin at her before turning to Rafa’s grandmother. “Celia, its good to see you again. Thank you for coming at the petition of the worried kid over there” you point at Rafa and she laughs.

  “Whatever makes my boy happy, that’s what I promised always when he was a kid” she says and you hug her. “Couldn’t wait any longer to see how my great grandchildren will be doing. Have they been of trouble?”

  “Not at all. Not yet anyway.” You admit and she grins, a hand on your stomach.

  “It has Alcantara DNA, beware. That one was a troublemaker when he was young.”

  “I’m…right here?” Rafa says pointing at himself.

  “Isn’t he still? I mean, he always makes fun of me and one time when I was learning to drive he started to panic when we were at a red light just to see my reaction” Thaisa confessed and glared at him.

  “You were going fast.”

  “I was at a red light!”

  “You are still a danger driving.”

  “Like if you were an expert” his grandmother says and you laugh.

  “I’m leaving before I end up beaten here, this is just unfair.”

  The three of you laugh shortly and he comes over to Thaisa first, hugging her tightly. “Have fun. Take care. Behave” he says and she rolls her eyes. He comes to you next, cupping your face between his hands. “I love you. If anything happens call me. I’ll let you know as soon as I’m in Paris, okay?” You nod your head and he pecks your lips, you can feel he just doesn’t want to leave even if he also does want to leave. “And you…” he addresses Celia now, he pinches the bridge of his nose and let’s out an exaggerated playful sigh. “Please don’t embarrass me. Please behave” he chuckles and she grins.

  Celia places a hand on his shoulder, pats it and nods her head, “I’ll never do anything to embarrass you. I’ll just tell her everything and see if she us up for it all” she was an amazing grandmother.

  “Oh my God!” He groans and takes his bags. “Alcantara women are terrible” he mutters playfully, loud enough for all of you to hear.

  “Remember your girlfriend here is one.”

  “I just lost my girlfriend to you two.” He points at us before you here a beep outside. “Neymar is here. I love you three” he blows a kiss before he leaves.

  Thaisa hugs you again and you smile. “So where do you want to go?” Celia asks as she looks at you. “Went shopping for baby things already?”

  “Not really. Rafa said we could go when he came back so-”

  “No. He has terrible tastes in baby things. Ask Thiago about it. Let’s go to the mall now. Let me go get my things.” She says and disappears up to her room in a few seconds.

  “I’m too young to be aunt of three kids” Thaisa says and you laugh.

  “Right! I just remember Thiago is also expecting. He said it will be a boy, right?”

  “Yep. Thinking of naming him Gabriel.”

  “Oh right, I forgot. I need to call him later anyway.”

  “Do you have your names?”

  “Yes. Emeraude and Sebastiao.”

  “The boy name was Rafael, wasn’t it?” Celia asks as she joins you.


  “That kid always liked that name” she shakes her head with a smile. “Ready?”

  “Yeah. Let’s go.” And that’s how you started your day with Rafa’s grandmother and sister. You could tell it was going to be quite fun. You didn’t spend more than a day with them before, so you were grateful for tis opportunity. It was the beginning of a great relationship between the three of you.


Out in the Open || Neymar Jr Imagine

You were sitting in the crowd already as people started to fill the seats of the stadium to support Brazil’s NT against Colombia. You were there to support the team as well, but mostly to support your boyfriend Neymar Jr. after all the criticism that he has been victim of after being tied with no goals against South Africa and Iraq. You two met a few months ago during his vacations in one of the clubs and kept in touch after. One thing led to the other and now you two were a couple, but nobody knew that. With the Olympics event coming up, you didn’t want the attention to be taken from him for the real thing, knowing that the media was going to be right on both of your heels questioning the relationship. You also didn’t need the media to be saying that he hasn’t scored because of having you as a distraction, it was something you just wanted to avoid until the Olympics were over. Neymar didn’t agree at first, but of course he didn’t, he wasn’t one to care for what the media or other people said about him. Later on, he agreed just because you insisted on it and he didn’t have another choice. You didn’t attend to the other games to avoid people wondering who you were, but you supported him by calls and texts before the games and when he came to the Vila you’d be there in his room to greet him and make him relax after so much pressure he was placing upon his shoulders to reach the gold medal for Brazil. You watched them finish up trainings, and Neymar would every now and then steal glances your way and wink, making you giggle and roll your eyes playfully, causing him to chuckle and earn confused glances from his teammates. For all they knew, Neymar was seeing someone, but nobody knew who and were curious. The only who knew was Rafinha and because he had come to pick his sneakers from Neymar’s room once when you were with him after a game.

