A September 6 Transformers starscream event.
place:hayasino kaikan 5F (tokyo)

9/6 オール☆スタースクリームに出ます。
スペースNO.15 サークル名:INK
新刊 G1&TFA&IDW starscream/megatron スタメガギャグマンガ
新グッズ スタースクリームマグカップ

Drawings of Starscream and that old Bucket head Megatron from transformers gen one :P

In other news this be the drawing I was trying to post today before but could not because of tumblr’s post it limits

Still I am happy with this drawing (but oh man Megatron was hard for me to draw the bugger)

mtmte is really good and i enjoy it but reading it alongside combiner wars/exrid/whatever you want to call it makes me really. bitter.

megatron. fucking, megatron, gets to. gets to smile, gets to steer the roadtrip, gets to make jokes and be tickled and be fleshed out and shown as. a person. rather than just…. bad.

and i? do i think he deserves that? dont. ask me that question. i. i would like for people to see a decepticon (and yes, hes a decepticon, i dont care) and see our motivations and kindness and capacity for everything the autobots felt and more. i just.

he gets to grow. he gets to be seen in… perhaps not sympathetic, but. a more careful light. while–while starscream gets. after everything megatron did to them. megatron gets to be the one with the somber reflection. and. whats happening in combiner wars, what’s happening on cybertron

starscream getting set up to fail, again, starscream showing that they were just an incompetent schemer all along, starscream hallucinating or something and therefore unfit for leadership, starscream. again. and again. and still. made an example of. this is what happens when you reach too high. know your place.

it’s just. a stark comparison. between the two series. and it’s kind of alarming considering. who megatron is in relation to starscream, and vice versa, and then the treatment that they’re getting in their respective narratives.

therealscottishunicorn said:

Sorry if this is long but I would love to share with you how I tie the universes together, but only focusing on g1, transformers animated, the movies and maybe prime and robots in disguise 2015.

Starts the chain of events after generation one and the Great War working its way into tfa. After the decepticons got banished from cybertron an after the jettwins got upgraded. Warning feels: jetstorm gets killed in battle leaving jetfire alone and I think that jetfire is the younger twin gets hurt a lot because of what happens. This takes place after season 3 so megatron is in his cell. Jetfire turns traitor not liking the way he was treated letting the decepticons free starting another civil war.

The decepticons upgrade themselves into what the designs or bayverse is explaining Jetfire. (He lies about his past but it’s true he was chosen to work with the fallen for what he did) The autobots get ahold of this tech upgrading themselves as well causing this horrible civil war part 2, an sentinel being sentinel making the deal with the decepticons and getting stuck on the dark side of the moon.

The vents of the movies take place and this cybertron is left to rebuild themselves the past optimus and megatron passing away leaving the matrix with primus. Orion gets chosen and then tfp happens along with rid2015

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