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Here for you

I just want to let everyone know, if you need a friend to talk to, I’ll be here for you as much as I’m able.

I probably have a lot of US followers here, and I’m sure some of you are students. If you need someone, please don’t hesitate to message me.

No matter what people say or do, remember that you’re not wrong. You’re amazing and strong and you matter. You have the power to get up and out the door everyday, and make lemons into lemonade. I had some tough times when I was younger. If I can get through it, you can too. Even if it doesn’t seem like it now, your future is bright! 

If there’s a silver lining to this mess: A joke of a president like this one is such a disaster that people are really starting to wake up and change. We have more support now than we ever have. That will grow. Don’t get discouraged. Pick your battles wisely, but do everything you can to make a change.

Use your skills and resources to do whatever small things you can do. The next big political shift will be one in our favor, and in the meantime we’ll fight to make the world better. 

Without you, I’m not whole. 

Summary: Vic checks in on Robert during his first evening without Aaron. 

Vic strolled into the back room of the pub carrying a casserole dish in her hands. She smiled at her older brother who had his phone to his ear.

Robert held up a finger to Vic.

“Yes, hi this is Robert Sugden, again. I’m ringing in regards to my husband, please call me back immediately” He advised, harshly. He hung up his phone, slamming it on the coffee table.

“The barrister?” Vic asked as she placed the dish in the microwave.

“Idiot won’t call me back. I’ve left five messages” Robert replied. He took his frustrations out on the coffee table by kicking it over. Shaking his head, he sighed sadly, “I just want to know where Aaron is.”

Vic placed a calming hand on Robert’s tense shoulder. “Rob, why don’t you sit and eat something” She suggested, kindly. 

Robert moved away from his sister as he grabbed his phone off the floor. “I’m not hungry. I have more calls to make” He told through a steady breath.

“Sit” Vict repeated, in a soft but commanding tone. Robert didn’t fight her. He slumped himself down in the kitchen chair. “Is Liv in her room?” She checked while spooning the pasta she made into a bowl.

“No. Liv went over to Gabby’s for dinner” Robert informed. “Did you know Liv is making a playlist for Aaron?” He spoke, proudly.

Vic placed the bowl of pasta in front of Robert. “That’s very sweet of her” She noted while sitting down next to him.

Robert nodded, “at least Liv is doing something useful.” He crossed his arms over his chest, leaving Vic’s meal untouched. “Me? I can’t even find out which prison Aaron is in” He mentioned, his voice cracking.

Vic moved out of the chair and pulled Robert in close for a comforting hug. Robert leant his head against her shoulder, wiping at his eyes.

“I miss him so much, already” Robert burst out in a shaky sob.  

Vic ran a soothing hand through Robert’s hair while he wept in her arms.

anonymous asked:

I've been reading your fic and mostly I love it, but I got to the part with Mr Busby and it made me kind of uncomfortable... I was wondering what your feelings on religion are, considering how he's written? He seemed so nice at first, why did he get so harsh?

Hi anon,

Firstly I really appreciate you sending this ask, because if people don’t like something I’ve written I’d much rather they say so so I have a chance to explain/discuss, so thank you! If you want to talk about it more please feel free to message me off anon, I won’t be offended at all :)

Just for now though I’ll explain as best I can (below the cut as it’s a bit long):

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Quick Commissions

Hello everyone, I have been in a bit of a slump recently but I am running short on paying a few bills here at home. 

If I can do quick commissions for anyone that’s interested, I will greatly appreciate it!

For this quick commission I only have the time to do half body pieces.

Sketch/Lineart: 8 USD
             add character: 6 USD

Color: 14 USD
             add character: 10 USD

Any fandom is welcome but please keep it SFW for this time around please. ; w; 

If you want to look at my other artwork click here.

Please contact me through Private Messaging on Tumblr or email me at cent.noirs@gmail.com. Let me know what it is you want and provide me your email address linked to your paypal so I may be able to send you an invoice. I will start working on your request once the in voice is payed for.

Thank you everyone, if you can share this I would be forever grateful to you and I hope you all have a lovely day!

I’m looking for three (3) GA tickets to twenty one pilots’ Greensboro show this Saturday Feb 25th please message me if you have any/know anyone selling them thanks!


Post reads: “Emergency! Can someone please open their home to this very sweet and very lonely bonded pair? Oliver is 4 male. Lucy is 4 female. Their mom is in hospice and they are all alone in their apartment only being fed every other day. They have no where to go. PM me if you, or someone you know, is able to save these two little sweethearts.”

