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i was rewatching perks of being a wallflower the other day and i kept thinking of patrick as a happier sassier version of credence so ,

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“i can’t see!! what’s happening to me?” make rhys hurt

This screamed Jack to me xD hahah Rhysie will get it in others bahhaa :D This labeled as You get me. My masterlist archive of bullshit i write can be found linked at the top of the blog or here.

“Then tell those idiots to clean it up themselves and make another!!” Jack yelled into his comm while he sat at his desk.

Rhys was watering the various plants in the office, listening to the older man get considerably angrier as he spoke.

The day had been a right shit storm. First they’d gotten news that one of the facilities down on Pandora had been attacked and completely ransacked. The idea that the automated security had failed was hard to believe, but that the troops that were down there had been useless was also aggravating as hell.

Then some dumbass down in the chem department had thought it a good idea to do a little slag testing of his own design and ended up catching the entire floor on fire. Biohazard teams and other cleanup were busy all day with that, and lots of research had to be put on hold.

There were various issues among multiple departments that day ranging from coding issues to prototype damage and missing deliveries. Jack hadn’t been this stressed out and angry in quite a long time.

Rhys got the man more coffee as Jack was threatening the sales department that he would come down there himself to see why in the hell a major distributor had just backed out of a deal. His hands were clenched into fists as he hung up, both on the side of his head as he growled to himself.

“It’s like these guys are friggin’ begging me to come strangle them in person. What the hell am I even paying these assholes for?!”

“Sorry, Jack. Must be a full moon or something,” Rhys told him.

“The moon is always full. Look out the damn window,” he growled at the younger man, Elpis’ looming face behind him.

Rhys frowned and chose not to respond to that, knowing there was little he could do for the man’s sour mood. It was completely justified, so the best he could do was keep the CEO pumped full of coffee and painkillers for the migraine eating away at him.

Jack growled as another call came through, and picked it up with a snarl. “What?!”

Rhys did not envy the person on the other end of the call. From what Rhys was privy to hear, it sounded like they all deserved his ire anyways.

“You lost it? How the fuck do you lose a full-grown skag on a goddamn space station?!”

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LGBT Movie Reviews: Recap

So, I’ve watched quite a few queer-related movies in the past few weeks. Here’s a recap of the ones I’ve watched (and ones I’m going to watch) and how I’ve rated them.

Blue Is The Warmest Colour: 5/10 Brownie points for Lea Seydoux being Lea Seydoux, but it’s a no-go for the male gaze-oriented sex scenes. And Adele’s snot-crying at the end. And for Emma calling Adele a slut… I love and hate that scene both at the same time. But mainly hate. Also, it’s long and in all French, so you better put on the subtitles and have a good 3 hours to just chill.

High Tension: 7/10 Cecile de France is amazing in this film (read: her haircut is hot), and I’m sad her character had such a bad ending. The gore is slightly over-the-top, but terrific in its execution (so many bad puns. I apologize). Although most of it is in French and dubbed in some places, I would still watch it again in a heartbeat. The suspense and the tension were high (again, I’m sorry, I can’t help it) but the ending does not bode well for LGBT folks. As is such with many films in the horror genre, the concept of sexuality is a misused and abused one.. but it makes for great fanfiction (mine, since it’s one of the only TWO fanfics posted on the internet from this fandom). 

But I’m A Cheerleader: 6/10 Too campy for my taste, but I shipped Megan and Graham from the moment Graham said “I like girls” while staring at Megan. It’s a very good film to watch if you need to distract yourself from the reality of living at the Pray The Gay Away summer camp your parents just sent you to “for your own good.” Also, Natasha Lyonne plays Nicky Nichols in OITNB, so… yeah. Brownie points all around.

Imagine Me & You: 11/10 Yes, I gave it an eleven. (These go to eleven.) I absolutely LOVED this movie. Luce, The Florist, is amazing. Rachel, The Married Woman, is adorable. Heck, The Token Male Character, is… awkward and sweet and a necessary evil for the plot. But the romance! Literally, kids, I’m never watching The Notebook during a sleepover as long as I’ve got this movie. It’s fucking adorable and British and the witty dialogue is on point.

