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Tips on dating for when YOU have BPD

I’ve seen so many articles and posts on “how to date someone with BPD”, or worse “warning signs your partner has BPD” or “how to recover from dating someone with BPD”. But I could only find ONE article giving advice to people WITH BPD in relationships. So, I’ve made my own. Here are some tips on maintaining a good relationship when YOU have BPD:

  • Be open. I know you’ll be scared that if you’re too honest, you’ll scare the partner away. But you need to be truthful, or you’ll end up bottling things up, and then they explode.
  • Saying that, sometimes it’s okay not to express your fears. Small fears such as how your partner hasn’t texted back as fast as normal, don’t need to be expressed when they occur. Once you’ve calmed down, take the time to express it. Say “It makes me a bit sad when you don’t reply fast, but I understand that sometimes that happens” This way, your partners understands your fears, but also knows that you understand their limits too. Sometimes our fears are small and go away if we wait, so take a minute to thing logically (if you can).
  • It’s okay to show symptoms! Don’t be mad at yourself if you have a mood swing in front of your partner, it;s not your fault
  • Avoid expressing when you’re splitting. It’s hard not to let every things out when we’re mad and splitting, but try not to if you can. Try and suppress for a little time and express your feelings once you’ve settled. This way you can express them neutrally, without bias, and make sense when you do so.
  • Keep reminders of your partner’s care for you. Screen shot texts and keep them in a folder. When you feel unloved or the person isn’t responding, read through these to remind yourself that they love you
  • Ask your partner to give you small reminders. Ask “every now and again, can you remind me you love me?”. This isn’t a big ask- a small text once a day is not manipulative or needy, and your partner should be ahppy to as this makes you happy
  • Set guidelines. It’s okay to have certain things you get paranoid about. Tell your partner that there are some things you don’t like- e.g. “I don’t like it when you use full stops, it makes me think you’re angry, could you avoid doing so? I understand if you mess up though.” A relationship is about caring for each other and making each other comfortable, so your partner should be ahppy to make small changes to make you happy, just as you’ll make small changes to make them happy!
  • Be prepared to compensate. Sometimes we get paranoid about things that we just have to let happen. We get worried when our partner talks about other people, when they see other people. It’s okay to express this, but we have to learn that we can’t stop our partners doing this. This is hard, and something I struggle with myself, but it’s needed to make our partners feel comfortable. If your partner is out doing something you don’t like, distract yourself. 
  • Find someone else, with BPD is best, to vent to. I have a close friend or 2 who I vent my worries to, and they have BPD as well. They understand and validate my fears, so that I don’t feel needy or mean. This way you can express these fears without controlling and hurting your partner. E.g. I say to my friends “My partner is seeing his ex today. I get that’s his right to but it’s pissing me off and I just wanted to tell someone.” 
  • Remind yourself it’s okay to express yourself. Telling your partner you’re scared they’re going to leave you isn’t automatically abusive or manipulative, it’s true.Tell them you feel suicidal isn’t manipulative, you deserve support and love.
  • When splitting, learn to distance yourself. If you notice you’re splitting for an unfair reason, it’s okay to distance yourself. It’s okay to walk out a room, to stop replying for a minute to compose yourself. This way, you won’t lash out, and you can avoid getting more angry. Inform your partner you are splitting, so they can give you space.
  • Don’t let yourself be invalidated. If your parter says something invalidating, mean, or hurtful, tell them. We get scared that if we tell our partners they hurt us they may leave, but it’s important not to let our partners hurt us.
  • Tell your partner about your BPD- and if not that- about your symptoms. Tell them you split (you sometimes hate people for no reason), tell them you have abandonment fears (get scared they’ll leave you). This way your partner can adapt and help you. Give them tips to help you. e.g. “If I’m scared you’ll leave me, tell me you love me, and tell me why you love me”
  • Learn to say sorry. Sometimes we lash out, sometimes we get irrational and hurt our partners. this may not be our fault, but it is our responsibility. Learn to say “I’m sorry I lashed out”.
  • You deserve someone who’s willing to help you. You deserve someone who is willing to send you little messages, who is willing to validate and support you. Don’t settle for someone who gets mad at you for your mood swings or invalidates your feelings.
    We deserve a kind, loving, supporting relationship as much as anyone else.

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okay so, this is obviously about this post I made. There are a lot of things wrong with this ask, but let me just list down the top three:

1.) You claim that katsudeku is abusive, yet give me no proof to justify your statement. You send me this message in hopes to either try to change my mind or ridicule me for defending what i ship, yet you lack the source nor any explanation as to why you find this ship so ‘abusive’. You don’t just go around sending messages like this to people and expect them to actually take you seriously? I mean, we’re not little kids anymore who get angered and throw a tantrum just cause someone else likes what you don’t. Your way of trying to get me to see your point is both childish and disrespectful, and I find it both offending (because not once have I tired to tell any other account who does not ship katsudeku yet ship Katsuki with any other character in the manga that their ship is ‘abusive’ when Katsuki is such a “violent and abusive” character) and pointless (because, you’re obviously not going to put up a fight to prove your point and just did this to make me feel insulted.)

2.) The fact that you blatantly ignored chapters of Katsuki’s character development throughout the manga means that you still probably claim him to be the bully and Izuku as the victim. When in fact, starting from just the first chapter of the manga, you can easily see that Katsuki was not the only one who viewed Izuku’s dream of being a hero as “impossible” and “ridiculous.” Katsuki isn’t the sole reason for any of Izuku’s issues with anxiety or lack of confidence because most of the people in his life through out his childhood, even his mother and All Might (at the start) thought that his dreams were too far fetched for someone who was quirkless, it wasn’t just Katsuki who thought of him as weak, when even the quirk biased society he lives in saw Izuku as both weak and ridiculous for even dreaming of becoming a hero. Quoting from a statement made by explodo-smash: “Deku’s problems at the beginning came from multiple facets stemming from his quirklessness and the quirk biased society he lives in, it’s a dragging part of the narrative and has an explicit influence on not only Deku’s psyche but Bakugou’s as well, in the reverse direction.”  And further more, if you’re going to come at me with the well-known scene where Katsuki told Izuku to “ take a swan dive off the roof” I would like to say that it was stated by Katsuki’s friends that what he said was “going too far” for Katsuki’s usual behavior (meaning this is probably the only time Katsuki has ever said this to Izuku, and that was uncalled for) That isn’t Katsuki’s usual behaviour, so stretching that out over the years they’ve been together is complete bullshit. Another thing is the fact that throughout those years, not once has Izuku regarded Katsuki as a bully nor someone abusive (and with Izuku’s intellect and observant nature, he’d probably know if someone was bullying him), sure he’s aware of Katsuki’s foul mouth and asshole behavior, but not once has he found Katsuki abusive. It just goes to show us how much Izuku admires and cares for Katsuki, Izuku didn’t take Katsuki’s words literally and he most certainly finds him admirable despite Katsuki’s personality. Izuku always saw Katsuki as someone brilliant and amazing, and he felt this so strongly that he said Katsuki was someone closer to him than even All Might (can you believe that? The All Might, Izuku practically worships this man, yet he still finds himself drawn closer to Katsuki). If you can’t see the amount of positive influence Katsuki has on Izuku, then you’re pretty much ignoring a large part of his character and development as well as Katsuki’s potential of being a hero in this story.

I strongly believe that their relationship isn’t as broken or horrible as some people say it is. Izuku still obviously cares for Katsuki (if the numerous times he was worried for Katsuki’s well being and claims of Katsuki being someone “brilliant” wasn’t obvious enough) Katsuki was litterally the first one he confides about his quirk being borrowed, when he doesn’t even owe Katsuki this explanation, he didn’t tell his mom about this, but once Katsuki is in the picture and misunderstood the situation, Izuku just had to hell him. Also, Izuku being the only person whom Katsuki has been emotionally open to (he has shown both weakness and vulnerability to no one except for Izuku), despite having other friends he could have confined to, shows just how deep their relationship is as to what most claim to view it. You don’t just go showing and venting your pent up frustrations and troubles to someone you claim to “hate.” Let me also state that, once Katsuki found out Izuku wasn’t lying and did manage to burrow someone’s quirk, he took Izuku seriously and when he finally found out that Izuku was All Might’s successor and was able to clear up a bit of their misunderstandings in the past, he was willing to change. He even gave Izuku an advice for his new move!

Katsudeku shipping does not romanticize abuse nor do we defend what Katsuki said to Izuku as justifiable, but what we do support is the fact that, despite their rocky relationship in the past which was full of misunderstandings, there’s just too much good and potential in their relationship to bloom into something beautiful and positive. There are too many instances where these two boys have inspired each other to perform better. They literally balance each other out. The manga has given us scenes where Katsuki has positively influenced Izuku’s growth both as an individual and as a hero. They motivate and inspire each other to reach their dreams. Katsudeku shipping supports the growth, development, and depth of their relationship and it’s potential for a positive and beautiful relationship/ And honestly, I don’t find this abusive and I will continue to defend it despite what others claims to view this relationship as.

3.) And lastly, just the fact that you were immature enough to send this message to me without facts or reason other than wanting to make me feel bad for shipping something that I like is what I find so wrong about this message. I like what I ship, so let me ship it peacefully. I didn’t come here to ruin nor insult other people for shipping what they want, so let me and the other katsudeku shippers be. I get that you and many others may not agree with this, but quite frankly, we don’t give a damn. Spending the time to write insulting massages like this to other people when you can easily avoid the katsudeku tags is honestly a waste of your time and mine as well.

So, hopefully, this will be the last time someone tries to insult me for shipping what i like.

