(makes it hard for him and mako to make out)

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-An A/B/O relationship and during the Omega’s heat the Alpha does most of the fucking but the Beta is present, pulling the Omega to lie against their chest, stroking their hair and murmuring praises while maintaining eye contact with the Alpha because they know the Alpha loves it. The Beta taking it upon themselves to make sure everybody stays hydrated and happily pleasuring the Omega during the less intense waves of heat when the Alpha is less possessive and willing to share more (1/2)

((Okay so I got a bunch of ABO poly Roadrat request so I kind of tried to cram them all into one….so I hope that this is okay!))

The smell of your heat was intoxicating, wafting around every inch of the room, clinging desperately to your skin. You smelt of spun sugar and strawberries, of crisp summer nights and sunshine, of paradise and home. You fidgeted in the nest, the clothing against your skin too much for your overstimulated senses, quiet panting whines falling from your lips as you silently begged for reprieve. A blush burned scarlet against your cheeks, your eyes glazed over and craving, gaze fixed pointedly on your Alpha and your Beta. You knew your heat was approaching but the way it had hit you, all at once left your body screaming, demanding sustenance from them.

“Please”, you breathed out, a whine rising up from your chest as you clawed failingly at the oversized shirt on your frame, tears in your large eyes. It was Mako’s and it had smelled like him but now your scent had soaked into the fabric and the comfort you had drawn from it before was gone. Your hypersensitive skin needed it off, needed their help, needed their hands on you. But your mind could barely string together a coherent sentence, much less take the shirt off of your own volition. So beg you would. “Please…help please…I need…”

Mako’s chest rose and fell quickly, his gray eyes darkening as he watched you writhe and beg, his pupils large and blown out. Your scent was overwhelming him, sending every single Alpha instinct of his into overdrive; the want–no need– to possess you, protect you, breed  you making a low rumble of desire start in his chest. Jamie wasn’t as affected by your scent, more by the sight of you whining and blushing and twitching, the lanky Junker licked his lips before glancing to Mako. This wasn’t the first heat and it would be long from your last, the three of you having created a system after your first few heats together. The two taller Junkers undressed before either of them began to move close, Junkrat making the first moves as he usually did.

“Shh shh darl you’re alroight”, Junkrat hums, his voice uncharacteristically soft, dipping his head down and dropping to a knee in front of you. Mako managed to swallow the possessive growl that threatened to rise from his throat, allowing Junkrat this moment before diving onto you. “Ey shhh shhh, no crying sweets. Roadie and me’ll take real good care of ya, yeah? Make you feel like the fuckin’ tits.”

Jamison’s hand gently cup both sides of your face, a quiet, relieved moan tumbling from your lips,  the cool of his prosthetic paradise at your feverish skin. His thumbs pushed away the tears that rolled down your cheeks, his lips pressing hard to your forehead before dropping his hand and yanking the shirt up and over your head. A relieved sob left your mouth as you were freed from the shirt, Jamie dipping his head down and catching your lips briefly before pulling back with a wide grin. He moved behind you briefly, a panicked whine starting in your throat before Mako’s hand touched your head, your eyes darting up to lock with his. The heat of your body intensified, breath catching for a moment as his hand smoothed over your hair and lightly under your chin.

“Please Mako”, you whimpered softly, nuzzling into his hand, squeaking and jumping as you felt Jamison’s hand gently massage your breasts from behind. Your back arched, practically offering your body up to thee massive man above you. “Please….Alpha… I need you…”

A visible chill ran through Mako as he lowered himself to the ground in front of you, hand not leaving your face as he leaned forward and pressed a hard kiss to your lips. Your heat-addled brain was immediately intoxicated by his scent, head swimming and body buzzing hungrily for him. You moaned wantonly against his lips, hips rocking and shivering as his hands smoothed over and down her body earnestly. Your hands scrambled up to hold his wrist, trying frivolously to push his hands lower to your slick coated thighs that were growing wetter by the second as Mako kissed and explored you and Jamie groped at your breasts. You squeaked and jumped as Mako nipped warningly at your bottom lip, a low growl from your Alpha immediately cowing you into obedience. His tongue swept along your bottom lip, your lips parting immediately at his silent request, moaning as you were suddenly enveloped in his taste. Your mind went completely dazed, stars filling your bleary eyes as you became entangled in the sensation of them. When Mako pulled back he hummed appreciatively, your pleasure blown pupils, kiss swollen lips and flushed face the image of perfection.

