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.... Hey Sans. *Holds out a book labeled '1001 Puns and Jokes'* *Lights it on fire and throws it in a river.* Oh. Whoops. That was the last copy in the world. Too bad.

* here, let me read you one:

* “did you hear about the man who lived in a tyre? He had a puncture so now he lives in a flat!”

* oh! here is another good one:

*  “as a teacher i was trying to get my students to understand what a “pun” was. i gave them 10 examples but was not successful. they could not understand any of them. you might say that no pun in ten did!” 

* hahahahaha!


I’m not saying this because I totally love KomaHina (maybe a bit), but, i don’t know if anyone else who doesn’t ship KomaHina or is neutral about it agrees

But, even KomaHina doesn’t become canon (which it is probably what will happen), but it is SUCH A WASTE if they just throw their relationship and what exists between Hinata and Komaeda in the trash like nothing ever happened

I mean, in all of the fandoms I’m in, I never saw such a complex and detailed(?) relationship between two characters
I think it’s so beautiful what Kodaka/DR was able to do with these two in terms of interaction and in character development and yet…
What will probably happen is that we won’t be able to see any of this in the anime whatsoever

Most of the people are now just hoping for a canon HinaNami…but idk…it all seemed so forced with this anime, i can’t even

Sorry if you feel offended or something, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there

How Season 4 will go down
  • Episode 1
  • John :I can see five Thatchers.
  • Sherlock :No John, there is one hidden under the elephant in the room. There are six.
  • John :AMAZING!!
  • Sherlock :*Blush*
  • Episode 2
  • Sherlock :John I am dying.
  • Sherlock :Sorry I was lying.
  • John:ASSHOLE !
  • Episode 3
  • Sherlock and John :Runs into the sunset together while holding hands..
  • Tumblr :sobbing and laughing maniacally.