(look at me quoting the national!)

“I was afraid of the darkness of my skin. I believed I had to be celebrated for my intelligence and my sense of humor. Those could be the beautiful things about me since my skin couldn’t. I remember in junior high having a beach day with my family and going to school the next day. Someone in my class exclaimed shock at my appearance. She didn’t know black people could tan. The look on her face stuck with me. For years, I wanted to avoid direct sunlight. The comments you hear as a child stick with you. [I was] afraid of photos in dark rooms because you know no one will be able to see you in the picture and [people] will make fun of you. [I feared] walking into a room that has a black wall and hearing someone remark about how you’ve disappeared. You try to avoid these situations so you’re not in a position to act like you don’t care or [you] make fun of the darkness of your skin before someone else does so that maybe it will sting less. It has been a process of self-love to embrace the beauty of every single drop that makes up the richness that is my beautiful brown skin. If you learn anything in life, learn to love yourself. There is no amount of makeup or skin-care products that will make you love yourself.”

— Aja Naomi King || actress, How to Get Away With Murder ||  41 Women of Color Get REAL About Beauty and Diversity

It’s when the sun shines it’s very brightest that I think of you. A happy thought, of course;
Of your smile, your laugh, your beautiful face. And on sunny days your light shines from within me. Those ethereal rays beam forth onto the Earth, and I, like you, look beautiful.

I think that’s love.

—  8/1/17

reporter: we’re here with our national volleyball player, kageyama tobio. kageyama is the youngest player in the team. you’re very talented, but we’re pretty sure you’re here partly because you’d a lot of senpai looking after you?

kageyama: when i was in middle school there was this great setter, oikawa-san *points at oikawa who’s sweating af* but he refused to teach me how to perform powerful serves and spent half the time sticking his tongue out at me. then, in high school there’s suga-san who was really reliable and who i thought was the kindest person on earth but he once asked me to go shopping with him, and pretty much left me in the grocery line to get something else and i panicked because i didn’t have money with me



The House Intelligence Committee today held an unusual open hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and related issues.

Here are key quotes from the hearing, where FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency Director Admiral Michael Rogers testified:


“With respect to the president’s tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets, and we have looked carefully inside the FBI. The Department of Justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the Department of Justice and all its components.”

- FBI Director James Comey

“Let me be clear: we know there was not a wiretap on Trump Tower. However, it’s still possible that other surveillance activities were used against President Trump and his associates.”

- Committee Chairman Representative Devin Nunes


“I have been authorized by the Department of Justice to confirm that the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts.”

- FBI Director James Comey


“That would be expressly against the construct of the Five Eyes (intelligence-sharing) agreement that’s been in place for decades. … I have seen nothing on the NSA side that we engaged in any such activity.”

The claim “clearly frustrates a key ally of ours.”

- National Security Agency Director Admiral Michael Rogers


“Numerous current and former officials have leaked purportedly classified information in connection to these questions. We aim to determine who has leaked or facilitated leaks of classified information so that these individuals can be brought to justice.”

- Committee Chairman Representative Devin Nunes


“I think that was a fairly easy judgment for the community. Putin hated Secretary Clinton so much that the flip side of that coin was he had a clear preference for the person running against the person he hated so much.”

- FBI Director James Comey


“We will never know whether the Russian intervention was determinative in such a close election. … What does matter is this: The Russians successfully meddled in our democracy and our intelligence agencies have concluded they will do so again.”

- Ranking committee Democrat Representative Adam Schiff

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name : Emma

nickname : Magpie

zodiac sign: Aquarius

height : 5'5"

sexual orientation : Asexual

nationality : American

favourite fruit : Orange

favourite season : aesthetically, I like winter more, but spring makes me happier

favourite book : ACOMAF, The Song of Achilles, Six of Crows

favourite flower : Rose (looks nice, is but actually prickly, like me :) )

favourite scent : Gasoline (idk why but it smells soooo good to me)

favourite colour : Black

coffee, tea or hot cocoa : HOT COCOA

average sleep hours : ranges from 12 hours to 5

cats or dogs : I’m more like a cat, but I prefer dogs

favourite fictional character : RHYSAND MY SMOL BABY BAT

number of blankets you sleep with : 3 (two on top of me, with the extra at my feet)

dream trip : Ireland and Scotland

blog created : over the summer, but i wasn’t active until about January

number of followers: 916 (SO CLOSE TO 1K AHHHH)

The shortness of life, I keep saying, makes everything seem pointless when I think about the longness of death. When I look ahead, all I can see is my final demise. And they say, But maybe not for seventy or eighty years. And I say, maybe you, but me, I’m already gone.
—  Prozac Nation


