(makes muffled sobbing noise)

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  How did this happen? Mikaela had put down his guard for a minute, had left Kurashi alone for such a short time, to pick some berries for him. Somehow, vampires had tracked them down and waited for the opportune moment to take Kurashi away. By the time he heard a noise from the silent intruders, they had already grabbed his lover and his sword. The progenitors than had taken him in restrained him, and he was no match for them. He didn’t expect them to personally come to take him back. They were only angry, not worried or even disappointed.

  Later on, they were brought to the basement of the manor, and Mikaela was forced to watch his lover be relentlessly tortured. He was put in enchanted bindings, and despite how much he struggled, all he could do was yell out threats, plead for them to stop, and struggle helplessly. No matter how much he begged for them to let Kurashi go, to torture and punish him, instead, the vampires only sneered at him and continued to harm the human.

   “Get away from him!”
                                                                       “I’ll kill all of you!”
             “Stop this now, or you’ll regret it!”
                                                                                 “Torture me, instead!”

  All of his begging fell on deaf ears, and he was eventually gagged, so he could only make muffled noises and sob.

  Finally, after Kurashi had fallen unconscious, and the last vampire was leaving, Mikaela broke free of the chains, leaving burn marks on his wrists and ankles from where the restraints had seared into his skin. He immediately rushed over to the torturer and ripped off his head, throwing it into the incinerator in the corner.

  Wanting to delay anyone for at least a while, Mikaela used the guard’s keys to lock the dungeon, then freed Kurashi and held him delicately in his arms. He brushed the hair out of his face, pressed their foreheads together, and sniffled.

     “Kurashi… Kurashi, wake up. We have to get out of here.”