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Pink is the Tiniest Diamond!

Crewniverse tricked us into thinking that Pink’s palanquin is a lot bigger than it is - same with Pink, herself.  When Blue walks up to her own palanquin, it’s obvious that it’s just the right size for her.

But when she’s next to Pink’s, there are a LOT of optical illusions going on:

  • Blue was kneeling or crouching by it at first, making it look bigger.
  • When Blue stands up, she still looks shorter because she’s slouching.
  • The way the palanquin is leaning makes the roof look higher.
  • The flowers obscure the bottom, making it hard to see just how big it is.
  • The palanquin is on a hill, making it higher, and thus bigger-looking.
  • The legs are extended (the ones on Blue’s were retracted), making it higher.

In the above image, you can already see that Pink’s palanquin only comes to Blue’s shoulders.  Let’s take a closer look and find out just how big it is:

Already we can see that the palanquin is a lot smaller than it initially looks.  Let’s find out how much smaller Pink really is next to Blue.

So it looks like Pink is probably less than half as tall as Blue.  Maybe about halfway up her thigh, give-or-take.  Looks like Pink’s palanquin lends credence to:

  1. The common theory that Pink is the newest Diamond.
  2. A theory I’ve had that the Diamonds, unlike their Gems, grew up.

If so, this would mean Pink is even newer than I thought!  That would explain why Blue (and Eyeball and Holly Blue and even Yellow) seem to act as if Pink was especially precious: She’s just a little kid!

EDIT: (In case anyone sees this.) Nice to see this post getting attention and some good discussion! =D I’ll note that I’m experimenting with how much detail to include in a theory post, and how to best present information. Some stuff has been brought up that I left out on purpose for readability, or because it wouldn’t make a huge difference in the end result. That said:

  • It definitely looks like Crewniverse was trying to make the height difference hard to notice, and the height difference is consistant thorughout the scene.  To me, the scene screams “We’re leaving subtle hints about things we haven’t revealed, again!”
  • Blue isn’t much closer to the camera than the palanquin, so there shouldn’t be too much of a perspective difference.
  • The ‘How Are Gems Made’ Minisode states that Gems suck the life out of the ground to skip childhood (I suspect Peridot will grow).  Gems are probably designed to do that because the Diamonds wanted them to get to work right away.  If the Diamonds don’t have that feature, however, they’d experience childhood.
  • I do think dialogue hints at Pink being a child, rather than a runt.  For example, Yellow calls Pink’s zoo “silly,” suggesting a childish nature.
  • I do think that young Gems and Diamonds would still grow up very, very slowly. Remember that Pink would have to be a MINIMUM of ~1,000 years old by the time she was taken down; probably much, much older, especially if the Gem writing in Off Colors is any indication.
  • I suspect that Blue and Yellow are already fully grown.  Between that, and the previous bullet point, we wouldn’t see any height difference with Blue between The Answer and Steven’s Dream.

I guess I got some good feedback on how much detail to include, and I’ll try to adjust accordingly for future posts. Thanks!

Writing is Hard, pt 9: Sexting

Summary: You send Dean some dirty pictures.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Warning: Smut, taking pictures during sex

Word Count: 2600ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

You hold up the phone, then almost instantly put it down.

This is stupid.

No. This isn’t stupid. This will be hot. Just do it.

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Okay Ms. TA I got a story for you.

When I was in labs, I had a partner who would do a stellar job at things, but would only actually try half the time. I wrote lab reports, and assigned her to edit them. Pretty soon though I realized she wasn’t bothering, so I started slipping things in: 

“Our major methods involved [method], [method], and black magic.”

“So in conclusion, we would prescribe x mg of acetaminophen at y intervals to stave off the pain. We would also offer to break our roommates other leg if she ever tries to get us to personalize her painkiller schedule again.o”

But the thing is, things have no meaning if they don’t have consequences.  So when she didn’t bother reading the lab report, I didn’t bother pulling them out.

Turns out the TAs for our lab actually read the reports, and made appropriate markings.

On the up side she started earnestly editing our papers.

Also tbh this is still a habit of mine, to insert tongue-and-cheek comments into formal written things (accidentally sent one to my boss a week or two back).

Chaotic good.