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Name: Libra of Ylisse [formerly of Plegia]
Age: 25-29
Gender: a gentle boy, he/him
Nationality: Plegian
Birthplace: ???, Plegia
Birthday: July 1st, Canada Day (who?)
Sun Sign: Cancer
Residence: Shepherds Barracks, Ylissetol
Martial Status: winks suggestively,
Alignment: Neutral Good


Drink: cold drinks, the colder the better
Food: sweet bread, dried fruits, strawberries!!!, fried cactus
Day or Night: never
Bonbon: no really what is this
Song: libra loves hymns and other songs, anything that sounds gentle
Quote: “Come with me.” - Calum of Ylisse
Historical Character: Like everyone, Libra’s fond of the Hero-King. He does, however, get to claim the Cool Points of growing up in what was once Altea, before the climate changed and went through desertification and the area became part of Plegia.
Pet: do plants count; dogs
Book: he can’t really read, but he likes fairytales
Colour: beige
Flower: strawberry flowers
Sexuality: ace bi


Body type: soft, sturdy boy
Eye colour: seafoam green, but pale and dull
Hair colour: blond
Body reference: -
Beauty Scale: canonically 40/10,


That night it ended up trending on Twitter.

By the next day there were links all over Facebook.

Buzzfeed picked it up a little after that.

By the next Monday we were getting calls from the networks asking for quotes.

In five days this went from being a nothing little lawsuit in a nowhere town to being a national debate on the news networks. It was one of those sit down, talking heads thing you see on cable news all the time. They sent a camera crew and set up a background to make it look like I was in their studio but I was just in a suit sitting on a stool in my office.

They had picked two people and had asked me if I had anyone I wanted on my side. When I said I knew a catholic priest who would show up they seemed a little confused.

They wouldn’t be confused for long.

A voice in my ear started talking. “We’re here with the lawyer that’s bring suit against the school. Thanks for being here Mr. Stilleno.”

I smiled at the camera, trying to imagine it was a person. “Thanks Cindy, a pleasure to be here.”

“So you’ve brought suit against the school district, why is that?”

“Well you see Cindy, a student tried to form a Gay-straight Alliance, which is a club for all students to come together and ask and answer questions dealing with sexuality. A practice that has had overwhelmingly positive results worldwide in clearing up the fear and stigma related to homosexuality among teenagers.”

“So it is a club about sex? In high school?” nervous chuckle on her part. “That seems a little risky.”

“No Cindy not about sex but sexuality. It’s a safe place where people can ask questions without judgment. Where straight students can ask what it is like being gay and gay students can ask straight students why there is so much hostility towards them. It’s a place to come together and understand each other, not a dating club.”

“Well it still sounds controversial to me. Let’s ask the rest of our panel. We have George Miller, head of the Collation to Preserve Family Values, Jeannie Potts, President of the Foundation to Make America Great Again and lastly Father Thomas Mulligan, head of the First Calvary Church in Foster, Texas. Thank you all for joining us.”

George Miller, a man whose corporation existed just to lobby Congress for more church friendly laws spoke first. Oh yeah, if you are struggling to define what a church friendly law is it’s one that bans other Americans from getting married.

“Thank you Cindy, I take offense to Mr. Stilleno’s characterization that the default position of a normal American is hostility towards homosexuality. Recent history has shown that to be otherwise.”

Then it was Jennie Potts, a woman whose foundation supplied logistical support for people who wanted to protest gay marriage, gay adoption and once gay home ownership was quick to agree with him. “Yes Mr. Stilleno, you have the right to marry, I mean how much more do you want?”

Oh she did not.

“Well Mrs. Potts I want exactly what you have. The full freedom granted to me by the Constitution of the United States.”

“And you don’t have that now?”

“Ask the people in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, North and South Dakota, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama if they do. There are laws on the books that blatantly allow people there to not hire someone based solely on their sexuality. I’m curious Mrs. Potts, if that law said female instead would you be defending it?”

George answered for her. “Those laws protect people from violating their religious beliefs.”

Father Mulligan smiled and asked nicely. “What beliefs are those?”

George began to address Mulligan directly. “The ones that are clearly stated in the Bible.”

“Really? The bible says that?”

“I would assume you would know that.”

Mulligan held up a bible. “I know a lot about this book Mr. Miller, do you?”

“I’m a good Christian.” he said defensively.

“So then you’ll have no problem showing me where exactly our lord and savior Jesus Christ condemned homosexuality.”

George stammered for a moment. “He pointed out Sodom and Gomorrah was proof of God’s wraith and that was all about homosexuality.”

