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The Mystery Machine by [Nocturne]
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I had the pleasure of shooting The Mystery Machine owned by www.facebook.com/stickerbods I always enjoy photographing unique vehicles and have always been a scooby doo fan since a young lad. Even my wife and son tagged along for the shoot to see it. It’s one of those vehicles that you drive past or look at and can’t help but smile and wave and take pictures of. As for authenticity it’s the best one i’ve seen. They even have a little Scooby wagon in the back and a giant scooby doo plush to finish it off. To make it better they are planning some chaity events with it as well so it’s all for a good cause. I really enjoyed photographing it and have a bunch of photos I am happy with and will be uploading in good time. It took me a long time to decide which photo I liked bes tto upload, I think this one gives the best perspective. Enjoy Don’t forget to check out my sponsors www.ledlenser.com - www.rosco.com - www.elwirecraft.co.uk and my website www.noctography.co.uk Including the shop www.noctography.bigcartel.com Facebook - www.facebook.com/noctography and two more important links www.lightpaintingphotography.com www.lpwalliance.com

Uno, k se cel samozavesten vkipaš na bus, looking good, feeling good, najlepši od vseh treh čakajočih na postaji, pripravljajoč se, da boš šoferju, ki za spremembo ni fosil, namenil prijazen pozdrav in se ti v poskusu elegantnega manevra z Urbano neumna kartica izmuzne med prsti, odskoči od poda, v pločnik in pod avtobus.


Ain’t Got Nobody” by Bisou Presents & Kelli-Leigh


Apparently Kelli-Leigh has entered 2016 with a new resolution: never go uncredited again. And on “Ain’t Got Nobody” it sounds like nothing less than long-overdue justice.

Here and on The Singles Jukebox and on Twitter, we’ve been talking about #freekellileigh and #pray4kellileigh since early 2014, and at that point she was more of a symbol of the injustice done by the longstanding practice of not crediting session vocalists (even when they’re leads) on EDM tracks. We didn’t know what she sounded like on her own; an earlier solo EP did little to answer the question. But a funny thing happened on the way to Kelli-Leigh becoming a symbol for an unfair reality: she started releasing music as herself, and that music was really damn good.

On her own, carrying her name, Kelli-Leigh has a vocal that’s warm and assured, flexible enough to coo and croon with the same assurance that it reaches for the rafters. She was all but anonymous a couple years back, but on “Ain’t Got Nobody” she again how much more she deserves. Which isn’t to diminish the strong, interesting work Bisou does here - the track is built on familiar genre elements, but it shuffles them every few measures, combining and recombining adding or subtracting, and never quite repeating itself. But Kelli-Leigh is mixed high for good reason: it’s because of her that the song achieves earworm status. I’m thrilled she’s getting the credits she deserves - but “Ain’t Got Nobody” represents more than that. It hints at the possibility that pretty soon, it’ll be foolish for producers not to have her name be the one in lights.


Here and there, I’ve encountered a general over-ness of the breathy, sweet-voiced Aaliyah approach to vocals. Sometimes I agree, it’s a stylistic tic that conceals an otherwise artistic void, and sometimes this is directed at Tinashe and she’s above reproach. Mostly, these singers are fine and whispering about deviant sex or bad parties is suitable. But when it comes to an emotion and profound and simple as sadness, you can’t float through the room without even a toe touching the ground. Kelli-Leigh offers a powerful, resonant vocal in service of all the broken-hearted. All the ripped to shreds, all the crying in public, all the torn from time asunder. What she projects is gnawing and fierce, an emotional bloodletting. At the same time, we don’t hear the effort at all. She rolls through “Ain’t Got Nobody” with total clarity and uninterrupted force. There is little better than Heartbreak House and there’s no better Heartbreak House vocalist than Kelli-Leigh. 

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What Would the Marijuana Market Look Like Under a Bernie Sanders Presidency? -- The Motley Fool
The simple answer is that the marijuana market would likely get a lot bigger than it is today, but (as there often is) there's a bit more to the story than that.
By Todd Campbell

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Alison Myrden is part of the marijuana majority. Are you?
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Lichen planopilaris (LPP) can occur in all skin types. The findings are similar: single hairs, destruction of the normal architecture of 2 and 3 haired follicular units, and perifollicular scale (scale around the hairs) … and absence of the hair follicle openings (indicating scarring. #hair #hairloss #scarring #cicatricial

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I’ve got to share this amusing little gem of a story. Serendipitously, just last night I finished the book ‘Possessed: The Rise and Fall of Prince’ by Alex Hahn. I highly recommend this read to anyone interested in the man. It affirms many things I’ve heard from former associates of his, and leads right into what happened this morning. A day or two ago, a gentleman requested use of an #LPPisART image for a concert review he wrote of this past weekend’s Paisley Park events, fully aware of the history but being ok with pushing some buttons. I, of course, was happy to oblige. Unbeknownst to me, the review got picked up by Glide Magazine, but the reviewer, I find out later, was asked to provide an alternate image and was pretty sure the LPP image would be out, but to his surprise, it was kept in. To *my* surprise, Prince tweeted the review, LPP image included. Well, he apparently didn’t realize what he was tweeting, because incredibly, as I was messaging the reviewer a congratulatory note, he received both an email and a phone call from the Prince camp demanding that he replace the image immediately. He and the magazine conceded and the image has been replaced. Any lingering doubts that Prince takes umbrage with LPP? Let them go. Not long after that, he began hunting for the proprietors of a European Prince party that also used an LPP image (with permission) in their poster, tweeting something about using/abusing art, cover charges, and lawyers. Damn, dude. #LOL

Nasprot mene se je vsedla ženska različica Žižija. Vsake 2 sekundi poprav položaj na sedežu, skomigne z enim komolcem, pa z drugim, poprav očala, vehementno obrne list revije, čeprav se zdi, da sploh ne bere, pogleda dol, pogleda vn. Očala potisne na konico nosu. Obsojujoče se zazre v voznika sivega golfa, ki je izsilu prednost. Pogleda potnike, pogleda v revijo. Obrne list. Skomigne z rameni. En komolc, drug komolc. List.

Lichen planopilaris (LPP) - early stages. It’s not too often we get to see LPP in the earliest stages. Patients with LPP often get bothersome “pimples.” They pick at them for months or years without really knowing these pimples often destroy hair. #hair #hairloss