A new piece for Iron Mahou. This will be a chapter cover, because yes, I am turning my series into a web comic. Though that doesn’t mean I will stop trying to learn to animate, but for now, I am going ahead and putting together my story. 

And just look at how far it’s come from when I first started working on it! I look forward to putting together pages and letting you guys get to read some in the near future. 

Dear Journal,

Today we had defence against the dark arts. It usually is my favorite subject but today the professor said we were talking about werewolves. I instantly sat straight and looked around. I felt like everyone knew. Sirius layed his hand on my thigh and i looked at him. He had a comforting smile on his lips and he mouthed me something.

“You’re okay. It’s okay.”

He was trying to calm me down but i was so nervous. I took a deep breath and tried to stop my leg from shaking.

“Everyone open their book to page 394 please.” The professor said.

I open my book with shaky hands and tried to listen. I was thinking about the full moon coming up in two days. I was looking around, trying to figure if anyone knew.

“Mr.Lupin?” Someone asked. It was the professor.

“I’m sorry what was the question?” I managed to say.

“Are werewolves able to recognize people they know when they are in their werewolf form?” The professor asked, a little annoyed.

“N-No.. No they don’t..” i said, feeling sick.

“Good.” And the professor continued talking.

I felt like my troath was tightening. I just wanted to disapear. I put my hand on Sirius’ and he looked at me.

“Are you okay?” He whispered.

“No.. I want to get out of here..”

“I’ll ask the professor if we can leave okay?”

“Don’t.. They’re gonna know if you say i’m sick..”

“Trust me.. Professor? I feel really sick can Remus take me to the bathroom?” Sirius said, his hand in the air, trying to look sick.

“Heum.. sure Mr. Black. Ask your house mates for the homework boys.”

When we were out of the room, I sat on the floor and started sobbing. Sirius dropped on his knees and took me in his arms.

“It’s okay baby.. No one noticed.. you’re okay..” he said.

“I’m s-sorry..” i mumbled.

“Don’t be love.. it’s okay.. i hate seeing you like this..” He said, stroking his thumb on my cheek.

“Thank you f-for getting me out of there..”

“I’m an amazing actor right? Come on let’s go to the dorm okay?” He said, helping me stand up.

We layed down in bed and Sirius brushed his fingers in my hair. He let me wear is big sweater so I could be all comfy.

“Are you feeling better?” He asked.

“Yes.. You’re the best boyfriend ever.”

“Stop you’re making me blush!” He giggled.

“I love you Pads.”

“I love you Moons.”

February 27th 1976


Page 4 up and ready to go! Man, the expressions on this page were so fun to do (although my hand is p dead at this point, but it was worth it!) And I juuuust managed to get it done today. Sorry it’s so late in the day! There was a lot more coloring with this page because of all the characters, and I thought I’d be done by six, and yet….

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and look forward to the next page! Have a good night!



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So, above is my scene by scene plot breakdown for my novel. I did it all on post it notes at first, but it spanned several pages. By transferring it into my bullet journal on one page, I can clearly see how my novel breaks down in terms of main focus for each scene.

Blue- main plot
Green- subplot
Orange- character interaction/ development
Yellow- Info on world, enemies, history
Pink- antagonist conflict, mentions

By doing this I can break down my scenes. The long line is the main focus of each scene, and the small squares are minor focus in those scenes. So in a scene where character is dominant, I will also move my main plot forward, and also peek in on the sub plot.

Looking at the colours, I can see there is not enough main plot and antagonist within the scenes as a whole. Too many scenes focused on information, and maybe too many character focused scenes. I can easily head to one of these scenes and add more of what is missing to even everything out. I’ll write down what chapter everything falls in later- where act one, two, three are, and which scenes are be inciting incident, first plot point etc.

I’ll re do this after I complete my first revision, to see how my scenes look again, and continue until my novel is deemed complete.

short little headcanon  /  slight canon divergence regarding joshua’s appearance b/c my josh looks a little different than he does in - game almost always , post  &  pre - game. 

the secret reports seem to imply , imo , that joshua tuning into the RG requires a forced change in his age , making him resemble a teenage boy.  however , given literally no one else seems to have this issue  &  are more than capable of retaining their set age when moving between the UG  &  the RG , i am ignoring any idea that joshua has no say in his appearance  —  rather , he made a conscious decision to tune his vibe further down than necessary to resemble a child , as he felt it would be easier to interact with his proxy , a teenage boy , at an age that appeared close to neku’s own. 

with that said , josh does not look like that the majority of the time.  rather , he resembles a ~ 20 year old man , settled in height - wise at a solid 5 ‘ 11 “  &  his hair is longer , stopping roughly mid - back  &  his features are slightly more defined  /  matured as well.  for the sake of not throwing neku  &  co. for a loop , he will take up his teenage appearance for a while post - game generally only with them , unless he has some other reason to be masquerading as a child , though this stops around the time everyone is 18 - 19 years of age as he can fit in with them , appearance wise , in his ‘ regular ’ form without it looking odd to outsiders.

sometimes he’ll take up his teenage form for fun or just for the hell of it , but most commonly he does resemble an adult and prefers to look that way. 

Fate/Grand Order - Shinjuku Assassin Line Materpost

My warmup for today!

