(just as he's been torturing her emotionally)

I honestly need help understanding something… Spencer giving A the RV to help Toby is the equivalent of Aria harassing her friends to save her creepy fiance?

‘But Spencer kidnapped Malcolm! She has no right to be mad!’

Yup, Spencer took the kid, took him to a carnival, and returned him safety to Aria with hidden clues telling Aria that she was working for A and was the one who took him. She joined to make sure Toby was alive an to also try to get close enough to A possibly find out who it was that was torturing the group.. Sure, she gave away the RV and the others were mad and rightful so, but that is nowhere the same scale as what Aria did.

This bitch harassed her friends, adding fuel to the already most emotionally traumatizing events that have happened to them since the doll house to save her creep fiance from going to jail for something he should have been in jail for in the first place.

It’s definitely not Aria’s fault that Spencer’s parents are getting a divorce, but she did act as the catalyst for it. Spencer just found out the she was a bastard orphan, son of a whore and the bitch next door’s twin sister. That she was conceive out of spite, born in a mental institution, and was never told anything about it or the fact that Veronica had adopted her. Peter and Veronica being together at that moment in time was the only stability she had. She didn’t have to blame all of it in Aria, but she went back to apologise.. And when she did that, she witnessed Aria getting reward by AD for harassing her family and her other friends (i.e. trashing the nursery, causing Emily and Alison even more emotional distress after finding out that they both had been violated on the highest level possible) by getting an alibi for a murder she was present for. I’d say Spencer and the others all have the right to be mad at Aria and give her the cold shoulder.. She literally risked her friends going to jail for life on murder charges so Mr. Creepy Pants didn’t spend what, 3-4 months in jail…

Hell, they handled that shit a lot better than I would have because I would’ve beat her ass…

Seeing You

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

A/N: First Jon Snow imagine, yay!! I’m always open for requests, just ask nicely in my ask box. I’ll write anything about anyone!  

Prompt: The last time you had seen Jon was when he had left to join The Night’s Watch; leaving you and whatever the two of you had behind. Years later, it is your turn to go to the The Wall. After escaping from Ramsay Bolton, both you and Sansa finally see someone from a time where things were happy in The North.  



     Silence fell over the world again as you waited anxiously for the gate in front of you to move. After what felt like a lifetime, the sound of chains clanked together as they worked to open the bars. You exhaled a sigh of relief and tried your best to choke back the sob of happiness that was threatening to come out of you. The idea of safety was something you never thought possible again and the feeling was starting to overwhelm you.

     It had been years since you actually felt safe. You could remember the exact moment when the feeling had gone away. Word had made it back your family that your father, Captain Jory Cassel, had been killed by Jaime Lannister himself at Kings Landing. From that moment on, Winterfell had practically gone up in flames. Eddard Stark had been killed, Theon Greyjoy was a traitor, The King in the North was defeated, and then the Bolton’s had come. 

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I'd have to apologise to whoever the anon was whose post I hijacked and I DEFINITELY did not mean it. I need to learn self control... anyway, if I may jump into the ask thingy... How about a Sherlolly with the title "November Rain"?

Another way past due flash fic response. (I’d tag whclocked but it won’t let me.)

And when your fears subside
And shadows still remain, oh yeah
I know that you can love me
When there’s no one left to blame
So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
Even cold November rain 

(November Rain by Guns N’ Roses)

It had been a month since Sherrinford. A month since his sister had tortured him emotionally, her twisted idea of punishment for the crime of not playing with her when they were children. A month since he’d begun to recover long-lost memories, the horrors of realizing that Redbeard had never been a dog, but had instead been a child. A best friend. The one thing he’d told John he’d never expected to have…and now he knew that he’d actually had two in his life. An overwhelming concept for a man who’d spent so long eschewing emotion.

Yes, it seemed longer, but it had actually only been a  month since he’d been forced to choose between killing his biological brother or the brother he’d found in John Watson. A month since he’d been forced to emotionally torture the one person in his life that he’d never wanted to hurt, ever again. The one who mattered most.

The one who had insisted that it was all fine, that she understood once Sherlock and John separately explained things to her. The one who told Sherlock she forgave him, of course she did.

The one who had refused to allow him to say those three words to her again. “It’s fine, Sherlock,” she’d insisted when he tried to explain that he’d meant them, that he wasn’t just doing it because she’d told him to say it that way. “I understand. We’re friends, like you said. It’s fine.”

Only it wasn’t fine, it would never be fine until she heard him, really heard him and really understood him.

Thus his presence on her doorstep, even though she’d long gone to bed. He hesitated before using his key, hesitated again before shucking his Belstaff and shoes, leaving them in the foyer before making his silent way to Molly’s bedroom.

His bolt-hole. His true home from home.

He opened the door as silently as he could, stiffening at the small creak that it made, then continued into the room when Molly showed no sign of waking. He discarded suit jacket, trousers, and button-up, stripping down to his pants and sliding between the sheets next to her. Curling around her for the first time since his sister had been taken back into custody.

With a sigh she turned in his arms. “What is it, Sherlock? I told you we’re fine…”

He leaned close and kissed her. Softly. On the lips. “I want you to let me say the words, Molly. With no one holding a gun to our heads. With time and perspective, which I believe are the words you used when you wouldn’t let me say them before.”

“It’s only been a month,” she replied softly, but he could hear the hesitation in her voice, and his eyes closed briefly when she reached up to rub her thumb along his zygomatic arch. “That’s not really a lot of time, or a lot of perspective.”

“It is when your mind works so much faster than that of ordinary people,” he countered. “I feel like it’s been a year, not a month. Would a year be enough time, give an ordinary person enough perspective?”

She huffed out a quiet laugh. “Yeah, I guess so.”

He looked at her intently, reading her as best he could in the darkness of a room lit only by moonlight. “If that’s how long you need, I’ll wait,” he said, although everything within him - heart, mind, intellect, emotion - urged him to just say the words and consequences be damned. But it wasn’t just about him, it was about her…and he had the sinking suspicion he’d just insulted her. “I don’t mean you’re ordinary,” he said in a rush. Damn, why couldn’t he just say the right thing to this woman, ever? “You’re not ordinary, Molly Hooper, you never have been and you never will be and I don’t think of you that way, I promise, I didn’t mean to imply…”

She silenced him with a tender kiss. “I know,” she said soothingly. “I know. But I do think I need more time and more perspective. Maybe not a year, but certainly more than a month. Because I do want to say those words again, and I do want to hear them from you…but not quite yet. Can you be patient, Sherlock? Can you wait just a bit longer?”

