Favorite parts about Transformers Animated:

  • Optimus Prime coming-of-age story and the fact that Megatron was like “Who the fuck is this autobot nerd” through 99% of the series
  • unique and cool character designs 
  • the BEST Starscream iteration, probably??? 
  • the one police guy who hated robots but became grumpy bffs with Ratchet 
  • sooo many cameos
  • Blurr VA actually talked too fast so they made him to take it down a level
  • POC human companion who ended up having her own interesting backstory 
  • OP and Soundwave guitar battle

Transformers MTMTE Fanbook 


Language: English

The Overlord/Tarn SFW fanbook is finally here!!


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anonymous asked:

Yeah, but can you imagine Megatron's spark falling asleep while sitting in tea? I can. I'm laughing on the inside.

Scrap. My mind’s eye refused to cooperate, and I pictured him sitting in tea with his frame still very much around him. And his optics wandering. 

As they did.

anonymous asked:

What would you have done if Megatron's spark floated to your doorstep instead of Starscream's?

Probably not have sat around drinking tea with it and discussing the latest “thing the Autobots had the nerve to say and/or do.”


MTMTE FANDOM I need help

I’m making keychains (like below) for MTMTE right now. What characters do you guys want, I have 8 max slots because any more will make me bankrupt. (Okay, I might be able to expand it to 10 but that’s if I really can’t choose in the end.)

Currently, I’m going to do these for sure: Optimus Prime, Megatron, CD & Rew (in the same keychain), CY & TG (in the same keychain) for sure.

Others I’m thinking about: Prowl, Jazz, Soundwave, Ratchet, Rodimus, Drift, UltraMags, Brainstorm, anyone you can think of that you’d like to see.

New suggestions are cool too. Please help me narrow the list I am dying.