I have come up with more head canons for my swan babies. (I need to be stopped, pls send help) If you want to know, they are mostly spa head canons because, why not? (slight Ushiten and Semishira. come on you guys know me by now)

  • You know how Ushijima reads the adds on magazines? imagine him finding some sort of face mask thing and ordering a bunch of them
  • when the team finds out they just ignore it until Tendou says they have no other choice but to use them. (for team bonding he says, but really he just wants to see the others in face masks)
  • They go to Reon’s house because his is the biggest
  • the face masks they have are all obnoxious neon/bright colors. The others asked Ushijima why he picked those, he only said they reminded him of something. (but when they weren’t looking he glanced at Tendou and smiled)
  • Semi’s face mask was hot pink, he kept complaining about it until Shirabu said it was a good color on him. (were they blushing under the masks? the world may never know)
  • Yamagata gets dared to have his legs waxed, he went through with it, but sounded like a dyeing animal
  • After feeling how smooth his legs are, the other third years plus Kawanishi decide to wax their’s too
  • Goshiki hid in a closet b/c the screams scared him and Shirabu straight up left the house. (he came back later, but regretted it because he couldn’t stop staring at Semi’s legs)
  • Reon is very good at painting nails, he gives the third years manicures. (Tendou’s has anime characters, Semi’s has flowers, Yamagata’s has memes, and Ushijima’s nails are painted with little volleyballs)
  • Tendou buys a bunch of hair clips and puts them in Ushijima’s hair
  • Ushi asks if he can play w/ Tendou’s hair too. Hist hair is put down and looks like a bowl cut again. (Ushijima thinks it’s adorable)
  • Goshiki spends the rest of the night in the closet b/c he fell asleep in there
  • Kawanishi forgets to was his mask off and gets it all over his futon
  • Reon sleep walked into the yard, none of them know how b/c up until that point Reon had never sleep walked
  • Yamagata thinks that he and Reon were abducted by aliens because that have small scabs in the same place
  • Semi rolled to Shirabu in his sleep, Shirabu wakes up but can’t move b/c Semi is bear hugging his leg. (He also thinks he looks too cute to wake up)
  • Tendou is bear hugging Ushi and his hair is a mess, but Ushi thinks it’s cute and asks Goshiki to take a picture
  • Kawanishi secreatly fears for his life because he finds a scab similar to Yamagata’s and Reon’s and begins to fear that he, too, was abducted by aliens

I wanted to make some spa head canons for my babies since they could all use the relaxation. They also somehow ended up turning into sleep over/team bonding head canons, so I hope you don’t mind! (I also tried to tone down my massive Ushiten and Semishira boner, it’s still in there but less. give me a break i’m doing the best i can)

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hey so once you're done with the hp kick(which I love btw), I was wondering if you'd do something about the McMercy siblings(McCree and Mercy with a sibling-esque relationship, just so there's no confusion)? I just really like the idea of them having that sibling thing goin on.

absolutely!! absolutely yes i love mccree and mercy being siblings 

(this is basically a continuation-ish on this post just fyi but you don’t necessarily need to have read it, just know that jack and gabe have taken the two under their wings) 

ok so jesse and angela were sort of the in-between generation of overwatch, like even though they are around the same age as genji and everyone who joined up later, they were really, really young when they first joined. and that’s honestly the only reason they ever really became close, because otherwise with jesse being in blackwatch and angela being one of the ‘faces’ of overwatch, they would’ve rarely if ever crossed paths and there would’ve been rivalries to work through

but they go through everything here fairly early on in their careers, so that’s one reason that they don’t really get the full “fuck you blackwatch” “no fuck YOU overwatch” shit that goes on with everyone else 

the second reason is because they’re both pretty disillusioned about overwatch, i imagine. angela already is leaning towards “overwatch is a load of shit” because of how militaristic it is and jesse is anti-overwatch because he (rightly) assumes that blackwatch is their ‘dirty little secret’ and they do the jobs overwatch is “too good and righteous” for, as he’d  put it. even though blackwatch is technically a branch of overwatch and therefore overwatch isn’t too good for it, but whatever 

like i imagine the first time angela goes on a rant about them trying to weaponize her inventions, jesse breathes a sigh of relief because he’d been holding his tongue and angela do you know what they tell us to do? i can’t believe the shit we get handed, it’s everything that their image is too good for and we have to sneak around to do so they can stay powerful and— 

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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Carol and Daryl may reunite on Friday and I’m not okay. I’m not okay at all. Right after the mid season finale he went straight to the kingdom. Daryl loves Carol soooooo much. I ship them so hard that it hurts. I swear if GIMPLE decides to do something bad I swear I will cry and cry and cry. I AM NOT OKAYYYYYY… *internally crying*


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Lol, I remember when most of sbers were fervently hoping that the show would never do KF because it would impede shitbarry. They ~mysteriously~ changed their minds around 1x20. I also remember how they defended CS against gross writers' misogyny and being molested by a villain... Oh wait!

Yeah, they love her SOOOOOO much, but 1x19 was A-OK with them because they got to see Katrina kiss someone wearing a Barry costume. Like, come on. WE were more outraged that they did that to her than they were, and I don’t even care about Katrina all like that. Wrong is wrong. Let them have done that shit to Iris… We’d STILL be raging. LOL

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Umm.... Carry On, Captive Prince, Fangirl, Eleanor & Park And that's all I got (I think) ;)

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COMMENTS: I have read Eleanor & Park and cried. i haven’t read any others but i will check all of them out! Thank you soooooo much. I love your blog. You are great. Have a good day/night.