“For you, Molly, I can wait as long as it takes,” he replied, grateful beyond words that she allowed him to gather her close, that she rested her head on his chest above his wildly beating heart, that she curled her arms around him and held him as tightly as he was holding her. “As long as it takes.”

Then he closed his eyes and, holding the woman he loved in his arms, Sherlock Holmes felt himself falling into the most restful sleep he’d had in years.


I am not a fan of Theon, never have been and never will be. Especially since he murdered two innocent little kids and stabbed Robb in the back.

When he abandoned Yara and dove off the ship I thought three things.

One: What would have happened if he hadn’t? If he had walked toward Yara or made any move to save her she’d have probably been killed or more likely badly hurt and forced to watch as Theon was brutally murdered.

Two: Yara could have saved Theon by dragging him away but chose to run and leave him at Ramsey Bolton’s mercy because of some dogs. Dogs she wouldn’t have been aware of the violent nature of. Now don’t get me wrong, I fully back her choice because anything else would have gotten her captured as well. I’m just pointing out the parallels.

three: He was held captive and physically and emotionally tortured. He was literally mutilated and emotionally broken. He had his identity ripped from him. The dude has some serious PTSD.

In conclusion, hate Theon all you want but don’t hate him for abandoning ship


Warning: Kinda sorta smutty. Only kinda sorta. It’s pretty safe. 

This is based on that picture from that event they attended together on March 21st (I think) at a hotel (wink wink). The one picture out of all of them where his shirt is inexplicably unbuttoned. And the timing of this fic is kind of weird, so just know that the dinner and any other things I mention that aren’t part of them being at this event was simply the previous day/night. Enjoy. :)

“What do you think?” Robert murmured in her ear. “Have we fulfilled our obligation yet?”

Kym glanced around to check that no one was within earshot. “Why do you ask?”

They had been making the rounds. Hugging and kissing and shaking hands with all the people they knew and the people who knew them and the people they were expected to act like they knew even though they didn’t. It was exhausting, but for Robert, there was one upside.

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Karasuno + Kuroo, Oikawa reacting to a girl theyve loved since middle school and they're best friends and stuff gets into an accident and she loses the memories of the boys, leaving them emotionally crippled -Sinner anon

|| Oh Sinner anon, your requests get me to feel bad after torturing the volleybaes like this :’D But anyways, we all need angst in our lives or maybe that’s just me ||

The moment Daichi hears the news, he makes it to the hospital right away. By her side, he stays until she wakes, only to find himself hurt in the process as he embraces her and senses the distress of his companion. “W-who are you?” Such brings the captain into a state as if an arrow had been shot on his chest in a literal sense. He’s hurt, devastated that all their memories together had just been wiped out like sand on a beach shore.

There’s a shatter. As hard as it is to accept, Sugawara tries to keep a strong front in front of his friend in spite of the tears that wanted to escape his eyes as they began to sting in the process. He just couldn’t believe it at all; hands trembling, he clenches them, trying to muster up the courage to stay “You okay?” His voice somewhat falters. “M-mmhm,” She nods. He should feel relieved, yet somehow the pain feels more dominant.

With a heart of glass, things felt all too difficult for Asahi. Speechless. He can’t help but feel frustration for allowing his feelings get the better of him when the main priority should be feeling relieved that she was okay overall. In a way. She panics seeing the tears slip down his face. “A-are you okay?” She panics a bit. He immediately wipes the tears, trying to muster up the best smile he could give at the moment, “Ah, yeah…”

There’s a part of Nishinoya that just wanted to shout at the world right now due to how cruel fate decided to be. He can’t help but just simply hold his childhood friend’s hand as she looks at him with a genuine concerned expression. Seeing such only made things harder for the libero; heart shattering with each moment that passed as his grip on her hand becomes a gentle squeeze.

For someone who usually held a good composure during critical times, Tanaka finds himself unable to manage all too well. He feels the world shatter before him as he sees the look she gives him; she was basically looking at him like he were some stranger. It was basically a real pang on the chest. He just wasn’t sure what to say and how exactly to start things due to the circumstances thrown at him out of nowhere.

A part of Ennoshita was in denial. This only happened in the movies, right? But his mind knew better that things like this were possible. Cases having been reported and everything across records shown. He finds himself praying that this would only be temporary, but such was uncertain. After accommodating her with a few things she needed help with, he exits the room. All he wanted to do now was simply curl up as if defeated.

Kageyama just stares at her for a moment. His face doesn’t hold a scowl, but a look of devastation. Seeing how it seemed to intimidate her caused him to go back to his senses. He bows, “Sorry.” He says simply before acting on impulse and walking briskly out of the hospital room, leaving her in even more of a state of confusion and concern. He slams his hand against the wall he nearly bumps as he lets out a shaky breath.

Usually an optimist, Hinata found it hard to look at a bright side at the moment. When he embraced her out of relief, the words “Who are you?” escaped her lips. He lets go hesitantly, hurt but also trying to understand that it wasn’t her fault she couldn’t recall him one bit. “I’m a friend,” He attempts to say with a small smile. “The name’s Hinata. Hinata Shōyō.” Everything may happen with a reason, but he just couldn’t find why this had to happen to her.

This was why Tsukishima hated being attached to someone. You look up to them, love them, only to feel the distance grow later. And that is exactly what happened to him and his childhood friend, but due to unforeseen circumstances. He’s speechless, unsure and just afraid in totality. Rather than entering her room, he stays out instead. And he finds his world being torn apart once more.

The only question making it in Yamaguchi’s mind was why. Of all people, of all innocent and loving people, it had to be her hurt. And through it all, she’s forgotten. He just couldn’t keep a facade on, not with her looking at him with concern due to his downcast expression. “Is… everything okay?” She inquires, only making him shut his eyes tightly while praying to himself that all this was just a nightmare he’d eventually awaken from. 

At that very moment, Oikawa found himself completely resenting loss. He clenches his fists as he can’t find himself to keep his gain on her without feeling a pierce make it to his chest. His mask cracks. Unable to contain himself, the tears then sting, slip down as he embraces her tightly. His sobs are silent hiccups. All the amnesiac could do was hold the brunet, sensing the immense pain he was feeling emotionally.

