So Markiplier’s first Five Nights at Freddy’s video made YouTube’s 10th Anniversary A-Z playlist under L is for Let’s Plays, sandwiched between two minecraft videos and an explanation of what Let’s Plays are. 

Playlist Link

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my dash is boring af follow me if you like the bands below, i'll follow back

- 5 Seconds of Summer
- Linkin Park
- Panic! At the Disco
- Green day
- All time low
- Mayday parade
- Of mice & men
- Black veil brides
- My Chemical Romance
- Fall out boy
- Evanescence
- Hollywood undead
- Sleeping with Sirens
- Nirvana
- Arctic Monkeys
- Bring me the horizon
- Paramore


Is this their wedding dance?


Soo, I was watching Alice in Wonderland (Cartoon Version.) and then suddenly YouTube stopped me at the right ridiculous moment..

So I decided to edit it to LP vs MM (Idiotic way) I can’t help but laugh as I draw (I can’t draw CBS tho, I sucks look at her leg ew…)