The Runaways: 7.5/10 I didn’t know I shipped KStew and Dakota Fanning until I watched this movie. And the portrayal of Joan Jett was amazing- the old middle-school me that was obsessed with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (and My Chemical Romance… we all have our punk phases) was amazed at how Joan Kristen was. Even down to their hair-flip thing.  I mean, Kristen should sing more. And wear tighter t-shirts more often, you know what I’m saying?

Better Than Chocolate: 8/10 This movie would be a seven, if I hadn’t loved the trans* character of Judy so much which added a brownie point. It was a cute comedy, and I liked the friendship between Judy and  the mom, Lila. Also, Christina Cox as Kim (girlfriend goals second only to Luce The Florist)… and the sexy painting scene around 20 minutes in… yep. Except for the random scary break-in near the end, this movie was sweet and definitely better than chocolate.

Pending reviews: 

The Kids Are All Right; Lost and Delirious; Bloomington; Loving Annabelle; My Summer of Love; When Night Is Falling; Mulholland Drive; Heavenly Creatures; Bound; Room In Rome; Cracks; Itty Bitty Titty Committee; Martyrs; The Moth Diaries; The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister; Tipping The Velvet; Desert Hearts; Go Fish and Fried Green Tomatoes.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I’ll try and watch Affinity and Fingersmith (or better yet, read them) if I can find any copies of them lying around the library. Sadly, no luck so far.

Consider this my pseudo-”summer reading” assignment, although I can’t buy lesbian-themed books (aside from The Price of Salt that I bought and have hiding in the bottom of my dresser to read at night with the door closed- it’s so good!) or else my mother will find them and ask too many questions. I feel like I smuggled in drugs or something, when I went to buy the book at Barnes and Noble. It was the fastest I’d ever been through a checkout. :)

Girl with all the Gifts: “The world’s not over- its just not yours anymore.”

Possible spoilers for the movie and book:

By flipping the races of the two leads from the book The Girl With All the Gifts transforms a bracing, imaginative new take on the zombie genre into a brilliant and unsettling social commentary unlike anything since Night of the Living Dead. Don’t get me wrong, its still a terrific zombie movie and unearths new stories from a trope that I’d assumed had been all but strip-mined. The first generation zombies are a new kind of unnerving- still and listless until they sense prey at which point they jerk into spastic action, chittering their jaws as they go like an army of novelty wind up teeth. It just also delivers a devastatingly apt metaphor, as so many of the best genre stories do.

Sennia Nanua as Melanie, one of a second generation adapting to the plague that’s driven humanity to extinction, is by turns curious, ferocious, knowing and desperately lonely. In a sad echo of how children of color are too often perceived in white Western society her human captor-caretakers treat her alternately as something subhuman and bestial and as mature beyond her years. To them she is in no way in need of any kind of affection or nurturing- she is an adult or an animal but never a child.

But unlike Night of the Living Dead or 28 Days Later or any number of other giants of the genre, Girl with All the Gifts doesn’t end on a note of cynicism and defeat. The scientific details are left vague- we know only that humanity will not triumph. But everything that makes humanity worth carrying on remains and will continue to flourish in Melanie and her brethren. “Why should we die for you?” she asks the humans in charge- why indeed?

She might well be any real-life member of any marginalized group speaking to those who cry sic transit and bemoan the loss of the good old days: “The world’s not over, it’s just not yours anymore.”

Step Bro... Fuck Buddy... or Love? FINAL

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Genre: Smut ( NSFW ), Romance, Angst , Fluff

Members: JungKook & Jimin & TaeHyung & Reader

Word Count : 2424

I slow my steps down to hear Tae clearly.

“She was with Jimin. She slept with him and recorded everything.”

What I hear… It… It can’t be true.