I’ve got an consistent habit of making code comments and error messages say ridiculous things in CS assignments. Sometimes I…leave them. Sometimes a chunk of code has robbed me of 18 hours of my life and I just gotta leave the try-catch error message, “Look bud something real fucky just happened”

BTS | Mafia!au Their Little Sister Is In An Arranged Marriage With Someone From The Rival Gang

Anonymous said:

Bts mafia au where they find out their little sister is in an arranged marriage with someone from the rival gang?

*Tries to be a supportive big brother* “I’m not thrilled about this either, but think of it this way, you marrying him is going to help try and end conflicts between the families.”

Originally posted by jjilljj

*Looking over marriage contract*  “It’s signed by both family lawyers and our father and his father…I mean I could kill him if you wanted me too but that would cause more trouble than we already have….”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“If you really don’t want to marry him…we’ll figure out another way to end the conflict. Father won’t be happy, but I won’t make you go through with it.”

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Rap Monster/Namjoon:
*Edits the shit out of the marriage contract* “If my baby sister has to marry that jackass, there’s gonna be some changes to this.”

Originally posted by eatjin

“This is not what I needed to hear, if I have anything to do with it you are not marrying him, no way that is happening.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

*Scheming* “Even if you do get married, it won’t last long…you could be the key I need to destroying them.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

“Let’s see if I can get you out of this…there is no way I am going to see my baby sister with his last name.”

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All ur sims look the same guuurrrllll

i seem to get a lot of asks about this for some reason like?? i try but like what can i do u know??/  

edit: i’m tired and i thought i would leave it at that but i wanted to say that i feel like every simmer has their own style, and that means sometimes their sims look similar and i love it u know - it’s kinda like a piece of them and says so much about their aesthetic, i enjoy it! and i would never call someone out for having similar looking sims so yeah this makes me a tiny bit sad sigh

The world is dyed with the color of blood ~ Vampire Knight (failed edit)

she needed a new twitter profile pic also i edited her face the tiniest bit

 Dragon Age Calendar Spreadsheet

Hello everyone! So yesterday I went on a bender and made a Dragon Age Calendar to help me plan out the dates on my fanfiction and I figured I would share!

About the month names: I only used the low names for each month, as the high names are really only used by scholars or courts. I also put the english month names in there for reference, but you can totally change it or get rid of it if you want to!

Also; Each month has the canon 30 days, as well as it’s own spreadsheet (you can see them at the tabs on the bottom). I also wrote in the holidays. I chose 9:40 dragon just cause and started the year on a Sunday because that was easiest (We really have no idea what day of the week any year was started on, honestly. If we do I am completely ignorant to it and someone should tell me)

Other than that, everything is blank and ready for whatever you want to use it for!

SO How do you go about obtaining this for yourself? It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  • -Click this link! 
  • -Once it opens, hit file at the top. You’ll see that you can do three things:
    • Download it in the format of your choice. 
    • Print it
    • Or, you can make a copy, which is only available if you are signed in to your google account. Basically what this does is make a copy of the calendar in your drive. This copy is now yours to do as you please– edit it to your hearts content!

Make sure to take note of the tabs at the bottom! Each month has it’s own spreadsheet for you to write things on!

I hope this helps! Let me know if I missed anything or if you have any questions. If there is enough demand I might try to make the next year’s map as well, so let me know if you’d be interested okay? Cool bean

(also I’m tagging @dawriting not just so they’ll see it but also so ya’ll can go take a look at this awesome blog if you want more references and things like this. Very handy if you are a dragon age fic author!)


JACKSON WANG // GQline art edition

alightlitinthedark  asked:

I need help...I noticed this morning that someone reblogged one of my poems on Tumblr but removed my tag and link, making it kind of look like they wrote it. This is the first time something like this has happened to me and I'm a bit upset. Should I try contacting them first and politely asking them to fix it or should I take more drastic measures? Thank you!

I’ve had people do this with my writing before. Good old editable reblog extension.

You can message them doing just that, but you can also just reblog it again, add your captions back in and ask that people not remove them as it eradicates your hard work, which is what I tend to do these days because art thieves tend not to care about the finer points of Nice, in my experience.

Jay-Z, photographed in the legendary Beat Street Records during the shooting of his “99 Problems” music video, by director Mark Romanek in March 2004. Hov had a long history with the store, with it being one of the first places to carry his early singles.

Hov wanted the “99 Problems” video to be as auto-biographical as the rest of The Black Album, helping to paint the portrait of where and how he grew up. In a conversation with Romanek he told him he wanted the video to “make a pissy wall look like art.” The task was originally intended to be undertaken by Quentin Tarantino, however during the planning stages Rick Rubin suggested that Hov offer the job to Romanek.

