(lord help me i am so gay)

my review of images of melissa found online

11/10. i love pie too. beautiful despite having zero (0) eyebrows

11/10. i bet she killed her tune in this one. great voice fair maiden

“RAWR XD” personified. only makeup present is the lashes. basic Extra white girl

sweet texas girl charmer. 11/10

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@Mun HI HELLO, you reblogged a post w/tags and the hc Dom has fangs? Yeah just wanted to say that hc has INCREASED MY GAY and I have leveled up I think. From Molten Lava Intensity, to Molten Lava Fire Bird That Destroys Worlds level of gay, send help :' ) So thanks for MURDERING ME VERY DEAD with the gayest death possible, I hope Dom would be very proud of you maybe!! 💚🖤 ~ Your Local Bird Mom

// - listen my dude…idk if you saw it but also this

I am v happy that that my hc gayed you up & I’m p sure I have a lot more but I think deathing once a day is the limit sooo… I hope you have a great evening & WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF GAY YOU HAVE EARNED A STAR STICKER <3 :>

Everytime I make a new, mostly straight cis female friend.
  • Straight person: Can I ask you something personal? You know, something very personal, you don't even need to answer.
  • Me: *already knows exactly what's coming*
  • Me: Sure, go on.
  • Straight person: Are you.......?
  • Straight person: *pause*
  • Straight person: You know........
  • Straight person: *long pause*
  • Me: *almost wants to finish their sentence but wants them to say the word because it's a normal word not like Lord Voldemort or something*
  • Me: Am I what?
  • Straight person: *very quietly*
  • Straight person: ........gay?
  • Me: No, I'm asexual.
  • Me: *proceeds to explain every detail and answer every question about romantic and aesthetic attraction and all to help them understand asexuality and aromanticism*
  • Straight person: Wow, you're so open about this. I wouldn't be able to talk about my sexuality or sex life like that!
  • Me: Well, there isn't anything too personal to talk about with asexuality tbh. This sexuality is like the lack of sexual attraction and in my case lack of sexual anything. That's the whole deal about it and it's really casual to talk about not having sex.