So you know this post where the OP points out that Ladybugs and Cats have different ways of seeing color so maybe that’s why Adrien and Marinette don’t recognize each other?

Imagine a Mantis Shrimp Kwami. During the first transformation, the human immediately panics because they’re seeing ALL THESE COLORS, and they’re supposed to go fight villains but they’ve got to reorganize their closet RIGHT NOW because NOTHING MATCHES.

Hymenopus coronatus

Sometimes known as the Walking Flower Mantis or Pink Orchid Mantis, Hymenopus coronatus is a species of flower mimicking mantis that is native to southeastern Asia. Hymenopus coronatus is a rainforest dweller, typically being encountered in Malaysia and parts of  Indonesia. Like other flower mantids H. coronatus lies in wait on or near flowers, ambushing any flying insects that stray too close. Some sources state that H. coronatus prefers the Melastome Melastoma polyanthum.


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Mantodea-Hymenopodidae-Hymenopus-H. coronatus

Image: Luc Viatour