“Actually it was about rape, not homosexuality.” Mulligan corrected him gently. “You’re talking about the men who wanted Lot to send the angels out to have sex with them, are you not?” George nodded. “I thought as much, what is at issue here that the people outside wanted to force the angels to have sex and that is what caused them to react. It was a reaction against rape, not gay sex. And there were many other reasons that God struck those cities down, so again I ask. Where did Jesus bring up homosexuality?”

Potts went in for an attack. “Jesus also didn’t mention rape, incest or domestic violence Does that mean he condoned that?”

“Of course not but if he didn’t mention it by name we can’t go around saying we are shunning people because he would have wanted us to. And it’s a good thing he didn’t mention those either because he would have had to condemn Cain, Lot, Nahor, Issac and many more.”

“I think we wandered off course.” the announcer said. “So what is the end goal of your lawsuit Mr. Stilleno?”

“My goal is simple Cindy, I want equal rights for Jackson Trent and the millions of other students worldwide who are suffering like him. Mr. Miller is right, we have come a long way but that does mean we should stop. We have far to go as a country when laws like this are still in place to prevent teenagers from expressing themselves without persecution.”

Mrs. Potts, who was still worked up from Father Mulligan didn’t wait to be called on.

“What about the other children at the school? Is it fair to force them to acknowledge this deviant lifestyle?”

She was baiting me but honestly, that was an idiotic try.

“Yes.” was all I said.

“Yes what?” she asked.

“Yes it is fair.”

“How can you say…”

And I cut her off.

“Mrs. Potts, America is not an easy concept. It isn’t something that you can just do and not have problems. We are forced every day to deal with things that we find offensive, ignorant or even deviant and that is the price we pay for our freedoms. Want Freedom of Speech? Then you have to accept pornography. You want Freedom of Religion? Then you have to accept that covers the religions you don’t agree with too. America is too complicated to fit into one narrow view, it has to encompass all of us, even the ones you might not like.”

She opened her mouth to counter but I kept talking.

“You don’t like homosexuals that throw their sexuality in your face? Fine, I don’t like religious people who insist I live my life by a set of rules I don’t agree with. But see I’m not here to take a bible away from you. I’m not here to say we should outlaw Christians or round up all the bibles in the world. Despite my personal opinion I respect your belief system an have no desire to stop you from living your life. Can you say the same?”

Mr. Miller chimed in. “I can, we are not here to force people to do things they don’t want to. We are simply looking out for the welfare of our children.”

“Is that so Mr. Miller? So then the Collation to Preserve Family Values spent nearly a billion dollars last year lobbying Congress to repeal the Supreme Court decision to allow same sex marriage you were doing that to do what? Give homosexuals more rights? When you spend over 600 million dollar in various local elections to change state law to try to get round the ruling you’re what? Protecting homosexuals from the burden of marriage and the ordeals that come with it? Come now sir, if you’re going to discriminate against us just admit it and let’s move forward but lying on national television about what your company does is a disservice for everyone.”

“He is not a liar!” Mrs. Potts yelled at me.

“OK, let’s take a deep breath…” Cindy started to say.

I was breathing just fine.

“Do you know that for sure Mrs. Potts? What about you? You mind telling the viewing audience what your firm does?”

She paused.

“Just look into the camera and explain to the American public what service you offer.”

“We help and nurture grass root movements that are trying to defend their way of life in America.”

“You give money and resource to people who are trying to stop gay people from being equal citizens.”

“That is one way of looking…” she started to say.


“True or false, you gave a group in Wyoming over two hundred thousand dollars to protest a gay couple from buying land in the area.”

“My firm does a lot of…”

“It’s true, trust me. And that money was used to drive those men out of the area how?”

She said nothing.

“By burning cow manure in front of their house, by buying a backhoe and destroying the plumbing leading to their property, by shooting at their windows in the middle of the night screaming they will be back. Your firm is being sued right now for aiding and abiding in a hate crime Mrs. Potts. So unless you want to tell me exactly what your firm does in simple English then you’re as much of a liar as he is.”

“We need to take a break…” Cindy tried again.

“You started this by saying you were offended I assumed normal Americans are hostile towards a homosexual lifestyle. And I’m telling you I am offended that you would say it was anything but hostile. People like you and Mrs. Potts here have made it your life’s goal to stop people like me and Jackson from having equal rights because you don’t like us. That’s it, you want to say it is religious freedom but you know that doesn’t hold water because this man here.” I pointed to Mulligan. “Taught me nearly eight years ago that God doesn’t hate gay people, just the people who say they like God hate us. You don’t like me because Jesus told you to, you don’t like me because that’s how you feel.”

There was dead air as we all just glared at out cameras.

