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Name Numerology

Every letter of the alphabet matches a number from 1-9. The number can be calculated by the digit sum equaling the place of the letter in the alphabet. E.g. ‘K’ is the 11th letter, the digit sum of 11 is 2, so ‘K’ equals the number of 2.

Alphabetical number table:

1      A      J      S

2      B      K      T

3      C      L      U

4      D      M     V

5      E      N      W

6      F      O      X

7      G      P      Y

8      H      Q      Z

9       I       R

For the calculation of your Name, Personality and Heart number use your complete name(s) with first, middle and last names as it is written on your birth certificate! (This will bring the most accurate results.)

Here’s an example of how to calculate the Name number:

                          J   E   F   F   R   E   Y         L   E   B   O   W   S   K   I

                          1   5   6   6    9   5   7         3   5   2   6    5    1   2  9

add together                     39                                          33

build digit sum                3+9=12                                 3+3=6

                                       1+2= 3                                  stays 6

add together                                           3+6=9

NAME NUMBER IS                                     9

What your Name number indicates:

(1)    A leadership personality with frontier spirit, strength, independence and determination.

(2)    A diplomat and peacemaker who is sensitive towards the own and other people’s emotions.

(3)    A master of words, always appearing to be youthful who is able to do many things at once and who becomes more self-confident in the process of getting older.

(4)    A practical person who works hard, is patient and possesses a sense of detail.

(5)    A freedom-loving traveller who appreciates diversity and change and who is able to do many things at once.

(6)    A harmonious person who loves a peaceful home, family and all things beautiful and who is responsible as well.

(7)    An analyst who is wise to use his time for reading and writing and moreover doesn’t miss the forest despite of all the trees.

(8)    An organiser who gains power and success when being in charge of one’s own fate.

(9)    A true humanist who loves art, music or voyages. You give generously and need recognition.

For calculating your Personality number you do the same as above only using the consonants of your name(s).

E.g.  J E F F R E Y     L E B O W S K I  —  J F F R Y    L B W K S                       Personality number: 6

Your Personality number indicates that the people surrounding you see you as:

(1)    daring, independent, original, strong-willed, competitive

(2)    receptive, sensitive, empathetic, cooperative, diplomatic

(3)    friendly, optimistic, eloquent, happy-go-lucky, entertaining

(4)    disciplined, practical, hardworking, reliable, loyal

(5)    astute, versatile, active, adventurous, modern

(6)    affectionate, adaptable, helpful, responsible, fair

(7)    restrained, self-confident, critical, analytical, trust-worthy

(8)    modest, disciplined, efficient, powerful, successful

(9)    gentle, generous, helpful, tolerant, influential

For calculating your Heart number you do the same as above only using the vowels of your name(s).

E.g.   J E F F R E Y     L E B O W S K I   —   E E     E O I   —   Heart number: 3

Your Heart number indicates that your deepest inner feelings, wishes and skills motivate you to:

(1)    use your own ideas to lead and guide others exemplary.

(2)    collaborate with others and to use your sensitivity and diplomatic skills to be a joy to the people around you.

(3)    express your optimism and creativity.

(4)    bring sacrifices to reach tangible results for all your hands-on plans.

(5)    seek adventures and to live life on the fast lane.

(6)    create harmony and a peaceful atmosphere.

(7)    spend time alone seeking for the truth and to reflect on the meaning of life.

(8)    take things in your own hands and to use your energy to gain money, power and success.

(9)    use your knowledge and compassion for the benefit of others.

The Clue is in the Name

Let us have a look at how Mycroft addresses John because there is an interesting development over the episodes, one may even call it an arc. I checked with @callie-ariane‘s transcripts and found this. (N/A = not applicable, Mycroft does not meet John or does not address him by name):

  • ASiP - Doctor Watson 
  • TBB  - N/A
  • TGG - John
  • ASiB - John calling Mycroft by his first name, so we can assume it is mutual 
  • THoB - N/A
  • TRF - John
  • TEH - John (when talking to Sherlock)
  • TSoT - N/A
  • HLV - John calling Mycroft by his first name, so we can assume it is mutual 
  • TAB - Doctor Watson in BOTH modern and Victorian scenes
  • TST - N/A
  • TLD - N/A
  • TFP - Doctor Watson

They start with the formal address when they first meet in ASiP, change over to a first name basis some time between ASiP and TGG, and remain like this until some time after Mycroft’s drugs bust in HLV. 

From TAB onwards Mycroft addresses John as Doctor Watson until the end of TFP. This cannot be explained by it being Victorian since in the last modern scene we get Mycroft saying: “Doctor Watson? Look after him …. please?”

The most conspicuous S4 episode in this regard is TFP where Mycroft throughout addresses John as Doctor Watson, even when they are alone.