You two were careful on not letting anyone know about you two for now. You’d leave at late hours and he would make sure first that nobody was in the hallway so they didn’t see you leaving his room. For Neymar was like a mission and he took it in a playful manner. He’d stand on the door making finger guns around before looking and letting you know that it was ‘clear’. You didn’t had another option but to laugh at his silliness and kiss him goodbye before you left.

The game started and you watched the game intently, looking from side to side and cheering for the Brazilian team and complaining when there were fouls. One of then led to Neymar having a free kick and you were with your elbows resting on your knees as you were leaning forward as your hands were pressed together. Neymar took a quick look your way, expression concentrated before he turned to the ball. The referee blew the whistle and you flinched as Neymar ran towards the ball and kicking it, making an easy goal in your opinion. You burst upward from your seat, cheering and clapping as he celebrated the goal. His teammates soon started jumping on him and they all fell on the ground, even breaking one of the cardboard signs on the field. Somehow, he frees himself from his teammates and runs to the side of the field you were sitting on and your eyes widen slightly. “Ney, don’t” you mouth before he shrugs as he runs toward you. His teammates watch him, questioning just where he was going since by all they knew nobody had come to watch him, the only one smirking was Rafinha knowing the answer. He walks up the stairs in front of you and your cheeks heat up, “Ney, what are-” and he just smiles before cupping your face and giving you a gentle kiss. Your hands rest on top of his, letting out a small sigh before he pulls away. “That was for you” and that’s all he says before running back to the field. You blink several times before realizing eyes were on you and even a camera from the distance. You smile rather shyly before sitting down on the seat.

The game goes on, and the Colombian players start to become desperate and by consequence, aggressive. They start fighting verbally on the field and its only a matter of time before they start kicking Neymar and pushing him to the ground. The worry is written all over your face every time he falls and holds his ankle. It took all will in you to not jump the fence and ran to check up on Neymar, and when he stood up and took a glance your way you shook your head. Ever since the World Cup, being just a fan then, you took his injuries seriously no matter how little they were. You worried so much that something would happen to him that wouldn’t make his dream come true. You knew that he’d be mad if he would have to stay out of the field for the rest of the Olympics if he got injured. The insults coming from you every time a Colombian player pushed one of your team were too loud sometimes, but you were upset because of this. Luan soon makes another goal, and the game is over. Two goals against none in favor of Brazil.

Watching Neymar smile and be happy about the win made your heart skip a beat. His smile was one of the things that you loved the most about him and seeing it on the field because of their victory was something that you were thankful for. As everyone leaves the seats, you do so as well and head toward the tunnels as quick as possible to avoid attention, but that didn’t work as well. People would ask for pictures with you and would stop you by to congratulate you and to playfully threaten you if you broke Ney’s heart. Usual fans, right? The media though was another case, they were exactly on the entrance of the tunnels and you cursed under your breath. You guessed you would have to see him on the Vila later. You were about to turn around when you heard someone. “Y/N! On your left!” You turn to the direction to find Rafinha waiving at you from a door and you make your way there. “Hey” you say approaching him, “Congratulations” you say with a bright smile and he grins. “Thanks. Come on. Neymar told me to go and get you. He might stay a little longer here” he explains and your eyes widen, giving a small jump as the door closes behind the two of you. “What’s wrong? Is he okay?” You ask quickly. “Yeah, but the therapists got some ice around his ankle right away so it wouldn’t swell after those kicks” he explains, walking down the hallway.

