(killian is constantly on the quest for a hero's journey and this would give him that)

Nerd Moment: The Classic Emma Swan Hero Quest

Since he start of the OUAT Emma has been a journey. We all saw it as her personal journey to find and understand herself as well as find home. What we did not fully see was that Emma is on a classic hero’s quest. A formula used in Gilgamesh, Beowulf, Arthurian legend, The Inferno and so many more books. Her story, like many other hero quest tales, follow a formula. With OUAT being a fairy tale based show the formula is a little different from the classic one but contains the same elements needed for a good hero quest tale.

All journeys send the hero to find truth, justice and restore harmony to a kingdom. While on the journey the hero goes through trials and tribulations. They must face their inner most demons as well as monsters. Many even encounter their antithesis to show the internal battle happening with them. When the hero is at their lowest point is when they find their true strength and emerge changed and a victorious season. This is what Emma goes through every season and in the show as an entirety while still following the basic formula.

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