A friend of my dad’s is currently awaiting hospice treatment and her cats, Lucy and Oliver, are alone in her apartment in the NYC area. They are a bonded pair and need a home or a foster ASAP. If you or anyone you know can take Lucy and Oliver in, please message me - if you’re not in the NYC area we can try to arrange for transport! Please boost this as much as you can!

Update: I’ve now chosen a few mods, stay tuned for new posts soon! 

HEY!! I’d like to find someone to be a mod and help me run this blog as I’ve been so busy. Please message me with why you’d like to be a mod!

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Is this planned to be something of a game?

I hope to eventually make it into a actual playable game, especially if this AU gets a large fanbase to enjoy it!

However I need help with coding, beta testers, and actually getting a program to make it on. The amazing and talented @pgthemeerkat has been helping with music!

If you, or anyone you know would be interested, please message me over the tumblr messenger!

guys im being legit stalked

@sim/on.cla..ude is stalking me months after i cut off contact because they tried to abuse me. please block them for your safety and for mine, theres no way theyd have known i talked to friends personally abt them stalking me if they didnt have access to my private accounts on either skype or vent (which is on private and they are blocked) i recently got some weird anons so i reset my statcounter and found out that theyve been on my blog searching themself (by a name i dont even call them) and searching my ex’s art tag on my blog. and once i realized this and told people only on very private accounts i got a message in the form of a url on my statcounter

if they werent stalking me they wouldnt have even known to type this

guys im legitimately concerned for my privacy being invaded by an abusive creep please please read this and know if you see them around they are BAD NEWS

(not to mention ive got word of them cheating on and abusing my ex from someone else they abused)


Guys, I just want to let you know everything related to the “discourse” involving the CW and the mess Supergirl has become will be tagged “Supergirl rises” from now on.

If seeing posts related to that is not good for your mental state, please, don’t hesitate in blacklisting it. And if you don’t know how to blacklist something, send me an ask or a private message and I’ll explain it to you.

Your mental health comes first! ❤

hi hey hello pals!!! i’m honey and i’m so happy to be here!! just a heads up that i live in the worst time-zone and have the most time consuming and exhausting job so bear with me when it comes to replies cause i might slip on my activity from time to time, but like i always make sure i have them drafted and work on time as much as i can, and as fast as i can.

BUT ANYWAY, here’s my trash son river!!!! he’s actually an old character of mine and i’ve extracted a few things from him and put them into new characters so if he sounds a bit similar to you, i apologize!!! i know, im v unoriginal and lazy :~) but anWYAY PLEASE COME PLOT WITH ME??? i love plotting so much and gOd just give me all the angst okay. i’ll probably hit everyone up at some point but if you’d like to plot, either message me!!! or like this and i will gladly slide into ur ims like hey whassup hello!!!

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The Imaginary Friend (Chapter 20)

A/N: I know this is short, I apologize. I just liked how it ended as a chapter. I’m still writing right now though! Chapter 21 will be up soon! Sorry for the lack of updates on literally everything. I’ve had to deal with some health issues. 

If I forgot to tag you, please message me! I’ve been absent for a while. 


“You have a lot of explaining to do.” said Dean, turning from Ranger to me.

Shit. I can’t explain. This damn prophecy keeps me from doing just that.

I turned back to Ranger, placing my hand to her forehead, checking the damages. I closed my eyes, allowing my grace to speed up the healing process.

“There’s something you need to understand,” I said, turning serious. I turned facing Sam and Dean, their expressions turning cold as they saw my expression.

“You three are a part of something big, something bigger than Lucifer, something bigger than angels, something bigger than the God damn apocalypse.”

“But-.” I raised my hand, cutting Sam off.

“Dean Winchester, the brave warrior. The older brother; the one ready to be the protector. Dean Winchester, Michael’s true vessel. Sam Winchester, the noble knight. The brother ready to sacrifice himself for anything, ready to sacrifice himself for anyone. Sam Winchester, the true vessel of the fallen angel Lucifer. Have you ever thought, have you ever wondered, what Ranger’s role in all of this is?” I asked.

Dean raised his hand to his forehead, rubbing it in frustration.

“No,” said Dean, “no, I can’t say I have.”

“Ranger Winchester is one of the single most important things in all of creation. But you need to understand, it’s a prophecy for say. I can’t tell much.”

“What can you tell us?” asked Sam, taking a seat in a spare chair.

