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@anclrewjosten​ asked me to expand on the dating season of my Foxhole Court meets the Amazing Race headcanon/AU so here goes:

  • recap: all the Foxes met on the Amazing Race years ago, Allison & Renee, Andrew & Neil, Matt & Dan were all on different teams originally but hooked up on/after that race and have now been invited back for Amazing Race: All-Star Couples
  • all the teams remained friends after they left the Amazing Race, their group chat names change based on their experience on the first race. It starts with “THE AMAZING DAN AND RENEE” because they won, it changes to “Neil Boyd” or “Matt Josten” because of all the fan theories that they were husbands, once it’s “Coconut Head Kevin” but Kevin changes it to “Aaron’s Coconut Rage Issues” because it was Aaron that threw the coconut that smacked him in the head
  • everyone this season is racing for 1st place and the right to change the group chat name
  • Phil comments on how, despite having found love on the race, Andrew still doesn’t smile that much - the editors have to edit him flipping Phil off but they really don’t want to
  • everyone places bets on how long it will take for Andrew to smile on camera, they get close after leg one when Neil and Andrew take first place and Neil kisses his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his whole face really, in excitement. Andrew clenches his teeth and buries his face in Neil’s shoulder until he composes himself
  • Neil and Matt still act like husbands whenever they’re anywhere together: waiting outside roadblocks for Dan and Andrew, passing each other while running so they hug each other mid-run at full speed
  • the only time Neil doesn’t bro it up with Matt is when they’re on airplanes together because Neil and Andrew spend the entire time on their flights going over strategies (and it’s only 80% to keep Andrew’s mind off his fear of heights and flying)
  • the three couples decide not to ever U-turn each other, one of the random teams they don’t know U-turn Neil and Andrew - they don’t come in last because Neil & Andrew kick ass and race through both detours and a different random couple team gets eliminated but the Foxes make the the race a living hell for the couple that U-turned Neil & Andrew, it takes them two legs before they’re eliminated
  • the camera crew might not be able to catch Andrew smiling (because he doesn’t do it) but they are surprised at how often Andrew and Neil are kissing on camera, not even trying to hide it, they kiss each other all the time, on the lips, forehead, cheeks, one time Andrew kisses Neil on the back of his hand and one of the camera guys almost faints from how cute it is (the show was planning on giving them a much different, dramatic edit since Andrew is so ‘emotionless’ but they end up getting the most adorable loving couple edit)
  • after the angry and bickering edit Allison got on the last race, the editors are surprised to find Allison is much more chill and Renee doesn’t have a single explosive bone in her body. Allison rants and gets loud but never at Renee, she kicks something in frustration but as soon as she’s back with Renee she just calmly leans against her and sighs “that challenge was dumb” to which Renee replies “yes but you did it and I’m proud of you” “good, let’s go win”
  • Dan and Matt are the powerhouse couple, they can do everything, they’re both buff as hell, both energetic and passionate, they’re always racing ahead and doing the physically intense detours. and they’re always supportive and kissing each other but the cutest couple edit was already taken so they focus more on damn look at those guns and communication skills as they both lift up those rocks damn
  • there’s a roadblock where you need to complete the task where you have to go down a runway wearing heels and perform a routine - Allison kills it, surprising no one. Dan kills it, surprising everyone except the Foxes, no one expects Andrew to be able to walk in heels let alone move his hips like that (the camera guy actually faints this time)
  • Matt comments on how maybe Andrew should wear heels all the time because then he wouldn’t have to get up on his tip toes or haul Neil down by his neck for kisses but Neil says that Andrew doesn’t need anymore weapons (heels are painful Matt, I know Neil but think how cute, shut the fuck up Matt I actually like him short, I’ll f*cking kill you both)
  • the three teams end up being the final three teams (no one is surprised), it’s the most hectic final leg ever and all bets are off - they don’t actively try to trick each other but they don’t help each other in any way, they trash talk each other but in weird inside joke ways that don’t sound that mean but Matt gets so offended when Andrew shouts “Neil Josten can’t succeed at anything in life” at him that Matt stops mid-run to talk up Neil’s success story, “Navy Blue is not your color, Neil” Allison shouts and Neil starts running backwards to yell “Navy blue brings out my eyes!”, Dan is constantly saying “mediocre” and “weak” to anything the other teams do, Renee doesn’t say anything mean about anyone ever but stares at them until they get uncomfortable. The editors have to edit out all of Neil’s trash talk because it gets very specific, very long, and everyone just sort of stands around stunned for a moment before continuing to race
  • Neil and Andrew win but it’s one of the closest finals ever, Dan and Matt are in second, Allison and Renee in third. The other Foxes demand to know who won but they can’t tell anyone until the show is out and finished so the group chat name changes constantly to different guesses until they either run out of options or get strangely specific “Andrew threatened Phil until he gave him and Neil first place”, “Allison bribed Phil”, “Matt and Neil won” (they weren’t a team this time, doesn’t matter they still won together), “Kevin got hit with a coconut again” (I WASN’T EVEN ON THE RACE THIS TIME)
  • the group chat has never been more active than when the season airs, they all live text each other while watching it, guessing at who wins the leg, who gets kicked off, oh damn that team really fucked up they will actually die if Neil and Andrew go home this leg, wow Neil and Andrew are insufferably cute in this edit make it stop, WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO WALK IN HEELS ANDREW, Dan did you really give Matt a piggyback ride? i was tired and she’s so strong
  • they all get together at Allison and Renee’s place to watch the finale together, they turn it into a drinking game (every time Neil & Andrew kiss, Matt says “you’re the best” to Dan, Allison tells an inanimate object she’s going to sue it) and at the end of the night the group chat changes to “THE AMAZING NEIL AND ANDREW”

