Mad Emoiselle Sarabande based out of Florence, Italy is a single person, its one heart beats at the rhythm of four hands and 20 fingers. Mad Emoiselle Sarabande was born in 2007 from an old and very strong friendship of Elettra Capecchi and Carlotta Forassassi. Mad Emoiselle enjoys the classical 4 hands repertoire but at the same time they love exploring new and extravagant projects (theater, dance, fashion and music alike). Their dream is to play in more off beaten paths away from your typical music venues. Their secret objective is to turn classical music into pop. Overtime they have performed in museums, private houses, gardens, hostels, castles and big lawns.

The complicity between Elettra and Carlotta has always been the secret ingredient of Mad Emoiselle as well as the basis of their joy when playing together. Every time they sit at the piano they immediately are immersed in their world, they talk for a few minutes and then they start playing and that’s where they really meet. The alchemy starts just seconds later: they communicate without a single word uttered but rather with intuition and imagination, they understand each other at a glance, they respect each other’s silence and are moved by the same fragments of sound. Every rehearsal, every concert makes their playing even stronger than ever. 

Playing four hands can be sometimes hard and uncomfortable: you really need to be close to be sharing such a small space while playing during a concert or over hours and hours of rehearsal time. But you should see how quickly and wisely their hands entangle and move on the piano just to look like spiders walking up and down a black and white board while their wrists dance the softest music.  

The piano duet Mad Emoiselle Sarabande gives us an inside look into where they draw their inspiration. As you can see it’s a wide range of eclectic figures, from musicians, an illustrator, photographer, an author / conservationist and a historical film highly stylized with pop culture elements.

*English illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist Raymond Briggs, wonderful & inspiring studio.

*Sofia Coppola’s highly stylized film ‘Marie Antoinette’: known for its modern twist filled with whimsical costumes, decadent colors, cinematography and a new wave and post punk soundtrack.

*Gerald Durrell, an English naturalist, author, conservationalist and zoo keeper; founder of Jersey Zoo. His Best-known work is ‘My Family and Other Animals’ (1956), which tells of his idyllic, if oddball, childhood on Corfu.

*Renowned Italian writer and poet Alda Merini, known for her intense, passionate and mystic writing style.

*Italian Jazz pianist, Enrico Pieranunzi who fuses classical technique with jazz.

*Critically acclaimed Argentine pianist, Martha Argerich; noted for her recordings of 20th century works such as Rachmaninoff, Massiaen and Prokofiev.

*Parisian born photographer Laurent Chehere’s, ‘Flying Houses’ series, a collection of fantastical buildings, homes, tents and trailers suspended in the air.

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