(Also, the fact that Katsuki was willing to admit and take the blame for Izuku and the fact that Izuku was also willing to point out it wasn’t just Katsuki’s fault just goes to show how much these two have grown both as an individual and in their relationship.)

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i've been puzzled by Critical Role for such a long time like i know it's a bunch of people playing D&D but how does it WORK??? and how can you binge it?? i checked an episode at random and it wAS 4 HOURS LONG HOW ???

Oh man, I honestly had these same exact questions/concerns before I started watching. It literally took me 8 months to finally decide to give the show a try and I just cannot express how glad I am I did. It seems so massive and overwhelming, but I’m gonna legit answer these questions and only hijack your ask to gush about the show a little to tempt you in

how does it WORK???
I knew veryyyy little about the mechanics of D&D going in. I’d never played any tabletop RPG (though I’d been interested in trying one for a long time), and pretty much my understanding was the really general ‘it’s whatever you can imagine/you do whatever you want to do and you roll dice to see if you’re successful’ etc., and the Community episodes where they play D&D. I was not quite sure how this was going to logistically be something you watch long term (as a non-participant) nor if I was going to be interested in/connect with characters that I can’t really seeI’m a pretty visual person. The idea of D&D made sense to me logically before I watched Critical Role, but I didn’t really get it until I started watching. So, tbh the best way to understand how it works is to give it a shot. (If you’re like me you won’t understand everything immediately—you pick it up as you go, and what you don’t understand of the mechanics really doesn’t matter because you can still understand the story they’re telling.)

Logistically speaking, everyone is visible on screen at the same time: 7-8 players on one half of the screen, and the Dungeon Master (DM), Matt, on the other side. Matt basically describes where the characters are (physically and narratively), and presents them with a catalyst (e.g., a character asking them for help, a villain attacking, etc.) that starts the action and the players decide how to respond. Really, the three core aspects in my opinion are 1) collaborative storytelling, 2) improvisational theatre, and 3) logic puzzles.

and how can you binge it?? 
Oh man. I mean this literally: I was watching/listening to Critical Role every single chance I got. I devoured it. Minimum of three episodes a day, and forcing myself to go to sleep and leave it. There are a lot of reasons I could binge it:

  • The storytelling. It’s so damn good. One of the most narratively rewarding stories I’ve watched or read in years. The world-building is fantastic and has no loose ends (while feeling MASSIVE and open and real). The plot is interesting, well-planned, and character-driven; everything feels meaningful in one way or another. The NPCs Matt introduces are all rich and compelling and unique. And—something I value immensely in story that I rarely get—there are consequences. Honest-to-god consequences for everything, and it always feels appropriate for the action, and well-timed (things don’t always bite you immediately! But also sometimes they do!). 
  • The players. They make such ridiculous, amazing choices that keep the story unpredictable but realistic. All of them have stellar comedic timing, but can also make me cry at the drop of a hat. They care so deeply about the characters and invest everything into the game/their interactions, and it just feels rewarding to invest my time in them and their world. Not a single issue connecting to the characters—they sell them 100%, but they do feel separate from the actors in a good way. 
  • Found family. The chemistry of this group is amazing—it’s a group of real life best friends and it feels like it, constantly—and it comes through in both the players’ relationships and the characters’. It’s just fun, and warm, and comforting to see people (real and fictional) who care as much about each other as these guys do. It’s just a good time. I see my friends in them, and I see friends I would like to have. 
  • You can have it on in the background. Logistically speaking, this is how you can binge it. While it can be something you sit and watch—trust me—it’s also essentially a filmed podcast, so you have have it in the background, or listen to it without video like I did while I was doing my dumb data entry job. (Bless my boss for letting me listen to stuff.) And, as much as the completist in me hates to say this, it’s likely you’ll tune out occasionally; the long fights can become number-crunching heavy/repetitive, and they do have some circuitous conversations when they’re planning what to do. 
  • You’ll wanna go into the tag. If you don’t care about spoilers this won’t mean as much to you, but I was dying to dip into tumblr to find fanart and headcanons and gifs and stuff, but I didn’t want to spoil myself. So there was that kind of urgent push for me to catch up AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!!! so I could go looking. Plus, because there is a new episode every single week, there’s none of that pesky urge to put off watching something until a hiatus, you know?

i checked an episode at random and it wAS 4 HOURS LONG HOW ???
And sometimes more than that! They do SO MUCH STUFF each week (plot and character development and fighting and relationship progression and they don’t rush ANYTHING), they have to make so many decisions, and they just burn through those 3+ hours. (And they usually end up stepping in it somehow and having to make a detour to clean up their own mess, lbr.) Honestly, these episodes look fucking long, and they are, really. But the time stamps are a bit off at a quick glance; about the first half of the series has inflated run times—fans started sending in gifts they would open at the end, they did Q&As, they had subscriber milestone awards, etc.—so some of that is skip-able. It’s fun, but definitely stuff you can go back and watch once you’re caught up and out of content. There are also a few one-shot episodes here and there that you can also skip until you catch up. (Definitely worth watching though, later!)

So, it is a little less than it looks like. But truthfully, it just goes by really fast. You get sucked in. The action goes fast. You’re dying to see what happens next. The biggest issue I had with this series was starting it, so honestly for anyone interested in this series I recommend just watching the first episode. Don’t worry about reading up on what happened before they started streaming the show, don’t worry about knowing who the characters are, or what it’s going to look like. It won’t make full sense until you just dive in. (That being said, if you want a reference theargentumlupine’s primer is fantastic and was very comforting to have going in.) It seems unthinkable when you’re looking at 2384975987295 hours of canon, but as early as episode ~40 I started worrying about being out of episodes  ❤

“Coronation” Part Four

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: angst, there isn’t much fluff in this series, is there? 

Word Count: 1407

A/N: Here is part four! The series tags are almost closed. but the permanent is open if you want to be on it. i will be leaving for Upstate New York on Thursday so im going to try and post as much as i can before then. I should be back the following Wednesday. I will not be writing while im there, considering i am going there for the funerals of my grandfather and great grandfather. 

Coronation Masterlist

“You brought a Russian into this palace? Into this country! They have been enemies of both of our countries since before I was born!” Y/N shouted to the bewildered royals.

“Just stop it!” James yelled.

“You know nothing about her! You have been here all of two seconds and are already tearing this place apart! She has no affiliation with Russia. She has not been there since she was adopted by Nick. She is a nice and kind girl. She will be my future wife!” James continued to scream.

The King and Queen were now just witnesses to a screaming match between the engaged couple.

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hey hello friends!! i’m excited to present a new original masterpost series, #studyingwithacdemic! my blog’s “tagline” has long been ‘study with me’, and now i’d like to make that a reality. in #studyingwithacdemic, i’ll be addressing many of the problems that students encounter in their studying journeys, and offering my personal tips on how to face them! 

some of these masterposts will be veeery specific while others will talk about a broader topic. however, all of them have one goal: to help you become the best student you can be! you can tag posts using these tips with either #heyacdemic or #studyingwithacdemic and i’ll be sure to reblog <3

with that aside, here’s the very first masterpost: studying a subject you hate. i know hate is a very strong word, but there are some subjects you really just can’t stand. however, there are a few different kinds of hatred:

  1. hatred because it bores you: if you don’t enjoy learning about a subject, that can certainly complicate things a little.
  2. hatred because it confuses you: sometimes you don’t like a subject because it’s not your strong suit and it frustrates you to try and understand it!
  3. hatred because of previous failures: there are some subjects i don’t like because i failed a test on it, or something of that sort, whereas i enjoy the subjects i’ve always done well on. past mistakes may influence your opinions on a subject!
  4. hatred for no reason: u serious mate?? pfft.

there’s really no set, foolproof method to tackle subjects you don’t enjoy, so in this masterpost i’ll be addressing how to study for subjects that you dislike based on why you dislike them. ok ok, without further ado:


  • use a rewards system!! if you really cannot get yourself to enjoy a subject, forcing yourself to like the subject won’t get very far. however, forcing yourself to like studying it is slightly more doable.
    + set up a way to reward yourself for bravely facing that awful subject
    + after two hours of focused studying, give yourself a pack of gummy bears or something. give yourself an incentive to study!
    + bonus points if the reward is good for you. maybe reward yourself a 30 minute run if you finish studying, cause that’ll boost your energy, be healthier than gummy bears, and be a cool reward for studying :)

  • study in different ways! have some diversity in the ways that you study!
    + experiment with timelines, mindmaps, annotating, etc. to keep things interesting while you’re taking notes.
    + also don’t hesitate to stray from your textbook and into the world wide web of info: look up youtube videos, podcasts, websites, articles, etc. to study rather than just sticking with what your teacher gives you!  
    + when you’re reviewing something, don’t just stare at your notes, turn it into a game or something!! make it fun.
    + if you’re always trying new ways to study a subject, who knows, maybe one will click and you’ll start to enjoy it :)

  • associate with things you enjoy! hard to hate something that’s similar to so many things you like, right?
    + for example: you hate english? look, you’ve just shunned all of your favorite books and songs and writing in general. you hate science? sorry, my friend, it’s because of science that you’re breathing (biology) and cake exists (chemistry)
    + ps: sorry if i got those subjects wrong, i haven’t taken chem or bio yet!

  • study with the pomodoro method! here is a great masterpost by aza (@etudiance) about the pomodoro method, i really recommend taking a look!
    + this works great for subjects that bore you because you’d be studying for short blocks and have breaks in between, meaning you wouldn’t be stuck staring at a textbook for 3 hours *shudders*
    + just make sure that the time you’re spending studying is really focused studying, not just passively flipping through notes.

