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Ohhh, THAT guy with the face. Ok first of all, rude.

All I wanna do is draw comics, it’s my biggest dream. Right now the number one thing keeping me from working on the comic is my shitty retail job. My goal is to quit so I can do comics full time, but I still have to do things like buy food and pay rent, and that’s where Patreon comes in! Every dollar pledged and every reblog or retweet of the comic is an enormous help and a step towards making that goal a reality. Patrons also get cool rewards like free wallpapers and early looks at pages! Check it out!

it starts with distant chanting. those who have been touched by its taint can sense it, can feel it; they prepare, but it isn’t enough. soon the rumbling begins, the drum like thump of stomping, the chanting going from a soft hum into a loud, echoing battle cry.

the new users look to the older in horror, who begin to update their themes in anticipation, changing and rebuilding code as though preparing a fortress for war.

“what is that?

a young blogger, their page barely a few months old, asks in horror. the gifs have already begun, but she doesn’t understand.

"skeleton war,” the older blogger replies. they look into the distance as the oncoming cloud grows.

“skeleton war?” the younger asks, horrified. “when does it begin?”

the older user chuckles. “oh, my sweet summer child,” they reply, icon already changing. “it already began. it never ends.”


The Boutique

  • Type: Retail
  • Lot Size: 20 x 20
  • CC-free

If you want to look like a million simoleons without having to spend a million simoleons, The Boutique is the place! We sell the latest in fashion and accessories for a very attractive price! Come on over and update your look.

If your download contains blank (black) photos, you have my apologies but there’s not much I can do about it. You can just delete them. :-/

! Important !: Gallery might shuffle the rugs, change mood-based woodworking sculptures and will unframe paintings and photos.

Search “The Boutique”, ju1ka (ID) or #Jools.

Info: Please check out my ToU page. Feel free to tag me (#jools simming, #jools-simming or #joolssimming) if you use my creations, I’d love to see what you’ve done with them. <3

Click here to support Franky's Top Surgery by Amanda Kornfeld
Hey there! My name is Amanda and I'm here on gofundme for my lovely fiance, Franky. If you take a view at our photo there, he's right there in the middle. He's a lovely man and the love of my life. He is also a transman looking to get the keyhole procedure for top surgery. Right now, the two of...

Hey guys! I made a gofundme page for my fiance’s top surgery! If you could take a look, that would be great! If you reblog it, even better! Anything is helpful! Thank you!!!

Ranunculae Theory

Hey this is something that is been on my head for a bit, I might be wrong but. 

What if Ranunculae is not real.

If you look at the Ava’s demon cast page, everyone has a normal profile. expect for Ranunculae, her profile is a photograph/painting of her.

Maybe she’s not real, maybe Tuls made her up. Maybe this is not what she really looks like.  

But I’m pretty sure there’s something up since is very fishy to me. 

I have to write a 30 page report for tomorrow night and I am so not looking forward to this.

I can write it. No problem. It’s just that wasting this amount of time on something no one is gonna read, to then make a presentation on which no one is gonna listen, just seems like a terrible use of my already scarce time.

Ugh…leave it up to me to get existential about a freaking 30 page report. Send coffee.

39. Water in My 100 Theme Fanfiction Challenge

(Had to repost this because it wasn’t showing up on my Tumblr page… sorry guys!)

“Woah.” Clint’s eyes widened in surprise as the whole Avengers team saw you perform your abilities.

You laughed, smiling over at them. “Weird huh?” You glanced down at yourself, watching your clothes and every inch of your skin turned completely into water.

“Yeah, strange. But pretty damn cool.” Natasha commented with a sly smile.

“That means you can’t really get injured right?” Tony asked, circling you slowly. “Do we have a name for you yet? Can we just call you H20?” He grinned from ear to ear, looking at Bruce for confirmation who just shook his head.

“It’s magnificent. What you can do.” Bruce nodded slowly, watching you. “How long have you been like this?”

Before answering, you shifted your body so you now had skin and proper clothes on. Now, you looked just like them with a big smile on your face. “Well I’m guessing ever since I was born, since I wasn’t in some freak accident. But I mean, I didn’t really discover them until I was maybe 10 or 11.” You shrugged, looking at the approving smiles from your new teammates.

“We can definitely find you a place on the Avengers.” Steve beamed at you, his arms crossed over his chest.

“What is this?”

You turned around, tilting your head slightly to see three more people entering the room. You recognized Thor, the God of Thunder and he immediately smiled at you. “Ah. The water goddess!”

