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okay i hate asking this question in the tags but i’m actually at a complete loss right now, because i could swear i remember this scene being in zestiria but i can’t seem to actually find it again, so i’m wondering if maybe i just imagined it after all:

is there any actual canon scene in the game where mikleo directly tells sorey that “i’ll wait for you” or anything along those lines, and if so, can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to find it?

Good guy Nami (???)

my fucking brain at 5am, for some reason: saintly shepard outlived his entire family

Alright, I have 2 (ish) updates.

One, I got a new art prtogram :D
It’s called Clip Studio Paint EX and I’m lovin’ the pencil brush. Look at that, my god it’s beautiful.
And two, “JAR Media”. I have been listening to their podcast in the background while I draw and it’s nice, white British boys.
(even if it’s so messy, weird and basically shitposting)


dump 49 | hitmen au

it’s the hitmen au but they’re hunters of very supernatural beings plaguing the natural

okay okay guyyss!! i was just so inspired last night that i had to do this!!!! can you feel me?? can yoOU FEEL MEEEE??!! THE POTENTIAL!! i’ll probably do some character designs for them but who knows right

to fight that stupid thing I do where I tell myself ‘‘ you either make something great or you make nothing at all ‘’ I started a new journal I’m calling the visual diary which is basically a daily dose of intentionally (lmao right) bad looking doodles to sum up what I did and stuff. yay me. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

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Matsus seeing blmatsu on tumblr :^)

I’m tagging this as “BLmatsu”, I apologize if it makes anyone angry.

Osomatsu: Hes confused? He’s happy he’s so popular

Karamatsu: Everyone has a fetish he guesses. He’s happy so many people are drawing him.

Choromatsu: PEOPLE WATCH THE ANIME? WHY??? he’s seen too much of the internet to honestly care, but thats his bro?

Ichimatsu: anyone but karamatsu. Otherwise he gets angry.

Jyushimatsu: BL? Like Base ball right?? finally he can post his art.

Todomatsu: hes seen too much. 

A lot of people here on Tumblr seem to take their interpretation of a character or a relationship as being the only one or the “correct” one. If you interpret a relationship as being abusive, and it makes you uncomfortable, then you have the right to feel this way. You can blacklist it, complain about it on your blog, never talk about it, or whatever you want.

However, when you start attacking people for their preferences, that’s when you cross the line. People have reasons for liking what they do, and even if they don’t, if it’s just an irrational liking for something, then so what? They still feel that way, their actions aren’t harming anyone, and it’s not like hating on them will make them stop. It’ll just paint a bad impression of the individuals who attacked them, and the shippers and fanbase as a whole. Because just as you see them, all of the shippers, as being “gross and supporting problematic characters/ships”, they’ll see you as being “hateful and immature and can’t accept people having a different opinion”.

This happens in every fandom I’ve been to, except the ones that are way too small to have much, if any, fan content. Though the whole social justice element is more recent, it’s all essentially still the same, because people don’t actually care about social justice, they just want to find a reason to explain why their ship is better, or why they hate another ship, while feeling morally superior. The thing is, though, they’re just being immature. This isn’t surprising, considering many of the people on this site are teenagers who are easily influenced, and while this doesn’t excuse their actions, I think it shows how harmful this culture Tumblr has can be.

Anyway, I’m finding that there are generally a few major “types” of ships that get a lot of hate. Interestingly, in most cases, the antis tend to hate one of the characters there, rather than liking both characters but seeing them as unsuitable for each other.

New girl and established male main character: Exactly what it says. These are ships between a new female character, who might be just fine as a character, but a large part of the fandom will end up seeing her as stupid and annoying, and a old main character, who’s part of some of the popular fandom ships. This ship will almost always have some strong backing in canon (though note that strong here depends exactly on how this show/movie/book/whatever normally handles romance), which will make the people who prefer the older pairings feel threatened, so I think they lash out on the female newcomer as a result, trying to make her out to be the worst thing ever to feel justified in their preference for the older ship rather than this new one. And for the record, yes, it has to be a new female character and a old male character, since male slash is much more popular than female slash, so this way, the new female character incurs the wrath of both the het and slash shippers. I mean, the reverse can happen, but the character and ship gets less hate because the established female character isn’t as likely to be involved in as many popular pairings.

Heroine and dark or villainous male character: These ships tend to be the ones that are called abusive the most, for obvious (but untrue, depending on your perspective) reasons. Here, the ship doesn’t need a lot of evidence in canon, and the dislike of it tends to be as a reaction to the shippers, rather than canon. The fans of the pairings tend to find some appeal or potential in the pairing, but the people who hate the ship seem to refuse to ask the shippers what they find appealing, instead dismissing them as being terrible and supporting abuse. Which is rather strange, if you ask me, since most of the fan content tends to involve the darker/villainous character being nice and sweet. And when the anti shippers do notice this, they instead tend to wonder why they don’t just ship the heroine with some other nice character who has chemistry with her. And I wonder too, if only I could ask them…

Ships between best friends, especially if they’re the same gender: So this is an interesting case, because while these ships get a lot of hate, if they’re a m/f or m/m ship, then they probably get a lot of love as well. The haters tend to view the shippers as seeing something that isn’t there, complain about the shippers and insist that they’re just friends, sometimes even talking about how one of them is actually an abusive jerk who’s terrible to the other one. This tends to be quite insulting to the shippers, since it has the implication they can’t value friendship, or that they view platonic love as being lesser, which is not true at all. There are also some troubling implications in that people seem to be more insistent on the “just friends!” angle when both characters are of the same gender, but I won’t dwell on that.