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dudedudedude imagine: remember when shiro said something about the red lion being the only lion to withstand the heat of the stars at marmora hq? so, the team goes to visit the hq again, and this time allura has to go (bring ur leader jazz). bear in mind red paladin lance. this could go either way. one: allura chooses keith to go, and lance realizes it was just an excuse not to take him. or two: allura takes the red lion with lance, but now lance us just another replacement for keith.


I decided to write both scenarios because I love them both! 

I really tried to keep the characters in character 

Allura Chooses Keith 

“I’ll take Keith.” Allura pointed at the male who was staring at the two wormholes, indicating the Marmora headquarters. 

Lance blinked a few times and immediately went into defense mode. “The Black Lion can’t withstand that heat, only the Red Lion can. Newflash I pilot the Red Lion now, so shouldn’t I go with you instead of Keith?” 

Allura was silent for a few moments but eventually spoke “Keith will fly the Red Lion down since he was her paladin before. I understand that you pilot the Red Lion now Lance but Keith still has a very unique bond with her. If anything happens in the headquarters we can rely on Red to keep us safe, because she will do anything to protect Keith.” 

“Also even though Allura is our leader I think we should send the leader of Voltron with her, and this case it’s Keith.” Pidge adjusted her glasses and looked at Lance, “since Shiro went last time it’s only logical.” 

Lance nodded and faced the the screen displaying the two wormholes. He heard the two shuffle out of the room and he tightened his fist in anger? Was that the emotion he was feeling? No it was something different, something heavier than anger. 

Lance walked over to his chair, that was in the room, and slumped down in it. Everything felt heavy and Lance didn’t know why. He watch Pidge, Hunk and Coran talk to Allura and Keith from the Red Lion and he felt the emotion grow stronger. 

Was this an excuse? Did Allura not trust me enough to go with her? That can’t be true, we’ve bonded since Shiro left. Maybe there’s a different reason, maybe she wanted Keith to have another shot at learning about his past. 

Someone asked Lance if he was okay and he gave them a firm nod. Nobody knew what to do and kept him in the corner of their eyes and Lance sat still, thinking. Thinking about why Allura chose Keith over him but no matter how much he thought he never found a solid answer. 

Allura Takes Lance 

“Lance we must go, we only have so many ticks before they close the headquarters off.” Allura spoke as she put on her helmet and made he way down to the Red Lion hanger. 

Lance nodded and quickly approached Red, her particle barrier falling as soon as he entered her hanger. 

After a few minutes Lance and Allura were on their way down to the headquarters. 

Lance felt sweat fall down his back as he maneuvered Red along the path that was displayed before him. 

“So, um princess?” Lance cursed at how shaky his voice was but he was anxious. Anxious that he would mess up and fail this mission.  Keith wouldn’t be anxious. 

Allura turned her gaze towards Lance “Yes Lance, is everything okay?” 

Lance gave her a shaky nod, “yes, but why did you chose me instead of Keith? He is a better pilot after all and his bond is stronger with Red versus me.” 

Allura was quiet for a few ticks, the only noise was the rumble from Reds metal slightly bending under the pressure from the wormholes. 

“Well, I chose you because you are the Red paladin now. Even if your bond isn’t the strongest, Red is your lion now.” Allura gave Lance a small smile. 

Lance nodded. “So if Keith was still the Red paladin you would have taken him?” 

Allura nodded and Lance didn’t say anything else. He focused on flying Red but his eyes kept wandering the more he thought. 

I’m only here because Keith isn’t Red’s paladin anymore. Did I replace Keith? Lance looked at Allura, who gave him another small smile. No, Allura replaced me. I was the Blue paladin now I’m forced to be the Red paladin. I replaced Keith and Allura replaced me. I’m always going to be replaceable aren’t I? Will I ever have a permanent spot in Voltron? 

“LANCE WATCH OUT!” Allura screamed and Lance pulled the controls back. He was heading off the path straight into the wormhole. 