I directly make my way to the room and they are sure I heard from the look on my face. Tae turns his gaze the other way.

“Crap… That wasn’t supposed to happen”

I literally smacked his head with a smile.

“You were planning to keep it hidden from me huh?”

JungKook is surprised as he looks at me with eyes bigger twice than their usual size and furrowed eyebrows.

“You aren’t mad?”

I smile as I hug him.

“Yes I am fairly mad but I am smart enough to know what kind of trap this is. She wanted me to see it so I was going to talk to Jimin. That would got you mad so we were going to argue and stuff.”

Tae seems amazed as he lets out the famous rechtangular smile of his. He turns at JungKook.

“You know… You should value your girl more dude”

JungKook smiles at me as he also is impressed.

“That was quick Kitten”

I squint at him.

“You aren’t expecting that is kind of an insult.”

JungKook wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer. When He leans for a kiss my fingers travel between his soft dark hair. Tae closes his eyes as he throws his other hand around like crazy.

“Can you two not to that right now… Ohh God… Just focus!”

We both laugh and I soon put myself together.

“I need to talk to her”

Both JungKook and Tae shake their heads.

“Thats not a good idea”

However I am determined and persistent. I grab Tae’s phone and hold it out for him.

“Invite her to your house”

Tae is dumpfounded and they exchange looks with JungKook. JungKook whispers through my ear with a soft low voice.

“Whats in your head Kitten?”

I turn to face him.

“I will talk to her JungKook…”

JungKook looks into my eyes.

“Thats it?”

When I nod he knows that I am telling the truth.

“I am fed up with this… I really am. She messes with everyone around me. First our parents now Jimin…”

JungKook squints at me his voice is husky because of the anger.

“So Jimin is the reason in the end!”

I take his hand and caress his cheek.

“Just a part of it… JungKook don’t. Thats exactly what she wants. She wants you to leave me and go back to her and she won’t stop till she takes you. Till she takes what is mine… Thanks to Tae I have got a card to play and I will play it well to end this.”

JungKook locks eyes with me as he talks to Tae with a stern voice.

“Do what she says”

I hug him.

“You guys can come but let me talk to her alone”

They both nod and Tae calls HanRa. When she answers she has no idea she is on speaker. Her voice is so lively and that pisses me off even more when she talks about Jimin.

“Ahh Jimin… He was pathetic. His soul was shattered. How can she do that to him? She is so selfish sacrificing both him and me for her happiness.”

Then Tae furrows his eyebrows and asks.

“So you believe JungKook will be happy with you?”

She giggles.

“Ohh he will… Do you remember how he used to look at me Tae? He loved me. I don’t know why he is obsessed with that bitch right now but I will wake up him real soon”

Tae cannot help but snap at her.

“Wow HanRa ! Not to hurt you but… Have you ever seen the way he looked at her. I mean…”

She shuts him down.

“He is mine Tae. Thats it ! The bitch will get out of my way”

Putting on a great show Tae goes on.

“Alright girl chill… Wanna come to me? We can come up with a good plan”

Happy that he agrees to help her she accepts the offer, taking the bait. Then begins to talk about some holiday plan she has with JungKook. Tae murmurs something about he needs to do but JungKook cannot take it anymore and grabs the phone from Tae just to end the call quickly.

I bite down my lip from anger and almost hiss. While we are getting out to go to his house I can hear Tae murmuring.

“Dude you better not mess with this. Its gonna be a big fight.”

I can also sense JungKook’s worried gaze on me. When I turn to take a look they both move. When we make it to his house I set the scene. I just insert the Sd card to the led tv and begin to wait. There is an uncomfortably heavy silence around the living room as none of us talk. When she rings the bell JungKook and Tae makes their way to the room, leaving me alone.

Just as I open the door HanRa seems surprised. She squints at me.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

I kindly invite her with a normal voice.

“Why don’t you come in and find out”

When she takes a step inside she laughs.

“You know, don’t you?”