  • study with a friend! especially if they LOVE that subject. studying with a friend (productively) can make subjects so much more bearable!
    + as long as it’s actually studying, and not.. taking selfies or talking about unrelated subjects ////toootally haven’t done that before ahem ahem////
    + plus, if your friend adores the subject you abhor, maybe their enthusiasm will rub off on you!


  • ask your teacher for help! i swear by this one: teachers are (usually) great people who want you to succeed! no they are not evil creatures making you fail your classes for the heck of it!
    + arrange office hours or something with your teachers to go over content you’re struggling with. this is a great time to get to know your teacher as a friend and you’ll be approaching the material at a pace you’re comfortable with
    + if you’re scared of talking to your teacher (we all know the feeling!), you can always just correspond via email, and if they think you need a private meeting, they’ll most likely suggest it
    + if your teacher gives study guides or premade note thingies, always always always go through them thoroughly because that’s exactly what they think you need to study!!

  • don’t hesitate to raise your hand! everybody hates asking questions in class because they’re afraid they’ll sound dumb. don’t.
    + ask with pride because somebody out there needs you to ask that question for them! and even if you think you hear snickering (spoiler alert: that’s your imagination, silly), imagine it as a heroic deed for that-one-kid-who-needed-to-know-the-answer-to-that-particular-question-but-didn’t-bravely-raise-their-hand-like-you-did. congratulations, my friend.
    + teachers are totally fine with going through material again because if you are struggling to understand something, that’s their fault because they’re supposed to be teaching you. 
    + it’s better to ask during class than struggle on a test.

  • basically, reach out to other people. if you have trouble with a subject and are starting to resent it because of that, the answer is not to self-study and cry over things, the answer is to ask for help.
    + i know because i basically wing everything and there are times when i want to slap myself for not asking a teacher, friend, or my parents for help beforehand.
    + don’t be afraid to search online, but don’t rely on it either. if you’re scraping through your english class by living on sparknotes / cliffnotes, etc. that’s clearly not going to work. it’s okay to use resources like that sometimes to help you understand content you’re really struggling with, but using those ideas (aka not your own ideas) in your homework, etc. is plagiarism. nuh-uh, not ok, don’t do it! ask for help!!
    + also the studyblr community is great!! send in asks because we will all want to give you love and support: and even if we don’t know the answer, we can direct you to another person or masterpost that can help. some people to ask are emma (@elkstudies), grace (@gracelearns), sareena (@studyign), ann (@educaticn), seo (@tbhstudying) and kimberly (@kimberlystudies) – they are absolutely lovely and seem to always have an answer <3 or you can check out @studyblrindex to find someone who studies the subject!! or just ask any studyblr honestly! feel free to ask me as well, i’d love to help if i can ;o;

  • use methods that work for you! even though diversity in study methods is great for subjects that bore you, stick with the stuff that always works for you when you’re confused.
    + do you usually get good grades when you annotate while you read? great, keep doing that!
    + don’t make the mistake of sticking with methods that don’t work, though: if annotating while you read just confuses you even more, it’s time to stop and try something new.

  • just keep working on it! hatred due to lack of understanding of the subject is probably the easiest to fix because if you work hard enough, the subject gets easy and woah omg, more bearable <3 it may seem tough now but you can do it!!
    check out my motivation tag for some stuff to keep you going!
    + i personally think @chibird’s super adorable drawings are great for boosting your morale if you’re feeling down / unmotivated :) give jackie a follow!!!


  • don’t doubt yourself! you get one bad grade, then you think you’re just doomed to bad grades in the class for the rest of the semester. then you really do get bad grades because you’ve just given up. don’t let that happen!!
    + the worst thing you can do is constantly remind yourself about what you did wrong!
    + also, most of the time your “failure” wasn’t even as bad as you think!! even if it was something public and embarrassing, the only person who still remembers it is you.

  • spend less time thinking about your “mistake / failure / incident” and more time assessing what you can do better next time! this one’s a biggie. instead of resenting a subject because something bad happened that one time, it’s better to see how you can prevent it from happening again.
    + giving up isn’t an option here!!!
    + maybe for the test you got an F on, you tried a new study method that definitely didn’t work. all you have to do is stop using that method!
    + this will also take your mind off the fact that you “failed” (again, you probably didn’t), and lead you to think of it more positively (because now you know what to avoid doing in the future!)

  • don’t overdo it! one time in english class, i basically made this really dumb mistake and i cried and was miserable about it for a whole year. then, i made myself attempt to memorize the dictionary because i forgot the meaning of one word. 
    + that was a huge waste of time for me, constantly reminded me of the mistake i made, kept me miserable, made me feel guilty when i couldn’t memorize a word, didn’t actually help my vocabulary, and was basically a big, fat pfffft.
    + the lesson to learn from this is: assessing what you can do better next time DOES NOT MEAN to overdo things. it just means to learn from your mistakes and try to improve <3

  • re-inspire yourself! most of the time, this subject wasn’t one you always hated. it was just that one dumb thing that made you feel miserable and queasy to even think about the subject. don’t let something so small ruin a whole subject for you!
    + check out my failure tag for some posts about dealing with failure or disappointment in the academic world!!
    + search for posts in the studyblr community related to that subject to see how wonderful that subject is! :)


  • there’s no way to make yourself not hate something if you don’t know why you hate it. ask yourself why you hate that subject so much! chances are, you don’t hate it at all!
    + try and talk / rant to someone about it (you can drop me an ask with a rant about a subject you hate – i’d be happy to try and help or just be a person you can rant to). maybe the reason will come out in the process of ranting.
    + or just journal / write for a little bit about the subject. sometimes letting your emotions loose can help!

alright, that is it for this first masterpost!! i really hope you found this helpful, since these are all my personal tips, no research or anything. if you have any questions, want to talk, want to yell at me for a bad masterpost, want to chat about your day, have any suggestions for future #studyingwithacdemic masterposts, want to request a future masterpost etc. etc. just drop me an ask and i’ll answer asap to the best of my abilities! <3 thanks for reading and have an absolutely magnificent day, xoxo hannah

Q+A For ConcertTeamup

Hello everyone! I hope some of this clear things up. I understand some are a little confused on how this all works! Remember I am always here if you have any questions or concerns, please send them through messages or on ask! Lots of to you all! x

Q:   “Is this legit?”

A: Yes, I want this all to be as safe as possible for fans. We don’t scam and we don’t lie.

Q: “I’m selling a ticket, how do I do this?”

A: You have already done what you need to do! All I need to know is that you have one (or more) available for purchase! I will then find you someone to match with, as soon as possible. 

Q: “How do I send a request or submission for a ticket/s?”

A: Simple! Send them through ask or messaging! Both are available and open. Submitting makes it a little difficult to answer you directly though.

Q: “What should I send for the request for tickets?”

A: Just tell me what show you are wanting to attend to, and how many tickets you need, also if you need a specific ticket. It is nice to know your age, your name also how much you are offering but that is totally optional for you to tell me.

Q: “How do I get ‘Matched’” 

A: Simple, pretty much once I find a ticket, and if you are chosen. I tell you who you have been matched with. I will also then tell you that you should contact each other for how you want it all to be arranged. I don’t want to intrude on your details so I leave the communication aspect to be completely up to you two.

Q: “I have been matched and am talking to the seller/buyer and we need help”

A: I am always here to help you guys in any way that I can.

Q: “I have been matched but i’m getting a strange vibe”

A: I’m very sorry to hear that. We want this to be as safe and easy as possible. If you for some reason feel that there is something shady coming from your seller/buyer, please let us know immediately. I will ask you to share what you think might be happening. I will then talk to the two of you to sort it out. It will then be asked to the seller for proof by photo and/or video of the ticket/s. If you still feel that there may be more going on, I will gladly find you someone else that you feel safer with. Although, there is a very slight chance that you will be scammed, as I talk to all of you before you are matched and make sure that you have good intentions. 

Q: “I already have tickets, I just don’t want to go alone”

A: That is totally understandable, and congrats on getting tickets! I will try and find someone to match you with as soon as possible so you have someone to attend the show with. 

Q: “How do I pay once I have been matched?”

A: I leave this up to the two of you to decide as people have different requirements. Although I know you can send the payment through Ticketmaster, Paypal, Bank Transfers, etc. But again the decision is totally up to and what works best for you and your seller/buyer. Im always here if you need any assistance. 

Q: “How do I send the tickets to the buyer?”

A: As of right at this moment, nobody has their physical tickets as its only been about 36 hours since tickets sold out. But in the future you are able to connect with each other on Ticketmaster to transfer tickets, without any costs and also safely. You can also mail tickets as an option, but we all know that shipping physical items may get lost in delivery. Again this is totally up to the buyer/seller, which ever method works best for the two of you is important. Im always here for help.

Q: “I have been matched, and have successfully gotten my tickets, but I no longer need them”

A: Thats totally fine! I will find someone for you to match with! You now take on the role as a seller. 

Q: “I have been matched to a seller, but I don’t need the ticket/s anymore”

A: Sorry to hear that! We will then find someone else for the ticket/s”

Q: “Will you let us know if you have any available?”

A: Yes of course! As soon as I have some available, you will all be notified. I recommend turning our posts notifications on. You can do this by going on my home page and selecting the person shaped icon in the right corner, once selected there should be a “Get Notifications” button. Click that. There will then be a lightning bolt next to the icon to confirm. I am always here for help if you are confused. 

A: “Can I be added to the ___ list”

Q: Yes, although there is no waiting list. Once I let you guys know that there is a ticket available, I will also tell you a specific word (Example: “Green”, “Pink”, “Sweet Creature”) Send me the word that I ask for that is linked to that ticket, and you will be added to a list that will help me randomly draw one of you for the ticket. I want it to be as fair as possible. If you guys prefer a waiting list, please let me know. I want all of you to get a chance. 

