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the use of diamonds in endless summer: a rant

as someone who’s played through endless summer without spending literally one (1) diamond—a lot of the enjoyment that comes from playing the game is saturated by the desire to spend diamonds in order to get a happy (or happier) ending. the book is no longer reliant on the player’s actions to produce an good outcome, but instead on how much money the player has rolling around in their bank account at the time. it’s… not good.

this got really long (WARNING: this is super fucking long (by super fucking long i mean +1,500 words long, so super fucking long), i was fueled by rage and pretty much nothing else), so i had to split it into parts. yeah.

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anonymous asked:

hhh i've been trying to force myself to like saimatsu so can you help me with some points that can make me ship them?

Hi dear anon! I wonder what’s been making you feel so forced in order for you to like them;; if the game’s plot isn’t enough for you to enjoy the ship, then I really don’t know what else to say- their relationship in the plot is what made me to. You shouldn’t feel so forced upon to like a ship if you don’t!! You shouldn’t feel forced in order to enjoy something, you’re supposed to just chill end enjoy things when they’re out there for fun

What I can say for sure is that the game implies and ships them lots and I fell for it the way they intended the players to be along with so many others

Um, well there’s this in the game (Ch.1 MAJOR spoiler images I’m still hurt)

and also this like this is what literally happens in the first class trial kaede believes in shuuichi and cheers on for the boy even if that means she’d be cornered

In fact, just let me list some things in game that I felt’s very precious- these two share a lot of things between them. They’re like one of the most strongest, and important bonds you can find in ndrv3.

I’m going to try to keep things vague, but these may imply some plot spoilers so please read with that in mind please!

Shuuichi cares for kaede. He-

  • is the one who becomes concerned and the one who came to check kaede when she felt discouraged and was crying in her room
  • He tags alongside kaede like a puppy throughout the entirety of the first chapter
  • He is a blushing mess when she’s around him, he just reacts to her every word in ch.1 when they’re investigating the school together and blushes a whole lot I can’t believe this boy I don’t think he blushes as much when he’s with other people as compared to when kaede is around him? He just.. blushes a whole lot and I thought that was really cute
  • He doesn’t deny it when maki asks him if he likes her. Instead he reacts what’s wrong with taking a liking for someone in a situation like this when she says it’s weird to be
  • Their FTE and love hotel sequence, and their interactions in the omake modes are the cutest things ever if you can take a look at the scripts or get hands on those just take a look
  • The reason shuuichi took his hat off was because of what kaede told him. She said he looked better without one and also encouraged him to face the truth
  • This guy thinks a lot about kaede and cherishes his memories with her,  those are literally shown as his most important memories he’s had regarding his time in the gifted inmates (saishuu) academy
  • Kaede and shuuichi is one of the closest pair in the omake mode and omake mode reflects pretty much how things are in-game
  • Shuuichi remembers what’s kaede’s told him AND lives up to her words. That’s pretty hard to do but he really did, and when you see that happening I just have to say he’s holding her and what she’s told him pretty dearly in his heart
  • He says he really wants to become friends with her, if only they could leave the school together (kaede had been saying she’d love to be friends with everyone once they get out together and he’s remembered this, this was shuuichi’s response for it)

Kaede also cares for Shuuichi

  • she’s the one who encourages him and keeps him going
  • when shuuichi himself didn’t believe in him she did.
  • She’s offered she’d play Claire de Lune composed by Debussy to cheer shuuichi (and this song is used later in the game not once but twice;; both makes you cry) and she invites shuuichi to her piano concert in the omake mode when things are peaceful I think they’re pretty close to going out in the bonus modes, they’re really close and people talk about shuuichi when kaede talks to them (such as momota who smiles and says if you’re looking for shuuichi he’s not here)
  • she also blushes a bit when she’s around shuuichi, I’m not sure if she’s had romantic feelings for him in game but she was surely pretty fond of him and there are parts when she feels he’s reliable/notices him as a guy not just as pals
  • She holds his hands
  • She compliments him and thinks highly of his talent
  • She’s told him a lot of things that are really precious;; she’s such a sweet girl not just to shuuichi but to everyone, but he’s the one who’s been most influenced by her. She’s what’s made him change

I have a full post with screenshots (and some youtube links) about their interactions in game so if you need some visual aid check that post out too!

if this isn’t enough for you to appreciate saiaka I’m not really sure what more I can say ;v;;; it didn’t feel so forced upon me for me to like them, they just came to me like how air does when I breathe.. I just hope you don’t have to feel as if you have to like the ship? it’s not wrong to not like them, it’s just personal opinion! Sure, I’ve listed a lot of stuff I appreciate between them but it’s usually the ship that comes to you, not the other way around ‘v’// it’s about feelings and what you feel fond of, really. I myself love saiaka a lot so I love it when I see things related to it but it may not be the same for you.