Shock is the first thing that makes it Kuroo’s system when she looked at him. Rather than her usual grin, she was confused. “Do I know you…?” She asks. Such only gets him to feel pain all across emotionally. He remains silent at first. Giving a sheepish grin, he rubbed the back of his neck. “Well it’s not like it was a mandatory thing, but yeah you do or well did.” He states. “The name’s Kuroo Tetsurō.”


I wish you understood that I am on your side, folks who left these asks this week. Not on Ezra’s side. Not on Ezra and Aria’s side. YOUR side, as women who are growing up/have grown up in this pervasive rape culture, I am writing for you. Every time I call out Ezra’s actions and beg Pretty Little Liars to do better, it’s for you. It’s for all of us. I wrote this thing in a PLL recap a year ago. I got some pushback from a few friends and editors who said, “You can’t publish this; you’re going to destroy the goodwill you’ve built with the PLL creative team!” But I don’t write ‘cause I want access to actors. I am the lesbian Lorax; I speak for feminism! 

Seriously, I’m on your team. Team you. Team us. Team women.

You guys know me well enough by now to know how very uninterested I am in participating in this oh-so-over-it, self-congratulatory critics culture that only wants to tear down stuff and snark all over everything because so many critics think they’re intellectually and morally superior to whatever art they’re interacting with. Right? You know me well enough to know what I want to do is dig down into a thing and engage with it in a real and compassionate way. So it doesn’t bring me any bit of joy to talk about the thing we have to talk about here, but we do have to talk about it, because from where we’re sitting in season five, it seems very much like Pretty Little Liars has got itself a real rape problem.

When PLL revealed Ezra as A over in Ravenswood last summer, I don’t think I have ever been so shocked by a TV moment in all my life, not because the story itself was jarring, but because I knew there was absolutely no way for the show to successfully back out of that decision. This wasn’t a 17-year-old boy joining Mona’s shenanigans to try to protect his 17-year-old girlfriend. This wasn’t a Toby thing. This was a grown man stalking a group of teenage girls, all of whom had been his students, and one of whom he had an ongoing sexual relationship with. But it actually got worse than that, because it turns out he wasn’t just surveilling them. Later, he revealed that he seduced Aria on purpose, knowing that she was underage and that he was going to be her authority figure. And then he proceeded to secretly video her and her interactions with her friends for years, never intervening even though they were being emotionally and psychologically tortured—while continuing to sleep with her.

The reason I’m talking about that is because PLL has brought rape into the narrative this season from a couple of different angles. Not the shadow-y, no-name fog of sexual exploitation that’s been prevalent from the beginning. This is a much more distinct thing. This season we’ve got Lucas and Mr. DiLaurentis laying down this gut-kicking notion that Ali was probably raped if she was kidnapped, and this vomit-inducing story about Zach trying to fuck Hanna, and this super true-to-life situation about Hanna’s friends victim-blaming her. And if we’re putting a face on sexual assault, if we’re bringing it into focus now, we can’t continue to turn a blind eye to what Ezra did to Aria.

If PLL is going to start a conversation about rape culture, my personal ethos demands that we be real about it.

In the broadest terms, rape culture is the acceptance that the sexual exploitation of women is just an inevitable fact of life. Specifically what it looks like is: Blaming victims of sexual assault for what happened to them (if you hadn’t been drunk/wearing something so slutty/hanging out at this place at that time of day, you wouldn’t have been assaulted); trivializing rape (it was just a bad hook up, you just regret consenting to it, rape jokes); music and stories that perpetuate the idea that women can’t trust their own judgement (“you know you want it”); and narratives that normalize stalking, harassment, and the erasure of female agency.

When pop culture is so saturated with that stuff, rape just starts to feel inevitable.

Now, the way this episode of PLL was written, we are meant to sympathize with Hanna and cringe at the other Liars’ behavior. They’re victim-blaming her, but the show is not victim-blaming her. The show is doing the exact opposite thing. The show is saying, “Hold this girl in your heart because her friends are blaming her and she’s blaming herself for something that was absolutely no-question not her fault. It’s not her job to not get assaulted by a grown man. It’s his job to not assault her.” And obviously that’s correct and obviously the Liars are going to come around to Hanna’s side on this thing.

But you can’t crystalize that story and still keep Ezra in your fuzzy periphery.

In the early days of Aria and Ezra, I kept saying the Aria and Ezra thing was only palatable as long as they kept him is virginal and, frankly, feminine as possible; and as long as he was getting out of an authority position over Aria as fast as he could; and but mostly, only as long as Aria was in complete control of the situation. If she had all the facts and was calling all the shots. She had to have 100 percent agency. And I actually thought the show did a really good job with that. We never saw him trying to convince Aria to do something she didn’t want to do. We never saw him manipulating her in any way. In fact, I spent many seasons berating Byron Montgomery for trying to control Aria’s sexual decisions because, in my mind, Aria was in control of Aria’s sexual decisions. Byron didn’t get to decide what happened to her vagina, and neither did Ezra. She had all of the information she needed to make her own informed judgements, and that’s what she was doing.

That’s what the show told me and that’s what I believed.

And then the show told me a different thing and I had to cognitively realign everything I knew about Aria and Ezra’s relationship. The problem is, the show hasn’t (so far) realigned everything it knows about Aria and Ezra’s relationship. There’s this running thread about “oh, but he loved you” and “he’s too romantic for his own good” and “he took a bullet for us.”

And maybe all three of those things are true, but none of those things negate what we now know, which is that Ezra is a full-on predator. He seduced Aria knowing she was underage. He seduced her knowing that he was going to be her authority figure. He took away her agency. And when she finally had all the facts and made the decision to leave him, he tried to coerce her into acting against her best interests by saying things like: “We’re not doing anything illegal, not the way I see it. And, when Aria tried to protest sleeping with him again: "It felt right, didn’t it?”

Look, I love Ian Harding. I think he’s a real-life hero, I really do. I’m not dogging on him as a human or an actor. I think he’s wonderful, and to be very honest with you, he and his sister (who is an amazing queer lady herself) are the reasons #BooRadleyVanCullen ever found traction in the first place. And I love these writers and producers and showrunners. I think they have done more for the queer community than we’ll ever be able to properly measure or thank them for. And I don’t think anyone at ABC Family is perpetuating these ideas on purpose. And also the story’s not finished; there’s still a long way to go. Who knows what will happen?