Q: “How do I get chosen for tickets, is there something I can do”

A: Demand for tickets is very high at the moment. Send me a request, and also keep on the look out for my posts. I don’t choose for who I think deserves it more, I think you all deserve a chance and a ticket. I don’t single people out if they believe in specific ‘ships’ or if they just created a blog that day. We all support the same person/people and I think thats very important, so no at this moment there is no special way to get a ticket. In the future there may be a list, but no I want this to be as fair as possible. If you disagree or have another opinion, please let me know again I want what works best for all of you! 

Q: “I didn’t get any tickets the last time you had some available”

A: Don’t give up, there will be more to come. It’s only been two days and I have already been able to match people. Just keep your eyes peeled on my account. 

Q: “How much time do people have to be entered on to the list for the  ______ show?”

A: After I notify you all that I have a ticket available. Im giving you all 12 hours to send me the specific word. Please keep in mind that may change depending on if the seller will allow this much time. 

Q: “You didn’t reply, was I not on the list?”

A: If you sent me the word in the correct time, you would have been on the list. If I don’t answer its because I have quite a few messages, but don’t worry nobody is going unnoticed. I see all. 

Q: “Do you have the ticket physically”

A: No, I dont. A direct you to someone who does and is safe/reliable. 
Think of me as a manager. 

Q: “If you manage to get tickets, will the name change to yours?”

A: No, I don’t think the name will change. As far as I’m aware the person who first bought the ticket will have their name on it. 

Q: “Where exactly are you getting the tickets from”

A: Either someone has come to me saying they have some for sale, or I look for them myself through other platforms. 

Q: “For example, if I was able to get a ticket to the Sydney show with your help, will there be a problem when I show them the ticket at the venue…? Because I heard several people saying that they may not let you in if it doesn’t have your name on it or something like that?”

A: From what I’ve heard is that its different for every place. Some people will only be allowed access if the person who originally bought the tickets is there with ID for proof. This is where we get the name ‘concertTeamUp’. So if someone is selling a ticket the buyer can tag along with the person who has their name on the ticket. This way you will be “Teaming Up” and going to the show together. Although some places also don’t need for the person who originally bought the ticket with their name on it to be there. I would suggest calling and/or emailing the venue that you are planning to go to. We would hate for someone to get a ticket but not be allowed access. Let us know if you do contact the venues, we can then make a post about the guidelines for each place, if you guys wish. 

Q: “If I am matched but I don’t respond right away, will it be given away to someone else?” 

A: No. I will wait for your response. If you don’t need the ticket anymore I will give it to someone else though. 

Q: I sent a message but Im not sure you got it, you didn’t reply.”

A: Most cases I have seen it, I just haven’t had the chance to reply. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Again, I didn’t realize my blog would be noticed as much as it is. So don’t panic, I do see all.

Q: “I’m still confused”

A: Thats totally okay! Message me and I will try my best to help you understand! 

Q: “Are you selling two tickets at a time to one person?”

A: I understand people need more than one ticket, so I will try my best for you. If I have two available and you are chosen, you may be in luck.

Q: “Will you tell us details about the ticket?”

A: Normally I will tell you the amount of tickets, the place and the price. Its up to the seller on how much information is to be posted. 

Q: “Are trades available?”

A: Yes! Absolutely!

Q: “I don’t have very many places to share your blog.”

A: That is totally fine! You are not obligated to share my blog. This also does not effect your chances of being chosen for a ticket. 

Q: “Where should I share your blog?”

A: It’s completely up to you! Twitter is a good way, but honestly any form of sharing is good and very appreciated! Please don’t feel pressured though.

Q: “Are there groups of people that I can tag along with?”

A: Yes! I can find you a match! Also feel free to try and start one! Let me know if you do! 

Q: “I know people looking for and buying tickets, should I tell them about you!”

A: Its up to you! It will definitely help though!

Q: “What cities have you sold to?”

A: I may be wrong but from what I remember its been, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore, and New York. 

Q: ”Are you only selling tickets to certain cities?”

A: Whatever tickets for whatever shows find there way over here they will be posted. Im selling for all shows. 

Q: “If you have already sold a ticket for a show, will that be the only one?”

A: No, when more come they will be posted no matter how many times its been sold before on here.

Again I am trying my absolute best for all of you! I want this to be a place where we can connect to one another as fans. Thank you for submitting and also for paying attention. It truly does mean a lot, fingers crossed that I get you your ticket/s!

I hope this clears up some things! Again, please know Im always available for anything. These were the most asked questions, so If more come at a high rate I could make a Part 2. Also I apologize for the length of this post, I hope it helps though! x

Much love to you all, x


banner note:  lowqual snapchat edit for a photoshop-less author

Hi loves, I guess it’s about time I make one of these to appreciate all the people that I have somehow convinced to press that follow button how even.! as well as the people that makes me wanna log on everyday I honestly forgot the exact day of my blog anniversary so I guess today will do for this post wink wonk c: It’s been about a year since I actively wrote for bts and got back into the army tumblr community and I’m happy the allure and fascination in writing did not leave me back then. First off, I really want to say thank you to all of you, sincerely, I never thought I would meet so many wonderful people on this website and the amount of talent in this fandom is astounding! Thank you for being so patient with me, for understanding that I’m a fickle writer at heart (them random ass updates) and thank you for letting me share my stories with you. The following people have been meaningful to me in someway, whether that is through the little things like the occasional message or some that I can truly count on to be there when I need them. 

Note, that more one of the below categories may apply to you but I like organizing it this way :’) also if I didn’t write a message for you it’s not because I love you any less but more like I’m trying real hard for this to not exceed a certain length and crash everyone’s app (HA). Please forgive me if I forgot anyone .. I really tried my best TTTT but believe me when I say if I have punched that follow button then I have loved you for a long long time. So without farther ado.. 

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anonymous asked:

i don't hate zen but i love readin abt cheater zen, i think he's the most likely to accidentally do something to hurt mc. obv he would regret it but accidentally or not, cheating is cheating. i would like to request zen cheating on mc and mc not! being understanding for months. mc finds peace after months and they resolve things but mc moves on and possibly finds comfort in other rfa member or v? the main thing i would want is mc not being forgiving and instantly understanding. she got feels too

I don’t know if actual Zen would really do something to hurt her feelings. I mean, he kinda seems like the best bf material in the whole game, if you put aside the narcissism and the career issues. But, even then, he’s still lovable. I…I can never bring myself to hate him. orz Damn cheeky bastard.
Actually, I think the only two people who would accidentally hurt MC’s feelings would be our twin boys, but it wouldn’t be on purpose, they love her too much to do that.
Regardless I’ll still write this out (*・∀-)☆ I do want to make it clear that for these types of scenarios, the cheating ones moreso, I do think they’re extremely OOC, BUT we all have our own opinions!


It was obvious he shouldn’t have done it. After a few days of you gone, moved in with someone in the RFA (No one would tell him who), your absence hit him the most. A week after, and he couldn’t even focus at practice- Getting his lines mixed up with apologies he kept forming for you.

Thankfully, you didn’t try to make this ‘public’ for him. He didn’t know why, but it gave him a bit of hope. Maybe he could fix this? Maybe he could prove that you meant so much more to him than that coworker…

Buzzed with feelings of hope and his fourth can of beer, he pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts, finding your name and, after a deep breath, calling.

The first ring he started holding his breath. After the second ring, he knew that’s when your phone would start going off. What were you doing right now? Were you crying? Waiting for him to call you back? Wait-

You sent him to voicemail. He wanted to leave one, but apparently your inbox was full? 

How many people were calling you…Was it about this? Was from old boyfriends or guys who were wanting you now that you were single??

He set his can down, navigating through his phone menu to the old streams of text messages the two of you had shared. He almost went through them again, having his heart ache at how sweet things were before he fucked up, but his worries of you with another man fueled him to start working on a new message.

Starting it off with apologies, he skipped any awkward greetings, and as he was working on trying to type out his worries and love for you, he got a text from you.

Don’t call me again. Don’t force me to block your number, Zen, and just leave me alone.

Why would you want to block his number? Frowning, he hastily finished his text and sent it, hoping his apology would help-

Zen, I’m not even going to read that. Stop messaging me, or else I’ll get Seven to block this number, or any other numbers you try to contact me on.

His throat was dry instantly. Were you…Staying with Seven? Was it in a friendly way or was he taking this opening to…

He rubbed at his eyes a bit, trying to think of something to send.

“You won’t even consider my apology?”

Sending it without a second though, he started tapping his foot anxiously, waiting for your reply. If you were staying with Seven, he could block the number very quickly. That was probably childs play for him.

He watched the time on his phone seemingly refusing to move past onto the next minute. He felt his eyes start to ache, his lungs burn as he couldn’t breathe out.

No, I won’t. Zen, I didn’t ask anything from you. I let you follow your career, I let you flirt with your fans, I let you go out drinking- All because I trusted you. I thought I shouldn’t have to worry because you seemed so loyal, and I didn’t want to be overbearing. I didn’t want you thinking I was an uptight bitch or something. But, apparently, even that and everything else I did for you wasn’t enough. My love wasn’t enough for you, and I’m not falling for the same trap twice.

Now seriously, stop texting me. Don’t try to call, don’t even look at me the next time you see me. I’m only keeping your number in case of some RFA related emergency, and that’s it, but id I need to I will have it blocked.

You’re not worth my time anymore, Zen, and it’s time that I finally give it to a person who deserves it.


Seven watched you as your lips trembled, tears rolling down your cheeks as you shakily put down your phone, trying repeatedly to maintain some facade to show that this wasn’t affecting you as badly as it was.