Age gap ships: Typically older man and younger girl, but the reverse may happen, though it’s less common because society is more inclined to view men as predatory. Anyway, the reason for the dislike tends to be seeing the older character as creepy or a pedophile, even if the younger one is an young adult/adult. I can understand why significant age differences can make people feel uncomfortable, but the notion that the shippers are creeps is very offensive. There’s almost always plenty of reasons to enjoy the ship, and I don’t think there’s anything creepy about it if both characters are mature, legal adults who can make their own choices. Actually, I think it’s insulting to assume that the younger character is incapable of making their own decisions in regards to their love life, especially if they already take care of all other aspects of their life and generally show themselves to be perfectly mature, responsible, and well-adjusted.

These are the ones I could think of right on the top of my head. There are more, but I’m tired and don’t feel like listing every single one of them.

P.S: this was originally supposed to be a more general rant about Tumblr’s toxic culture, but so much of their toxicity is related to shipping and social justice, so it ended up being focused on those.

To which I draw something literally nobody asked for. Davepetasprite^2 as the Warden from Superjail! This is a crossover I want to happen but no one in their right mind would ever make a fan adventure or do. 

At least the art looks good, I guess.

I guess its okay to tag as Dapper!Davepeta, but we all know, that this Davepeta is the Warden.  

There’s quite a few popular negative posts in the tags right now so here’s something a little long:

You are not broken.

You are not hateful for existing.

You are not evil for wanting access to spaces that were previously open to you.

You deserve a space to feel safe.

You deserve acceptance.

Romantic love is not the only love.

Its okay to never want to find, ‘the one’.

Its okay to be sex repulsed.

Its okay to be romance repulsed.

It is okay for you to be upset about labels being forced on you.

It is okay for you to be upset!

All of us on this blog love you. All of you deserve to feel safe and have a community to share experiences in. You are so, so important.

-Mod Firefly

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i've never been so ashamed of the komaeda/homahina fandom as i am right now, they spread hate everywhere just because it wasn't their ship and even worse, they spammed the tags with their hate i want to die

yeah, it sucks. I hate seeing hate (lol) like this, and i hate how it ends up dividing the fandom. I honestly don’t mind anyone disliking any character or ship, but this is too much. its so disrespectful. like, its ok to dislike or even hate, but its not okay to try to convince everyone that the character/ship deserve that hate when they doesn’t.

so many people were happy with the hinanami scenes and i saw people saying like “oh holy shit you are so stupid this was TOTALLY fanservice you’re all trash for liking this” like?????

let your hate out of people who are just trying to enjoy what they like. if you want to express your opinion, do it - but don’t make it into a hate post.

I also wouldn’t like to say they’re all komaeda/komahina fans, even tho I know they mostly are. please don’t blame everyone for this. I know there are A LOT of them (most of them actually) who are just really sweet and respectful, and it ends up dividing the fandom like I already said.

but oh well it happens with every fandom i guess. try to calm down and enjoy the anime! maybe some days off tumblr would help. 

get to know me tag

i was tagged by @bjoos-juicy-pecs thank you ^^~

Rules: tag 9 people you wanna get to know better

Relationship status: single l m a o

Wake up time: really depends if its a school day then 7:45am but if not probably like 10am

Favourite colour: i really like baby pink and dusty rose colours etc

Cats or dogs: dogs

Coke or pepsi: neither LMAO but if i really had to choose probably coke

Call or text: i like both, i think texting is more convenient but i’m that person no one replies to so the only way to get people to reply to me is by calling ._.

Chapstick or lipstick: i wear both at the same time so what do i pick

Last song you listened to: work from home - fifth harmony because it was on the radio 

i would like to tag; @aspiringapsara @koritsushita @starchus @mafuki @teangsic @pink-tii @jiseu 

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hey there, i saw in one of your tags that you dont like game grumps? id just like to know why, i dont mean to be rude. if its too personal its totally okay to ignore this, i understand.

oh it’s not personal at all

they’ve been racist on the regular (arin REPEATEDLY uses a racist japanese accent whenever he feels like, then in one of their videos they point out a videogame being racist…. and right after start using a racist indian accent when an indian character comes up), misogynistic, transmisogynistic, as far as i know they’ve apologized for like Two things they’ve fucked up, when they made a video that’s 90% pedophilia jokes they didn’t even REMOVE IT they just added a shitty little warning at the beginning… like

throws arms up in the air and leaves

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Nickname: Lex, savage candy bar

Gender: female

Star sign:virgo

Height: 5′4


Hogwarts house: hufflepuff!

