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I’m so sorry for the long post but wow I’ve been drawing non stop to get this AU out of my head. 

It’s pretty much the same plot as Forces except Tails was the one captured/presumed dead and Sonic is the one that vanishes. Both Classic Sonic and Classic Tails appear (I was trying to work Classic Knuckles in but idk where he’d fit maybe he got dropped in the boom universe). 

Sonic saves CTails from Chaos and asks if he could possibly fix Omega, which he could but he would need the right tools. And thus the three of them (counting Omega) head off to the Resistance’s base despite Sonic not exactly being eager about it since technically he left everyone in the dirt for the past 6 months.

Classic Sonic meanwhile gets dropped into Tails’ cell right before Zavok appears and Tails’ shackles power down. The two of them beat up Zavok, escape, meet up with the Rookie and leave the Death Egg with the other members of the Resistance where eventually they meet up with Sonic and Classic Tails.

And in short, Sonic and Tails end up dealing with their own inner demons: Sonic’s hesitation to meet back up with everyone and baring the responsibility of letting the world going to shit / Tails coming to terms with being left imprisoned for 6 months and getting used to being on the outside again. And both their Classic counterparts help them get through and overcome it while lending a hand in taking back the world from Eggman.

Again I’m so sorry this is long ; - ; Maybe Mania 2 is Classic Sonic & Tails searching for the missing Knuckles.