Slowly, gingerly, he wrapped an arm around you, and you wasted no time burying yourself against him, letting out a pitiful sob.

“I can have it to where he stops texting you, I can, it’s very quick. You don’t need him trying to again and again.”

You shook your head against his chest, and he felt his heart break for you. You had done so much for all of them, so much more than anyone. You didn’t deserve your heart aching like this.

Love Triangle 3 (Jensen x Reader)

Originally posted by asapineapple

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Female Reader, Daughter!OCGracely

Warnings: some fluff, like a drop of angst, poorly written smut (sorry)

Word Count: 2,149

catch up: Part 1 Part 2

please asked to be tagged in the next part!


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anonymous asked:

Hey :) are there any new angst fics with happy endings? I've read all the ones that are in the tags! Thank you for your work! ♥

yep^^ some of these are still ongoing but they have ‘angst with happy ending’ tags so I’m assuming they’ll have happy endings once they are complete lol (here are previous angst with happy ending lists for anyone who wants to look)

(it’s not) Fine by roseycheol - You can’t fake what Jungkook did, the days spent bundled up together, the little notes left in Taehyung’s bag with stupid doodles of hearts and bunnies, the gentle kisses pressed to Taehyung’s forehead when Jungkook had to leave for class early and thought Taehyung was still asleep. Jungkook had looked at him like he was the most precious thing in the world and touched him with such a firm yet delicate care, Taehyung knew that Jungkook had at least loved him in some amount. But he’s hurt and angry enough right now to say it, and he’s not sure whether it’s more painful to think that Jungkook fell out of love with him or was never in love with him at all. (Taehyung and Jungkook break apart and fall back together)

you act like summer but you talk like rain. by cloverseoks - Jeongguk does urbanex. During one of his little expeditions to an abandoned factory, he stumbles upon the camp of a homeless person, one he finds himself dying to meet.

Only Breathing - Aquiver by Sharleena - Like all things about Taehyung, being loved by him is loud, messy and familiar. Under lilac neon lights his hair is a shade lighter and his skin is gold, Jungkook’s hands tremble when he touches it and Taehyung keeps mixing weird sauces in his ramen. “Do you still quiver when I touch you?” “Always.”

when i’m ready (i will fly us out of here) by cherryjjk - summertime in seoul feels a lot like a thunderstorm, jeongguk thinks.

Veni, Vidi, Amavi by yourluckytae - (I came, I saw, I loved) Ever since that day, Taehyung has been looking for something, chasing a dream he seems to be missing. Something important that makes his heart whole. It’s a creeping sense of someone he can’t quite grasp, who’s always on the tip of his tongue, nails on a chalkboard screeching loudly in his ear to remember. But every time he tries, it hurts. But he chases the dreams, the feelings, whatever it is that he’s missing because he thinks it would hurt more to never find whatever’s gone. Jeongguk stares at his palms absent-mindedly, body rocking with the movement of the train. His fingers trace over non existent words on his right palm. Something he hadn’t thought about in years. He has a feeling; something deep and nostalgic bubbling inside him tasting like chocolate muffins and caramel lattes and smelling of vanilla and strawberries. It stirs within him as his fingers trace each stroke over his palm. It stirs something melancholy, something sad. A feeling. (Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name) Au)

refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks - Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. “Dearest Taehyung, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. I hope you’re thinking about me too. Love–” he pauses and squints before cocking an eyebrow and pursing his lips. “Hyung, why is the boss of your little boy band gang professing his love for me?” Yoongi drops the noodles on the floor with a loud curse as he burns his hand. Or, Taehyung’s been trying his hardest to avoid Yoongi’s criminal life for a long ass time, but a cute kid and his infuriating father keep pulling him deeper into the mix.

We Were Together (The Rest, I Forgot) by Kookie_andCream - Jungkook has always been able to see ghosts. When he meets Taehyung and falls in love, the last thing he would guess is that Taehyung is one. But somehow, in a world neither of them truly belong to, they walk the boundary between life and death together and make it work.

(some people might consider this a bittersweet ending but I think it’s a happy ending)

little do you know by aeterisks - Taehyung has been running away from Jeongguk for seven years. Now is the time to be brave. (Or, Taehyung is a producer who goes back to his hometown to find a new artist to give his song to. What he didn’t expect was for it to be Jeongguk, his first love.)

love, taehyung by ataezingkookie - take a deep breathe
and start at the beginning

tell them how we first met
tell them how we shared our dreams
even your weirdest ones

no, keep that as our secret

tell them that this is
that this has to be
one of the happiest days
of your life.

OR the one where Taehyung and Jeongguk just keep missing each other

i’ll return to you (a promised handful of orange blossoms) by meanho - “Do you think he’s cosplaying an anime, or manhwa?” Jimin asked, voice in a trance. Taehyung understood his confusion because it wasn’t every day you see a person dressed as fine as the king of Joseon himself stumbling through a crowd and knocking over some Sailor Mercury’s wand. “Hmm, maybe he’s going for someone from Yona of The Dawn?” Jimin scoffed, “Yeah right, more like my 9th grade text book.” (or, the taekook Rooftop Prince AU!!)

I know it will soon be our last (but I can’t let you go) by wolfsbanez - Jeon Jungkook is a guy who is willing to break as many hearts as he can and Kim Taehyung’s heart just happens to be on his way.

the world don’t stop ( it’s on again ) by dormant_bender - Jungkook just wants to be normal, but of course that’s impossible when the world has labeled you as “Spider-Man.” Despite his newfound power and abilities, the one thing he is still unable to do is confess his feelings for his best friend Taehyung.

Everyone lives with a love (that has come to an end) by wolfsbanez - Kim Taehyung thought he was ready for the perfect relationship and Jeon Jungkook just happened to realize otherwise.

i want to breathe; i hate this night by thebestofme - Finding out his sweet childhood best friend was now one of Seoul’s most wanted villains was interesting, to say the least; but what’s more astonishing is that a freak like Jeongguk is now considered a hero.

Black Dahlia by AmandaPleese - Jeon Jeongguk is not afraid to die. So he thinks. It’s not until he is staring into the eyes of his soulmate, black spots beginning to splotch his vision, chest on fire, far too many dark petals trying to come up his esophagus at once, that he’s terrified. It’s too much. Tears sting his eyes, and he looks desperately at his soulmate who looks just as desperate right back, his world beginning to teeter. His throats closes up, and he can’t breathe. Jeongguk thinks he’s never been more scared in his life. Jeongguk doesn’t want to die.

Spectator by TheSadisticMunchkin - Taehyung was used to being the spectator of his students’ stories. He enjoyed the way the pages of their life filled with the adventures and plot lines that he was more than happy to be a witness of. He was always going to be their number one fan. That was up until the moment he became a character in a very messy story. 

everything means nothing (your kiss is a gateway drug) by nyxphrodites - Kissin’ leads to
Touchin’ leads to
Lovin’ leads to
Fuckin’ leads to
Someone always seems to get hurt // Jeon Jungkook’s in love and it’s not Kim Taehyung’s fault.

saudade by hurricanedelta - saudade. noun. a nostalgic longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant, or has been loved and then lost; “the love that remains”

Why Me? by bruhnam299 - Powerful CEO, Sang Sunwoo, catches sight of the pretty, little florist that works at the corner of the street, and what he wants, he always gets.

The World is Dark (But Baby you Shine Bright) by pinkeow - Where Taehyung sees nothing but darkness, Jeongguk is his light

I Got Lost In You(r Eyes) by NastaeTae - The earth is surrounded by a universe that doesn’t care, and filled with people that do. When something is out of place, the universe will correct it, no matter what the cost.

I Bloomed For You… by Meanie_Beanie_nim - Jungkook just barely registered the warm soft skin of Taehyung’s palm, before his whole world changed. His skin prickled almost painfully, and it felt like somebody had sent a great wave of electricity crackling through him. The world went black for barely a second as a strange weight settled in his chest, and then the world came rushing back like a flood. He looked up with wide eyes at Taehyung - no, at his soulmate - and expected to be met with the same surprised eyes as his own, but Taehyung just looked at him with a carefree smile. “See you soon, Jungkookie,” he grinned teasingly before releasing Jungkook’s hand and turning around to leave. Jungkook stood there for several minutes, just staring at the spot where Taehyung had disappeared, with only one thought in his head.  Why had his soulmate just left him? 

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask when the inbox is open^^

Nobody Needs To Know

Here is Part One in “This Love”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1257

-Jensen and the reader have been hiding their problems from everyone. Will they be able to work things out?-

Warning: angst. The whole first part is angst…I’m sorry.

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

          You took a deep, shaky breath as you made your way from your car to your trailer, hoping to get there without anyone seeing you. You still needed some time to get calmed down enough to be around people.

           You honestly never thought this would be your life; hiding away from your friends that were like family. Hoping they didn’t sense something was different. Hoping they didn’t ask too many questions.

           It was the fourth morning you had arrived on set separate from Jensen, so you were sure someone would notice something soon. You didn’t know how you would handle it. And you didn’t know what their reactions would be when things did finally come out.

           You got to your trailer just as you heard his voice. He and Jared were talking and walking in your direction. Did he realize that?

           “I don’t know what else to do, Jare,” he said, “I thought it was forever, but things just got too … I don’t know.”

           “Dude, maybe you guys need to sit down and talk about everything,” Jared said, “You two have been together for too long to just give up.”

           “We’ve tried talking.”

           Your heart sank. It was like he had already given up. Like it wasn’t worth time to keep trying.

           As soon as they realized you could hear them, their voices stopped. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at them, so you hurried into your trailer. The great thing was, he had Jared to talk to. Who did you have?