It’s not Pretty Little Liars’ job to swoop in and fix our culture’s terrifying rape culture problem, but it is Pretty Little Liars’ job to be cognizant of the message it is sending and the audience to which it is sending it.

According to Time magazine’s recent cover story on the crisis of sexual assault on American college campuses, 1 in 5 women will be the victim of rape or attempted rape while attending university, a statistic that is likely much lower than it should be since the Justice Department says only 12% of rapes are reported to authorities. The Obama Administration is currently investigating 55 major colleges for mishandling sexual assault cases. Last year, CNN mourned the loss of a group of college rapists’ promising football careers, instead of sympathizing with the women they brutally gang-raped. This year, James Madison University decided to ban a group of convicted rapists from campus after they graduate. (After they graduate.)

Sexual assault against college-aged women is a pandemic in this country, and those women are PLL’s target audience.

When I was eight years old I started having a terrible feeling that a male member of my extended family was going to try to do something bad to me. He never touched me but he used to come into the bathroom and leer at me when I was taking a shower and make gross, suggestive comments and gestures. I was afraid to say anything to anybody about it because I thought maybe I was just imagining stuff and I didn’t want to get him into trouble and also I knew he was pretty wealthy and helped my mom and dad out with money stuff sometimes.

I felt really scared about it for a long time and then one afternoon when I was watching ThunderCats, Mr. T came on during a commercial and said that if a grown-up was making me feel weird about my body I should tell someone I trusted right away. Mr T. was my hero. And he said it was OK to talk about it. So I got up and walked right into the kitchen and told my mom what I was feeling. She believed me right away, told me it was exactly the right thing to do to tell her, and once she consulted some other people in my family, she found out that guy had a history of predatory behavior but everyone had always been afraid to talk about it.

I hate when people say something is “just a TV show.” I can’t even count how many times TV has saved my life.

Pretty Little Liars is the super most fun — but it’s also hugely influential in the lives of young women. There are heroes here. Heroes like we have never seen before, and I don’t just mean gay ones. And it matters very much where this show lands in the broader rape culture conversation. Not just with Zach and Hanna, not just with whatever happened with Alison, not just with the sinister shadows and foggy insinuations, but also with Ezra and Aria. Maybe most importantly, even, with Ezra and Aria. They jumped off a cliff with his story and there’s no way to baby step backwards back up that precipice. The only way is forward, in a very different direction.

You have all my love all the time, Ezria shippers, even though it doesn’t feel like that’s true. 

I know that a lot of people who have watched the latest episode are upset/angry at Theon, that he didn’t help Sansa (and I love Sansa the most you all know that!) - but I just want you all to remember that he’s been abused and tortured both physically and emotionally by Ramsay for a long time now, and even though I’m sure he doesn’t want to see Sansa suffer, he doesn’t have the courage to actually do something because he’s afraid of him. He’s completely broken. I think Sansa calling him Theon and trying to reach him will kick in, just give it some time. 

This situation is the worse. But Theon is not to blame, Ramsay is.

For anon


Unlike most people you loved your job. You had a great position, good pay, amazing benefits, the only problem was your new manager. She and you had been co-workers before she got promoted to the managerial position. It wasn’t like her work was better than yours but when you sleep with the boss then it’s not that hard to get the position she got.

She made your life miserable especially when she heard about you dating Leo. She had only recently found out that you had been dating him for around two and half years and for some reason that made her want to torture you even more.

You and her never really got along to begin with but you were never rude to her nor did you ever treat her the way she treats you.

When you got home you didn’t really wanna do anything except sleep. Thanks to your new manager you had been working overtime and your body just couldn’t handle it anymore, physically, emotionally and mentally. Right now all you wanted was for Leo to be home and to hold you in his arms but at the same time you were relieved that he wasn’t here to see you in such a pathetic state.

Since Leo would be coming home late you decided to just take a hot shower and go straight to bed. You managed to carry yourself to the bathroom and climb into the shower, the hot water seemed to relieve you of some stress as you just sighed loudly.

Once you were done you threw on one of Leo’s old and baggy sweatshirts that had kinda become yours now. You loved it because somehow it still had Leo’s scent on even though you wore it more than him. You grabbed your phone and crawled into bed, ready to call in a night until your phone rang.

It was your best friend Sora, she was the only person who knew about how crappy your work life had been lately and she’d call you every now and then to check up on you.

“Hey Sora” you said in a sleepy voice as you put the phone on speaker and kept it next to you, you were just too tired to hold it up.

“Hey~” Sora chimed “you sound like shit! I’m presuming your day wasn’t all that great huh?” You smiled and nodded as if she was there to see.

“Yeah I think today was probably the worst one yet” you said totally defeated.

“Why? What happened?” Sora asked in a concerned voice as you snuggled up under the covers.

“Well umm today I handed in this report I had been working on for weeks for an upcoming project, when I handed it in to her she told me to redo the whole thing because it wasn’t good enough. Then later at the meeting she submitted my report as her own saying she was the one who put in all effort and research. After that she spilt coffee all over my new blouse and-” you got stuck as the tears ran down your cheeks, she had done and said much worse than this.

“Y/n, relax you know all that is just because she’s jealous that you’re better than her” Sora said in an attempt to comfort you.

“Sora she said I was ugly and fat and that I didn’t deserve to have a boyfriend like Leo. I know I’m not perfect but I can’t let this consume me again” you said as your voice shook.

Like most people you had your insecurities and for the longest time they had subsided thanks to Leo. There was a time when you felt you weren’t good enough for him and believe it or not those were some very dark days for you, ones you definitely didn’t want to relieve. However recently those feelings and insecurities started to rise up again.

You didn’t get to see Leo as much nowadays because of both your busy schedules and that wasn’t something that was helping. You can’t remember the last time you went on a date with him or even spent some time together alone. Now you knew Leo was quiet lover, a man of few words if you will but recently you felt like he had become even quieter.

While you were busy in bed, crying about things that you were overthinking, Leo had made his way into your shared apartment. This was the first time in months that’s he’s been able to come home early and he wanted to surprise you. He bought your favorite pastries from this little cafe near the park, a bunch of snacks, movies and even take out.

