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I love how Supernatural is that never ending cycle of ‘hey look, it’s getting better again, the plot is getting interesting again, characterization on point, wow we had some really decent episodes in a row recently oh boy’ until *POOF* there is always that one (1) Buckleming episode like:


This is a character design I did for the terrible protagonist of a Super Smash Bros story I co-wrote with @plasterbrain last year called Sweaty Angle. We were making fun of bad reader-insert fanfictions, so each chapter was “READER x [INSERT FIGHTER]”. 

The game went as follows: Plaster and I would alternate writing each chapter and every chapter was for a different character on the Smash Bros Roster. The terrible flirty protagonist, Nick Name, would have to hit on a different character every chapter all while keeping some kind of consistent ongoing story. It started as a joke but we got really into some of the characterizations we came up with for the Smash cast (especially Ike, Lucina, and Little Mac). In the end it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever been involved with and we wrote about 120 pages of the stupid thing.

You can read it here!

It was kind of fun to design Nick because first I had to imagine the game she originally came from (A Japanese-Only NES title called IN THE NAME OF LOVE!) and what it would be like. The only descriptor was that Name had to go around and “prevent heartbreak” by attacking weird little demons, so there wasn’t a ton to work with. I imagine the game took place on some island like Doki Doki island or something, so I figured she’d have island garb and I went with an iridescent color scheme like you see inside seashells sometimes. Going on from that the Smash team likes redesigning NES characters with a million fucking bangles and baubles over them so I gave her some meaningless bracelets.

I think she turned out really cute! Name is actually a horrible person and a totally garbage human who sucks at flirting and everything else, so in a way making her cute was kind of a failure, haha.


Jackdaw @ me

Oliver Lutro  @lvtro

So uh it occurred to me that I never got to thank you for organizing ocwatch week so uh take this thing

Jackdaw and Oliver are pretty much the polar opposites of each other so she’d most definitely dislike him but Oliver also seems like the kind of guy who would unironically think the updog joke is the best thing ever

I’m seeing so much negativity in the tag for Loss, and part of me feels sad that others didn’t enjoy it and the rest is just baffled because lbr it could’ve been the worst movie ever and Jyou pulling the stunts he did would’ve still made it awesome.


a continuation, of sorts, of this

anyway my friend @lady-kima-of-vord suggested this is how Marj and Azura would meet in the Heroes world and I had to do it. I’m gonna go under the assumption that their story hasn’t happened yet (ignoring dragon f!corrin, but whatever)

one day I will summon f!Corrin to match my Azura. Maybe. if my luck ever turns gold again

ravenclaw x slytherin

Can you do a female Ravenclaw x male Slytherin? Thankssssss

Hi yeah of course xx Ravenclaw x slytherin relationships would include:

  • slytherin would totally adore ravenclaw
  • and he’d be staring at her with this goofy smile on his face as she studies or plays wizard chess or whatever
  • and the minute she looks over at him, he turns away with a serious face, barely making eye contact
  • ravenclaw muggle born teaching slytherin how to Skype for school holidays
  • skyping for hours at a time
  • accidentally falling asleep whilst skyping
  • other Slytherins telling ravenclaw how he wont shut up about her
  • other Ravenclaws and Slytherins kinda annoyed by the relationship
  • not because theyre from different houses or muggle/pure blood
  • just because ravenclaw keeps forgetting about quidditch practice and slytherin can’t remember when he has prefect duties
  • smiling into kisses
  • ok but puns and inside jokes
  • so so so so many inside jokes
  • ravenclaw keeps making really bad puns and slytherin thinks theyre terrible but also can’t stop from smiling
  • tickling ravenclaw when shes trying to be mad at him
  • slytherin leaning against the wall with one shoulder and ravenclaw loving it
  • its one of her tiny little turn ons
  • she thinks he looks really hot when he does it
  • slytherin constantly plays with his hair
  • and he subconsciously does it whenever he sees her at the end of the hall or coming out of a classroom because she makes him nervous
  • wizard chess tournaments
  • ravenclaw who’s really strategic
  • but slytherin has been playing since he was a kid
  • cOMPetIONs aLL daY
  • stealing food from the other’s plate
  • and ravenclaw screaming about it because ITS MINE YOU BITCH GIVE IT BACK
  • and slytherin smugly placing the food in his mouth
  • looks like you’re gonna have to kiss me for it now
  • accidentally leaving their things at each other’s dorms because they study together all the time
  • holding each others possessions hostage to get the other to do something for them
  • ravenclaw would always say something like if you want it you have to dance like a monkey in the common room
  • whereas slytherin would be like you have to kiss me
  • in a group of friends when someone says something about love, ravenclaw stares right at slytherin and with a straight face says just like me and my books
  • slytherin laughs because shes so cute but is kinda self conscious about how much he likes her because he loves this fucking girl who just said that she was in a serious relationship with her books