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Prompt: Reader and Francis have been friends for years and the reader saves his life from a dangerous mutant and he confesses his feelings for the reader.

Characters: Francis/Ajax (deadpool) x reader

Gender: Male/Female/Other

Words: 1,087

Triggers: Blood/Wounds (only briefly mentioned) 

This was requested!

Originally posted by multi-fandom-imagines13

He had asked you to tag along for a simple mission. At least it was suppose to be simple. Walking into the warehouse there was a small group of people waiting for you and Francis with others standing above you on the second floor. 

Francis looked around the warehouse as he spoke “I thought you trusted me Tracker” he addressed the man standing in the middle of the group while smirking at him “And yet, you brought some of your friends” he gestured at the others with his hands.

Only an idiot would trust you. Hence your friend here” he said while looking at you and smiling.

Francis straightened his back as he spoke “Now that wasn’t very nice Tracker.” 

The man known as Tracker took a few steps towards you and Francis. “But then again, you have to be pretty stupid yourself, for thinking this was just a trade” as he spoke his body grew in size as his skin cracked revealing what you could only say was lava. He ran towards you and Francis. Francis took his axes out from behind his back where he was hiding them, he knew this wasn’t going to be simple. Why was it never simple?. As you were preparing to fight by his side the other men came running at you as well.

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Better Off Now

Originally posted by teenagegrungephotograph

This is a oneshot set at the Homecoming dance. The reader dances with Jughead. The song they dance to is Better Off Now by Trent Dabbs (for the ~full experience~ listen to the song to get the feel and then read) (this isn’t about the lyrics specifically, the song just has sad vibes)

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Words: 1180

Warnings: it’s not happy lol read if you want to hurt

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Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x Reader!Stark

Request:  ANON: #62 with Tony Stark arguing with his daughter about going to see the dentist. (Cause dentists are evil!) 😉

#62: “I’m not going in.” - “then we’re not going to get a treat after.”

Summary: Tony Stark, genius, billionare, playboy, philanthropist and the world’s greatest dad. Reader is terrified of going to the dentist but, Tony is there to help.

Warnings: Evil dentist (when are they not?) maybe some language (one-two words) and Tony Stark (need i say more?)

Word Count: 716.

A/N: So sorry this has taken so long. I finally got around to do these requests, APL has taken all my time lately. (A PIRATE’S LIFE) 

Now, my inbox is looking very sad and lonely. Maybe YOU want to change that? Introducing: One-shot Wednesdays! Every wednesday i will post a new one-shot, help contribute to this  idea by sending in a request and a character you want to read!

Send a request, i’d love to hear your ideas! I have a prompt list you can look at, if you  want. You can find that HERE . Thank you!  

Also, Tony Stark deserves more love!! 

Originally posted by dailymcugifs

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simple pt. 3 // peter parker

word count: about 3.5k

a/n: wtf almost 80 notes on pt. 2?? i love you guys thanks so much for the support it really boosts my motivation to keep writing!! this is actually edited whoa and warning for profanity. also idk what to do now that this story is done, so pls pls send in any ideas if y'all have any! just ask if ya wanna be on the tag list! sorry that this is late, life came by and made me super busy, and thanks for reading <333

part 1 | part 2



When Peter Parker started being apart of your life, his timing couldn’t have been better. As Spider-Man, he made you want to save the world and gave you the confidence you didn’t know you lacked. Even when you screwed up as S/N, he stood firmly by your side. As Peter, he gave you something to look forward to at school. He made all of your anxiety disappear with one mischievous smirk. He made you feel something special inside that you simply couldn’t describe.

It’s been exactly one month since you talked to him that day on the roof. Ever since then, life has gotten dull, like a pencil that you lost the sharpener to so you try to make the best of it.

He tried to talk to you so many times, but never in person. You can’t find the courage to talk to him in person, either. He sent you pages and pages of text messages containing apologies. Some are just a few words and others are paragraphs long. You haven’t replied to any of them. You don’t have the courage to do that, either. Every time the thought of Peter returns to you, you can feel your heart break a little more. Maybe it hurts so much because for the longest time, he was the one good thing in your life. Maybe it’s because he broke a long held promise.

“Spidey?” You asked one day as you swung your legs back and forth at the edge of the roof.

“What’s up?” He turned to face you, head tilted to the side slightly.

“I want to make a promise. We can’t hide anything from each other anymore.”

Spider-Man stared at you for a few seconds, then shrugged. “Okay! Well, my name is -”

“No, no! That’s the only thing that we should hide. I meant anything other than our identities. You know, you don’t have to worry about what I’ll think if you’re honest. That’s the only reason why I got mad when you finally told me why you weren’t coming every day.” You rubbed your arm and frowned.

“Wait, so you don’t actually hate Mr. Stark?” He sounded surprised.

“I mean, the guy didn’t do anything to me or you. I might heavily disapprove of the guy, but I don’t hate him, no.”

“…You’re right. We should be honest with each other. But what if one of us finds out the other’s identity? Then that kind of messes everything up.”

You thought about this for a while, trying to come up with a solution. “Tell the other person. I think the other would figure it out eventually. I mean, you’re smart as hell and I’m pretty okay too. So might as well tell them, right?”

“Well, yeah, but what about the secret identity thing?”

“If one already knows, then there’s no point in upholding that anymore. The only purpose of not telling each other who we are is to keep things simple,” you smile under your mask and shrug. “It’s okay, you’re probably someone I don’t even know. But we have to keep each other’s secret if that ever happens. We’ll figure out the rest when we get there.”

“Okay. Promise to keep the secret and to tell each other everything,” Spider-Man nodded. You held your pinky out to secure the promise. Chuckling, he wrapped his pinky around yours.

Only then did you nod back. “Promise.”

A tear slips out of your eye, glistening in the fluorescent lights of the Chemistry classroom. Come on, you can’t cry in the middle of a Chemistry test. You quickly wipe it away and write faster, teeth gritted in determination. How did it get to the point that you can’t even go through the day without remembering Peter? For a second, you glance at Peter only to see that he’s been staring for a long time now. Shit, he caught you. Your eyes momentarily meet. In that fraction of a second, it feels as though you saw through to his internal torment. A heavy weight sets on your heart, one that doesn’t let go even when you look away to get back to writing.

Towards the end of class, your teacher stands up and starts announcing some kind of project. You’re hardly listening as you stare at your shoes. Maybe you could forgive him and just forget about this whole thing. Then you could just hug him and…and…

You think you might start crying again, but you bite your tongue as hard as you can without making yourself bleed. You feel the familiar strain on your forehead as you do your very best to not let your classmates see your tears. That would be an embarrassing situation to explain to your teacher.

No, of course you can’t forgive him that easily. You’ve told Peter how much you hate dishonesty. But he tossed that right out of the fricking window, knowing how you’d feel. What a prick.

“Hey, don’t look at each other yet. Since it’s a short project that shouldn’t take you longer than a few days, you’ll just be working with the person next to you.” Groans and mumbles fill the room, but your teacher isn’t having any of it. You hear people near you cuss under their breath.

Whatever, another project shouldn’t be that big of a -

Your train of thought stops immediately when you realize who the person beside you is. Oh hell no. No no no no. What is this, some kind of movie? This doesn’t actually happen in real life, right? There is absolutely no way this is real.

He catches your gaze. In your case, this does happen in real life. It’s not so weird when you remember that you live in a world where the Avengers, like, exist. You try to sound as professional as you can when you speak to him. If you ever make it big as a superhero, you’re sure you’ll have to be great at that skill around people you’re not necessarily on good terms with. “Uh, okay. So I can get books from the library to use as some of our references. Or the internet. That works, too. And like, we need a plan. Also, this is obviously not going to get done at school, so um…”

You mentally curse a little for being so awkward. It was all structured and nice in your head, and then it came out the way it always does. So much for professionalism.

Peter’s listening intently. “I could come over,” he says eagerly. You look at him, silent with your eyes narrowed. “Uh, if you want, that is. You don’t have to do anything. I was just suggesting it…even though it didn’t really sound like a suggestion. I just thought it would be ideal, ‘cause you live closer to school than I do and…”

You stare hopelessly, watching him gradually get more and more tense. He’s so damn cute. The look in his eyes is just as you remember from that one day in Chemistry. It feels like it was just yesterday. It’s the unmistakable look of shy adoration that’s so unique to him. You wonder how he can still be like that when you can’t even bring yourself to smile anymore. It looks like nothing can take away his excited nature.

“Peter,” you say softly to get him to calm down. You haven’t said his name out loud in a long time. Even when you talked to Iris about him and shared your issues, you never referred to him by name.

He stops immediately, his cheeks starting to redden in realization of his rambling. “Y-Yeah, I know I should shut up.”

“That’s not what I was going to say. I was just going to tell you to come over today. Uh, maybe not right after school.”

“Oh, okay,” Peter says, sounding a little breathless. Seeing him like this takes your breath away, too. “I’m busy after school too.”

“I know.” You look away, lost in your thoughts once again.

After school, you do your best to clean up your room. You stuff the clothes on the floor into a laundry basket and toss stray papers into your recycling bin. Once your bed is made and your room looks better, you sigh. Your eyes float up to the suit on your shelf, neatly folded. It’s dusty and the equipment needs to be updated, but you don’t even think about touching it. You look away before you can get any ideas. You know that deep inside, you miss that part of your life. You just want to kick ass and leap around trying to be as cool, like some of the bigger superheroes.