Since it had been so long he thought maybe you two could have a stay in date. He smiled as he saw that the bedroom light was still on, meaning you were awake, but once he reached the front of the bedroom door his heart almost stopped. You were crying. The love of his life was crying.

“Sora I’m scared” you said with a shaky voice as Leo stood outside and listened intently “what if she’s right? What if I’m not good enough for him and I’m just holding him down? He’s so perfect and I’m…well I’m not. I’m fat and ugly, not sexy at all and I just don’t think I’m good enough for him” that was it, Leo’s heart just broke as fear kicked. Fear of you becoming what you were in the past, fear of losing you.

Leo never admitted it but when you were dealing with your insecurities in the past he was dead afraid of losing you. He was afraid he’d come home and find you gone or worse.

“Y/n you’re being ridiculous. Do you really think that Leo would still be with you if he didn’t love you? It’s been two and a half years, you have to give the guy some credit y/n, he’s not some shallow person who only loves what’s on the outside” Sora said as Leo resisted the urge to just barge into the room “I want you to forget about that woman at work and whatever it is that she’s said to you because she’s wrong and you’re letting her hollow words get to you” you knew Sora was right but telling some to just get over their insecurities is like expecting a three month year old baby to run.

“Yeah I know, I’m pretty tired Sora so I think I’m just gonna go to sleep now ok” you said in a somewhat raspy voice as she wished you good night before you both cut the phone.

The minute you cut the call your tears poured down heavier and your whimpers grew louder, you felt so alone and afraid.

Your tears stopped for a second as you felt a dip in the bed and an arm wrapped securely around your waist. You knew it was him from his touch and scent alone, it gave you a feeling of warmth and comfort, a feeling no one else but Leo could give you.

“T-Taek?” You asked as he only pulled you closer to him.

“I’m here ok, I’m always here” Leo said as you covered your mouth with your hand in an attempt to hold back your whimpers.

For a while Leo just held you, there was pin drop silence and it was oddly comforting. You found that your eyes had dried up and you sniffed your running nose. You turned around in Leo’s arms as you finally came face to face with him. As soon as he saw you he brought his hand up your face and gently caressed your cheek.

“You know you can act pretty dumb sometimes for someone who’s so smart” Leo said as a faint smile appeared on your face before you playfully hit his chest “y/n what’s going on? Is work difficult? Please talk to me. Seeing you like this breaks my heart and I get scared that something might happen to you when I’m not around” hearing his words made your eyes swell up with tears again.

“I just-I-feel like I’m a failure” you said as Leo just looked and listened to you “not only that, I’m fat and ugly and my work is never good enough no matter how hard I try and-” your mumbling was silenced as Leo gently pressed his lips against yours.

“You’re not a fat” Leo said as he kissed your forehead “you’re not a failure” then he kissed your nose “and you are definitely not ugly” and finally he placed another kiss on your lips “I know I don’t say this much but I love you and to me you’re perfect no matter what” you smiled as he wiped the tears away from your eyes.

He made you tell him about your manager and everything that had been going on work, which you obviously did considering he didn’t give you any other choice. You somehow managed to talk yourself to sleep which of course put this massive grin on Leo’s face as he tucked a strand of loose hair behind you ear.

He snuggled you closer to him and kissed your forehead before he too feel asleep in the warmth and comfort of having you in his arms.


You woke up the next morning to find yourself still cuddled up in Leo’s arms, instantly putting a smile on your face. You gently pecked his lips before carefully removing yourself from his hold and running to the bathroom. You took a quick shower before slipping on your work clothes, you decided to wear a grey pencil skirt and a black button down blouse, you were gonna avoid wearing light colours to office from now on.

As you were packing your purse you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist, Leo nuzzled his face into your neck as you placed your hands on top of his.

“Good morning” you said as he just mumbled something against your neck.

“You look really beautiful” Leo said in that kitty like voice of his which was still a little raspy with sleep. You were still feeling a little down from last night but you weren’t going to tell him that, you knew if he found out he wouldn’t let you go to work and you really needed to go to work.

“Thank you but Taek I gotta go, I have a meeting today and I can’t be late” you said as you untangled yourself from his arms “I made breakfast for you, it’s in the micro, I love you and I’ll see you later ok” you pecked his lips as you ran out the apartment leaving Leo behind with his thoughts.


You got to work rather early and went straight to your office, as mentioned before you did have a good position. You were shocked to find that your desk, which was clean last night when you left, was now covered in papers and files.

“Oh y/n, you’re here early” said one of your junior co-workers who was also a very good friend of yours.

“Yeah I thought I’d come in early and get some stuff done before the meeting” you said as you placed you coat and purse on your desk chair “Umm by that way, what’s all this?” You asked as you placed your hands on your hips.

“Well umm the manager called me last night and said that I needed to be early in the morning to pull out these files for you to look at” he said and you knew exactly what she was up to. This was unnecessary work, these files had already been sorted and put away.

You didn’t say anything more to him as you sat down at your desk and began going through the files. A little while later your office door flung open, she had absolutely no manners.

“Y/n! I see you’re still not done with files I sent you this morning” she said as she lurked around your office “well it figures for someone who’s work is below the average requirement, by the way I never asked how is your famous "boyfriend” doing? Because obviously somebody like him would be dating the likes of you" you just sat there and took it all, you knew if you said anything she’d fire you.

Suddenly there was a knock on your office door and as a man with a bouquet of your favorite flowers walked in.

“Are you miss y/n?” The man asked as you nodded “alright guys bring ‘em in” without another word your office was flooded with bouquets of flowers of all kinds. Finally the man handed you a card before leaving.

“I’m waiting outside your office” you read, you simply got up and walked out of your office to where all the cubicles were and there you found a very embarrassed Leo “Taek what’re you doing here?” You asked as you walked up to him. You could feel everyones eyes on the two of you, especially your manager.

“I’m just showing off to everyone that you’re my girlfriend and you know I don’t usually do stuff like this so I’m kinda stuck on what to do now” Leo said as you giggled and held his hand.

“Sorry everyone, umm this is my boyfriend Jung Taekwoon or more commonly known as Leo” you said as everyone in the office just looked at you two with awe. You dragged Leo to your office and passed by your manager. He stopped you for a moment and walked up to her which kinda startled her actually.