This got long, but hope it helps you out! Good day!

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In reference to you saying that you don't shit on anyone who has different opinions then you, "I fucking hate elriel. Every time it shows up on my dash I want to vomit..." "... except to say that Elriel can die". Would you say that these quotes from you encourage friendly discourse? Cause I wouldn't. You said other inflammatory things about this topic but I felt these quotes summed it up the best. Honestly I've seen you encourage us all to be nice and polite to each other,but then you post this?

The negative things you say about ships or other things you don’t like are the opposite of what you tell others to do. So I’m calling hypocrite. You definitely will shit on someone and their opinions if you don’t like them, a quick skim of your tags clearly shows that. So please get off your high horse and stop pretending your *above such things* because you’re clearly not. This post came out more aggressive then I intended, but hypocrisy really gets me. Sorry for that.

So I’m responding to this publicly because apparently I need to contextualize a lot of what I’ve said, as well as clarify the difference between real people and fictional people, and having a negative opinion versus being a jerk to said real people.

Since you have pointed out my feelings about that particular ship, I thought I would contextualize your argument a bit within my blog. I am very much in a numbers mood, so bear with me:

  • I have made 2,253 posts on this blog.
  • I did a search of my tags, as you did, and I have around 20 posts that mention el*riel, but just to be safe I rounded up to 30. That means that 0.01% of my blog has ever discussed them.
  • To contrast, my pre-acowar OTP was moriel; a quick search of that tag reveals around 400 posts, or 17.7% of my blog talking about them in some way.

Now, clearly, I do not like el*riel. That much is glaringly obvious. What you failed to take into account is how little I discuss them, the fact that I did put my negative opinions under the cut with a warning yesterday, and that I did also start tagging those posts as anti, or using “el*riel” so that it wouldn’t come up when people searched for the ship. I avoid talking about them bc I know that it might hurt people’s feelings because they have difficulty understanding that me not liking a ship does not mean I don’t like them. I do what I can to help people avoid my negative opinions.

So cherry-picking my opinions on that particular ship, when it’s clear I don’t like it, while failing to take into account the other 2,223 posts I have made, and while failing to recognize that I have done what I could to spare people from my negativity on the topic, seems a bit… well, you cherry-picked your evidence. And a few of the posts you mentioned are months old, which… I had 10 followers at the beginning of the year when I started this blog, so I wasn’t exactly concerned at the time about anyone actually paying attention to me. Maybe that’s my bad.

A couple other things that are more generally related to me and my blog and this fandom, not necessarily what you said:

  • I am a person
  • I make mistakes
  • I can be a huge smartass and really snarky
  • I am allowed to dislike things
  • I am allowed to say that I dislike things
  • Me disliking fictional things is not me disliking actual people
  • Not liking a ship is not at all the same thing as being rude to people, and if people (not just you) don’t get that, I really don’t know what to say to you.
  • Again, there is a difference between fictional people and real people. You will notice that the quotes you pulled out? Were never in direct response to someone, or conversation with someone.
  • If you can find an actual example of me being needlessly rude or aggressive to a flesh and blood person, a human being, I will absolutely apologize. But I’m not going to apologize for not being afraid to say what I think in the shitshow that this fandom has become.
  • If someone had sent me an ask that said “moriel can die in a fiery pit of unhealthy obsession and death and torment”, do you know what I would say? Ok then, buddy. Because that opinion? Is not about me personally.
  • You can say you hate a thing that I love. I can say I hate a thing that you love. We can still be friends.
  • Feel free to unfollow or even block people you don’t agree with or who make this fandom less fun than you want it to be. I have become much more liberal with my unfollowing and blocking of people, and let me tell you - it’s been great. You have to take care of yourself, here.

I have received approximately 110 asks since I finished reading ACOWAR just under two weeks ago. Do you know what this tells me? It tells me that people are not afraid to send me their thoughts and opinions, that they do not assume they will be treated with disrespect. Because they aren’t.

My final point about this and the other asks I received last night, is that this is the kind of crap that makes people frustrated. This is the kind of crap that makes people take hiatuses, and message me saying that they want to leave the fandom, and makes people afraid to say what they think. Which, what is the point of any of this, if we don’t feel like we can talk about this stuff without people getting needlessly offended or feeling like they can never say anything negative.

If me trying to be kind and respectful to people as much as possible while still occasionally failing in that regard puts me on a high horse, then I’m going to ride off into the motherfuckin’ sunset on that horse, and never look back. Because at least I’m trying.

anonymous asked:

I'm fairly new to this fandom. There has been so much drama going on, and it kind of worries me that a fandom is so divided. In the past, has the drama ever gotten so bad that certain blogs have been targeted? I've been a part of some fandoms where that has happened.