“You still with us sweets”, Jamison giggled against the shell of your ear, thighs squeezing tight together as pleasure buzzed through you.

He giggled softly against your skin, nuzzling against the softness of your skin and hair as you nodded listlessly. Leaning back with you slowly, Jamison slid his hand down your chest, over your stomach and between you slick coated thighs. His prosthetic arm wrapped securely around your waist as he spread your legs more, presenting your glistening pussy to Mako. You clung tight to Jamie, leaning hard against him, hips rocking as you quietly whined and begged for your Alpha.

“Pretty ain’t she”, Jamie sighed, giggling softly against the back of your neck, the hand on your thighs lightly teasing your soaked folds, lifting his hand to his lips and sucking your slick off his digits with an obnoxious slurp. “Tastes like fuckin’ heaven too!”

Junkrat licked at his lips, an unseen devilish grin settling on his face as he easily slid two fingers into you, tittering as he bit down hard on your shoulder when your body arched. He slowly scissored his fingers in, eyes lifting from the side of your head to Hog, the Rat’s citrine eyes glowing mischievously as he stared up at Mako. Two fingers turned to three, your moans echoing off the wall at the full yet unfulfilled feeling in your core. Mako’s tongue darted out, wetting his lips, a low groan of desire rumbling in his chest as he watched Rat manipulate your body. Watched his beta take care of his omega, his cock throbbing hard and mind growing hazy with want.

“Please Alpha”, you whined, face burning in heat and desire and embarrassment at the lewd sounds made by Junkrat fingering and stretching you. Your eyes slipped closed tight for a brief moment before you forced them back open, panting needily. He was moving closer, his large, thick cock hard and ruddy with intense desire and need. Seeing it made your entire body scream in want, demanding to feel him inside of you now. “Need your knot, please…please?”

“God I want to breed you”, Mako growled darkly, making you moan at the thought of the idea, his brow arching up before a smirk settled onto his full lips. Your reaction to the word breed made his mind churn, his words filthy but welcome. “You like that Y/N? Dripping my cum? Filled with my pups? Should I breed you?”

You sobbed in pure need, nodding your head and pleading pitifully for him to take you and fill you and knot you and give you his pups, breaking the thin hold on control he had before. Jamison pulled his fingers from you as Mako surged forward, Jamison’s hand pumping and coating Mako’s cock in your slick, guiding the Alpha to your entrance. Tears sprung to your eyes, a cry of contentment falling from your lips as you felt him begin to enter you, your body arching against Junkrat’s as Mako’s hands held your hips steady. It took him several thrusts for him to bottom out, your slick making it much easier than normal, the pleasant stretch of him inside of you making you mewl softly.

Your hands lifted, scratching lightly at Mako’s chest as he rocked in and out of you, his thrusts growing hard as you lifted your hands and scratched at his  chest. He was forcing the frenzied thoughts away, your hypersensitive skin and cunt basking in Jamison’s caresses and Mako’s hard cock. Your were begging, whining, whimpering for him, but your mind couldn’t hear your words; eyes locked with your Alpha as he took you, the adoring dominance in his gaze making you shiver from the inside out.

“Such a good lil omega…”

Your walls clamped down hard around Mako, Jamison’s soft whispered words thrusting you over the edge of your first orgasm, your mouth opening in a silent gasp of surprise. Jamie let out a low whistle, dazzled by your first plummet, fingers dragging down your body and rubbing slowly around your clit as Mako’s thrusts sped up. You would have jerked away if they were not holding you, Hog’s harder thrusts and Rat’s stroking of your throbbing clitoris making you feel like your entire being was being scalded. Stars danced at the edge of your vision, your core burning molten hot, every muscle in your body tightening and relaxing and tingling in such an intoxicating way you felt drunk on the feel of them.

“There ya go darlin’”, Jamison panted against your ear, your body jumping slightly as his lilting words poured over your senses like honey. “Come for us lil omega…come on you beautiful thing, cum for us.”

“Cum sweetheart”, Mako grunted between his thrusts, voice authoritative yet tender, your core beginning to rapidly uncoil as came.