Shinjuku Assassin also has some differing lines depending on whether you know his True Name or not, but there isn’t a lot, so I’ve simply put the differing ones at the end. His birthday line may be different just as Shinjuku Archer’s was, however, it seemed inconspicuous enough I left it alone, but I’ll change it if it turns out it isn’t the same.

*If anyone is interested in commissioning me, here’s my regular commission page, and here’s my chart for Chapter America/E Pluribus Unum!

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anonymous asked:

Honestly that art is really nice? Like them lines so crisp its like looking at the legit archie comic version. Even the grass has texture!! like dude-- its really damn good.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh????????? you have no idea how much that means to me

its just that… looking back at something made almost 8 years ago makes me feel funny and on top of that the way i drew some of the panels from that version made me cringe and that one was my favorite page :’D

but thank you so much for telling me that /QmQ/

wild-mare-of-prosecution  asked:

You're not dumb/stupid... If I ever see you say or tag yourself like that again, I will hunt you down and cover you in your favorite things and punch every reposter who has ever or will ever exist. Don't think I won't do it... Because I will!


but omg nooo i just. i’m dumb cos i didn’t realize how bad the comic was til i posted it. i literally drew it completely out of order, putting panels where ever they fit on a page to save paper [cos old poor ppl habits die hard lol] and when i scanned it, i just edited the panels all on their same out of order pages. and when i copied/pasted into tumblr, i was busy looking to make sure i sorted them out in the right order… so i didn’t really notice how bad it was til i posted and viewed it on my dashboard lmao…. like seeing it all together, I was like wwwwwwwow WOOOOW THIS IS. TRULY THE WORST THING I’VE EVER DRAWN???? and i slept on that and then felt really bad about it in the morning lol. [i think i made an apology post even??? i forget]

but yea this is what i meant by calling myself dumb xD the fact i drew it out of order and only realized i made a mistake after viewing it the next morning lol.

 reporting art theft is dumb and time consuming and it sucks, but it doesn’t usually bother me more than just being really annoying [unless ppl are making money, those times i get p mad]. but the past couple weeks this fuckin comic has been popping up a lot, so i think a big name reposter must have reposted it in the last month or something. cos before that i only saw it once or twice…

anonymous asked:

What are your canvas settings? If you don't mind sharing, that is.

No, I do not mind sharing. My default canvas size has been this since I worked on my 14 page comic which I had to do a lot of work on.

The size is definitely not the biggest it could be but this is what I usually work on and this is the size that I draw my comics in too. For example, this is a size that is big enough to print on A3 sized paper. (A3 is double the size of A4 paper which is normal copy paper.) It is literally that size but digitally and I know this because I looked it up online and that 14 page comic was printed on A3 paper. The result was not blurry or stretched out.  And if I am working on other drawings instead of comics, I just crop this size down a bit wherever I see necessary.

Scorpion 3x18 liveblog post #20: Toby looking at Happy

Scorpion 3x18 Don’t Burst My Bubble

Happy, melancholically, stares at the “Mechan-Chicks” site/chatroom page on her screen. Toby watches her from a distance.  Walter walks up to him.

T: She hasn’t moved in an hour. (She’s) Waiting to see if Ada will log in (to the site)


rip + vandal

i have no desire to kill you. i want you alive. i want you to see the world burn. i have looked so often at your wife and son these last eleven years. miranda and jonas. their faces etched into my mind. and when i finally get to meet them, i will let them know you and your friends are responsible for their suffering.

not if i see you first.

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So your name is the spanish form of Elena? You're basically that new disney princess! The one that has a show for younger kids! That's so cool! (Sorry if this is annoying but ily and your page)

Yes, that’s exactly how it’s pronounced!!! I was so stoked when I saw something with my name because I don’t see it anywhere.

Even though I’m Middle Eastern and not Spanish and would rather have a name to match who I am, I still like my name. My mom was a huge fan of the Mask of Zorro so she named me after princess Elena De La Vega because she knew I wasn’t going to look like all the other girls in my class (they were all blonde and white and such) and she thought naming me after a beautiful ethnic princess would make me stand out in a better light.

anonymous asked:

Can you point me in the direction of your stunt evaluations and masterposts?

You can always check my Projects and Posts page here: http://bakagamieru.tumblr.com/projects-and-posts.  It has all the major stuff.

The Zayn Leaving Stunt summary is here: http://bakagamieru.tumblr.com/post/120840259353/zayn-stunt-summary. I always recommend starting with the summaries and then looking at the other categories for anything specific.

My girlfriend watched a good chunk of tonights NJPW with me tonight. Her reaction “I feel spoiled now. I don’t know if I could go back to WWE!”

Some minor notes:

She finds Kenny Omega and Adam Cole handsome

Just likes Omega in general, instantly got why he’s my favorite

Wasn’t sold on LIJ and just thought they were weirdos (shes not wrong)

Was just impressed by the speed of everything and how stiff it all looked

Was a fan of War Machine, thinks Hanson looks like he should carry a Claymore to the ring

Was impressed by Hangman Pages flip lariat thing, thought it was very fucked up that he wore a noose to the ring

Noted that Loose Explosion across Yoshi-Hashi’s ass seens like an awful poop joke

“Okay who ISNT part of Bullet Club!”

And finally: she fucked loved Will Ospreay. Just left her speechless with his flippy shit.

Bonus: while watching RAW she blew a kiss to the roof and said “that was for Macho Man” because we were talking about how Bayley uses his elbow drop