Hi Nonnie! Welcome! I’m guessing when you say “fandom” that you mean Shadowhunters in general and not just Malec fans, but I’m not sure. Full disclosure, I like to be honest and use lots of words, so lotsa words coming at ya. The truth is that there is no easy answer to this question. I’ll tell you what I know about fandom and drama from my own experience. I’ve been here about a year. I’ll answer this in three parts. (right?! I’m ridiculous)

First: Drama

*sighs* There is ALWAYS drama. Drama Here. Drama In other fandoms. (Which it sounds like you know well) Drama in real life. I know it varies and I have heard some say that SH is way drama heavy while others have said that other fandoms were equal to or worse. Drama happens. People tend to be opinionated. A lot of the time they put stuff out there without thinking of what others will feel about it. People often lack empathy, especially online. My advice on drama both on Tumblr and in life and what I tell my children is this:

You do NOT have to participate in drama. You don’t have to take the bait of someone talking about your favorite character, ship or actor. You don’t have to answer that vile anon. You don’t have to even see any of it. You can unfollow, block, blacklist, whatever it is that you need to do to avoid drama if you so desire. You do not have to give weight and power to negativity. You don’t have to give it oxygen or space. 

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anonymous asked:

I know you've mentioned that Ouma fits the Phantom Thief idea pretty well, so i was wondering what shows/games/books you think would cross-over well with V3? For example, I've noticed people make P5 references to V3, since both came out at similar times. Do you think P5/V3 would cross-over well, and what other stuff do you think would work too?

Crossovers are always a lot of fun to consider!

Persona 5 has been one of the more popular ones, I think because of a lot of the thematic similarities of both games. Both games came out within a few months of each other, both had a very similar aesthetic (lots of black and red, lots of darker color palettes and themes in general), and both had an aesthetic about “juvenile delinquents,” “criminals,” “prisoners,” etc.

I think Persona 5 would work quite well, all things considered! The writing for p5 is a bit less consistent than ndrv3′s, especially near the end of the game, so things would probably have to be adjusted here and there, but it’d still be really fun to consider regardless. Plus, Ouma is someone who tries so hard not to be the protagonist that picturing him as the leader of some band of phantom thieves going out and writing wrongs is pretty much the only way to make it work.

There’s also Umineko, which I pretty much never stop talking about on this blog. Both Umineko and ndrv3 are extremely similar thematically; both deal with escaping from the harshness of reality via “gentle lies,” both deal in twisted logic and have a “fiction” vs. “reality” setup. Plus, quite a few of the characters are reminiscent of others. Ouma himself is very, very similar to Beatrice. Having read Umineko beforehand was one of the reasons I was able to enjoy ndrv3 so much, so I’d love to see a crossover of the two, honestly.

As for other works… hmm. I know an anon mentioned Bungou Stray Dogs to me once on this blog, but I’d have to actually read the manga myself to know if it would work. As for a few works that could definitely be fun to crossover, Pokemon is always a fun one (a lot of people have mentioned that the Zekrom vs. Reshiram conflict reflects ndrv3′s themes a lot, too)! And there’s also TYPE MOON works, since Kodaka loves referencing those.

I also have a really extensive Harry Potter/ndrv3 crossover, which I wrote a fic about here (last month, for Ouma’s birthday, actually). HP has a lot of fun worldbuilding to play with, so things like Hogwarts Houses, favorite types of magic, etc. are all really fun to include.

Really though, a lot of crossovers could work as long as you write or draw them well! Illustrating the ideas you get in mind as they occur to you can be tricky, but it’s also fun to try and convey those ideas to other people and see them get excited about it. I’d recommend just trying out different stuff and seeing what sticks, really!

Okay, so…pretty frequently I see people wondering why some artists are as popular as they are when they’re “not actually good at art” or whatever.  Well, for one thing, that’s an opinion, not an objective fact.  But it might also help to consider other factors, such as:

1. Prodigious technical skills, based on a traditional interpretation of the term “skill”.  Aesthetically-pleasing, well-made art.  Stellar craftsmanship.  Et cetera.
This is not strictly necessary, however, if you have one or more of these in addition to even decent technical skills:
2. Niche appeal.  A unique style, a favorite character/ship a fraction of the fandom is passionate about, or a skill few other people have acquired (like animation, for instance).
3. Powerful concept.  Not just making pretty doodles, but art with a narrative or a wealth of extra details or thought-provoking features.
4. Wow value.  I think this really only works in combination with a really good concept, but if you can really power through something huge and impressive that other people wouldn’t generally have the dedication for, they tend to sit up and take notice.
5. Prolific creation.  Making a lot of stuff keeps people interested, even if all of it isn’t super-wow-awesome.
6. Being nice to people doesn’t hurt.

This isn’t meant to be a guide to popularity–rather, next time you’re like “why is that person’s art so popular?  I think they suck”, you might consider these points and then try not to obsess over it.  The artist, after all, is just doing what they enjoy.