Cindy cleared her throat. “We’ll be back after these messages.”

“You little faggot.” Mr. Miller screamed at his camera as soon as we were clear. “You think you can talk to me like that?”

“Should I have founded a company and used my money to deprive you of your inalienable rights like a coward? We both know what you do sir, so don’t come screaming to me when I tell others.”

“You’re damn right my company is there to stop homos like you from gaining power. If I had my way I’d just ship you all off to an island so you can get AIDS and die.”

That was it. I looked over at Brad who was standing behind the camera crew looking down at his phone. He looked up at me and nodded.

“Well thank you for your cooperation Mr. Miller. I could not have done this without you.”

He paused “Done what?”

Brad tossed me his phone and I pressed the screen.

And his hate filled rant played back at him.

If I had my way I’d just ship you all off to an island so you can get AIDS and die.”

I turned it off. “Couldn’t have taken this to the next level without you. So thank you.”

I pulled off my mic and tossed it to the crew. “You guys got everything you need?”

The camera went dead and the guy behind it just looked at me in shock and nodded.

“My people will help you clean up.” I looked over at Brad. “You ready?”

He had a huge smile on his face.

Z Nation  {Sentence Starters}

  • “We wait them out.”
  • “I look like a post-apocalyptic stripper.“
  • “We can’t just stay here and wait to die.”
  • “Guns and liquor… what could go wrong?”
  • “I believed you. You made me believe you.”
  • “Could be worse. We’re still alive aren’t we?”
  • “I’m the one eyed king in the land of the blind.”
  • “We’re in desperate need of alternate transport.” 
  • “We’re on a mission that just might save the human race.”
  • “You look pretty happy for someone who hasn’t eaten in two days.”
  • “I can hear them but they don’t respond when I reply. It’s pretty garbled.”
  • “You may be the mission, but today you became our friend. Thank you.”
  • “It doesn’t make you bad that you liked to kill them and it turned you on.”
  • “Why do you keep fighting this? You know ____’s never gonna let you go.”
You really are a special kind of human, aren’t you? The paramedic that brought you in today, he’s Polish. The radiologist you met earlier today, she’s French. The registrar who looked after you in the ED, her name’s Dr Chao. It’s the founding principle of the NHS that we treat everyone, based on their clinical need rather than their ability to pay. We treat everyone who needs it irrespective of race, nationality, sexuality, religion; which unfortunately for me includes closed-minded racist bigots such as yourself.
—  Jasmine Burrows 19/12
Life begins outside your comfort zone.

2, The Ranting Gryphon.

This quote is a good one from one of his Story Time Lets Plays on youtube.

I learned this when I went to America to see my most precious adorably sweet boyfriend @foreverconfused-anenqui. I was scarred because I am like my mother who doesn’t like crowds, I’m a total mothers boy. But I was wrong, seeing everyone from everywhere around the globe, different nationalities and languages, seeing their fashion including the Indian pilots - they look very sharp in the black pilots uniform while wearing the turban! Just seeing that has given me a thirst for traveling to see what’s out there, I need a better job sadly or win lotto.

Nations as Quotes from my High School

Austria: “I’m looking for a manly ribbon!”

Hungary: “Mermaids are real; piss off.”

Slovakia: “I can’t believe Boy Meets World lied to me.”

Czech: “Just get in the trunk.”

Netherlands: “He owes us cookies!”

Belgium: “I’m a big lion RAWR~”

Luxembourg: “You ruined my solo!”

Greece: “Can’t I just hide during pep rallies and nap?”

anonymous asked:

I don't hate Diversity, I was just telling how the series handles monstrous manaketes. Cute Divine Dragon girls are good, ugly Mage and Earth Dragons are bad.

“Also hate to say it but “pretty = Good” and “ugly = Evil” are extensively used in Fire Emblem. Note how Validar is super deformed for no reason, while his kid looks nothing like him. Or how everyone in the Grimleal are all as horrifically ugly as Validar, except for Aversa, who as it turns out was brainwashed and gets redeemed while everyone else in the cult is killed.“

and im saying its bad? like im not denying the prevalence of the trope, im just saying its bad and it makes me tired

and validar/the grimaleal are a whole different kettle of fish, where all the "bad” plegians are dark skinned and all the “good” recruitable plegians are white

and not everyone in the cult gets killed, given its the national religion? like, there are guaranteed to be survivors who practiced. thats just the odds

and i think youre misremembering, all the generic enemies have the same portraits? all of which seem to be real conventionally attractive

like, listen, i dont know what your point is, but it sure feels like youre coming into my house and pointing out the problems you have with my decor all uninvited.

like? cmon dude

So, I’m flying today, that’s…good.