You sit on your bed and do your other homework as you wait. The hours tick by, one by one. You even start planning out the project, sketching out all the details so that the only thing that needs to be done is the actual work. You clean up your room some more, starting to get a little bored. You comb your hair and tie it back. At six-thirty, you start thinking he might have stood you up. Maybe he got busy being Spider-Man. Not that you’re upset at him for that. You know that the job gets busy sometimes. You pick up your phone to call him, but then set it back down before you do.

At eight, you’re sure he’s not going to show up. You sigh and sit on your floor. What if something had happened to him? Maybe he needs your help, and all you need to do is call him. Guilt twists in your stomach. You turn to look at your bookshelf and the many books you’ve collected over the years, telling yourself that everything is okay. A new one about spiders sits on the edge of the shelf, its receipt tucked into the cover.

You turn back to your window and yelp a little. There, sitting in your window in his suit with a slightly bent churro in hand, is Peter. He always freaks you out when he sneaks up on you like that. He hasn’t even changed out of his suit, but at least he brought his school bag.

“Sorry for being…late…” He pants, holding out the churro to you like a rose. “Thought I’d…grab something along the way.” He clutches his side in pain.

You stand up and rush over to him, frowning. Grabbing the churro and his bag, you set them aside. “What happened? Did you get hurt?” You help him in, worried.

“Oh, uh, it’s nothing, Y/N,” he reassures in a way that only has the opposite effect. He slides off his mask to reveal scrapes and bruises on his face. There’s a little smile on his face, much to your confusion.

“Peter, what the hell did you do?” You make him sit down on your bed, bringing your hands to his face. When you do this, his breath hitches. As your thumb skims over his cheek gently, he winces. “Sorry,” you say quickly, frowning deeply.

“Hey, you should see the other guy! I had to knock him out for the police to get him. Crazy! I hope I didn’t injure him that bad though…do you know if knocking people out hurts them a lot?”

“I don’t know anything about medicine, Spidey! And who cares about him, look at yourself!” In your panicked state, your nickname for him slips out. You only realize this after you’ve said it.

“It’s okay,” he says as if everything really is okay. How is this okay? He’s so calm, it’s kind of scaring you. There’s a distant look in his eyes, like he’s not really completely aware of his situation.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you not freaking out about this? Are you drunk or something?” You exclaim, trying to snap him out of it.

Peter blinks. “No! I’m fine, really. It gets worse than this sometimes, so I don’t know why-”

“It gets worse?” Your eyes widen, wondering why he suddenly can’t handle a few purse snatchers. He shrugs indifferently. “Okay, uh…I-I’ll get ice or something. Dude, why are you here? I don’t even know where the band-aids are in my own house!”

“The project,” Peter says simply. You don’t like him like this. You just wish he’d make a joke or something so at least you know he’s being normal. Come on, Peter!

“The project.” You’re trying not to get pissed off at his utter disregard for himself. “The project? The goddamn project? You go and do this to yourself, and the only thing on your mind is a stupid Chem project?”


Your eyebrows draw together. He’s starting to make you feel like crying. “Peter, please. Tell me what’s wrong. You’re seriously freaking me out. Are you okay?” You ask the last question with more emphasis this time, tilting his chin up to make him look you in the eyes. His normally clear dark eyes are bloodshot, and there are purplish bags under them.

A beat passes before he responds. “No.”

You look at him for a long time, trying to figure him out. His hair is a sweaty mess, and…has he been crying? You swallow, doing something you never thought you’d get to do again

You lean over and wrap your arms around him. “Ow, ow, not there,” he says gently, and you quickly move your arms. He’s warm, but that might just be because he was just leaping around buildings for the past few hours.

He rests his forehead on your shoulder. With your other hand, you smooth the hair out of his face. God, he looks awful. How did he manage to get himself beaten up this bad? Millions of questions form in your head, none of which you know the answer to.

You know he’s crying when he starts shaking. Your shirt is going to get soaked, but you don’t care. You hold him a little tighter. “You can tell me anything,” you remind him quietly, but your voice breaks at the end.

“I miss you, Y/N.” The way he says it, it shatters you completely. His voice is raw and rough, full of so much emotion that you weren’t prepared for. Your lip trembles slightly and threatening tears fill your eyes.

“I-I can’t be Spider-Man. Not if you’re not there with me, Y/N, I just can’t. I need to hear your voice through my suit, because I can’t focus on anything anymore. I can’t fight without you.” Your throat tightens, knowing that your situation hasn’t really been much better. You quit being a hero that day because you knew you couldn’t keep doing it on your own. And it’s been killing you since.

All of your previous hatred for Peter disappears like nothing. You can’t even bring yourself to be angry at him anymore. You don’t care about what he did. All you can see is how hurt he is now, and how he needs your help. You close your eyes and let yourself cry as his voice continues

“I never wanted to hurt you. When I found out that you were S/N, I got scared. I thought you wouldn’t like me if I was more than regular Peter Parker to you. But I was stupid to think I could make it work. I know I broke our promise, and I’m so sorry for that.” You stare out your window, tears streaming freely. You should’ve been there out with him. All of the emotion you bottled up for a month comes pouring out in a rushing torrent. You somehow kept it all together for an entire month. You avoided him whenever you could, you ignored his texts and calls. You did everything you could, and it tore you apart inside to do it all. Only now are you feeling the pain you pushed away then, deep in your heart.

“Please look at me.” You look at him, and he lifts his head to face you. Gently, you set a hand on his cheek.

“You don’t have to say sorry anymore, Peter. I forgive you. I forgive you.” You rest your forehead against his, trying to calm down so you can stop crying.

He finally wipes his tears away with the sleeve of his suit and does the same for you before looking into your eyes. It’s only now that you realize how close you are to him. “I-I love you, Y/N. I always have, I just didn’t know until now.” He whispers, leaning in slightly.

You close your eyes and kiss him, gentle and sweet and everything you expected. You’ve never kissed anyone before Peter, so you’re going entirely by instinct. His arm reaches around your waist and tugs you closer. His other hand rests on your cheek, bringing warmth to you. The butterflies in your stomach intensely flutter, and you let it all consume you for a few minutes. You place one hand on the back of his neck to gently push him closer to you.

When you pull away, it’s only for air. You breathe heavily, not knowing whether what just happened was real or if you were just imagining it all. You’d always read about kisses like these in novels, but you didn’t know if it really existed. It seemed everything was a fantasy with Peter Parker. Old mistakes forgotten, you give him a shy smile. “I love you and that churro,” you murmur, and for the first time in forever, you hear his beautiful laugh. This makes you inexplicably happy, just to see some of his sunshine poke through.

“Speaking of which, I went through a lot for that churro,” Peter says. You grin and grab it to take a bite out of it in appreciation. But before you can, Peter plucks it out of your hand and eats nearly a mouthful of it.

“Now it’s only half a churro!” You laugh and grab his hand to eat a bit of it before standing up. “One sec, I’ll be right back.”

You race downstairs, ignoring your parents’ hellos and opening the freezer to grab all the frozen things you can get. They give you a strange look from across the room. Quickly, you try to think of an excuse before you drop something. “I’m, uh…hungry.”

“So you’re eating frozen peas?” Your dad questions, eyebrows raised in mild concern and disbelief.

“Yep,” you grin nervously and sprint back up to your room before he can ask anything else. Peter sees you enter with a load of frozen things to serve as ice packs, laughing.

An hour later, you have Peter mostly well taken care of. With his guiding, you ice the bruises properly. He showers, coming out smelling like your strawberry body wash. You consider buying another bottle for him just so you can smell it when you hug him. You both sit on the bed and finish the project without wasting time, thanks to your planning. “We still have three days to do this whole thing,” you remind as you add the finishing touches.

“Yeah, and that’s three days that we can spend together. Under the excuse of the project, of course.” He gives a mischievous smile that’s so contagious that you’re smiling back.

“Hm…I approve of this idea.”

You don’t talk again until the project is finished, and by then, it’s late. “Are you sure May won’t mind you staying until, like, midnight?”

“Yeah, yeah. I told her where I am, so it’s all good.”

He sits against your pillows, and you rest your head on his chest. You stretch your legs out on the bed. “You know,” he begins. You glance up at him to signal that he has your attention. “You thought I was ripped, but I’m nothing compared to you.”

“Whoa, I did not say you were ripped! I mean, you are, but that’s besides the point. And thank you! I try.”

Peter laughs. “Seriously though, do you work out or something? What gym do you go to?” It takes a moment for you to realize he’s teasing you. You shove him slightly, trying not to smile.

“Screw you.”

“I mean, that would be great, but in case you forgot, we’re just fifteen. Maybe wait a while before we get that stage-”

“Oh my god. Screw you!”

“I told you, we should think about things like that before-”

“Ahh! Stop! My ears are bleeding!” You cover your ears and giggle as he gives you a big grin.

“Y/N?” Peter says after a bit of silence.

“Mhm?” You nestle your head into his neck as he loosely wraps his arm around you.

“You’re going to be S/N with me now, right? Like, you’ll fight crime again?” He sounds hopeful.

“Of course I will.”

“Really? And you’ll talk to Mr. Stark, too?”

“Okay, don’t push your luck there. But I’ll think about it, if it makes you happy.”

“Thank you, Y/N.” He looks into your E/C eyes, and in that moment, you know. Queens needs you, and Peter needs you even more. Everything is complicated, but for once, you don’t hate it. Simple is starting to look a little boring with someone like Peter Parker in your life.


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The Unforgiven (Part 2)

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: Gun shot, thoughts of death. Angst, angst, and then it gets fluffy. I promise. 😊

A/N: This is the second part of The Unforgiven.

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Part 1

Your groans echoed in the warehouse. Putting your hand over your abdomen, everything hurt. Lifting your hand and placing it one you stomach felt like you’d just ran twenty miles. Your breathing was rapid and shallow, everything hurt.