Favorite color(s): orange

Time right now: 3:53 PM

Hours of sleep: like eleven lmao i need to fix that

last thing I googled: is coconut oil good for your face?

Lucky number: 20

Favorite fictional character: Okay um definitely my Farkle. umm Hermione, Jim and Pam, Andy and April lol oh and my precious anime characters

Blanket I sleep with: its orange and it has the cutest patterns and i love it because its so comfortable

Favorite band/Artists: MELANIE MARTINEZ OMFG. um Ed Sheeran , secondhand serenade and my babies twenty one pilots

Dream Trip: Italy, or Utah because the mountains are beautiful

Dream job: writer, hands down.

What I’m wearing right now: a workout tank top and my pink pajamas with little sheep on them. idk why its about to be 4 pm

When did you make this blog: less than a month ago, one day when i couldn’t go any longer without reblogging all the amazing fanfics and hcs

Follower Count: 115

Posts: like 800 something

What do I post about: girl meets world stuff or other fandoms and ships, depending on what I’m obsessed with that day

Most active followers: idk i guess @shortstackhuckleberry and @giraffesarebetterthanyou and @callmecottoncandyface, @couldnt-think-of-a-funny-name @plutoandmarsmeetvenus

When did your blog reach its peak: never????

Why did you get tumblr: bc riarkle is endgame af

do you get asks on a regular basis: lately yeah because i’m in a freaking group chat lol

why did you choose your URL: because I AM RIARKLE TRASH (I’m surprised no one had taken it)

I CHOSE YOUUUU @callmecottoncandyface @giraffesarebetterthanyou @broadwaycorey @browncinderella13 @imoonrise25kingdom @riarkletopluto @shortstackhuckleberry @spookyflashlight @wizardofozshipper ,@tvshow4life and @omg-riarkle (((:

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I'm convinced the only reason anyone still watches H*H is bc of Nat. Her fanbase is keeping the viewership alive bc everything from the slow pacing to the weird camera work to the laughable special effects is just awful


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So I was going through the nonbinary tag and I saw someone that said their pronoun are it/its. I was wondering if it's also okay for people to use those pronouns instead of they/them cuz usually addressing somebody like that is rude, but if the person is cool with its okay... Right?

Kii says:

If someone states that they want it/its pronouns used for them, then yes, definitely! However, don’t use it without someone’s permission.

@lucifcro continued from x

“With the right motivation I think I could, but that is still putting too much faith in me.” He distracted himself by keeping up the petting of Balthazar’s hair. Soon though, he moved to lay his head down on the other angel’s shoulder. “Shouldn’t hate the instruments, hate the people who tagged angels the way they did but music can be beautiful. And let me just say- if you can play as good as you kiss I think I may have just fallen head over wings for you.” Was he teasing or was he being serious? Not even he knew by this point. “I have always been able to sing, you just were very young when I did, and I stopped around the time you were created.”

“Faith aside, I’m more trusting of the fact you would have fun.” He commented, lifting his hand to brush through the longer strands, happy to switch. He was used to care for others and though he wouldn’t spit on having Lucifer’s attention on him, it still felt more normal to be like this. “I know. It’s just… so present. I can’t even play the harp without thinking about it. I don’t like playing in someone else’s game, Lucifer. And sometimes it just feels like a fool’s errand to be anything.” He paused, not looking at Lucifer, preferring to look in front of him, unsure whether or not the other was serious. The best bet would be to take it as Lucifer’s way to tease and just go with it… he pressed his lips together then pulled gently on Lucifer’s hair, musing over the last sentence. He was already of the oldest ones among the angels and this happier life was so long ago behind them. “I’ll make sure you won’t stop this time.” He let out under his breath, his fingers softening their hold.

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i literally froze when i saw the word muslim and i thought i was gonna have to unfollow u bc like. i assumed u would be writing about us in a negative light like everyone else but then i realized oh shit no!!! shes good!! and also a muslim!! its okay!!!! and i started crying im!!!!!!! i dont think ive ever seen muslims in a positive light in media and im!!!!!!!!!! at you rn ngl

this msg made me rlly emotional ngl and u r so right !!! where is the diverse array of well developed muslim characters that my heart desires?? even “progressive” shows often have islamophobic remarks endorsed implicitly by the narrative and my heart is tired of it. thank you!!!!

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he y ahh im not doing too well right now and i need some cheering up if you dont mind. im too anxious to come off anon but some nice positive pictures or something would b greatly appreciated

yes yes i’m gonna tag this with my favorite tags okay ? i keep them specifically for when i need some peace or a smile, and for you guys too ❤️ ((and i’m always here if you need to talk to someone, even if its just to vent okay!))