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Imagine this though, Barry's actual last name is Hallwinter but has had the nickname Bluejeans before he went to the academy, and introduced himself as Bluejeans ever since, so everyone he has ever met since has know him as Barold Bluejeans, and his last name is only revealed in his and Lups wedding when they say his full name

I saw the og post for that headcanon and i love it

ok so i have this social science experiment project to do. and i have to dress “conservative”, “average”, and “provocative” I got the first ones but i might start a google hangout to help the second one?

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Hey Can u write about you being super drunk and harry having to pick you up but your super horny? I know u just sorta did that but an extended version or another part would b awesome!!! Love ur work b😻

Harry Styles | One Shot | …Maybe

“Bottoms up!” Is what’s howled around the circle and one by one everyone licks the salt of the back of their hands, gulps back the shot of tequila and sucks at the sour lemon. A wave of scrunched faces once again is shown over the circle and you smile sloppily when you realise that the amazing buzz you’re feeling right now will stick around for a little longer. Your friend, who’s clinging onto you by having her arm looped through yours, giggles in your ear about the guy who’s staring her up and down and you were sure that she would end up with him that night.

This however, would leave you to end up alone once again. Of course you had your friends and the night was wonderful. You hadn’t been craving for someone to whisper sweet nothings in your ear or someone to snuggle with in bed or tell you they love you. No, you didn’t need love. Being single was fine for you. Being sexless was a little less fine though. Something that did cross your mind was someone who would whisper dirty nothings into your ear, maybe grope you ass and kiss your neck. And after sex, you could throw a frozen pizza into the oven, watch a marathon of Friends or something and then maybe have some more sex. That’s what you wanted. Did that make you a cliché single woman in the city? Yes, probably. Did you still crave for it? Yes, absolutely. Did you have a person in mind?


And with your friend off to flirt with the guy who was already mentally undressing her, and her being drunk off her ass, who was there to stop you from texting that one person to come pick you up and entertain you like he always did? Yeah, nobody. So you grab your phone and dial his number. While you wait for Harry to pick up, because he’d probably been asleep, you give your friend a brief sign that you’re heading off, the small sign speaking enough words, saying:  ‘hey, have fun having sex, be safe, I’m off, tell me about it later’. You walk through the crowd of the club, greeting some people you know briefly and giving the bouncer a smile as you step out to the quiet streets, the music leaving a buzzing noise in your ears. You feel the brisk air hit your flushed cheeks and chest, and shiver slightly, walking away from the drunk queue waiting to get in.

Finally, you hear the phone going over and hear a groggy hum. “Harry! Hey! You were sleeping, weren’t you? Are we still friends?” You slur over the phone and you hear a low chuckle before hearing some shuffling on the other side.

“Uh, yeah.. Passed out on the sofa. You had a good night then yeah?” He asks, not hanging up on you like you expected him to, but then again, Harry never would. Even though that man had such a busy schedule, he never hung up on you and he was always interested in your stories. Which was not something you’d get from many people.

“Great night! I actually pushed my social anxiety away to go party, how good am I?” You chuckle and you can almost hear him smile as he listens to you.

“You must’ve had quite a lot to drink.” He concludes and you nod, even though he can’t see you.

“Only enough to lose my vision and be horny enough to sleep with anyone.” You say bluntly. Harry was a good friend and you weren’t scared to be honest with him, especially not when you were drunk. You weren’t going to tell him that with ‘anyone’ you meant him though.

“Right, yeah… I’m picking you up. See you in ten.” He states and hangs up, leaving you chuckling. He knew you were joking (sort of) and he would end up picking you up anyway, because you never went out and when you did, you wanted to end the night with drunk food, him and deep conversations. Not deep as in ‘what do you think will happen when we die?’, but deep as in ‘would you rather be talking cheese or a walking sausage?’. Harry didn’t mind having a few beers after picking you up, just to catch up with you. Little did you know, hanging out with you after you came home from parties, was one of his highlights and one of the moments where he felt like he could truly be himself and relax.  And he knew he could also do it when you wouldn’t be drunk, but it was just a lot of fun this way. And you were always available, because who has plans at three in the morning?

So there he was, ten to fifteen minutes later, waiting at the curb to pick you up. He steps out of the car and walks over, giving you a heart warming smile. This is when you noticed how wobbly you are, because after trying to figure out why Harry was moving so much you almost stumbled into his arms and realised you were the person moving. He lets out a surprised grunt and lets out a low chuckle. Any boy would roll their eyes at you and treat you like a baby. Harry however, knew that you could handle yourself and that even though your judgement was a little clouded right now, you knew very well what you were doing. So yes, he laughed at you. He didn’t roll his eyes or sigh, he helped you walk and treated you like any normal person.

Harry helps you into the car and buckles you up and you feel yourself melt into the heated seats, being very aware that the temperatures were dropping, because we were nearing the end of the year. Soon enough, you drive off to his place and in the background, you hear some soft, crackly music playing that puts you at ease. You look over to watch Harry, watch his hands grip the wheel and watch the profile of his face.

“What?” He asks when he notices you looking at him and you shake your head, turning to look back at the road.

“Thanks for picking me up.” You say quietly and you see him smile from the corner of your eyes. This was just how it was between the two of you. Everything was mutual. Except maybe one thing, the sexual attraction.

