Between making the Kanas today, I was able to squeeze in an Ignatius edit for myself…

I find it hilarious that my smallest unit, Annette, who’s 4′8″, married Benny. Gunter, too, but Benny is funnier.

She seems to get smaller every time I use her sprites like this, considering earlier today:

Anyways, once I finish up the male Kanas, I’m going to try and finish the last requests in my inbox since closing prompts. I’ve been working on them a bit, I just wanted to get the Kanas done. I might work on some other children in between.

They say love is like coming home
But I’m too broke to pay rent
And sometimes I get so angry I refuse to pick up the phone
They say love is the one that stays
But how many times have I almost gone away
Shut you out during my bad hours and days
They say love is nice
But I’ve almost left you twice
I’m the cake made of no sugar all spice
They say love is the all curing drug
How come I’ve ignored you feel of alcohol in my blood
Refused your caring hugs
Yeah love may be home but I’ve moved too many times
I’ve had a thousand I love you’s said and million more goodbyes
If love is nice
Then I’m the sour taste of dry swallowing a vic
If love is sweet
Then baby I’m not what you need
But if love is risk
If love is a fight
If love is sobbing all day
Make up fucking all night
Then come here boy
Cos I’ll love you right

self indulgent fates scribbles


Compilation of songs listened to during this:

-Linkin Park’s “New Divide”

-Linkin Park’s “What I’ve Done”

-Linkin Park’s “Crawling”

-Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life”

-Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life” Kidz Bop edition

you can see what kind of taste i have

cherry morning skies
sparkling brown eyes
I wish I could say you are someone I despise
abandoned houses
making out
when I was with you I forgot
what there was in this world
to be so sad about

I remember the night before you left
hickies and burning photographs
saying “this summer I’ll come back”
crying swearing this will still last
hundreds of miles away
texting our breakup
“yea, I swear I’m okay”

soft smiles
relating struggles
naked snuggles
morning coffee
so many “I love you's”
but now where are you

morning sky
tell me why
I still love you
even though you’re no longer mine

—  cherry skies and no real goodbyes
You Scare Me || Silas and Raven

Raven walked uneasily into the square. She knew Silas could be anywhere. That alone was enough to send a shiver down her spine. Staying with Rosemary was the best decision she had ever made but Silas could find a way to convince her. He held that power over her and she wasn’t sure if he knew. 

Finally she turned the corner, making her way to the vendors of the marketplace. She was looking for something nice for her new roommates. It was the first time she had ventured out alone since the last time she had encountered silas. When she saw him off in the distance she instinctively turned her now plump stomach from him as she c ursed under her breath.