“Oh”, you breathed out as the first wave overtook you,surprised you, your eyes growing wide and tears rolling down your cheeks before they shut tight. Fireworks burst behind your closed eyes, body going limp in both of their arms, walls milking Mako hard and forcing him over his own edge. Your whines began to grow as you felt his knot grow, slipping in and out of you briefly before catching inside of you, groaning softly as his hot cum became plugged inside of you. It took you a moment to open your eyes, your body completely supple as Junkrat talked to Mako, the two of them taking care of you.

“Oy Hog”, Junkrat breathed out, hand pulling away from your nethers and lightly rubbing right above your public mound. “Take Y/N ‘fore ya knock out! Burnin’ up under the botha ya, need ta get some water for darl here ‘fore she passes out.”

You felt Mako’s hands move between your and Junkrat’s body, carefully cradling you to his belly as he turned onto his side. He fell away from Rat, his knot still firmly secured within you, gingerly spooning himself around you and cuddling you close. You felt safe in his arms, satiated and dazed but happy, purring quietly as his arms wrapped securely around your middle. Your purrs grew a bit louder, eyes lazily peeling open as Junkrat’s hand lightly smoothed over your forehead and cheek with a cool cloth. He gave you a toothy grin before handing you a special water bottle that could be drank while still on your side. This was home and safe, the overwhelming scent of your Alpha against your back and your beta at your front, a lazy wide smile stretching across your face. After taking several gulps of your water you gave a low murr of contentment, nuzzling back into Mako and sleepily reaching out to grab at Junkrat’s hand.

“Nmm love you…”

“Love you too darl! Get some shuteye.”

“Love you too…”

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Oh wow. That Mako x Reader has me bothered. Could you write one with a really rough Mako? Also not sure if this is something you play around with, but maybe something with vampire!mako?

((Just a warning, there is choking, blood, and fear play))

You may have messed up…badly. Light and dark spots began to fill your vision as Mako’s hand began to tighten around your throat,  your brows furrowed and eyes wide as he choked you. Tears burned in your eyes before rolling down your cheeks, your chest heaving as you tried to pull air into lungs, your fight-or-flight response kicking in too late. Mako smirked as your hands rose, clawing pitifully, desperately at his large appendage, doe like gaze begging him for forgiveness.


You completely crumpled to the floor as soon as Mako released his hold on your throat, hands scrambling up to rub at your throat as you heaved air into you oxygen starved lungs. A scream tore from your aching throat, chest still rising and falling as Mako’s hand twisted into your hair, the behemoth of a man effortlessly picking you from the ground and holding you on your tiptoes. Your eyes darted to Mako’s bright gray ones, more tears spilling down your cheeks when you saw the disappointment, the agitation in his gaze.

“I-I-I am so sorry Master”, you gasped out, trying to keep the whine that Mako despised out of your voice. “I a-apologize! P-please!”

“Hm”, Mako grunted, briefly setting you back on your feet but not loosing his hand from your scalp. “What did you do, huh?”

A very soft whine slipped from your throat, a cry following as his hand twisted to hurry you up.

“I ate something sp-sp-spicy”, you whimpered, stumbling backwards as he released you, glowering down at you. You shrank under his gaze, sudden arousal fighting with the need to prostrate yourself before him. You adored it when he was rough with you, craved it. But this is a mistake you would never make purposefully. “I’m sorry Master! It w-was careless of me, I tried something n-new when I was out and I didn’t kn-know…”

The large daywalker absolutely despised what spicy food did to your blood; twisting bitter, acrid notes into the sweet, fruity vanilla notes that normally accented your life force. He was a lover of all things sweet; still partaking in fruits and chocolates and pastries despite them providing no real nutritional value. And you were no exception to that preference. The two of you had stumbled upon each other almost two decades ago, a particularly potent allergy season causing frequent nosebleeds whenever you ventured outside. You had made it a habit to keep several packs of tissue on you at all times but on that particular day you had been running late and forgotten to stock up your supply.