“That looked like a fight more than anything” you frown and he chuckles. “Well, it almost got into a fight because of your boyfriend. He should’ve let it go, but its him, so I saw it coming” Rafael explains and you nod your head. “I was about to get on the field and slap them” you admit. “Should’ve. I guess that what stopped you were the consequences. Imagine the headlines, “Neymar’s new girlfriend fights the entire Colombian team” and he gestures with his hand and you both laugh, reaching the locker rooms. “Already working on stealing my girl?” Neymar asks playfully, leaning back on a bench as his leg was across it, the patch of ice covering his ankle.  "Not working, I already did” he corrects and winks at you, earning a small giggle from you. “You had her as your little secret, huh? No wonder you were extra happy lately” Gabigol says and you blush. Neymar extends an arm and you walk over to him, standing right besides him as his hand wraps around your waist. “Wasn’t my secret by willing choice” Neymar answers, signaling with his head at you. “We will see you later at dinner” most teammates said before you two were alone. You turn to him and run your fingers through his hair. “You scared me there” you start, taking a glance at his ankle. “Babe, I’m fine. Nothing I can’t handle.”

“Thing is that you think you can handle everything” you point out. “You almost started a fight. If they did something to you I would’ve jumped the fence and fought them. They were out of control” you frown and he chuckles. “Tiny but fighty” he teases and you playfully pull his ear.

“Are you ready to go out there as my official girlfriend?” He questions. “Official to everyone else” he adds. You didn’t know what to feel about that, mostly because of him. “I think” you admit before he flinches as he places his leg on the floor. “Careful…” you warn and he, again, chuckles. “You are my nurse now?” He teases as he pulls on a shirt. “I always cared for you even when you didn’t knew I existed. Now I just…feel protective and don’t want you to get hurt and making sure it doesn’t happen” you defend yourself, arms crossing against your chest. He stands up with your help, limping on one step he takes towards you. “I’m glad I found you” he admits, two fingers holding your chin before he presses a lingering kiss against your lips while the other arm goes around your waist. Your arms rest on his shoulder and you smile into the kiss as he bites your lip before pulling away taking your hand. You reach down to pick the bag with his things and toss it over your shoulder.

“I’ll try to walk as fast as I can away from the media” he says as you two walk down the hallway. “Don’t. Its okay” you assure him and he smiles at you. As soon as you two walk out the door, about three reporters rush your way and your eyes widen before a group of them follow. Some questioned how Neymar felt about advancing to semi finals, others about the criticism he has been part of and the comparisons. He answered a few before they started to question about you, asking where you two met, how long you have been dating,  and the one you feared, if you were the reason he was out of the game play against the first two games. Why did reporters always had to blame things that didn’t have to do with it? Or why even pretend that Neymar wasn’t at his 100% because of a girl? You can see Neymar’s body tense at the question in anger, but you squeeze his hand before speaking. “I wasn’t the reason why he didn’t score on the first to matches” and suddenly all microphones are in front of you. “It is not the first time he has a girlfriend so I don’t think that should be an excuse. He and the team were testing tactics and positions, as well as getting back on track on the soccer games. No girl will ever distract him from reaching what he wants and if I were the reason I would back away because I want him to win the gold medal as much as all of the fans because I know how important this is to him and the country. He is focused on his goal and I am only here to support him through the games” you answer. Where did that speech came from? You weren’t sure, but when Neymar smiles and kisses your cheek, you know you did the right thing.

The reporters continued to ask both of you questions, but Neymar only waved, and so did you, before security came to escort you both out of the tunnels and into your ride. Once inside, you throw your head back letting out a breath, “You did a good job answering there. Didn’t expect you to jump in and talk” he says with a smirk. “Me neither” you admit with a laugh. “Get ready for the others to come. Practice with the boys today at dinner” he says and you just laugh, “I’m sure I’ll need the practice” you agree. He smiles before leaning down to peck your lips as you head to the Vila Olimpica. Now you were going to have to be ready for what was to come because now everything was out in the open.

First imagine ever that I write! Its very long but I got inspired, woops. I got part 2 almost done so it all depends on the likes!

(Saved as draft, 21Jan16)

Maybe you see me first. In a library. Or a bookshop. Engrossed. Entirely. Leafing through pages and tracing spines and–in that moment–no room for anything else in the world.

And maybe? Maybe then I look up. And suddenly the world expands. Opens up a hundred hundred thousand times. And suddenly? There will always be enough room. For everything. And suddenly? It’s all possible.

Maybe that’s what it’s like. To meet you.



Lucho to reporter who just woke up after he called them out: “Good Morning, how are you?”