Aaron in white and grey 😍😍 Aaron and Robert walking beside each other sharing mutual hatred for the psycho kid 😍😍 Aaron being pleasantly surprised by dorky dad!robert 😍😍 dorky dad!robert trying to bond with Cain over being dorky dads 😍😍 Aaron being protective of his own 😍😍 Aaron ready to bring Lachlan down and being smug when he succeeds 😍😍 Aaron and Belle scenes 😍😍 Aaron opening up to Belle about how Robert broke his heart when he had every faith he wouldn’t even after the warnings 😭😩🆘

'Why do we worry about our weight?'
Travis Mcelroy
'Why do we worry about our weight?'

“When I hear people be like, “I’d love to have another piece of cake but I can't” I’m like, “Fuck, some day you’ll be dead! Eat that damn cake!”…. Like, some day you’ll die! And no ones gonna worry about your weight anymore. They’re gonna worry about how happy you were." 

anyway ppl liked griffin giving real ass advice so here’s travis 

edit: justin!