(knowing actors is not my forte)

RFA + V and Saeran: Pillow Forts!

I accidentally posted just the ask with nothing attached and had to delete that and oh my god why am I this way. BUT, thank you very much to the anon who requested this! It wasn’t too specific at all, lovely!! I hope I remembered everyone and didn’t leave anything out of the request..Please tell me if I did and I’ll fix it straight away! Thank you for all your encouragement, it makes me feel a lot less scared about everything!! So many nice people..

Head-canons below the cut! As it’s a long post! *Apologies if there are any typos!!!*

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new-recipe  asked:

KageHina and TsukkiYama


  • Who would throw the other in the pool: Hinata would try, fail, and end up slipping into the pool himself, Kageyama none the wiser. 
  • Who is the better carer when the other is sick: They’re both pretty good caretakers (this is actually questionable, but neither of them have died yet): They both have things they’re horrible about, though. Hinata forgets to remind Kageyama he can’t drink milk on antibiotics. Kageyama has a scary ‘worried’ face. 
  • Who would force the other to do extreme sports with them: …they both would just agree to do it. All that would have to be said would be “Well, I guess if you’re scared to or something” and BAM. They’re signed up for wingliding classes. 
  • Who would cook the better romantic dinner: Kageyama. 
  • Who would build the blanket fort in the living room: Hinata!! It collapses on them! 
  • Who would have the best holiday ideas: Hinata, because he’s used to planning holiday events for Natsu. Granted they’re all a little cheesy, but still enjoyable. 
  • Who would need to clean out the other’s stuff to make room for their own: Kageyama had to move an entire mountain of Hinata’s crap to even make room for his desk. 


  • Who would throw the other in the pool: Yamaguchi would lean up against the side of the pool and try to tug Tsukki in from where he’s sitting. Tsukki just pushes Yama away with his feet, snickering as Yama just sort of floats away on his little inner tube. 
  • Who is the better carer when the other is sick: They’re both really attentive, but Tsukki is the better caretaker because he doesn’t freak out and panic like Yama does. 
  • Who would force the other to do extreme sports with them: I see Yamaguchi being more willing to try out that sort of thing. He has to substantially bribe Tsukki to try it out. 
  • Who would cook the better romantic dinner: Technically, Yama is the better cook, but Tsukki would put in a whole lot of thought and care into planning something like a romantic dinner, so Yama would probably always say that Tsukki does it better (while Tsukki thinks Yama does). 
  • Who would build the blanket fort in the living room: Yamaguchi. Tsukki comes home from work or class and bam! all their blankets and pillows are out and Yama’s made a little nest with food and blankets and flashlights with Jurassic Park already in the DVD player because he knows Tsukki’s been stressed out and they drink wine and watch movies all night in the blanket fort and make rude comments about the actors and the scripts. 
  • Who would have the best holiday ideas: Yamaguchi seems like he would be more attentive to those sorts of things, so he always plans because he likes going out a lot. 
  • Who would need to clean out the other’s stuff to make room for their own: Tsukki has accepted that Yamaguchi’s clean laundry will never make it to the drawers on its own and has just decided that it doesn’t matter anyway. 

the deceive trio

Kano Shuuya - Kida Masaomi - Akama Yuto

“Lying is my forte, you know?”

“Right, I just… I just wanted to be a ‘simple high school student’…”

“But the real problem is that I feel it’s necessary to deceive.”

With my perfectly polished mask, I’ll deceive even myself…

…so go on; laugh!

Bored Stiff ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

Helllooo! Well, this is quite a surprise isn’t it? Considering my comfort levels with this particular subject, I have no clue how I was able to write this lol! But quite some time ago, a friend of mine requested some “Joshifer Smut” from me. I obliged, and after school got in the way, I decided I would dedicate it as a belated birthday gift for her.

I also figured we could all use a little boost in these rather “stormy” times for our ship. Chins up smiles on; we got this. Just wait about two more months, guys haha.

And could I help myself with a pun for the title? Why of course not haha.

Disclaimer: As the description and even the title implies, this story contains nsfw material. Actually, it’s basically all nsfw material if we’re being completely honest here. You have been warned!

Disclaimer #2: I do not claim to know these actors, nor do I know how they would react in such situations. This is merely a work of fiction. Thank you!

Anywho, I hope you all enjoy, and without further adooooo~

Bored Stiff

A breath leaves my nose as I walk into the laundry room, a bundle of various garments draped within my arms. Cleaning clothes is always such a pleasure. It’s never been my forte as an adult; while others prefer this to other types of cleaning, I prefer dusting or febreezing the shit out of things. This is basically just another chore, another mindless, boring part of my day.

Not to mention that it’s also a lazy, early-autumn evening. I’d much rather be taking a walk on the beach, or spending quality time with my husband, who happens to be missing in action at the moment. My guess is that he’s preoccupied with sports, or something…manly to that nature.

Sighing and placing the assortment of clothes on top of the washing machine, I begin to gather the necessary supplies out of the cabinets. Detergent, softener, and whatever else I throw in there to convince myself I’m somehow cleaning my wardrobe.

The clothes are thrown in, and I fiddle with the dials on the washing machine for a moment, ensuring all the settings are correct. And before I’m fully aware, I begin humming a mindless tune, swinging my hips and shifting on my feet as I work.

“Having fun in there?”

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