infinite meme: ☆  one/four otps  

→ sunggyu x dongwoo

“There are actually many differences between Sunggyu hyung and I; Sunggyu hyung is usually really efficient but I often delay things. There are also huge differences in our interests. Usually under such circumstances, one would want the other person to change for him.. But I’m thankful to him for accepting me, understanding me, and guiding me well.” - Dongwoo


DNA WEEK: day 7 - bonds
└favorite relationship ⇒ miyuki & sawamura

“right now, you’re still only a sprout of a great big eye-catching flower. that flower is small for now, but very strong. what kind of flower will bloom in the future is up to you.”


「 ☆ Idol Costume Nozomi ☆

mobile wallpapers (540x960) → requested by anon!


// morningstar

or better known as; im so in love with this show literally what the fuck everyones so beautiful

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And the Woods’ teens are back!! ♥

I wanted to give them all brand new looks for the new year! I gotta say I’m really liking all these looks. ♥♥♥

Ofc I may have went a little overboard on those pants on Devin but I just love them soooooo much!! 

Emery and Celeste are always adorable and cute. I went a little different route in a couple outfits for Emery just to test out some other looks, but I gotta say I love her third and fifth look the most~ ♥

Emery x Devin foreverrr~