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Hello Miss Belarus! Would you ever consider getting a pet? I'm sure a dog or a cat would be lovely.

Ah- Actually…I already have a pet cat.

This is Milka..

I’ve never been good with animals, so when this one started clinging to me and following me around I took it in very quickly. I was so happy-..

Despite that, she’s never..shown any sign of liking me back though..

Even after all this time…

I’m beginning to think she just realized she could indefinitely prolong her life if she stayed with me.

But I can respect that too, so it’s fine I guess..

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OUTRAGED ALY RAISTAFINA FANFIC (1/?) *Aly's POV* So, I was watching UB finals, I don't know why because I HATE BARS, SO NOT AMAZING. My girlfriend, Alka, was up before my teammate, Madi. Oh yeah, did I mention that I fingered Aliya the night before? Yeah, we've been dating ever since floor finals in 2012, when we *gasp* hugged and kissed on the cheek on the podium! Being up on that podium with Queen Musty and that other girl who gets cropped from photos - Carolina or something - was heaven.

So yeah, I fingered her and gave her milka - everyone knows she loves Milka thanks to JenKenLee. Queenie went up first and was really good, but she didn’t stick it! SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO STICK IT! LIKE IN THE 2006 MOVIE STARRING NASTIA LIUKIN! She got a 15.9 because these fucking judges are on crack or something. At least she scored more than that underage Chinese girl! :) Now it was time for Madi to go - my baby roommate who is the WORLD. CHAMPION. OHH EMM GEE

Madi was late on some of those spinny things - i think they’re called peerawets? idk i hate bars! but she STUCK IT. STUCK IT LIKE I STUCK MY FIRST PASS IN 2012 WHEN ALKA AND I GOT MARRIED. FUCK YES GO USA MURICA FUCK YEAH! So we’re waiting for the score and it comes up and she’s BEHIND BLAHLIYA WHAT THE FUCK. USA > DEM COMMIES. I was FUMING and Maggie screamed “BITCH DAFAQ R U SMOKING CRAZY ASS JUDGES” and Lori Himenez or whatever was leik “:O”.

im screeching lmfao, how did u hone ur raistafina prose style imitation so well


I was tagged by @onedayyoujustchange! TAHNK YOUUU!! It’s been a while since i was tagged! :P

Last movie I saw: Leafie - a hen into the wild

Last song I listened to: 

Last show I watched: I think it was “Star vs the force of evil!” :)

Last book I read: O_O i have no idea, i read more fanfictions..way more interesting! :3

Last thing I ate: Milka chocolate

If you could be anywhere right now where would you be: At Le Burger (i love this restaurant!

When would you time travel to:  I want to see a living dinosaur. I want. I want it so bad. I want to know which color my beloved allosaurus had. And then when i was younger and kick my own ass becsaue my life choices gave me depression and problems for life!!

First thing I would do with lottery money: Exept the thing i just said, i would buy a realistic werewolf costume and scare people to death…or make my own country, where women have the power, it would be a peacful country never every saw before! @passportcolor

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day:  I have no idea, i never thought about it, i am a real ass! XD

Time right now: 15:46

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I feel so sorry for americans not knowing what milka is, thank god I'm european and can live the pleasures of life

i know right

Me comí medio chocolate milka almendrado y qué asco, me dan ganas de vomitar de lo mal que me cayó. *emoji triste*

sufferingspooks replied to your post “sufferingspooks replied to your photo “wouldntcha know it im still…”

!!! BRUH i’ve been down for elka/milka since the first time i saw u guys talking about it lol. i’ve always wanted to draw fanart of it but i never have time rip….

it’s never too late………give these psychics with shitty boyfriends to each other and let them be HAPPY…………….

I was tagged by @samiellie thank you! <3

1. Last movie you watched: Oh man I’ve only been watching tv shows lately so I don’t quite remember.. I think it was Suicide Squad at the cinema
2. Last song you listened to: Don’t Be So Shy - Imany (Filatov & Karas Remix)
3. Last show you watched: Mr. Robot
4. Last book you read: So okay I barely read, only for school and I think the last book I read for school was Oeroeg by Hella S Haasse
5. Last thing you ate: Milka chocolate with hazelnuts :)…. one of those big bars… and I feel like I’m gonna eat the whole thing in one evening
6. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Pff I think either on an adventure in a country I haven’t been before, or riding a horse at the riding school
7. Where would you time travel to: Anywhere at least 50 - 100 years in the future I think but I’m curious enough to go anytime
8. The first thing you would do with lottery money: I honestly don’t know omg, even after thinking about it for a bit
9. Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Uhm idk I don’t feel cool enough for any of them lmao? Let’s just say some of my favorite characters, Ellie or Elena
10. Time right now: 21:42

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MILKA IS THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING BEST HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! like europe doesnt have chipotle or taco bell n stuff but guess what??? we've got milka!!!!!!