“Ranger can’t get killed, she can be injured, she can be tortured quite severely, but she can’t be killed.” Dean’s eyes widened.

“Be careful now, though, because I never even told her that.” I said, laughing a bit.

“What else?” asked Bobby.

“She can see angel’s wings, she can see a true demon’s form under the vessel.”

“What about before, when she started calling out your name, and you just appeared?” asked Sam.

“We can communicate, telepathically if you will. She can do it with any angel she’s made a connection with.” I said. I made sure to keep the imaginary friend part of it out. The damn prophecy.

“That includes me.” said Castiel. Sam and Dean turned to the angel, the shock and surprise clearly evident on their faces.

“What Ranger is, I didn’t realize until a bit while after meeting her. You two already are aware of her visions.” said Castiel. The brothers nodded.

“With the person she may be connected to-.”

“Castiel.” I said firmly, cutting him off. I looked at Sam and Dean.

“It’s a prophecy. Ranger needs to find out the answer herself. We’re not allowed to tell more, we’ve already told too much.” I said. I turned back to Ranger, noticing her begin to stir.

“Gabriel?” asked Ranger, voice rough from being knocked out.

“How you doing, sweet cheeks?”

She lifted her hand up, rubbing her head.

“Remind me to listen to you next time, alright?” I laughed, snapping my fingers. A light shined around her, healing her outside wounds now.

“You got it.” I turned back to Sam, Dean, Cas, and Bobby.

“She’ll be fine. I gotta scat. Any place you want me to send you, Ranger?” I asked. She shook her head.

“Anytime, anywhere.” I said with a wink. I was gone.

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I just want to apologize for those dashes I have flooded. I didn’t know my post would get so many reactions when I was actually just speaking my mind. I’m sorry if I offended some, especially that one anon. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. I tried to answer all because I don’t want to look rude by ignoring them. Thank you for those who really cares and even took time to message me. I appreciate all the efforts. I’m sorry if I’m too stubborn to not listen to your advices, but please know that I’m considering everything I have received today.

I hope it all stops here. Thank you for understanding.

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please stop being so selective in answering your asks to hide your lesbophobia

Joke’s on you, I have hundreds of asks and I’m not hiding shit :) I couldn’t care less if one evident jerk thinks that of me because I have 20,000 posts on my blog behind my user (not anonymous) so my 30,000 followers can know and see who I am. Hiding claimed by an anonymous is hilarious :)


I know I got some request to get done…but I am so drained. Too drained. My depression is hitting me extremely hard and I am so stressed out that its becoming extremely difficult to function around people. I just feel like anything that comes close to me….i shut down. I can’t be my happy go lucky self right now. I need to breath. So please do not send me messages until I come back. I can’t handle anything right now. I need some time to myself to process everything and heal. I will most likely be back after the weekend. Yes I know that’s a short break but i really do need that as me time. I hope you all understand….

thank you @sanspar for this doodle…this helps a lot. 

sanspar and @sinabunbun hugs are the best. <3 you both are so sweet to me. 

see you all later.

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Oh my god okay when you've finally listened to In the Heights please let me know and talk to me about it because it is honestly my #2 musical of all time (consistently, though sometimes it goes up to #1) and I really want to hear your opinions on it!!!! (also a lowkey excuse to talk to you hi)

so i finally did it.,.,.,….THAT BLEW MY MIND. feel free to message me any time you wanna talk about ANYTHING! doesn’t just gotta be in the heights though i would love that

Does anyone know any women with autism who would be interested in taking part in a paper I’m writing? It would consist of a one-hour interview (that could take place over Skype, the phone, or even some form of text-messaging chat if that would be easier), and I’ll be using pseudonyms to keep info. confidential. Requirements are for participants to be a) female, b) 18 years of age or older, and c) have a formal diagnosis of ASD. (Please contact me via messaging or submit or whatever if you/anyone you know is interested, I’d really appreciate it!)

anonymous asked:

Hi, uhm... I don't know if this is active and i'm sorry for bothering, but i was wondering if you could tell me some active support blogs on tumblr that are lgbt+ friendly and answer anon asks or safe websites that give psychological help through messaging? Could you ask your readers, if you don't know any? Please, i have nobody to ask for help. I beg you, i sent this message to other accounts but no one answered. Please and thank you!

Hello ^^
I’m not 100% sure of which blogs would be most helpful to you.. So I’ll have to ask the followers :3
If anyone has any help for this person, please let them know! Thank you :3
I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I hope you find somewhere helpful.
With love,