Your cheeks flushed, laughing. “I’m not goddess, Thor.” You insisted but he waved his hand dismissively.

“Are we getting a new member?” Wanda asked curiously, giving a kind smile. “You have a gentle soul.”

You blinked, looking at everyone else before answering with, “Um…Thanks?” You laughed nervously, looking at the other male who had just entered.

“I am Pietro. This is my sister, Wanda.” He introduced, sliding the hood of his sweater off the top of his and giving her a charming crooked smile. “What is your name, water goddess?”

You laughed, smiling up at him. “(Y/N). But I promise I don’t have the strength or abilities like Thor does. I’m not a goddess.”

“Well technically Thor’s not a god either. Only based in Norse mythology is he deemed a god.” Clint shrugged, sitting back down on the couch and twirling an arrow in his fingers.

“You will show me these powers, yes? Perhaps in the training room?” Pietro asked you, his blue eyes making you feel weak in the knees.

“Yeah, you’re going to need to start training if you’re going to be one of us. Pietro’s still training with Nat and Wanda with Clint. But if you’d like to just get the hang of things, I’m sure Pietro can show you the ropes.” Steve nodded, walking to the kitchen to find something to eat.

You looked up at Pietro, giving him a smile while everyone around you two started to go wherever they needed/wanted to be. “I’d love to train with you. D you have powers as well?” You asked curiously and he gave you a wink and a smirk.

“I will show you mine when you show me yours.” He wriggled his eyebrows playfully, walking you down to the training rooms.

You laughed, walking ahead down the stairs and he grinned, wondering what kind of a powers a beautiful girl like you could have hidden.

Page 1

Page 2 of my LBW comic is up! Patrons get first-look at pages and extra content (such as preview sketches of the next page or other work, step by step process pics, and Hi Res PSDs!)   Public gets to see artwork 4-5 days after patrons have seen it.

This comic will be fully colored.

My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ferisae?ty=h
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anonymous asked:

wait your white?

Yep, I make mention of social power having aspects of myself from time to time. White, reasonably thin (I’m like barely chubby so I don’t classify for any sort of fatphobia ever), not a sex worker (I think they’re using the word muggle for us now? I can’t remember though)

I’m in the limbo space on being intersex though, I haven’t looked into it and there’s some indicators that I might be but I kind of just don’t want to know. My life is complicated enough

I don’t have an about page atm, I keep meaning to make one and fucking out on it.

I like that first panel a lot! But I still am kind of itching to get the lighting to look glowy and closer to what’s in my head. I don’t know why I did the weird switch in walking-direction on the last page.

I don’t remember any of my thinking behind our new character here. People regularly ask me to draw him in books at conventions.

my Cover for @hannah.magazine ——-
@hannah.magazine inaugural issue, a new fashion publication to seeking to broaden the representational image of blackness and the celebration of the black woman.
@hannah.magazine has just launched their kickstarter campaign, to finance the full production and distribution of this great new work and magazine. I am happy to have contributed my art to this project and yes yes we all need this @hannah.magazine in our homes, offices, airplanes, worldwide.
Cover image, Model @lovefola

To support and contribute to this wonderful magazine you can go to
@hannah.magazine page and click on the Kickstarter link.

Make sure you look at the video to understand why this magazine is needed and meaningful.

LINK- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/714029155/hannah-magazine-a-celebration-of-black-women?ref=email

We need you to help all of us win, you and I, We.

This passed weekend we were blessed by the homie Kevin at NatGeo to get a personal tour on our last day in D.C. During this tour we were taken to “The Basement”. The Basement included a section of old National Geographic issues that were selected to be recycled and up for grabs. As we hunted for the issues released during our birth year’s Kevin came along and handed me this. This issue was released two years after I was born but the content, the editorials and down to the photography included made me favorite this particular issue that i’ll be sharing a few pages with you soon. I’ll definitely consider this an item that represents each of my trips to D.C. Each trip has been by far my two favorite experiences outside of FL. Looking forward to the many trips to come.

Thank you Kev!

anonymous asked:

Think you could do a black cat dress with a black cat's tail and a pastel pink collar with silver bell (cute!), cute pastel pink paws at the end of the sleeves and a pair of black cat ears (with pastel pink triangles in the middle to make it look more realistic), which hair colour comes in pink, dark brown, black, white, lilac and lime green? That would be great if you could do that for me :)

Hello!! This isn’t exactly what you were looking for but I suggest taking a look at this page that I found which has cat ears and a dress! Or this page has a cat headband.

Otherwise I gave it my best attempt!! (qr codes under the read more!) :) x

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