Due to the research and influence of Romanek and cinematographer Joaquin Baca Asay the video borrows visual characteristics from many New York street photographers, including Martin Dixon and Eugene Richards. The video was shot entirely on black-and-white film. Utilizing broken clips of footage captured in Brooklyn’s Marcy housing project, Hov and Romanek created an effective portrait of urban life. Somewhere between the almost photographic imagery and the rapid montage of cinematic movement, Romanek manages to convey Jay’s development and monumentalize his Marcy roots as well as the nature of the projects themselves.

 The video’s final scene, which depicts Jay being sprayed with bullets, was inspired by the ending of the classic 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. “I’ve always wanted to do a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’-type of scene for a music video, but no one had the guts to let me do it until Jay-Z came along,” Romanek revealed to MTV News. “Jay was a little unsure about it at first, because that sort of imagery has a lot of real-life baggage attached to it in the rap world, but I explained to Jay that it was meant to be more abstract, that it wasn’t meant to be taken literally. He finally decided to trust me and I think he really liked the way it came out.” Hov added: “As far as me getting shot, I just looked at it the same way I would watch Denzel [Washington] in 'Training Day,’ or seeing any other actor, you know? I was just acting out a part. I was trying to show Hollywood I got some chops, too. Maybe I’ll get a little job.”

MTV refused to air the clip before 6 p.m. and asked ask Romanek to edit about ten scenes in the video, but Jay agreed to only blur certain images: "We’re not interested in what MTV likes or doesn’t like. If you make something good enough, MTV will want to show it.” Hov has jokingly said he felt like Madonna at the time, relating to the controversies that surrounded many of her music videos.

In a later interview Romanek would sing the praises of the rapper: “Jay is a gentleman—cool, hardworking, and really funny. This was a longer shoot than he was used to and he sometimes complained (in a totally light-hearted way) that I was forcing him walk all over Brooklyn. But, I think he knew we were making something a little special and that since it was his last video, he was willing to put in the extra work. I think he has similar perfectionist tendencies so, he understood my process and the focus I put on trying to get that extra effort out of him and everyone on the crew.”

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What is the secret behind your wonderful screenshots? I mean, sims look so smooth and all. How do y'all do it?

First of all, thanks! I dunno about my screenshots being wonderful but at least I have come long way since the first pictures I’ve taken. ^^; 

As for secrets, this will probably sound like the weirdest advice but I turn off the lighting and shadows so all the clunky parts on Sim faces aren’t so damn obvious. (I stole this picture from google since I don’t feel like waiting half hour to open my game just to take a screenshot of the settings):

^ I turn off shadows and set Lightning to low, everything else is high and smooth edges is set to More. The rest is usually very little photoshop and some smoothing in PaintTool Sai, I rarely do anything past that anymore.

Longer version: I first crop the part of the image I want, then duplicate it and use filter>liquify and use that to smooth out the sharpest parts like so:

(I do that on separate layer because if something goes wrong I can just delete the layer and make new one instead of trying to fix it since that’s just faster) and the next step would be to smooth out the parts that need to be smoothed with blur tool but really this particular picture has nothing for me to smooth and I can’t find another. Then once that step is done I duplicate the layer twice. The lower layer is set to multiply and the top one to screen. Then just edit the opacity of those layers until you get the look you want like so:

and the finished product is something like this:

I also have nice graphics card which obviously helps a lot too. I guess that’s it?

Hello SINF fandom. Are you dead? I think not (at all) so wake up and go. Because I made a SINF week for increase (and revive) the fandom. Start in a month (24th July - 31st July), people.

-The list of prompts:

Day 1: Good/Evil                 -24th July
Day 2: Life/Death               -25th July
Day 3: Find/Lose                -26th July
Day 4: Friend/Enemy          -27th July
Day 5: Love/Family             -28th July
Day 6: Power/Knowledge   -29th July
Day 7: Create/Destroy        -30th July
Extra Day: Free Day           -31st July


-Tag all works as SINFweek. Try to make this tag one of the first ones since it is more likely to find your participation.
- I will reblog all the participations here
-I will go look at the SINFweek tag about 2 to 3 times a day. If a day has passed and I haven’t reblog your participation, let me to know.
-Accepted any content: Fanart, fanfics, edits, playlists, videos, cosplays and anything else you want to do that is related to the themes.
-I do not ask for a very worked or spectacular content but don’t  do anything of five minutes. Work it out a little.
-Interprets the day as you want
-The days have two words. You can use one or both
-You don’t have to do all the days. But I hope you do.
-You can participate with a character/ship/OT3/whatever you want
-NSFW content are accepted. But tag as “NSFW” and put the content under a “read more”
-All languajes are allowed
-Any questions feel free to ask

If this has a good reception it may make a second SINFweek someday. I hope.