Lance could here’s his team asking what happened and Allura touched his shoulder. “Lance are you alright?” 

Lance nodded, “sorry I was just lost in thought. It won’t happen again.” Lance focus on flying, his thoughts burning in the back of his mind.

I hope you like them!!!!!

Sorry it took so long!!

Thank you <33333

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why do you outline only some? or sometimes its just very lightly outlined..... asking for drawing practice

its mostly personal preference! there is a bit of logic to it as well but ill put that under the cut in case it gets a little long

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In light of Mark’s video (Why do I make promises that I can’t keep…) I would like to get my own thoughts about what he said.

The irony of his video is that he talks about how he can’t seem to keep promises and then he ends the video with a promise. Not to insult him in anyway but there is a moderate possibility that he won’t keep this promise. Not to say that he doesn’t respect us, but in that he will struggle to keep his focus on keeping the promise 100% of the time. 

And that’s because….. it’s natural to falter. 

As human beings we can’t control everything we do. 

And one thing I’ve learnt (through in-depth philosophical conversations with many people) for a long as ‘chance’ exists, there is no such thing as an ‘absolute’. In terms of promises: we can’t keep them all the time, especially ones that don’t have deadlines. Because things get in the way; things we can’t control, things that just happen, things that have no cause. And these things either distract ourselves from the promise or make us fail promises all together. These things are natural. 

And because these things are natural, we shouldn’t kick ourselves in the ass for ‘letting these things happen’, because we couldn’t stop them in the first place! We can try to avoid them, if we plan ahead, but if we constantly worry about the ‘what ifs’ of these thousands of possibilities that could happen to put obstacles in our way… we’ll end up torturing ourselves, living in a constant state of anxiety and paranoia and constant guilt…. And that’s not a healthy way of living, especially if you’re the kind of person who wants to make a big impact on the world. We shouldn’t worry about the ‘what ifs’. And thats all the ‘what ifs’: the what ifs of the past (no point worrying about them because they happened and you can’t do anything to change them now (unless you have a time machine)) and the what ifs of the future (because nobody can successfully predict the future)

I guess as an example of the inability to fully keep promises could be the Markiplier Makes challenges (since I’m talking about Markiplier here): in this case the Ballista challenge. (I know the video is mainly an entertainment video with comical effects, but out of that context for the sake of this example): At the beginning of the challenge Mark says they will build a fully working ballista within 3 minutes without instructions. They tried: by the end of 3 minutes the ballistas weren’t fully built (in fact the stands for the ballistas were the only things built). Now I know that seems like an unfair point because Mark wasn’t ‘promising’ that the ballistas would be built and he also could have been exaggerating on their abilities to craft something in such a short area of time, but… still… they tried. They tried to keep that almost impossible promise. And failed.
But the video didn’t end there. They carried on building, realising what went wrong and learning from it. And even when Mark failed again (gluing something in the wrong place) he still carried on with whatever he had left. 
Making a good point. I know this post so far has gone on about the impossibility of keeping promises, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a large majority of the goals that promises create. As Samuel Beckett says: 
“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”
Meaning: try, fail, try again, fail again but better, try again, until eventually you will win. It’s not reaching the goal that makes it worth while, it’s the lessons you learn along the way. 

So Mark, if you see this, the phrase ‘don’t make promises you can’t keep’ is important. In this case it’s not meant in a negative way; in a way it’s meant as stable advice. Because if you make promises with the utter conviction that the promises will be kept, if you fail to keep a promise (especially through something you can’t control), you’ll end up torturing yourself (again) and it’s not healthy, considering that the achievements you’ve made completely outweigh any failures you’ve had. You are a good person who has done great stuff, but in times of sadness or self-doubt those accomplishments seem to not exist anymore. But they do exist. If not to you then to someone else.

Just like the Starfish story: whatever may not matter in the bigger picture is surely appreciated by someone somewhere in the world. 

To conclude: no promise is absolute, because things happen: things we can’t control, so it’s not possible to fully keep a promise. But 1) because the promise wasn’t kept doesn’t mean it’s entirely your fault so it’s no good blaming yourself for something that you can’t stop, and 2) just because promises can’t be fully kept doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to keep them, because you may accomplish many things along the way for trying your best. 

So yeah, that’s my rant. 

Hope everyone has a good day/night. :)

Not sure if anyone has thought of this yet, but...