I can think of three possible explanations so far:

  • sloppy and inconsistent writing
  • a conflict/development between Mycroft and John unknown to the viewer
  • EMP/dream

The switch takes place somewhere between the 221b drugs bust in HLV and TAB which equals the period of time in which a start of EMP is often assumed. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Last Name // Jared

Summary: You drank a little too much and you woke up to an unfamiliar weight on your ring finger. Who exactly did you marry last night and what is your last name?

Characters: Jared Padalecki x reader, and Cara (OC)

Words: 641

Disclaimer: I do not own the song Last Name by Carrie Underwood or Supernatural.

Warnings: Allusion to night of sex, alcohol, and eloping.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N Shortest fic I’ve done and I find it interesting. Also Gen and Jared are not together in this but it’s just fiction and not real. I love Gen and Jared together.

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Originally posted by supernatural-addiction-hotline

You groaned feeling utterly like shit. You noticed you were in your hotel room with a nightie son but you didn’t remember anything or how you got here.

“Fuck you Cara.” You growled rubbing your head.

Cara was your best friend getting married. She wanted her wedding party to be in Vegas before she was a married woman. She’s cliche type of girl so when she announced she was having her bachelorette party in Vegas.

At first you didn’t know what was physically different. You only noticed when something painfully hit your nose. You winced feeling the sharpness knowing it had left a dent whatever the object was.

“What the fuck?” You exclaimed at first at the pain, “Oh no.”

Sitting on your left hand ring finger was something very new and definitely didn’t fit given the lack of significant other. A shiny ring glinted in the light sneaking into the room from the window. You blinked as the view of the ring settled into your mind without any hint of where it came from.

“Oh no.” You breathlessly said again.

The problem was that you were now married to a stranger. A stranger you couldn’t remember the name of. You’re mother would be so ashamed in you for doing something so reckless. She always was saying not to get so drunk that you barely remember your name.

“What happened last night?” You asked yourself, “I drank a little too much of that poison.”

The night slowly came back but you couldn’t remember the face face of your new husband nor what his name was. You could recent a voice that seemed very familiar to you.


You put the empty shot glass next to the one Cara had tossed back like a pro. You were a very giggly drunk right now. Cara’s eyes widened at the sight behind you.

“Hey gorgeous, wanna dance?” The man asked you.

“Sure.” You yelled laughing as you moved to the music. He was one of the tallest men in the club and you were thankful he had chosen to talk to you.

“Hey cutie, where you from?”

“Small town but I moved to the city this past summer!”

The two of you grinned as you drank more alcohol and danced even more.

“Wanna get out of here?” He asked.


He led you out of the club and down the street where the parking lot was and very full. He dug his car keys form his pocket and into the door of the car that most certainly an eye sore and very beat up.

“I bought it with the money I made from the movie theatre.”


The rumble of the car scared you. You forgot when when his hand rested on your thigh but you were screaming the lyrics to the song playing on the radio. Your arms were in the air as the wind from the open window blew your hair back.

“Oh look!” You gasped. A beautiful church stood in all white and tall.

‘Free Marriage Ceremony Friday’

“We should get married!” He exclaimed as he read the sign.


At three in the morning you were now married. You took his last name, one that you wouldn’t remember in the haze of alcohol. The wedding was extremely small with two people pulled off the street as witnesses and you had a bouquet of disgusting flowers.

All you remember from the ceremony was a giddy Elvis that bordered on crazy murderer. There was a note on the table beside your head with messy but neat writing.

Last night was fun even thought I can remember much other than the sex. I wish you luck.


p.s. you’re seriously good in bed.

Of course you remember what he looks like now but you couldn’t remember your goddamn last fucking name.

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anonymous asked:

So I'm transmasc and I want to not use my dead name at school, but I feel like it would be a little awkward with using my last name or saying call me my last name because all my classmates know me by my dead name. Any tips on how to get people to start using my last name regularly, or at least my teachers?

Lee says:
This link might help!

Followers, any suggestions for anon?


i've owned roleplays for a long time already, and i've seen every kind of names. From Holmes to Schimmelpfenning, and don't ask me, but a lot of people use really weird names, nothing against it, but everyone likes calling their friends by the last name, right? (no, but sometimes...) And no one shouts Schimmelpfenning suddenly when calling a friend, maybe somewhere far away, but not around most rp's are located, right? Well, let's stop the talk and go to the idea ahhah;

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anonymous asked:

I want to go by my last name at least by my teachers but everybody knows me by my dead name, how can I start to get called by my last name? Thanks

Lee says:
It’ll take people a while to get used to it, but you can just tell people at the start of class that you go by your last name now. If you have any friends, tell them first and ask them to correct people who use your first name.