The first of many to come. 

ps. let it be noted: i fucking HATE painting tattoos. and wings. which is why his arent out. if i added them, it would have taken away the lighting and i couldnt risk that. so deal with wingless Rhys…

oh. and her hair. i know its light but this bitch tried so many scenerios to try and make it work. dark hair looked better. ANOTHER SACRIFICE I HAD TO MAKE

A̻l̴̜̘̜w̘͎̣̞̤̻̫ạ̘̰͡y̟͈̱̯̘̥ͅs̪̘̖͚͚̀ ̗̹ẖ̛̗̖̫̮̪e̟̥̘͚ͅr̦͈͔̦̥̼e̟̩͙̭̥̜̬,͈̀ ̤a̫̭̻̮͓͘l͎͎̝̬͖̣͠ͅw̰a̵͓̯͖̤̭y͇͎̤͙ͅş̤ ̷̜͙̰w̷a̖̼̯t̫̯̝̺c͚̹͖͓̪̠h͉̬͔i̶̙̲͈̟̤ͅń̩g̳̬̞̩.̸̭̟̱̦.̵̲͇.̙͚̝

I made a new Anti edit everyone. :) 
I don’t know how good this one came out but I was trying to make it seem look like Anti is looking at you in the picture while Seán has no idea that he’s always there. Which is also why the only color you see on the text I used for this are just the outlines/shadow option because he’s telling the audience that he’s always here but again Seán has no idea he’s actually there. That was the idea but I don’t know if I did a good job of making that come out in this edit. But it was still a lot of fun for me to make this anyway, so I hope you guys like this. :)

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I don't think people mean the ghostwriter theory as..... an excuse for SJM's bad (to some people) depiction of certain characters. If anything, it makes her and Bloomsbury look BAD for letting something that was not properly edited go through for the sake of profit and BAD for "hiring" a ghostwriter who obviously failed to achieve the correct voice for Feyre among other things. It makes SJM look bad either way🤷🏽‍♀️

Well I just disagree? I found acowar to be completely in keeping with SJMs voice and writing style. Nothing really stood out to me. And I found Feyres voice to be very consistent. Sure, she’s a bit more…morally grey in this book than in the others but that’s normal given the amount of power she has and the war she is trying to win. I just hate that this fandom spins theories out of thin air. There’s no way to prove she used a ghost writer. None. Other than the mere fact that some people felt like parts of acowar weren’t written by her. Well…sorry but that isn’t actual evidence lol.

and I just interpreted it as “well SJM didn’t write this because it’s not like her so she must have used a ghost writer.” But it’s like…no, writers can just be inconsistent? Especially over the course of nine books. Things will seem different in each. And frankly I’m fucking exhausted by this fandom rn and how pissy everyone is about the characters acting “out of character” simple bc certain characters we love do rather…shitty things (namely Rhys and feyre). Like. Morally grey characters making difficult decisions in war. It’s….very SJM if you ask me. The whole book was exactly like something she would write. Anyways nonnie, sorry to go off like this, I know you were just explaining it a bit more to me but I just…am very annoyed by all of this lol.

felicity: okay but can you say something because my mom has forty seven other dresses for us to still try on in the other room, i counted, and this one makes me feel like a cupcake and-

laurel: you look beautiful.

felicity: you look- wow.

laurel: :)

au: the laulicity wedding :’)

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How do u make ur sim photos look like Sims 4 expansion pack covers(they have tht high quality thing that the promos or pack covers do but in game looks completely different.)

ayoooo, first of all this made me happy!

i credit my gameplay looking like closer to ea renders mostly (i often edit my stuff in photoshop too) to re-shade

(fullsize image here, take note of behind erikas arm and where felix’s arm and body meet) @gabreux​ has a tutorial on how to install it here and @pickypikachu​ has some ready made presets for you to try here!