When she sits down on the couch as if she is the owner of the house I answer, sittin geven more comfortable than her.

“Yeah… I mean I know but not sure if I am only one who knows.”

She furrows her eyebrows at me, all confused. I take the remote and start the video. When she sees it she in utter shock. However she plays it cool.

“Well that was a fun night though. He is pretty good in bed. Oh wait you already know that?”

I smile which is another shock to her. My heartbeat increase but I still manage to keep my voice calm.

“Good point… And its kinda bad that you know that too.”

She smiles at me wide and proud.

“Ohh look at how jealous you are?”

I purse and shake my head.

“Thats not the point here sweetie. I am not jealous but someone is disgusted by you”

When my words hit her she jumps from her seat, yelling at me.

“Did… Did JungKook see this?”

I nod and her fists turn into balls as she groans in frustration. However I keep talking.

“And guess what… He didn’t like the show at all”

HanRa takes a step to me.

“I hate you”

I let out a wide and carefree smile.

“Good to know we are mutuals”

She goes to grab the Sd card and I don’t move. Not even an inch.

“Wait… You actually think this is the only copy I have? You should know I am smarter than that”

Her eyes are wide and its clear she is terrifed.

“Take it… I have something even better.”

She looks at me in confusion as I go on.

“I have got a collage of this and your little actions with Tae”

She takes a step back, all defeated.

“You are horrible.”

I raise my eyebrows.

“I wouldn’t be horrible if you weren’t like this. Listen… You are going to stay away from me, JungKook, Jimin, Tae and anyone else around me. If you mess with my relationship with JungKook once again I swear everyone will have a taste of who you actually are.”

Starting to cry she says nothing and runs away. As soon as she leaves I am surrounded by an amazed Tae and a JungKook staring behind her. Tae gets noisy.

“What the hell was that girl? You… You are an evil”

I giggle at Tae but distracted by how JungKook is still staring like that. Being offended I say,

“Hey… You feel bad for her?”

JungKook nods.

“Yeah… I mean poor girl. She didn’t even have a chance in front of my Kitten”

I am about to get mad but by the end of his words I hug him.

We hang around a little bit more. However I don’t want to open it up I have to.

“I still feel bad for Jimin… JungKook don’t be mad at me but you heard what she said. He is not ok at all.”

JungKook asks.

“Are you going to talk to him?”

When I nod I see JungKook is thoughtful. He says nothing only caressing my hand and locking fingers with me.

“I still have to wait for the right time though” I murmur.

We go back to house so that our parents won’t suspect anything. We even put on a show, pretending that we argued over some stuff.

Just as I am preparing my bag my mum comes in without knocking.

“Hey honey…”

I hurry and shove the bag to my wardrobe but she notices.

“What was that?”

Trying come up with a reasonable thing I speak.

“I just need to be away for a few days mum… I was going to tell you”

Thank god she suspects nothing and sweetly smiles.

“Of course baby… Do you want to talk about what happened with JungKook? I warned you about it. It wasn’t going to work anyway. You know…”

I nod, telling her that we can talk about it later and I need to sleep. By the midnight JungKook sneaks into my room which I protest as we should be apart because of the trick we pulled but he does not listen at all. He wraps me in his arms and whispers sweet nothings to my ear about what is going to happen tomorrow.

Somehow early in the morning someone opens our door. It swings loudly and I wake up along with JungKook. Our parents staring at us. His father has JungKook’s prepared bags in his hands.

“What were you planning to do? Were you two actually gonna get marry when you got nothing”

He is not cold this time. He is more like worried and concerned.

“Dad you left us no choice.”

His father takes two more steps towards us.

“Do you have any idea how childish and irresponsible is this?”

I cannot help it.

“We know… We both know but still… Like he said we have no choice. You are getting married in 4 days and what are we going to do? I can’t call him brother.”

JungKook goes on from where I left off.

“Do you see how absurd it is for us? I love her… I can’t see her as my sister… Just no… Let us or no ! We are getting married.”