You had ran face first into Mako, stumbling backwards, your cupped hands just barely stemming the flow of blood from reaching the crisp Pachimari shirt he wore. His eyes practically glittered when your gazes locked, unable to look away from the man even as your nose leaked. Now you knew that was his glamour, a hypnotic gaze that captivated you, but then you thought it was love at first sight. He was so tall, hair a startling shade of snow white and yet he didn’t look a day over 40 to you. His tan skin was marred by a few scars but it had your mind running through so many questions even as he offered you his handkerchief and an escort to the bathrooms. From that moment on you had been enthralled by the man; Mako surprisingly open about what he was and what he wanted from you, mincing no words. And despite having just met him, you took the plunge. Since then you had been his; his lover, his submissive and plaything and his favorite meal. Biannually he required that you drink from him; a cut on the wrist imbuing you youth and vigorous energy, adding years to your lifespan without turning you. He loved you and didn’t require much of you but when you did make mistakes…you knew there would be a price to pay.

The frown on his face twisted into a slow, knowing sneer as he stared down at you, the knowing look in his silver eyes and the glint of one of his fangs sending a shiver of fearful ecstasy down your spine. Run. You didn’t know if it was the look in his gaze or your actual flight-or-fight response, but you didn’t care. The word sounded in your head like an alarm as he began to stalk towards you, the man towering over you even more with you being on the floor. You clumsily began to slide backwards, your dress sliding further beneath your ass and helping you scoot before you twisted and pushed yourself up. You tripped over your own feet, once then twice as you darted away from him, hip checking the dining room table as you escaped from the dining room into the kitchen. You rounded the island, trying to rush towards the door that would lead to the hall where maybe you cou–

“Get over here!”

You squeaked as you felt his forearm wrap around your waist and yank you backwards against the warm bulk of his stomach. You flailed and screamed, babbling apologies as you attempted to free yourself from his tight hold, tears rolling down your cheeks as you pointlessly pushed at him. He chuckled darkly as he stood to full height, smirking as he carried you through the house and towards the playroom. Halfway there you gave up the struggle, hiccuping and sniffling pitifully as you continued to apologize over and over. He said nothing to you, a man of few words, continuing to laugh lowly even as he threw you onto the bed. You laid there stunned for a brief moment before attempting to sit up.

“Stay”, he ordered, the slight growl in his gravelly voice pinning you to your seat.

“Y-yes Master”, you answered, shuddering as you laid back fully, fingers rubbing at your tear-stained cheeks. “I really am sorry…”

You watched Mako pause for a brief moment, the vampire turning to look at you with a softer look in his gaze.

“Apology accepted”, he answered, his voice genuine before he turned back towards the large chest he was rummaging through. Relief flooded through you, warmth emanating from chest at his simple words of forgiveness. “You still deserve your punishment.”

Uneasiness crackled through you as he turned, the thin belt he held in his hands making a shiver dance down your spine. This wasn’t one the man wore, rather, one bought for the express purpose of punishing you. It was a thin belt, hand dyed black and made by a small shop in a country the two of you had visited years ago. The belt buckle was simple and silver, no real embellishments added nor needed for what the device would be used for. It was said that the mind did not hold onto the idea of pain but you could vividly remember how it felt when the thin belt would snap across your skins; the reddened welts that would dance across your skins before the belt would crack again across another area.

You felt your heart jump into your throat, as he descended upon you, the fear that rippled through you spiking when his large hand effortlessly wrapped around your ankle and pulled you to the edge of the bed. His eyes were locked on you, belt dropping on the bed as you were captivated by his gaze. Flinching, you whined as his hands grabbed the edge of your dress, a surprised squeak of protest tumbling from your lips as his hands tore through the fabric of your dress. He snickered, his eyes pulling away yet still trapping you with their intensity, his gaze slowly dancing down your body. You could feel him eye the pouty expression on your lips, his tongue darting out as he looked at the junction of skin between your shoulders and neck. Your bare chest was falling and rising, blood rushing through, this apex predator of a man surging forward and delicately taking your throat in his hands once more. He didn’t squeeze though, his large fingers turning your face from left to right, soaking in your expression while his other hand dragged down your body. As tense and as frightened as you were you couldn’t help but shiver under his touch, a surprised moan wrenched from your lips as his hand cupped your clothed cunt.

“You’re soaked”, he said simply as his large middle finger dragged up and down the soaked crotch of your panties, teasing the covered folds before pressing hard where your clit was.

