@sexgenius I love them soooooo much!cant wait for my studio pouch and stickers!!!i saw ur new products and would definitely buy them! good quality as well as the paint😭 thank u for drawing that and am excited to tear😭😭😭


I want to start a new tag ( #showyourchronicles ) where everyone can take a photo of their Narnia Books and share them here on tumblr.

These are mine and they are in german and i love them soooooo much 😍😊.
Would be really nice to See your books!


And the Woods’ teens are back!! ♥

I wanted to give them all brand new looks for the new year! I gotta say I’m really liking all these looks. ♥♥♥

Ofc I may have went a little overboard on those pants on Devin but I just love them soooooo much!! 

Emery and Celeste are always adorable and cute. I went a little different route in a couple outfits for Emery just to test out some other looks, but I gotta say I love her third and fifth look the most~ ♥

Emery x Devin foreverrr~

Omggggg @bonkalore just finished my commission of Cyn and Javi and I am absolutely in love!!!!! Thank you soooooo much Bonka! You captured them very well! (It looks like Cyn is signing to Javi that she has an “idea” ^^)

Gosh I’m so happy, because you’re one of my favorite inspirational artists. This is so amazing


// morningstar

or better known as; im so in love with this show literally what the fuck everyones so beautiful

listen here