day 1 |  back to school challenge🎶winner - island

next semester is going to be my first year in university, so i’m super excited!! to stay focused this semester, here is my list of goals for fall 2017. (this is me talking to myself, so it’s gonna be in 2nd person)

goals for: school

  • make a study schedule
    • use google calendar to build a schedule w enough study time allotted to each class, as well as imp assignments and tests
  • and stick to it! 
    • build self-discipline!
    • 5-minute rule: if you don’t want to do it, just do it for 5 minutes. just 5
    • no zero days. a day shouldn’t go by, that you did nothing for your dreams and aspirations
    • there’s no way around the hard work! if you wanna graduate early, buckle up and get to work
  • obliterate procrastination!
    • set early deadlines, and convince yourself they’re as imp as the real deadlines
    • when you don’t feel like it, remember the snowball effect. leave it now, and it will become a bigger problem later
    • tell your friends that you’re gonna do something, and you’re for sure gonna have it done by a certain time
    • block tumblr and youtube. forreal
  • classes & academics
    • learn who sits beside you and make friends with them
    • read the entire syllabus!! 
    • join at least two student groups
    • practice making small talk. they’re midwest people, they’re gonna be nice, they won’t bite, don’t worry,
    • participate in class! answer questions! make sure the prof/ta knows you! 
    • talk to the prof/ta if you’re struggling. don’t try to do it all alone all the time

goals for: self

  • mental health
    • don’t be too hard on yourself
    • follow advice from people who have gone thru uni w/ mental health issues 
    • build self-confidence in yourself
    • stop apologizing. you are enough
    • go to counseling/therapy when it gets bad, there’s counseling that won’t cost you
    • explain to friends / tell them i’m not ignoring them, just, my brain is kinda not working well sometimes
  • daily routines
    • fix your sleep schedule. please. go to sleep: 10-11. wake up: 5-6
    • set up a schedule for skincare routine and stick to it. get some better moisturizer asap and stick! to! the! routine!
    • make a fitness schedule as well. aim for a certain amount of physical time per day, and neck/arm/back excercises for everyday
    • diet: increase fruit/veg intake slowly; one fruit/veg/smoothie a day. drink water when you want sugar

even tho this post turned out super long and specific, feel free to use any of these if you would like!!


A list of some of the hardships SNSD have gone and made through:

I know the present situation may feel really discouraging to new SONEs but the truth is that SNSD has made it through worse, and still came out on top. So here’s a list of things you should know/be reminded of:

  • Before their debut, SNSD was a surprise act on School of Rock. The first stage they did was a dance act, and although they received positive reviews from the students who watched them, everyone thought they were just a dance act. So SNSD went back to the producers of School of Rock, and asked them for a second chance to perform their own song (ITNW) at the show. They were granted that wish, but had only 3 days to practice. At the show, the PDs asked the crowd - an all girls school - to not cheer for them so it would build up their strenght as a group. They called the girls back to stage to explain the situation and they finally let the crowd show their enthusiasm - they LOVED them. Remember, they hadn’t even debuted here.  (you can watch Girls Go To School for more details);
  • In 2008, at Dream Concert, they went through what everyone knows today as the infamous Black Ocean. Fans of other groups turned off their lightsticks and shouted Wonder Girls’ name while they were performing for 10 minutes straight;
  • Again, 2008, during an SMTOWN concert, out of pure jealously that the girls had done commercials with members from tvxq and super junior and also gone on broadcasts with them, the fans of those groups held up their lightsticks to form an X, expressing that the girls were not welcome;
  • In 2009, Mnet didn’t nominate SNSD for their music show until the very few last weeks, where SNSD won 9 consecutive times;
  • Fast forward to 9/30, 2014, the biggest reason for the fandom to be so divided. This is a situation that could’ve easily ended SNSD as we know them since we never got a clarification of what happened nor why Jessica was forced to leave and it all only remains as speculation from the public’s pov. SNSD are very known for their strong bond and this made a lot of people doubt how genuine their feelings towards each other actually are. It’s true, part of it is business, but it’s also true that a girl group achieving 10 years together also involves sacrifice, and sacrifice always comes from a place of love. Everyone who was there during this time was deeply hurt and no one really knew what could be done. The girls had just announced their concert at Tokyo Dome, a venue where artists can only perform through invite, and with this situation they had to do that as 8 instead of 9. But they managed to overcome the situation and show that even if they had to part ways with one member, being Girls’ Generation is truly what they wanted to keep doing, and keep on doing, while achieving their own personal dreams;

This not to mention everything the girls have endured individually, otherwise this list would be very, very long.

To balance things out, here’s a list of some of the biggest achievements SNSD have gotten throughout the years, with SONEs help:

  • They were the FIRST girl group to get a Daesang, an award that was until then completely reserved to boy groups;
  • They’re the only girl group listed 5 times on a top 10 of the girl groups (western groups included) that have made the most money on their tours - that’s half the list!;
  • They were the first korean girl group to achieve double platinum in Japan!;
  • They sold out their concert at Tokyo Dome with 55k seats, Kara had previously sold out theirs in 2012 with 45k seats;
  • 10 years into their career, SNSD managed to beat their own 1st week record sale in a matter of 4 days. May not sound like a big deal, but after a 2 year hiatus, and considering that it had been 6 years since they had set that record, this is an amazing accomplishment where SONEs have once again lifted our girls up. You made this happen.

I know how discouraging the present situation feels, I know they deserve better, SONEs deserved better after 2 years of waiting, and SM decided to screw both sides like this. but this is not the time to put down our arms, this is the time to let SM know that SNSD continue to be love and appreciated, the fact that the girls aren’t promoting doesn’t mean that they won’t be nominated for music shows since Taeyeon didn’t really promote Rain and that still won a few first places, so we can’t give up on the girls. It’s in times like this that the girls need us most, and the fandom needs to be united. As the girls have showed us plenty of times before, they will keep on delivering good content together if they have the opportunity. I know this feels really unfair, and having everything in consideration I know we should’ve gotten more, but the girls’ aren’t at fault and we can’t blame them for this as it’s clear that this was not their decision. 

Organising small projects to let the girls know we want them back (like doing a comment project to post on their instagram), get them trending on twitter, melon, naver, daum, and making sure their songs stay on the charts (through streaming), are just some of the few things we can do. The girls truly appreciate us as they have shown many times before, they will fight to deliver more content, but we also have to fight for them in a industry that seems to forget how many doors have been opened thanks to them. So let’s keep fighting SONE!