Your thighs twitched, trapping his hand briefly before a slight squeeze of your throat made you release him. Your hips wiggled, whimpering and moaning softly as he continued to toy with you, knowing you had completely soaked through the thin cotton of your panties. He chuckled, the laugh deep and throaty before he pulled back, making a show of lifting his hand to his face and licking your juices from his fingers. A searing blush climbed down from your cheeks and into your neck, your eyes tempted to squeeze shut in bashfulness yet knowing better. Mako craved the blown out look of your pupils, the tears making your eyes glimmer and shine in a way that made something primal within him purr. Your heart began to pound hard as a slow, feral grin tugged at Mako’s lips, his hands pulling away from your body briefly before both of his hands grasped at your hips. You braced yourself as he effortlessly flipped you over, one hand pinning the small of your back down while his other massaged at your ass.

“Ma-master”, you moaned as you pressed your face into the comforter, biting at the fabric to nip at your moans. Your body responded to his touch hungrily, your skin overly sensitive and tingling, your ass arching into his hand and cunt dripping. He massaged at your full flesh hard, bringing the blood to the surface and to prepare your ass for the beating it was about to endure.

He responded with a low rumbling sound of amusement before his hand lifted away and fell back against your rear dully. You gulped slowly as his intensity slowly began to pick up, the slaps starting off gentle and spaced apart before speeding up and increasing in strength and speed. The pressure of his hand against the small of your back held you in place, your leg kicking and squirming met with quick, sharp slaps to your upper thighs as a warning. Tears burned at your eyes, you nethers throbbing and dripping traitorously as the torture drove you to pained rapture. You whined low in your throat as he gave you the shortest reprieve, your head twisting away from the tear-stained comforter and breathing deeply and sniffling pitifully. You whined as his hand smoothed over your hot, reddened ass, a low, breathy chuckle leaving his lips.

“We’re just getting started”, he breathed out, the jingling of the belt buckle keying you into what was coming next. You bit down on your bottom lip hard as the cool leather of the belt was teasingly dragged across your ass, tensing up as he pulled back.

Mako waited until you relaxed to bring the first swing down onto your waiting ass; a searing pain spreading through your ass, a scream of surprise torn from your lips. He set a brutal pace, the belt falling on your skin in crisscrossing patterns, barely a moment reprieve before it fell against your ass again. Your screams and cries filled the air, your body flinching and rolling as the stinging pain of it all spread through your body, your nethers absolutely dripping with masochistic desire. Still, your mind reminded you that this was your fault, that you had earned your punishment with your carelessness. He was doing this so you would do better, be better, be the good girl he expected you to be. You didn’t know how long his punishment lasted, your screams dissolving into whimpers as he slowed down, gasping out surprisedly as his large hand lightly caressed the welts that covered your ass. The bed sunk next to you as he took a seat, his hands reaching out to gently pick you up into his arms.

“C’mere”, he said softly, his arms cradling around you, his hands gently massaging your stinging rear. “You learned your lesson?”

You nodded your head quickly, sniffling loudly as he pushed the tears away from your cheeks, pressing your face hard into his shoulder. His hand soothed the sting away, leaving your rear with a dull throbbing and heat, murmuring soft words of encouragement to you before gently coaxing your chin away from his shoulder.

“Hm”, you hum, your body tired yet humming for your lover, his gray eyes darkened with lust.

“Good girl”, he said simply before dipping down and crushing a kiss to your lips, your body shivering hard at the contact.

You moaned into his mouth, one of his teeth lightly nipping at your lips, his tongue darting out to lick the blood that beaded out. Your hands clawed at his chest as he suckled at your bottom lip, the hand on your rear massaging even harder as you pulled yourself closer to him. Heat burned through you, molten desire pooling in your nethers as he tasted your life essence, your eyes flickering open and shut before he lowered you back onto the bed and stood. You watched him as he methodically began to disrobe, unbuttoning his shirt bit by bit before pushing it off and revealing his scarred and hairy chest. His pants were tight, his thick cock straining to be released from its confined, his hand massaging his cock teasingly for a moment before unzipping his pants. Your tongue darted out as you stared at his length, pre-cum dripping from the thick, reddened head of his shaft. Moving back onto the bed, Mako reached out and gently nudged your legs apart with one of his hands, his palm pressing and massaging into your soaked cunt.

“Please”, you whined, your back arching as he teased your folds, one of his fingers beginning to press against your dripping entrance.