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and, quite honestly, breaking my damn heart and need to share the pain! You see, I’ve always been drawn to this certain scene from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie:

Specifically, that little device the prisoner is using and what it’s purpose seems to be. It’s purpose seems to be to project the users memories or mental images that the user wishes to see and in this prisoner’s case, her family that she was separated from or was killed by Ronan/Thanos. We can also assume that this device seems to be pretty common within the galaxy. Since the guards would allow a prisoner to have it in such a high security prison like the Kyln, we can also guess its pretty harmless. What I’m getting at is that what if Peter or Kraglin end up getting one of these doodads in order to help them grieve after the events of Vol. 2 . Peter would use it to remember all the good times he had with Yondu (i.e. when Yondu taught him to fly or shoot). Then there’s also Kraglin. Oh boy. He would not only remember all the good times he had with his captain (like when he was first recruited into Yondu’s crew, the times at the bar, etc.), but I can also see him using it to remember all his Ravager friends that were killed during the mutiny, who he had to watch die quite horribly and he was powerless to do anything or he would’ve been killed himself.

Then there are the times early on where the grief seems to be hitting both Peter and Kraglin pretty hard. Which leads to the two going into a secluded room with this machine and they begin to relive shared memories they may have of Yondu together and even talk to each other of a certain memory they really cherish. Crying, laughing, and just having general fondness for each others memories of their beloved Captain Yondu Udonta. 


I thought I should keep the tradition alive of me posting random selfies before an exam, I know you all want to see these, bc they’re a work of art, and I mean, just look at that face. I call dis piece “before she fails”, it’s inspired by law school, hope you like n good night to you allllll

also abbie says she’s my shoes in the background, so we’re hanging now @blackthornsims 👌🏻
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber: Okay everyone. I have this cool idea for a sequel to Phantom of the Opera. I'd like to run it by you and get some feedback.
  • Phandom: Sounds cool. But Phantom kind of had a really satisfying end, so it would-
  • ALW: So, in this sequel, The Phantom flees to New York and opens up a freak show on Coney Island.
  • Phandom: He would never do that, though, becau-
  • ALW: And Meg is a prostitute
  • Phandom: That's literally against the entire-
  • ALW: Madame Giry's still the only one with a French accent.
  • Phandom: Okay, but-
  • ALW: Christine and The Phantom fuck
  • Phandom: seRIOUSLY it's time to stop. They would never-
  • ALW: They have a child. His name is Gustave.
  • Phandom: No-
  • ALW: Raoul is a drunk. He gambles. He's an asshole. He's basically just a plot device so I can have a valid reason for Phantom and Christine to fuck.
  • Phandom: Raoul would never do that. And don't get me started on-
  • ALW: Also Christine dies at the end.
  • Phandom: WHAT THE FU-
  • ALW: I'll call it Love Never Dies. For the irony.
  • Phandom: please stop.
  • ALW: Oh yeah and Meg is the one who shoots Christine. She also tries to drown Gustave. All because she's a little attention whore.
  • Phandom: *facepalm*
  • ALW: I think it's a good idea. Everyone will love it.
'Dinner Surprises' - Bechloe

Aubrey sat forward in her chair at the dinner table, eagerly awaiting the remainder of the Bella’s to join her. It was their first day of their European Victory Tour and she had just spent an enjoyable forty minutes unpacking her suitcase and arranging her items into the small wardrobe provided in the small twin room which she had had no choice in sharing with Fat Amy.

The Australian sauntered over to her, plonking herself down in the seat to her right with a long sigh, “So where do you think everyone else is?” and Aubrey merely shrugged.

The hotel had a rule that before seating, guests had to order their drinks at the bar. She had specifically told all the Bella’s to meet in the dining room at 6pm sharp. It was now 6.03pm and gauging Amy’s tone they weren’t all up at the bar, where her roommate had just been. She felt sure that had Amy not been sharing a room with her than the Australian would also not be here.

The blonde sat up straight as Cynthia-Rose, Ashley, Jessica and Flo walked over to the table. Grins of greetings all around as they settled in seats to Aubrey’s right and left. She jumped as she turned to see Lily stood between herself and Fat Amy, having not seen her appear at all. Lily took a seat and she let out a small smile and a gentle wave saying something under her breath that sounded much like she’d just put sugar in all the salt shakers, but Aubrey couldn’t be sure. As she glanced around the table she noticed that the rest of the Bella’s had also struggled to hear what their quiet friend had said

Shaking her head slightly, as though to forget Lily’s weirdness, Aubrey smiled with a long exhale, “Well, five minutes isn’t too late.” She chose to ignore the eye rolling of her fellow Bella’s and looked at the two empty chairs on the other side of the table to her, “Has anyone seen Beca and Chloe?”

“You mean Bhloe?” Fat Amy said with a smirk, nudging Aubrey with her elbow as the other Bella’s grinned, looking at each other then over at the empty seats. A couple of waitresses arrived with The Bella’s preordered drinks. Aubrey’s heart sank. Was this ‘Bhloe’ nickname still a thing?

She’d be lying if she admitted she hadn’t become concerned the moment she’d found out that Chloe had decided to move to NYC with Beca eighteen months ago. She knew only too well how Chloe felt about the woman who was three years their junior. For too many nights over the three years since Aubrey had graduated she had listened to Chloe on the phone, the redhead bawling her eyes out because she loved Beca so much but Beca couldn’t possibly love her back.