Lots of protestors here at the airport; I wouldn’t say I’m happy to see them because I hate that this is necessary, but I’m happy that, since it is, they are there, chanting, with signs, cheering. And it certainly gets people talking.

Also I feel like the TSA, at least here, are reacting really well; they’re kinder than I usually expect (one agent offered to help my uke through the xray for me so it wouldn’t be bumped around coming out) and one of the agents said “I don’t mind them, they’re not protesting me.”

I think everyone is pretty much familiar with the Mr. Rogers quote about “look for the helpers” and I think it must have been ingrained in me young, that sensibility, because whenever terrible things have happened on a national level lately, I’ve noticed that on an individual level people tend to be more gentle with one another. I know that there are also people being horrific monsters to one another – I don’t see it as often in person because of who I am and where I live, but I read the news, I know it happens – and yet mostly what I’m aware of is that in the aftermath people are…tender, I suppose. They seem more aware of the humanity of others, less willing to injure that humanity out of impatience or their own personal unhappiness. Which gives me a great hope, even when I know there’s a fight before the hope can be fulfilled.

Anyway, I’m going home restored and full of good food, and I had a great time with my friends, so back to the fight we go.

Writing Commissions

Stumbling to find a piece of fanfiction with your kinks? Want to read a storyline with some creative plot points? Have a set of original characters and want to see what they look like written out?

Consider commissioning me!

The Gist: I’m a writer with some experience who is open to writing commissions. The link above has more details and my credentials but basically:

500 words = $5.00
1,500 words = $15.00
Therefore, 100 words is $1.00.
For editing/proof-reading work: I can give you a personal quote.
I am flexible if you are interested in something specific!

My AO3 has a few examples but I can handle different styles. 

I have written for Voltron: LD, Dishonored, Kingdom Hearts, SnK and Homestuck and Original Work. I am familair with a lot of shows so do not hesitate to ask for something specific. I specialize in action, horror/gore, angst but am not opposed outside of this group.

Feel free to message me for details and questions.

Reblogs appreciated!!

i think i wrote a manchester high school au or its equivalent someone restrain me

vanderllyle save me from my self-imposed agony

  • Morrissey is the loser kid with no friends who sits at the desk in the corner by himself, doodling Oscar Wilde quotes in the margins. He gets picked on for being the lone Man U supporter in a sea of Man City fans, and he has a picture of James Dean taped to the inside cover of his Geography book to look at when he decides paying attention is beneath him, ie. all the time.
  • Johnny Marr is the coolest guy in school and goes nowhere without his shades, his guitar, and Angie. He’s the guy who sits on the table while the others must sit on their chairs or the floor. One day he sits down next to Morrissey without a word and the two are best friends forever after.
  • Andy used to be Johnny’s best friend but now he finds himself hanging out with Mike. It’s ok though because now they’re all part of Johnny’s posse.
  • John Squire is the kid who’s like, freakishly good at art and decorates all his notebooks and gear and stuff. He usually sits with Ian Brown at the back so they can slouch sullenly and examine their fingernails in silence when asked why they haven’t been paying attention. Reni and Mani sit to their right and whisper over football cards all day.
  • Shaun Ryder and Bez are Those Guys who start fires at lunchtime in the bathroom and end up on the roof during the night, startling everyone who arrives at school the next morning.
  • Bobby Gillespie just moved down from Scotland. No one knows what he does all day, Bobby least of all.
  • Ian Curtis carries a mysterious grey nootebook with him at all times, and he can usually be found writing in it. He won’t show anyone what’s in there (“Yet,” he says), except sometimes Morrissey if he’s in a good mood.
  • Barney Sumner is the cherub-faced, perennially-shorts-wearing kid who hangs around with Ian’s crew. Gillian is their queen and rules the group with a gentle hand.
  • Noel is the very tiny guy who gets blinded by the stars in his eyes whenever he looks at Johnny. Can usually be found arguing loudly with strangers about City’s prospects this season or hauling his younger brother away from altercations by the scruff of his neck (Liam wants to do nothing in life but fight everyone he meets. He'll kick anyone’s ass. He’ll kick your ass. He’ll kick your dog’s ass. He’ll kick his own ass.).
  • John Power is a friend of Noel’s who hangs out with Lee Mavers most days. Lee is… weird. If you ask him for answers to last nights homework he’ll claim he threw them out because he felt they weren’t quite right and then go off on a tangent about ‘cosmic influences’ and the ‘sound of the soul’.
  • Ian McCulloch keeps walking into doorways because he can’t see clearly through his hair.
  • Tony Wilson is the janitor.