You gasped louder as the thick digit entered you, swirling around slowly and teasing your walls carefully. He never rushed, no matter how loudly you begged, knowing he needed to stretch you so he didn’t tear or hurt you. Your hips rolled slowly, trying to press more of him in and mewling when his thumb grazed your needy clit, your breath stolen as he began to press another digit in. Slowly he scissored his fingers inside of you, stretching you out bit by bit until you had cum once, lips parted and body writhing in need. Peering up at him through half-lidded eyes, a shudder of desire ran down your spine as he hungrily cleaned his hand of your juices. There was no rush in his movements as he turned you onto your stomach once more, his hands gently positioning you so your chest was pressed to the blanket, your ass and dripping cunt presented perfectly to him. Pulling your arms under your chin, you cast a look over your shoulder as he moved closer, your lips parting as he began to press into your needy cunt.

No matter how many times the two of you had coupled, Mako was always a tight fit. You hissed as he stretched your walls, your eyes squeezing tight as he filled you, toes curling as he pulled halfway out before pressing forward once more. Slowly he rocked in and out of you, your cunt slowly stretching to accommodate him as the swell of his belly pressed against your ass and back. You cried out as he finally bottomed out inside of you, your walls clinging to him tight and fluttering at the slightest movement he made. His hips rolled and snapped as he fucked you into the mattress, his hands smoothing down your spine and sides and massaging at your skin tenderly. You were in heaven; your skin purring at his touch, ass and cunt throbbing in unison as he pounded into you, making it known that he not only forgave you but he craved you desperately.

Stars danced behind your eyes as pleasure overtook you, body succumbing to his motions, unable to resist the precipice that was your orgasm. Mako had learned your body and its ticks, how a twist of a hips to the right made your toes curl and bottoming out made your brain go fuzzy and blank. Clawing at the comforter, he pressed fully into you, your mind flooded with thoughts of how you belonged to him, how he would care for you, how he loved you. He was flooding your mind as he filled your body with his hardness, completely encompassing you both physically and mentally with everything that was him. You could barely breathe as his pace picked up, his hips crashing into yours as the two of you pushed closer to coming undone together. You plunged over the ledge first, Mako following soon after as your walls milked him for his seed. Mako’s arm wrapped tight around your waist, the man twisting to the side as he carefully pulled out of your cunt, his seed spilling down your thighs and onto the comforter, pulling your body up until your head was near his.

You were tired, your eyes heavy as he nuzzled into the side of your neck, pressing soft kisses into the crook of your shoulder and neck before biting down onto the same place he always had. Tingling warmth spread from the bite throughout your body, your eyes slipping closed completely as you allowed him to make a meal of you, knowing there was no other place you would rather be.

(So my logic behind all of this is that fear/arousal chases away the bitter notes and makes it complex and delicious. I do hope you enjoyed loves :))

missc3r3alkiller  asked:

Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your writing, it's amazing and it gives me both the feels and a good dose of sin. Also if it's not too much trouble i'd like to request poly!roadrat, genji, and hanzo listening to their s/o read them a classic novel. Them sitting/laying and watching their s/o intently, listening to their voice, and loving every moment of it.

This is such a lovely prompt. And I realise I could have just gone with an ambiguous novel and be done with it. Instead I spent the entire day coming up with something appropriate for each character, because why wouldn’t I do that.

Poly!Roadrat - Momo. Simply because I feel like they would enjoy the plucky underdog fighting against suits men in grey.

Genji - Frankenstein. Yeah, I know, way too easy. But how the creature is portrayed in the novel reflects both the self-hate Genji used to have and the way he sees himself now (also The Tale of Genji would have been even easier)

Hanzo - The Thief Lord. I realise it’s not a classic novel, but God I had the hardest time picking out something for him that fit. I first went through some Japanese classics, but with his extensive education he would have probably read a lot of them already and I wanted something that none of the characters had read before. European literature didn’t really have the themes I was looking for and pre-colonial African classics are pretty much impossible to find, except for the assurance that they exist. So, in my despair, I went to get a snack, walked by my bookcase and my childhood jumped practically into my arms. The Thief Lord is about two brothers who escape their troubled home and do everything to protect each other, and finally finding a family in an unlikely place. It’s everything Hanzo and Genji could have had if it weren’t for tragedy and fratricide.