“You’re y/n’s manager right?” Leo asked as she nodded “I don’t know if you know this or not but my cousin is actually your boss’ boss, I hope you understand what I’m trying to say” you looked at him a little confused as he walked over to you and left your manager standing there completely speechless.

“What did you say to her?” You asked as you and Leo walked into your office. He just shrugged his shoulders before pressing his lips against yours.

You still don’t know what Leo did or said that day but after that your manager never ill treated you again.

Dear Scott Gimple,

Surely you won’t let your favourite character, Carol (you know the one you’ve been emotionally torturing all this time), finish her life story on TWD, with a man like Ed as her last memory of ROMANTIC LOVE
He can’t be the last ‘man’ to touch her like that! 

He. Just. Cant. 

After all the LOVE she lost and all the LOVE she gave away so freely, please tell me you have a plan to give some of that back to HER too. 

I mean, she started off the series with a horrifying example of LOVE gone wrong BUT she doesn’t have to end her journey with Ed’s stamp on her heart. 

She is worth way more than that and you know it. 
Daryl knows it too (just saying…), and I am sure he’d volunteer to show her how she truly deserves to be LOVED. 

You say you LOVE Carol and I am thinking that this is a perfectly reasonable way to prove it! 

Just do your best - we are counting on you! 

Love XOXO 

Sanja & CARYL/CAROL Fans

I know we all want a moment in which Bellamy makes Clarke realise that love is not a weakness but what if we get the opposite? What if Bellamy is so broken physically and emotionally after his torture tha he goes back to the way he was in the first episodes only even worse? What if Clarke sending him there without caring and all he’s been through change him? Making him agree with her “You were right Clarke love is weakness. Thanks for reminding me.” and just shuts off everyone even Octavia and still helps his people but is distant, ruthless and cold. What if Clarke is the one that has to wake up first in order to remind BOTH OF THEM THAT LOVE IS STRENGHT.

I only have a handful of OTPs, but I will go down with Olicity.

You’ve got two people who are SO different. They’re both strong, but in different ways. They’re both incredibly good at what they do. And yet one is SO fragile. Oliver isn’t just scarred physically, he’s been emotionally tortured and his reaction to that is to shut down, not make himself available to anyone, not let people get close. But Felicity has. Her refusal to let Oliver fold in on himself. Her insistence that he’s GOOD no matter what he thinks about himself. The fact that she expects the best out of him even when that’s not what he intends to give. All of that has made him a better man. She’s been one of the major catalysts for him going from a vigilante to a hero. She always believed he had the ability even if he never acted on it. She also treated him like a human. Not like Oliver Queen, playboy and millionaire, but like Oliver who she knows she’s smarter than and HE knows she’s smarter than and who is unimpressed by any persona he puts on EXCEPT himself. She’s one of the few people who never wanted anything from Oliver and cares about him for no other reason than that she just likes him.

And then there’s Oliver’s reaction to Felicity. The fact that he visibly relaxes around her. The fact that he’s always trying so hard to read her emotions in a way he doesn’t pay attention to in other people. The fact that she makes him be honest with himself. The fact that she’s not a fighter, but he’s more than once expected her to pull her weight in dangerous situations because he knows she’s brave and smart and has her own skill set. The fact that in spite of him knowing that and knowing she needs to help him, there’s always an edge of panic to him when she’s in harm’s way. A large part of Oliver wants to live up to what Felicity believes is possible for him. The belief that he’s not a waste, not a screw up, not a killer.

Then there’s the acting part. The part that the writers didn’t have much control over and it happened anyway. They didn’t write Amell’s eyes always softening around Felicity. Or how casually gentle he is with her. Or the sheer panicky ruthlessness he dispatches Vertigo with after BEGGING for her. That was the defining moment of the ship for me. This lethal, powerful man, who we know could have cleaned the floor with Vertigo the minute he walked into the room, yet he doesn’t because Felicity doesn’t want him to kill any more. And he begs for her. And when he realizes that isn’t going to work, he’s willing to take three steps back on his own growth as a man and kills Vertigo without blinking. Not just kills…OVER KILLS. One arrow was enough. You generally only see him use one. Yet here he shoots him in the heart three times and looks like he’d keep going if Vertigo hadn’t fallen out the window. He’s shot and bleeding everywhere and all he cares about is Felicity.

You don’t understand how invested I am in this ship.

Possibly an unpopular opinion

But I would actually prefer that Fitz forget Jemma rather than forget how to be an engineer. I mean, I’m sure that both happening simultaneously is completely possible. And it’s not that I actually want him to forget Jemma.

I just saying that if given the choice, I think that forgetting Jemma is the lesser of the two evils. Because his talent as an engineer is what’s defined Fitz his whole life, way before he met Jemma. He could always get to know Jemma and love her all over again. (Though of course it still wouldn’t be the same kind of relationship as the one they’d been building for years.) And I just feel like if he lost his (let’s call it) talent, everything else would fall apart around him. It would affect his relationship with the team, with Jemma. A lot of Fitz’s self-worth and self-esteem is drawn from his genius. He takes pride in that more than anything. And seeing him lose himself like that would tear me apart much more than forgetting Jemma would.


CARYL After "Coda" - 'I'm Still Here'

Team Prison launched a rescue plan to get two very important people back into whatever semblance of safety they give one another when they are all together and the plan that was ultimately chosen, while merciful in nature carried a strong sense of uncertainty and danger from the get go. However it should be noted that the entire operation was one formulated to preserve life on both sides of the standoff and one that ultimately made Carol and Beth’s safety a priority and end game.

Daryl Dixon surprised everybody when he opted to back Tyreese’s “bartering” idea over Ricks outright violent approach to the situation but we now know that the reason behind that was Daryl’s realization of just how much he stood to lose if tragedy struck.

At the end of “Consumed” Daryl witnessed Carol being taken away from him yet again and as he heads back to the church for reinforcements, we saw his expression becoming more resolute and more determined to do whatever it takes to get Beth and Carol back again.
Daryl’s legacy has chiseled his mindset into one of never giving up, never leaving a man behind and never faltering in his resolution to keep those he cares about close to him.
He searched against hope for Sophia even after everyone gave up that she could be found and he was more than willing to search for and rescue Glenn, Maggie and Andrea from Woodberry.