and just so many ravenclaw x slytherin feels??????

I wanna do another one I love this ship :))) hope you liked it xx

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Y, S and D for Terushima and Tendou, please..!! ❤

Tendou Satori:

Y (Yearning)- His libido is a bit above average. Sex isn’t on his mind 24/7, but once he starts thinking about it, it is. Although, he makes a ton of dirty sex jokes, but that doesn’t really count, does it?

S (Stamina)- The most he’s ever gone for is six rounds in one night, and he’s honest he could do more if his s/o wasn’t so wrecked. He also has a little overstimulation kink, so even if he’s reached his limits, he’ll often just keep going.

D (Dirty Secret)- Before him and his s/o were dating, he would masturbate to pictures of them on their Instagram. If he told his s/o now, he’s sure they wouldn’t mind, but despite that, he’s pretty embarrassed about it, and has chosen to take that secret to the grave.

Terushima Yuuji:

Y (Yearning)- He’s the embodiment of a stereotypical hormonal teenage boy. He’s pretty much always horny, and if his hand isn’t down his pants after volleyball practice it’s considered an oddity.

S (Stamina)- He could go for a while if he wanted to. It really all depends on the positions. If he’s doing missionary or his s/o’s riding him, he could go for quite a while, three or four rounds, at best. Although, if him and his s/o are in a more compromising situation, it’ll happen once, and he’s done.

D (Dirty Secret)- Terushima smart. In fact, he’s the smartest character in the whole series. (Go, go look at his Wiki. He’s in class seven. Class seven, boys and girls. He’s in a higher class than Oikawa Tooru.) He’s taught himself how to do a bunch of naughty things on school grounds without getting caught, and even if he does, he’ll manipulate his way out of it. One time, just for the hell of it, he got off in the back of the science lab. Nobody caught him, much to his luck, but even if they did, he had a whole, convincing excuse planned out in his head.

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First off I just really want to thank you for making this blog and posting these jokes I am really struggling with depression & seeing a place like this online with someone else who is asexual and all the support that you post and repost it is really comforting im scared of people at my school finding out that im asexual Im a junior at a strongly catholic highschool and im terrified of being bullied or made fun for it ive told my friends but what should i do in general should i keep it secret?

my dude: all 11,000 of you guys have practically cured my depression
like I wake up in the mornings & the first thought in my head is “I can’t want to help some people!!” & ik that sounds really cliche but it’s true

anyway, thank you for being here, and I am so glad I could help you.

to answer your question: do whatever makes you feel comfortable. if you are afraid to come out to people, then there shouldn’t be any pressure for you to. the only person it matters to be out to is yourself, because it’s only your opinion that matters. not being accepted doesn’t invalidate your sexuality either.

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Sana and Jihyo fought?? When? But I agree those 3 seem to be the most intimidating along with Chaeng (but she's young so...). Based on my observation, Jihyo and Nayeon seem to butt heads the most (not like 2yeon who have like lovers quarrels) but if you notice their facial expressions or Idk the vibe...You can feel that at times Nayeon and Jihyo are "mad" at each other. I feel like Jihyo is more mature than Nayeon and wants to have the upper hand but Nayeon's older so it gets tense.

Yeah I agree, Nayeon and Jihyo are really close friends but I can see a lot of disagreements happening between them as well. Nayeon is the eldest and hierarchy suggests she take lead on decisions, but Jihyo is the leader and the most mature member so they’d clash a lot. But yeah Sana mentioned in a video that she and Jihyo were fighting, and it was sort of joking, but not really. I can’t for the life of me find the gif set where I first saw it. 


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