Anyway, now that you’ve suffered through my ramblings, I hope you enjoy :)

Requests are closed.

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Rating: M

Summary: Sometimes they like to play rough. Very rough.

A/N: The refined, compiled version of this (posted also to FF and AO3). Back when I wrote that I’d only intended to post ‘Part 1’, however I just couldn’t help myself and had to finish it. It was quite liberating to write Korra/Mako this way. I’ve definitely censored myself before when writing smut, which I refused to do here, and so I was able to write with a very comfortable ease. Not sure if that makes this my headcanon for the dynamics of the pair’s sexual relationship, but I can confidently say that I’ve never written or been able to picture it as vividly. But enough chatter. Enjoy!

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what the heckie was that book 3 finale I’m in pieces. So here’s aftermath makorra back at air temple island. this one’s for alice since….I broke my promise and wrote this fic before the other one..I’m scUM.

“Can you take this to Korra?”

Mako looks down at a tray of food unlikely to be found at air temple island: seal jerky, chicken soup, apple slices covered in cinnamon sugar, a big salad of green veggies, and some smoothie he can’t identify. Pema goes out of her way to make Korra meals high in protein and calories to try and get some of her strength back, which means she tries her handle in cooking meat. It’s been awhile, and her first attempt at seal jerky is burned, but Tenzin steps in to help since he remembers just how Katara used to make it.

It’s a tray of good food, but he doubts Korra will eat much of it.

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Roadrat: 1812

Title: 1812
Pair: Roadrat
(A lovely little anon asked for Mako feeling guilty over failing ‘Rat. And @junkphilia​ helped me with this by giving me some key words to work off of. (Words being CD and Russia). So! Story mostly from ‘Hog’s perspective which I don’t do often.)

Cloud white; the grey stones were covered in the powdered fall of snow. Packed and fluffy after days of snow fall; something Australians were not likely to see. Something so many in cold climates took for granted.
The pristine white, the look of freshness and purity that seemed to cover the land. Silence everywhere; the blanket effect that snow seemed to have on the world around it. It was such a strong force, such a heavy feeling that set into your spine and your soul and seemed to carry you across the ground in a ballet.

White everywhere. 

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thepuppysoldier  asked:

"α" (yes good this could be fun))

Send me a “α” for a starter where my muse is your muse’s alpha.

Watching the cadets training, Sephiroth could think so a gigantic list of things he’d rather be doing right that second. There were bills he’d left opened on his desk at home that still needed paying, a mysterious substance in a tupper ware dish he’d found that morning [he suspected Zack tried to make… something], not to mention the fact that Lazard was planning another mission. 

The smell of testosterone in the air was making him want to hide his nose, he was a bit more sensitive to it due to mako treatments and was already starting to pray for wind. “Cadets, center!” The Captain was tense and Sephiroth knew why, it was hard not to know that his presence was making training difficult for him.

Reaching into his pocket, Sephiroth dry swallowed one of the scent suppressant pills he often carried around with him. He knew his scent was overwhelmingly powerful, he didn’t quite enjoy stressing people out. Finally, he grabbed his PHS and dialed Zack. 

“Alright. You got me,” he started. “Where are you? And what is that substance in the fridge and when was it made? I could have swore it growled at me this morning.” His tone indicated that Sephiroth would hunt Zack down if he could, he wanted to bury his face in the other’s neck and take in his scent.

Soumako stripper AU

Sousuke is called for a job at a house, he goes in there and it turns out Rin called for him because it’s one of his friend’s birthdays. Aka Makoto. so mako is super embarrassed and he’s super red and sousuke thinks its really cute so he gives him the best lap dance he’s ever given somebody. He tried to make it extra sexy too. Makoto is hard as a rock but he’s so embarrassed and he kinda just runs out of the house and hides. Sousuke puts his clothes back on and goes to find him. When he finds him, he apologizes and makoto’s like “no! i’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, I’m a virgin and i got scared I’m so sorry.” and sousuke may or may not think this is the cutest client he’s ever fucking had and he just kisses him and tells him that it’ll be fine and that Rin just likes being a major asshole and that makoto is the cutest customer he’s ever had and they walk back into haru’s house holding hands and Rin’s like wtf, Haru is glaring at Sousuke, Rei is cowering in the corner like the giant bby he is, and of course Nagisa is squealing and thinking about bara boys together.