The guilt he carries about not finding Sophia in time continues to haunt him even 3 seasons later but after having been reunited with everybody again, the hope that people can still be found and saved had reawakened and bolstered his spirit enough to ensure that he fully commit to the best plan they could muster.

Carol had told him that she wasn’t sure if people can be saved anymore and one can reasonably assume that with her taken, that thought is one of the things weighing on his mind as they are figuring out a plan of action.

Daryl would want to prove Carol wrong and just as he had been determined to fight to bring her back emotionally after Terminus, her physical safety was but a mere extension of that resolution.

In a way this was a test for the small glimmer of hope he had been nurturing ever since against all odds she came back from the dead and fell right into his arms just a few days ago. If anybody could coax Carol back, away from the torturous ordeals she survived in the wilderness, it would be Daryl and in his mind bringing her home was one way to do just that.

Unfortunately for the group, the plan crafted for safety turned disastrous inside Grady Memorial Hospital and Beth made a move, thinking she was saving Noah and the rest, that ultimately cost her, her life.
Beth stabbed Dawn - Dawn shot Beth and Daryl shot Dawn.

The tragedy of it all, aside from losing Beth, was that it didn’t have to happen the way it did. The exchange had taken place and in fact both Carol and Beth were safe on the other side and just as things looked like for once Team Prison would get a happy ending, everything fell apart.

The episode ended with “heartbreak” and despair as Daryl presented Maggie with Beth’s dead body. A young life was snuffed out needlessly and chances are her loss will have a huge impact on the entire group in the second half of Season 5 as they all come to terms with what happened and why.

The conclusion of the first half of this season seems a bit anticlimactic for Carylers if only because the progression of CARYL started out strong and continued to progress even stronger in the first 6 episodes BUT there are some very BIG positives we can take away from all the time Carol and Daryl spent together so far and that includes the brief moments in this episode as well.
The dramatic death obviously overshadowed everything else in “Coda” as it should but ultimately the events during the “hostage exchange”, Beth’s demise and the groups reaction to it, that spells out some CARYL hope as we go forward.

The important thing to keep in mind before we proceed with further discussion is that the very essence of CARYL has always been unconditional support, unconditional acceptance and unconditional understanding, on both ends.

The bond Carol and Daryl have repeats the same push-and-pull, yin-yang kind of dynamic, where they both take turns being there for one another, offering support and love regardless of what they might be facing at the time.

It’s this back-and-forth mentality that had Daryl stepping up to the plate to keep an eye on Carol and in his own way make her feel cared for and understood.

As she crumbled under the haunting burden of the residual effects of The Grove and the banishment, it was Daryl that held a silent vigil over her without pressuring her or asking for explanations until she was ready to give them.

He constantly reminded Carol about the fact that they can “start over” with each other and he desperately wanted her to see that no matter what she might believe not everything good about them gets “consumed” by this world and that he knows who she really is on a very deep level no matter how much she tried to isolate or hide.

Just as he was starting to break through and they started to reconnect, TWD put a stop to their happiness and Carol was once again “gone” and Daryl was forced to helplessly watch as she disappeared.

Daryl and Beth bonded together after the prison fell and she was indeed kidnapped and taken practically right under his nose so aside from the fact that his personality dictates for him to be relentless about finding her, he would also feel great responsibility and guilt over her being “gone” under his care.
As soon as he had a lead to follow Daryl naturally went after it.
Beth meant a lot to him and the group as a whole, which was rather obvious judging by everyone’s reaction to her death but her loss resonated most with Daryl and Carol because this could be viewed on their parts as more of a personal failure since they were the ones with unique relationships with her.
To Daryl, Beth represented hope and faith that there are good things still left in this world and seeing how her death was very up-close-and-personal for him the devastation on his face was not just expected but pronounced even further as he was the one that shot Dawn after Beth fell.

This is also a moment where Carol steps forward towards him.

Mere minutes before this took place Carol was in a wheelchair, visibly wincing with pain from her injuries, after having been unconscious for an extended period of time BUT despite all that and despite the pandemonium that erupted, Carol managed to get herself up, walk up to Daryl as he has his gun raised, having taken the shot, and deliberately try to pull him back away from the epicentre of death.

The look on her face is one of sheer devastation, matching Daryl’s expression as well AND just like that once again we see the reversal of the CARYL roles in action AND it is now Carol’s turn to be there for Daryl who will undoubtedly be lost in the feelings of failure and grief in the near future.

The tragedy and how they deal with it will give Carol and Daryl an opportunity to meet on the same playing field for the very first time - he lost Beth while Carol lost Lizzie and Mika AND it is this shared common pain that will unite them in their grief and the healing process, which they will be dealing with together and at the same time.

There is a reason why their fate wasn’t revealed just yet and why Daryl hadn’t pushed the conversation about them further, even when Carol herself brought them up. That emotional mine field was left untouched and I expect it will most definitely be related to how they end up healing from the raw wounds of Beth’s death.

Navigating through feelings of failure and guilt is a very profound painful journey that will undoubtedly test their emotional boundaries and limits, meaning that there is most likely a lot of angst coming for the group as they try putting the pieces back together again and coming to terms with the consequences of what had happened to all of them. Daryl and Carol in particular will be tested and their own relationship might change as they are brought closer together through the experience.

CARYL tension will be unavoidable but as Carylers already know - angst between Carol and Daryl always results in progress, growth and moving forward, which basically means we welcome the circumstances of it with open arms.

The first half of Season 5 and especially “Consumed” was used to establish the mutuality of Carol and Daryl’s relationship and show that Daryl was both willing and capable of being Carol’s emotional touchstone in the midst of turmoil.

The little moments they shared were all meant to fortify their connection and remind the audience of just how close these two characters are and just what the basis of their relationship really is. The storyline parallels were set up to point out that Carol was there for Daryl before and that Daryl was now returning the favour to Carol because at this point in their journey it was him that was more emotionally and mentally equipped to support and watch out for her well being.

After “Coda” I imagine we will see them going back to the yin-yang duality of their bond as they meet halfway and acknowledge the full extent of what they’ve been through.
They just might be on equal playing grounds at this point in their mentality and thereby their relationship has much better chances of progressing further into a different category of human connection.

Facing mortality with someone as young and hopeful as Beth may be the thing they all need to finally accept the notion that time is of the essence and that waiting around to act or to love someone is not just unrealistic but also foolish to put off.