She remembered how besotted the redhead had been over that alt-girl the moment they had first met her six years ago. Chloe had really pushed Aubrey to have Beca join the Bella’s, and if Aubrey hadn’t considered Chloe her only friend back then, she would’ve immediately said no.

Since then Aubrey hadn’t liked how selfish and rebellious the brunette was. The girl would forever put her feelings and her wishes before anybody else’s. And every time, Chloe would back Beca up. She would make excuses for her rudeness. Chloe would be let down again and again and still she would never hear anything against the brunette.

And in a small way, no matter how long the years went on, Aubrey still harboured a ball of dislike for Beca and the way she appeared to treat the redhead. Aubrey considered Chloe to be her very best friend, and as such she wanted the best for her. Beca was far from the best. If this whole ‘Bhloe’ thing continued, then Chloe would get her hopes up, which would only eventually end in upset.

“Okaaay, Bhloe is not a thing, nor do I want to hear any of you using that as a nickname for Beca and Chloe, understand? It’s only going to upset them..” Aubrey said with an air of authority and seriousness despite the sickeningly sweet smile on her face. The Bella’s screwed their faces up in confusion, wondering who had made Aubrey the leader all of a sudden.

But before they could say anything more, Chloe arrived at the dining table with a broad grin on her face, closely followed by Beca who gave the group a smile, raising her hand in a silent greeting.

“Hey ladies! Isn’t it great to be all together again?” The redhead said as she took a seat beside Cynthia-Rose while Beca took the seat on the other side of Chloe.

The table fell silent as the Bella’s stared at Beca and Chloe, both of whom looked back at them, “What?” Beca asked curiously and Aubrey thought she saw the brunette’s cheeks flush a little.

"Nothing! Erm…Beca tell us about how work is going? You’re now in New York?” Aubrey said hurriedly, hoping to save any embarrassment that may bestow Chloe, whose suspicious expression now relaxed into a smile as she didn’t take her blue eyes off Beca once.

"Oh…right…yeah. Well I’m still working for Residual Heat, within their production department…” Beca began, and Aubrey watched as a member of bar staff approached their table, handing what looked to be a gin and tonic to Beca, and a glass of rosé to Chloe,

"I’m in charge of a really small team who get to listen to all demos and work out if the artists are what Residual Heat are looking for…” the brunette continued as the bar staff placed a small glass of ice in front of her, and a small glass of ice in front of Chloe, before finally placing a large bottle of still water between them,

”…so while it’s not exactly what I’m looking for job-wise, it’s actually just acting as another stepping stone towards hopefully becoming a music producer…” Beca continued.

Aubrey couldn’t help her mouth slowly drop open as she watched Beca reach over to grab the small glass in front of Chloe and tip the ice into her own glass.

Meanwhile Chloe had reached out to take Beca’s Gin & Tonic and was in the process of using her fork to pull out the wedge of lime in the girl’s long drink, “Beca’s been in talks with her boss about potentially having a day in the week reserved exclusively for music production”

Aubrey watched on as Chloe returned Beca’s glass before the redhead gave her a little nudge, and the brunette nodded, “yeah, actually it’s a pretty big deal. If he agrees then I’ll be collaborating with one of the producers and learning the ropes on the job which would be awesome!”

The Bella’s congratulated Beca, though Aubrey noticed that each of them had been looking at Beca and Chloe in stunned silence as the two had so casually swapped ingredients of each other’s drinks. Fortunately it seemed neither of the woman had noticed as they took a sip of their own drinks.

Aubrey furrowed her brow. This type of interaction wasn’t one that she’d seen between Beca and Chloe before. Particularly not by Beca. When the group had toured during their US Victory Tour together two years ago, the two women had been nothing like this. They had rarely been seen together and that was because Chloe had admitted to Aubrey at the beginning of that tour that she was going to be taking a step away from Beca with the intention of removing her feelings for the brunette.

Chloe had admitted back then that Beca was never going to choose her, it would always be Jesse. The last time Aubrey had been aware of Chloe’s unrequited love for the brunette was at the end of the bootcamp she had ran for them three years ago.

Thirty minutes later and the Bella’s were sat around the dining table, listening to an outrageous tale by Fat Amy when their meals arrived. Aubrey glanced down at her dish of moussaka with glee, pleased to finally be eating after a long day of travelling. She looked around the table at her fellow Bella’s. Cynthia-Rose and Flo were picking through Flo’s salad to see if there really was plenty of avocado, whilst Lily had already begun tucking into her paella. She noticed Ashley and Jessica whispering to each other under their breath as they glanced at Beca and Chloe, and Fat Amy began tucking into a large steak that she’d proudly ordered “rare”.

