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Once you get this you have to tell your followers 5 things that you love about yourself. Then send an ask like this to 5 more people :) Stay lovely

This is such a nice idea! Especially for people with low-selfesteem. I’m not sure I’m one of those people. One moment I’m on my “i’m flawless & aint nobody telling me anything else”-side and the other I’m looking all depressed like “why would anyone like me”. Sooo.. yea, okay. The first three are easy. 1) My eyes. I like how they’re light blue/greyish with a dark ring around it. It contrasts with my mascara & eyeliner. 2) My ability to always make myself laugh. No matter what. First I’m crying, then I’m laughing because I look stupid or dramatic, for ex. 3) My flat stomach. The only part of my body that stays skinny no matter how much (Milka) Oreo or McDonalds I eat. 4) My English? I’ve always been one of the best in my class. *flips hair* 5) My nails. I’m out of things I like, so lets just say I like how they grow fast, lol. I don’t think anyone else ever said they liked their nails if they had to name 5 things. And I’m sorry for making this so long, but it’s 2 AM & I don’t care.

so i recently remade and realised that my dash is full of nice things but there is almost no anime. i am an anime trash. i need more anime on my dash.
so if you post/reblog at least some of these:

  • tokyo ghoul;
  • hq!!;
  • zankyou no terror;
  • kyoukai no kanata;
  • classics (like deah note, sailor moon, nge, and such);
  • studio ghibli;
  • video games (mostly bioware and ttg productions but also the elder scrolls series);
  • aes stuff is fine too as long as it’s not only aes;
  • nice fanart;
  • if you’re an artist then pls smash the reblog button asap, i love artists;
  • just, you know, anime, animation, nice things that weebs like;

i will check out your blog for sure! new mutuals would be appreciated too.

also, @ my current followers: reblog maybe to spread the word? i will love you even more

Ay amor no me lastimes que no se puede aguantar,parece que mis besos ya no te sirven de nada si es que tú me diste el cielo y me lo quieres quitar, de todo hiciste para que no te pueda olvidar y para que me diste el pie si ya sabias que me iba a tropezar y yo que estoy tan ciega y no me acabo de enterar que tú solo fuiste un sueño que nunca será verdad.

—Milka S.

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Lol, ein Gramm Heroin kostet 49 € Weißt du wie viele Tafeln Toffifee- Milka Schokolade ich mir davon kaufen kann? 55 Tafeln und jede von ihnen beinhaltet mindestens einen Geschmacksorgasmus.