House Odinson family vacation to Disneyland

Lena goes to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and chooses to dress up as Elsa and Loki conjures a little snow flurry for her because he is a good uncle and also Lena and Thor have identical begging looks

Ullr beats everyone at Astroblasters

Loki gets Sorcerer Mickey ears

Jane and Loki make the best ride picture faces

norationalthoughtrequired replied to your post “Apparently I have made someone hate sif/loki entirely because I wrote…”

but … but … Loki being in awe of his badass space warrior girlfriend who can (and does) totally give him a kick in the ass when he needs it and doesn’t take his shit is one of the best parts of the ship! (And you write that dynamic so well!)

it IS and like the thing I think I liked most about writing Fundamental Forces (and Kingsverse in general but it really came out in FF) is their transformation from an unhealthy relationship to a much better, mutually supportive one 

like I think Loki needs someone like Sif around who will go “oh no no you are wrong knock it off” and that’s what’s brought out the Loki who isn’t just giving in to the pull of the Stones in Relativity

but omg thank you for saying I write well, obviously this is only one negative voice in a whole lot of compliments but it’s still hard not to listen to it, you know?