His father is about to say something but he stops. My mum does the same. They both decide to talk and call us after half an hour. They both seem serious as they sit next to each other on the couch. My mum begins with a cracked voice.

“We thought about it. We talked about what can be done”

His father goes on.

“We won’t get marry”

JungKook and I look at each other both dumpfounded.


My mum takes over again with a worried look.

“But there is one condition”

JungKook’s father goes on with a stern voice.

“We want you two to wait”

JungKook furrows his eyebrows in confusion.

“What for?”

His father takes his glasses off cleaning them with utmost care.

“Thats way too early and you two have got collage exams coming up… Just wait and see what happens, Ok?”

Being unsure if we should accept it or not we look into each others eyes. JungKook whispers.

“We can do it Kitten. We can go to the same collage and they won’t anything to say then baby. We can do it”

I nod and we make the deal…


“But mum did you go to the same university?”

I answer as I curl my now teen daughter’s hair.

“Yes baby we did. It was Seoul National University. Dad and I studied real hard for that”

She smiles at me through the mirror with her small yet slanted eyes.

“And you didn’t break up for all those years even at university? Thats…”

I let out a half tired giggle.

“Ohh I had trouble though… I saw girls looking at us with jealousy countless times”

She brightly smiles.

“But dad didn’t look at them, did he?”

I shake my head.

“Mum, I want to marry someone like dad too”

I give her the buckle she wants as I murmur

“You will find the right man for yourself sweetie. When the time comes”

She looks at me through the mirror as she buckles her hair.

“But how about Jimin?”

I sigh.

“He was in love with me. He struggled a little bit when we moved for collage with JungKook. I contacted him time to time. Thank god he found a girl that he really likes and married her. We still talk to them sometimes”

She hugs me and her older brother yells.

“Shortie… You coming out soon? You know I am ready and waiting to drop you off for like…Ummm… 15 minutes”

I smile at him and my daughter is all hyper. Having just two years difference, they get along well.

“Yah… You biggie… Its not easy to be a girl you know”

He rolls his eyes with a smile and “Whatever”

She grabs her arm.

“You just gotta hear mum and dads story… That really is something”

He raises eyebrows looking at me.


Right then JungKook opens the door as he is back from his meeting for our own famous meat restaurant franchaise and I go.

“I think Dad should fill you in about it sometime”

JungKook asks where they are going and what that is about?

“Dad he is gonna drop me off at the birthday party of Mel.”

He nods

“Ohhh right… You told me about that. Do I need to make that father talk… You know…”

“Dad he is coming with me…”

JungKook laughs and they high five with our beautiful son who looks pretty much same with JungKook.

The door was open and we hear a loud giggle.

“Let her live JungKook…”

They go “Hyung Tae”

It is Tae paying one of his usual random visits. They make that famous handshake with our son and Tae walks in, seeing them off.

Right before he goes off the door our son turns back.

“Uhhh Dad… Shortie told me something about the way you and mum met… Guess I gotta hear it when I am back”

JungKook nods, laughing and walks to me. He wraps his arms around me and he softly kisses my neck.

“Its gonna be a long night it seems”

The signs as things my Latin teacher has said
  • Aries: "No wonder they whacked him."
  • Taurus: "Regular 3s dont exist."
  • Gemini: *phone rings* "Jacob, parole officer."
  • Cancer: "At this point, I would strongly recommend prayer."
  • Leo: "This is one of those 'god be with you' verbs."
  • Virgo: "Turn to the back of the book. C'mon, move your little fingers."
  • Libra: "Unfortunately this can't be translated into English unless you're from the south."
  • Scoprio: "Yum! Liver!"
  • Sagittarius: "It's terrific Tuesday!" *gestures to board* *board says terrible Tuesday* "Oh, she just misspelled it."
  • Capricorn: "Never trust an innkeeper. Especially if they give you pork stew."
  • Aquarius: "Sorry, the fish ate each other."
  • Picses: "Okay, you can play beer pong with the grape juice."