The pain was blinding, your eyes hurt just to open them.

I’m going to die

There was a reason why you didn’t like hunting with other people, this was the perfect reason why. You couldn’t count on other people. The only person you could count on was yourself.

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First of all, I would like to congratulate you for making it here. It’s your senior year of high school, and you haven’t gone completely insane. Good start.

I’m making this post as a rising university freshman, recently graduated high school senior in the United States. I know I personally panicked and looked through Tumblr for hours trying to soothe my worries, and if I can help even one scared person out there, then my job is complete. 


Yeah, this is a big one.

  • First, breathe. I promise everything will be okay.
  • Apply to as many colleges as you see fit. The number is different for everyone. I applied to 3, my friend applied to 13. Don’t panic if your friends are applying for more than 10 and you’re applying to less than five, and try to not judge them if it’s reversed.
  • Pay attention to the deadlines. I know it’s obvious, but they can really slip by you. Don’t forget to check if the financial aid deadline is different from the application deadline.
  • Don’t hate yourself if you don’t get accepted into your top choice. I know I was in this position last year, so I’m going to say it for you if no one else will. If you applied to an Ivy League or the western equivalent, there is a small chance you will get in, but a larger chance you will not. Statistics are against you. Have a Plan B and a Plan C. Dream big, and don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dream, but don’t let it completely crush you if you don’t manage to be the 4-6% of students across the world making it into one specific university.
  • Remember that most universities and colleges require financial aid to be done and turned in alongside the standard application!


Oh dear.

  • If you haven’t started doing scholarships yet, don’t panic.There are plenty of opportunities for scholarships still. There are some with deadlines in May/June!
  • Even if it’s only $100-$200, apply for it if you think you can. That can buy a book or two or chip away at a meal plan. Everything counts.
  • With that, don’t overload yourself. Don’t give yourself 9 essays to write in one night unless you can do your best work under that much pressure and stress.
  • If you have a military parent/guardian, USE IT. I cannot tell you how many scholarships I found for military dependents. This applies to retired military parents/guardians as well. Even if you’re not planning on doing anything remotely to do with the military, they want to help you.
  • FAFSA. If you can get money from them, great. If not, let me send my condolences, I know that sucks. Keep looking.


Here we go.

  • You don’t have to be perfect. Seriously. You don’t have to be trendy and tumblr and cute constantly. Sure, it’s nice for the pictures, but if it’s too much time and effort to keep it up and only stresses you out, drop it. I promise it’ll be okay.
  • Write stuff down wherever you’ll see it. Be it a sticky note on your mirror or in your planner, if you see it, you’ll remember it.
  • I know I might get some serious backlash for this, but you don’t need a planner. If that’s not how you work, don’t feel like you need to shell out money for one or spend time making one. Do what works for you.
  • Folders, binders, accordion folders, use whatever you have that’s in good working condition, or if you have the money, treat yourself (or have your parents treat you) to a new way to file things. Use what works for you. I cannot stress that enough!
  • There is such a thing as over color-coordinating. As pretty as it may be by the end, your brain likely can’t handle that overload. Stick to one or two different colors and it’ll be a lot easier to decipher.



  • IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO SUFFER IN A COURSE AFTER A MONTH, SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE AND GO DOWN A LEVEL. Trust me, I know it sucks, I really really do, but I took a Calculus course too quick for me, and I suffered so much, as well as lost valedictorian. There’s a difference between challenging yourself and putting yourself through unnecessary stress. It’ll be okay.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Again, it’s time to swallow your pride and get whatever you need to succeed.
  • Your teachers may be exhausted, but most of them are most than happy to help you if you need it, or if you’re confused on the specifics of an assignment. Use office hours or e-mail them. They’re human too!
  • Always, ALWAYS study for your tests. Whether it’s AP, IB, Honors, or on-level courses, you can always solidify information more. There’s nothing worse than neglecting to study, being confident as you go into the exam, and then experiencing that heart-stopping, stomach-dropping moment when you have no f*cking clue what the questions are asking.
  • Not everything is about AP/IB. Sure they’re useful, but never NEVER feel like you’re less of a person or less deserving because you take on-level courses.


Oh jeez…

  • In case you haven’t thought about it before, some of your friends are moving away. Spend as much time with them as you can before you leave or they leave. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
  • With that said, if you have toxic friends, DITCH THEM. You are the number 1 priority in your own life. If you don’t feel happy around your friends, then they’re not good friends. It’s not too late to find great people, I promise. I did it in my second semester of senior year, and they’re some of my favorite people that I’ve ever known to exist. Find friends for life, not friends for now.
  • It is 100,000% normal and fine to not have had your first kiss, first significant other, or first relationship by this point. I promise you. Don’t let stories of people and their 5 boyfriends/girlfriends make you feel insecure. Don’t feel pressured into doing something you’re not ready for. (Also it makes going off to college a lot less stressful if you don’t feel like you’re supposed to tag along with your s/o or have an obligation to see them.)
  • Surprise! Not everyone is actually having sex! Even some people that say they are aren’t!
  • Please, learn to love yourself. You were placed on this earth just how you are. Don’t ever feel like you’re worthless, wrong, disgusting, or unloved. You are worth so much, I promise.
  • Don’t trash talk your younger counterparts. I know they’re annoying, walking into the school and being loud and acting like they own everything, but they’ll learn. Be patient, and try to not talk bad about them. You’ll be a freshman again next year, and you wouldn’t want seniors to be talking about you like that.
  • Join a club! It isn’t too late!



  • So here’s the thing. College and university costs way more than it should. Save money. I know it’s hard and it sucks and it’s annoying as hell, but you’ll thank yourself later. 
  • Consider getting a journal to document things you do during the year. Paste in movie stubs, concert tickets, pictures, and write a little bit about the experience! Remember to please breathe. You’ll get through it, I swear.
  • If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or as if you can’t do it, please seek out someone to talk to. It’s scary and stressful, but it’ll most likely help.
  • Do things for you. Take a bath. Take a weekend off. Call your best friend. Read a book for fun! Do something that will relax you and make you feel better about your situation.

I promise you can do it. I believe in you, and I hope you believe in yourself.

If I missed anything or you want anything added on or answered, please let me know, and feel free to add on with your own experiences!

xx, Shelby

dunno how i feel about people calling what’s transpiring in the lwa fandom a ship war between ankko and dianakko fans, when the former is legitimately not doing anything to anyone besides loving and defending their ship and one of their favorite characters from the latter’s vitriolic portion of their fandom when we have to.

we’re not the ones invading the diana/dianakko tags at high speed, spouting bullshit that tears down diana as a character despite her development, invalidating the dianakko ship, or being downright nasty to the shippers just because they like or defend it. because not only do we not have anything against dianakko, as many of us see the validity in the ship, but we actually really love diana, and respect it/her and the shippers enough not to be dicks about something they love.

this whole mess is completely one-sided, as there hasn’t been a single andrew/ankko fan that said they hated diana/dianakko. we’re just getting fed up with some of its fandom and their inability to “stay in their lane,” so by default, our love of diana/dianakko is waning. the one and only thing we’ve asked, that many of them refuse to comply with, is that they don’t tag their hate in the andrew/ankko tags. that’s it. we don’t care if you hate andrew or ankko, though we wish people would actually give some real, valid reasons other than the usual, subjective opinion of “he’s boring,” “serves no purpose in the narrative,” “is a jerk,” etc., two of which aren’t true at all, because the narrative and his development actually contradict those last two “reasons" and the first applies to whichever individuals that personally feel that way. we just want you to stay out of the tags.

it’d be easier if people just came right out and said that he “got in the way of their ship,” because that is legitimately what it all boils down to, rather than us having to pick apart these strawman arguments every, single time someone finds the balls to enter the tag with a nasty ass attitude. i’m not saying that anyone who isn’t an andrew/ankko fan can’t enter the tags; i’m not the boss of anybody here. but, we’re pleading here, that if you don’t have authentic constructive criticism that we may have a genuine dialogue, instead of the billion and one “i hate this dude/ship because…” lists, then stop entering the tags. many of us have been through enough ship wars to last a lifetime and are getting quite sick of it.

one last thing, there’s a case of hypocrisy that i feel needs to be addressed here, in the case of the diana/dianakko and andrew/ankko fandoms. if you don’t want us to defend andrew/ankko, stop coming in the tag like you have a chip on your shoulder. keep that shit on your blog or find somewhere else to complain that’s not his or the ship’s tag, otherwise you will be met with opposition. you see, because we don’t actively go onto your blog or into the diana/dianakko tags seeking to start drama just because we prefer andrew/ankko. we don’t even send character/ship hate (that i know of). that would literally be us trying to shove our opinion down your throat like an angry mother bird, you know, kinda like what some of y'all do to us, and we don’t want to do that. instead, we block you to avoid it, because life’s too short to be bitching over which fictional character/ship is better, when they’re both valid characters/ships. we don’t invade the diana/dianakko tags at high voltage speed, because, newsflash, some of us are actually multishippers and know how to ship one without putting down the other, and we actually really respect how many of you feel about your preference. again, why? because they’re both good, balanced, healthy ships and help akko grow as a person. now, imagine if we did to diana/dianakko what many of y'all seem so intent on doing to us? yeah, not a pretty sight.

literally all we’re asking you guys to do is leave us alone. you don’t like andrew? that’s fine. you hate ankko? okay, cool. it’s a free country. but please, stay out of the tag with the aggressive/passive-aggressive remarks, blaming us for why you hate him/it even more when all we’re doing is what you’re doing - loving our ship and andrew without invalidating yours or diana.

this is getting beyond gross and old.