You drive up to his street and he parks the car, helping you out and carrying your shoes inside as you tiptoe to his house. The door close behind you and you are engulfed with warmth, goose bumps rising over your skin. You take out your hair pins and let your hair fall loose, which must not have looked attractive. Then out of nowhere the atmosphere changes.

You turn to look at him at the same time as he looks at you and you bite your lip. “I’m horny.” You blurt out and he nods, the hallway being too dark to show the expression in his eyes, though you see him clenching his jaw.

“I know. You always are when you’re drunk.” He explains and you close your eyes, collecting your courage and just deciding to spit it out, since you could always blame it on the alcohol.

“Alright. Then, without being rude..” You start, watching him intently for any sign of response “How many more times do I have to say that I’m horny before you actually throw me against a wall and kiss me?” You say and it falls silent. Even more silent than before. It wasn’t awkward, neither was it empty. No, it was filled. It was thick tension.

“Say it when you’re sober.” He says and the words didn’t surprise you. Of course he’d think you didn’t want him to take advantage of you.

“Harry. You know me. We’ve been drunk a thousand times. I turn it off. I know what I want, I know my boundaries. I want you. I want you every single night and I want you more when I’m drunk. So consider me sober when I say that I want you to kiss me.” You stay quiet and look at his face, still not being able to read it whatsoever. “…And consider me absolutely smashed if you say you don’t want the same.” You breathe out to lighten the mood, realising that he still had a choice and he could still say no, which was very likely if you compared yourself to others, especially the others Harry hung out with.

What you didn’t know was though, that Harry was baffled. Because he did know you and he knew that you meant every word you just said and that he had an important choice to make. So he dropped your shoes, walked over in three big strides until you’re sandwiched between him and the wall, staring up at him with wide eyes. “On one condition.” He murmurs lowly, his breath hitting your face as he pauses for you to take in the information. “No matter how hungover you are, I will get to have you again tomorrow, when we’re sober.” He explains and moves his hand up to cup your face, his cold thumb stroking your flushed cheek as he stares down at you, his dark eyes studying your features. Your smile is his answer and he leans down, kissing you carefully.

His hot lips mesh with yours as he drags his lips against yours. His hand slides down to your hip as he presses you against the wall and as soon as your hands bury themselves in his hair, the kiss deepens. He pulls you up to stand on your toes as he kisses you possessively and you realised that he didn’t just do this because you practically begged him to, but because he wanted this so, so bad.

As you were trying to focus on kissing him, your mind was trying so hard to comprehend that this was actually happening. Your head was spinning, the alcohol and his hungry kiss having their full effect on you. Thank God Harry was holding you tight between him and a wall, because you would’ve dropped to your knees if he didn’t (which in this situation, wouldn’t actually be the worst case).

The way he touched you, whispered to you and loved you was beyond anything you could’ve imagined and even with your drunken mind, you had some thoughts of your friendship with him being ruined, but the feeling of him pressed against you, giving you everything you wanted and needed took every doubt away. This little one night stand would completely be worth all of the dirt that comes after… Maybe.

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what do you think about palestinians who live in israel and say for themselves that they are israeli and that they feel israeli? i watched a video and a lot of them said they feel israeli and that was kind of weird.

See, I too ~feel weird~ about it but the thing is, I haven’t had their life’s experience so I can’t be as open with my judgment and opinion.

I say that because I have family and friends who are citizens of Israel. As a matter of fact, some of them were in an Israeli documentary where they were asked about how they identify and there was a big argument between them lol and they had split opinions. I can tell you that those (mostly older generation) identified as Palestinian regardless, yet those who protested (mostly younger generation) did so out of guilt, as they then explained how they have lived somewhat tucked away from Palestinians who are going though the torments of colonisation and occupation on a daily basis, and they feel that identifying with them is almost unreasonable given that they possess what they view as their status of privilege that Palestinians currently living under occupation do not enjoy.

I mean, there’s a lot I disagree with and some sentiments that make sense but again, I’m in no position to give my opinion on how they choose to identify especially, like I said, the overwhelming majority of those I personally know, do so out of sheer guilt. There definitely needs to be a serious conversation on identity among Palestinians, whether they live within Palestinian territory, Israel or in the diaspora.

I have to say though that I also do know a small, quite irrelevant, number of people who actually choose to identify as Israeli and not Palestinian out of self-hate and viewing “Israel” as, in their own words, “modern” (I guess, civilised? Lol). It should be quite obvious what I have to say about these idiots but it’s midnight and I’m tired.

Shattered Memo of the Day

Chromedome may possibly have a 2nd (or for picky people, 3rd) profession in his bag. Lawyer.

It’s not pushed on outside the LL Trials, yet anyway, but here Chromedome acted basically in a lawyer setting for this LILLIAC trial. It’s also mentioned that when Rewind had his trial, he also had Chromedome as his “lawyer”.

So there’s a possibility that Chromedome is a lawyer. Maybe it was his middle stepping stone from police to mnemosurgeon, though I personally doubt that.

The other argument, that I will not deny, is that Chromedome was the only one close to either of these two willing to do it. Since Magnus was part of LILLIAC, he couldn’t do it like he was for Megatron’s trial.

Chromedome’s policeman background would have been helpful here either way.