Cheeb Utena and Anthy!

It’s been years since I watched RGU but I never got to draw them, now I’ve finally sat down to do it. I’m hoping to make this into stickers maybe!


I won a giveaway!!!

Here’s all the pins I won in @mamath ’s giveaway!!! The pins are super adorable and I love the fact that they’re pinned to their respective stones. The Squidsisters postcard is super cool, too with a cute little doggie and a congratulations on the back. I absolutely love them I gotta figure out what exactly I’m pinning them to though. Thank you so much Mamath for the pins and the card!!!


@sexgenius I love them soooooo much!cant wait for my studio pouch and stickers!!!i saw ur new products and would definitely buy them! good quality as well as the paint😭 thank u for drawing that and am excited to tear😭😭😭