"So the thing about steaks in Australia is that it’s mostly always alligator,” the Australian said casually, and Aubrey wondered if it was really the truth, but she let Amy continue, “but since being home I’ve had a massive hankering for…”

Aubrey looked at the woman to her right who had stopped cutting her steak mid-sentence and was now staring across the table in surprise. Aubrey looked at her fellow Bella’s all of whom were now staring at Beca and Chloe. Aubrey furrowed her brow as she followed their gaze.

Beca had slid her plate across to Chloe, who subsequently dragged the tomatoes from Beca’s plate onto hers. Whilst that was happening Beca was busy picking off every cube of feta cheese that was on Chloe’s plate and placing it on hers. Beca pulled her plate back once they were finished only for Chloe to sweetly whisper “ooh you missed a bit” and place a final cube of feta on Beca’s plate. The two began eating then looked up, surprised to see the rest of their party staring at them in shock.

”…what??” Beca asked, and Aubrey struggled to find the words to ask what the hell was going on. It was like they were perfectly synced with each other. Fortunately Fat Amy took control of the situation,

“Er, guys, what’s with the food swapping?”

"And the ice” Cynthia-Rose chipped in.

"Yeah and the ice?” The Bella’s muttered and agreed. Beca and Chloe looked from their food to each other then back to the Bella’s.

Beca shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal,

"Chloe hates feta. And ice.”

"It hurts my teeth!”

"Yeah it hurts her teeth.”

"And Beca hates limes. And tomatoes.” Chloe chimed, with an expression as though she couldn’t understand why they were having to explain things.

"So…why didn’t you order them without??”

"I dunno,” the brunette shrugged, “it’s just…easier.”

The Bella’s watched as Chloe briefly placed a hand on Beca’s upper arm and they were surprised to not see the brunette flinch away from the physical contact like she used to, “Beca loves feta cheese” the redhead said, before bringing her hand back down from her best friend’s arm.

"She’s right” Beca pointed at Chloe with a nod, “I’d be annoyed if she’d ordered her salad without it!”

Aubrey was lost for words as the Bella’s began a small debate about whether feta cheese was nice or not and what it was nice in, and all of a sudden the dynamics of the group returned to normal. She didn’t take part in the conversation, instead using the time to slowly eat her moussaka and watch the interaction between Chloe and Beca.

While there were many different things about the two in the way that they interacted one thing remained the same, Chloe still looked at Beca adoringly while Beca continued going about her life obliviously.

As she watched Beca picking at a piece of chicken whilst talking over the table to Fat Amy she saw Chloe staring at Beca with a soft smile on her face. The redhead had barely touched her salad, instead clearly blissfully content in watching the brunette’s every move and listening to every word.

Aubrey felt a dark cloud loom over her body as she realised that her best friend still had deep feelings for the petite alt-girl. All the progress the redhead had made trying to remove her feelings for Beca throughout the US tour two years ago seemed to have been completely eradicated in the eighteen months that the two had lived together in NY. Now Aubrey feared that Chloe would be falling even harder, and the only way to address this unrequited love would be for the redhead to tell Beca the truth.

The problem with that would be the inevitable heartache that would proceed that revelation, when the brunette would undoubtedly tell Chloe that she didn’t feel the same way. Things would get awkward. And the Bella’s truly would be over.

As the Bella’s raised their glasses to toast the first night of their tour, Aubrey took a deep breath as she looked at Chloe and Beca. She’d be keeping an eye on these two. The end of her Bella’s was in the palm of their hands, and they had the chance to crush it if Chloe ever revealed her deepest most feelings to Beca.

Excerpt from my fanfic ‘Two Years On’ - which is up on FanFiction.net

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Do rat snakes make decent beginner pets? I've had a ribbon snake before but I know two black rat snakes (a breeding pair) who live on my property and they're very bold, smart snakes, I don't want a wild caught one though.

Hello there!

The answer to your very excellent question is: it depends on the species!

Rat snakes are found in the northern hemisphere all around the globe and have varying habitat needs and temperaments, but all are known for being inquisitive, active, beautiful, and rewarding species to keep.
Most Old World rat snakes, such as those in the genus Elaphe and Gonyosoma, are not easy to keep and require TONS of space, have a reputation for being musky (stinky!) or defensive (bitey!) and in some cases can be extremely sensitive and particular in their needs and easily prone to stress or illness. Most are what I would call display animals for intermediate-advanced keepers rather than a good friend. Mountain, Mandarin, rhinoceros, and red-tailed green rat snakes are all examples of beautiful but challenging snakes.
Russian rats are an exception here as they’re noted for having good temperaments and CBBs (Captive-Born Babies) are pretty hardy. Sadly, as one of the least showy members of the Old World rat snake group, they’re frequently overlooked in the hobby.