The last words Carol said to Daryl were “I’m still here” and seeing how TWD is a huge fan of foreshadowing I can’t help but think of the promise that statement holds for CARYL…
After everything Daryl has lost and squandered away - Carol was the one “still here”, the one still “trying” and the one person he simply can’t to lose…

The hiatus and the upcoming weeks will bring more press and attention focusing on “Coda” and while I can understand the frustration and doubt creeping into everyone’s mind, stemming from the preview and the lack of more CARYL in the MSF, I want to simply remind my fellow Carylers that everything that happens on screen happens for a reason.
There is a reason why it was Carol to approach Daryl when he shot Dawn and there is certainly a reason why a huge storyline like the aftermath of Lizzie & Mika hasnt still been cleared up, especially when it comes to Daryl and Carol.

The evidence leads me to believe that the reason just might be that Carol and Daryl’s shared pain over losing people will be the key factor in their mutual healing and their pulling together even more.
Simply put - they will need each other more than ever before as they push through this emotional hurdle in their way and re-invent themselves once again as survivors and as a family.

The biggest and most important thing we can take away from “Coda” is that both Daryl and Carol came out of it ALIVE!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come



Possible spoilers for the special and a rant

I’m so incredibly aggravated right now. My favorite character in the entire universe, Clara Oswald, was verbally abused, emotionally abused, tormented, tortured, electrocuted, mocked, teased, disrespected, ignored and lied to all throughout the fucking Christmas Special. I went into this episode ready to cry and say goodbye to my Doctor, because he was my favorite and I had been preparing myself for this episode since the announcement of Matt’s departure came out. I’m a little sad but mostly I’m just angry that they would completely trash a character as amazing and wonderful as Clara Oswald. He lied to her after he said he wouldn’t and abandoned her ON CHRISTMAS. He blatantly said that River Song was the reason he was alive while Clara sat there, as if jumping into his time stream didn’t do anything to help him at all. And then after being electrocuted he kisses the woman that electrocuted her in front of her and the look on her face just broke my heart. And he keeps leaving her after she begs him not to. Clara Oswald is a very strong person who has been through a lot and she rarely needs anyone but she needed him, she needed to be comforted and he kept leaving her and not helping her. AFTER ALL SHE DID FOR HIM. I’m so fucking irritated. And then, Amy Pond, who is one of my favorite characters, and its amazing that she was the first and last face he saw, but they completely pushed Clara to the side, and acted like she wasn’t important. She dealt with all his shit, with him leaving her, and her dying for him, she dealt with it all alone. I want to shoot someone. I’m not even sad about Matt leaving. I’m sad because of how upset Clara was throughout the episode, the looks on her face broke my heart. And she was disregarded. I’m sorry. Fuck this episode and fuck this show. I’m only in this for Jenna, anymore. I don’t care. 

We all know how guilty Daryl must feel about Beth getting taken.  He surely blames only himself, not her, not the walkers, not the people who took her.  He’s shouldering all that guilt because he thinks he deserves it.  Imagine how much worse it will be if he thinks she’s dead?  5B is going to be emotionally torturous for him (and so hard for us to watch).  But then when he sees her alive again, we will visibly be able to see the guilt leaving his body. Not all of it, but most of it, because he’s still going to feel some over what she’s gone through to get back to him.  I cannot wait.

Throughout “Home,” Daryl never wanted to leave the prison; he simply wanted to be with his brother more than he wanted to be without him. After thinking that Merle was dead or ambiguously ‘gone’ for nearly a year and to suddenly have his brother back in his life, how dare anybody give Daryl the ultimatum of “him or us”? But Daryl didn’t damn Rick and the others or feel apathy toward the brewing shitstorm in their backyard; on the contrary, I think he regretted leaving them the second they were out of sight.

From what we had been shown up to this point, Daryl had not been away from the group for more than 24 hours at a time since leaving the Atlanta camp. Rick, Glenn, Carl, Carol: he had spent virtually every day and night in their presence since he had been separated from Merle. Now the same raging sociopath who had tortured Maggie and Glenn and forced Daryl and Merle to fight each other like animals had his remaining eye locked on the prison, on Daryl’s home, on Daryl’s family.

And Merle was already declaring that they were dead. Daryl was fidgety during the entire conversation, messing with the crossbow and letting his gaze wander around their perimeter, never really looking at anything and particularly not at Merle for the entirety of the dialogue. After Daryl’s passive pining for the prison—talking about shelter, food, amenities with his voice while his face was screaming about his people, their safety, their camaraderie—Merle directly tried to stamp out those embers by insisting that the Governor had likely already made his move and killed everyone in the group. This was likely a means for Merle to sever his brother’s lingering emotional ties to those strangers who had left him on the roof and cast himself as not necessarily the best option but rather as the only option. If they were all dead, there was nothing else to distract Daryl.

But it wasn’t just Officer Friendly and that Asian Kid with his pretty little girlfriend whom Daryl felt that loyalty toward. It was the boy who had shot his mother in the head, the infant who had a dead mother and an emotionally bankrupt father for parents, an old man with just one leg, a teenaged girl who could barely hold her own, and a woman who had just clawed her way back into the land of the living…and he’d left them. He’d left her. They weren’t helpless; they were road tested and knew how to survive, but they were more vulnerable against an armed militia without him.

If they were dead, if they had been slaughtered and tortured slow and painful, while he was out in the woods arguing with his brother about fishing and mosquitos, how could he ever forgive himself for that? He had been genuine when he told Glenn that Carol would understand why he left, but to what extent would she? If the Governor had gone to the prison and done those unspeakable things, would her last thoughts have been of understanding?

Hell, when he’d found Carol in the tombs she couldn’t even walk, and she was just back on her feet when he left with Rick, Oscar, and Michonne. She was scrappy, but she wasn’t immortal. Glenn was bad off. Hershel couldn’t run. Carl and Judith were just kids. Rick wasn’t firing on all cylinders. The Last Samurai would likely bolt at the first opportunity.

Their blood would be on his hands, and once it was there, it could never be washed clean. And if the past twenty four hours had been any indication, their deaths wouldn’t be as merciful as a bullet in the brain or a knife in the chest. Maggie had been wearing Glenn’s shirt when they found them.

And there was the first moment in this episode where we see the toll of this decision weighing on Daryl. It only got heavier and heavier throughout the episode.