New World rat snakes are found in Northern and Central America and these are generally more hardy, more docile, and more common in captivity. Many of the common New World rat snake species have been captive bred to the point of having many morphs available, too, so you can get a flashy noodle if that’s what floats your boat. Some very excellent beginner rat snakes will include the Trans-Pecos, Great Plains, Baird’s, and of course the most popular captive bred rat snake of all: the corn snake. Yes, corns are a species of rat snake!

Texas, Everglades, black, yellow, gray, green, and those that fall under the “fox snake” name are all more intermediate species with more variable temperaments and more diverse habitat needs. Some are semi-arboreal and all will frequently climb given the opportunity. You can keep any of these as a beginner if you are prepared to offer a very large enclosure, you’re okay if they never become docile and are display-only, no-touchy snakes, and you’re down with the stinkness.
Texas rat snakes will musk frequently and smear a burnt-popcorn scented perfume all over you. Black rat snake musk has more of a subtle plastics-factory-fire aroma. Two of my black rat snakes are extremely docile despite the fact that they are wild caught, and one is a bit wild and wiggy even though she’s a captive bred morph, so I’d call them somewhat unpredictable temperament-wise.

Of the non-corn beginner rats, I’d say the Trans-Pecos is a personal favorite. I’ve never had one of my own but every keeper I’ve met has said that they’re very easy and quite docile, and they’re just gorgeous snakes. They’ve got large eyes and lovely patterns. Definitely a species on my “someday” list!

Baby season is about to enter full swing and rat snakes are finding new appreciation among hobbyists who want something a little less common than a corn, so get your research started and you’re quite likely to find the perfect CBB for you!

Best of luck!

yknow i got called a transphobes for saying this before but yknow what? no. its bullshit.

heterosexual trans people do NOT have full access to Straight Privilege! thats not to say they aren’t actually het! im just saying we live in a VERY transphobic society and no trans people will be as privileged as someone who is 100% cis & het!

like… yall. ive literally heard so many people say that it doesn’t matter heir sexuality, trans people are living in sin for the sole reason theyre trans

like? do you REALLY think a transphobe is gonna be like “oh! i was gonna yell at you and tell you that you’re an abomination and that you’re delusional, but now that i know you’re a Heterosexual™ im not gonna do that hate crime!” like no thats not how this shit works

like, even in liberal areas trans people arent 100% accepted! and considering the majority of the world is NOT even fake accepting of trans people, those “liberal areas” are in the minority!

seriously. saying het trans people are just as privileged as het cis people is ridiculous because thats erasing a cute little thing called transphobia that uh funny enough Cis People Do Not Face

no offense but acknowledging that all trans people face oppression for being trans is not transphobic, and acting like het trans people have some sort of “out” because theyre het is just down right ridiculous

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I personally don't ship Eremika, I've actually grown to hate all SnK/AoT ships, mostly because of the fans-However I understand that people like to ship things, so I don't grudge it. That said, what do you think about Eremika's fanbase? I haven't had good experiences because I didn't ship it and I was attacked (not physically, I just turned off the PC, other than slurs, it wasn't a big deal- It was alot of people though). Also, what do you think of Levi x Farlan?

the fanbase of eremika to me seems pretty nice. kind of hard to break into, in my opinion, because they seem rather tight-knit. hence, i rarely post fic to tumblr on my fandom blog. i’m just too shy. their closeness frightens me.

however, i’ve also noted that there’s a lot of carry over of touken fans from tokyo ghoul, and they kinda… creep me out. some of the fans of both sigh about hoping isayama will do with eremika what ishida did with touken and i’m just… creeped out. despite being long part of eremika hell, i saw the raws for tg:re 125. i don’t need softcore porn in this manga k thx. plus it’s not a romance manga so it’s fine to leave things open ended.

i’ve noticed that the snk fandom is particularly bitchy about ships. like, we’ll fight to the literal death defending out faves, but while discourse is annoying to some and all, there is a line that should really be set in fucking stone when threats and anon hate come in. that really should not be crossed, and i want to sincerely apologize to you if you ever got hate from an eremika shipper for not shipping it. i can’t really apologize for other ships– i’m not part of them.
i’m so sorry the fandom is like this, and i think if you’ve received hate for the petty reason that you don’t ship the same ship as someone, the sender deserves a good kick from tumblr and the internet. forever. 

the only thing that sticks in my mind about levifar is that one of my followers really likes it and i like reading their tags because they consistently leave comments in their tags. *w* other than that, i’m neutral on it.

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I was thinking about season 3 when Maggie and Sydney hook up/makeout in the on-call room and how Maggie waits for Sydney to walk over to her before leaning down to kiss her. Maggie was so patient in this moment but then she was the one to pull Sydney closer and reach under her scrubs.. Idk I was just surprised (in a good way) at Maggie's bold moves? What do you think?

Haha yes in a good way. Hmm to me, the way I see it is that, those bold moves stayed true to Maggie’s nature and it also accentuated the fact that Sydney accepted that part of herself to a degree and Maggie was the reason she could do so, so she didn’t have to do it alone.

 That being said I’ll explain my thoughts: In Sydney’s 27 years of living, she had at least 10 years of knowing she was different, that she was not straight which probably scared every living fibre of her being, considering her family and religion. She hid a part of herself for at least 10 years, from the world and from herself, with no-one to confide in, not even herself. Deep down she knew but she never really  acknowledge that telling Neshama’s mother was also her being selfishly jealous which stemmed from her crush as well as ‘because Leviticus condemns homosexuality’ until that talk. She’s had all this guilt, self hatred, denial, all these burdening and overwhelming feelings all hidden within the confides of herself and this was the first time she’s talked to anyone about it, the first time she’s acted on her feelings. 

Think back to the first kiss, considering her background and personality, it is implied that Maggie may of have been her first real true to herself kiss, not to mention probably her first kiss. Maggie was the trigger (and to Sydney always will be. Things she’ll never do, she’ll do because of Maggie.) It was a mistake she thought, then hastily got engaged. She put Maggie behind her. Tried to. But Maggie chased her down about the kiss and then Neshama happened ,and then this feeling, this freeing feeling that Maggie gave her. Because Maggie – she’s so accepting, so calm about these things, so non-judgemental, it’s so easy to be with her. She started getting these feelings as well – as implied by noticing lots of little details about Maggie. And it built up to an explosion of feelings. Her coming out.  

Now, the call room session. In between that gap between the talk and her going into the call room and throwing her scrub cap and probably for the first time admitting out loud that she’ like girls’, I believe she broke down. She broke down and let everything out and part of that letting everything out was accepting herself, and part of that was also breaking her long lived rules, her code, her values, the one thing that kept her from being well let’s say ‘perfect’. That she was gay. She accepted that and went to the first person she shared her deepest darkest secret with, the person she felt most comfortable with, Maggie. She needed it, something to seal this deal. To explode in a sense. And I think Maggie sensed that what Sydney wanted at that moment wasn’t slow and patience but an outlet. She wanted to feel everything, (to feel more of what she felt when she first kissed Maggie) she wanted it to be messy (like Syd just goes for it, and it gets hungrier (And hungry response for a hungrier one) and more and she wanted it to go against everything she had kept herself from feeling all these years. She needed that and that’s what Maggie gave her. 

(And I think she thought that that one night was all she needed to act on her feelings and just get it out of her system, get it over and done with, at that point I don’t think she really truly accepted that this was her but that she sorta thought as long as she exploded just that one time, she’ll be fine and live to the standards she has been all these years– because after that episode she still considers marrying Hershel.) - that is until it really clicks that this was her. (and perhaps headcanon: she really really accepted it and told Hershel the truth because well it isn’t fair to Hershel but that she liked Maggie and how can that be wrong.)

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I haven't really seen many pics about this AU. Do you have any links or recommendations? I really love this idea <3

Omg thank you so much!!  💕 Sorry for the lack of content recently, this blog is fairly new and I’ve been super busy this month, but I’ve been working on some more writing for the au and I’ll get back to producing more content very soon! For now, here are some links to things about my au that I have so far:

-Main premise can be read here and a better analysis of Michael’s actions are here

-Some things to keep in mind before sending an ask here

-Cover art for the au here

-I track the tag “squip swap” in case some awesome people draw fan art for the au! You can view those here and here!

Plot relevant asks:

(I’ve been answering everything in order that occurs before “Upgrade” but I should be advancing the plot soon!)

How Michael Got the Squip

What Happened To Michael’s Big Headphones?

Has the Squip Tried To Break Michael From Smoking?

Does Jeremy Know That the Squip Worked?

Does Michael Regret Taking the Squip?

Non-Plot Relevant Asks:

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 12 

And that’s about it for now! I have many more questions left to answer, and I’m so excited to get to them all, but please be patient as I finish up some things this month and I’ll get right back on it! I have such cool things to share with you guys like guest artists, fully colored commissions, fics I’ve been working on, and more! ✨

Important messages from “Yuri!!! on Ice” to an athlete

1. You don’t have an expiration date. Yuuri is a “late bloomer”, you can be that too.

2. To succeed in your sport, you don’t have to be born with talent - hard work and dedication will bring you far.

3. Rivalry doesn’t exclude the possibility of a friendship.

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4. What works for others might not work for you. You’re an individual and there’s not one correct answer to what will help you improve your athletic performance. Celestino wasn’t the right coach for Yuuri, ballet didn’t work for Otabek.

5. Some days - maybe weeks or months, even - you won’t perform the way you want to and know you can. That’s okay. You’ll figure it out. Everyone falls into a slump sometimes.

6. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you enjoy your sport. It’s supposed to be fun, even though it might seem to be all work and no fun.

7. You don’t have to fight alone . Don’t be afraid to ask for help - it might help you to develop your skills and help you out of a rough patch